Maximizing your presentation using power point


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Using ppt for presentations

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Maximizing your presentation using power point

  2. 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE FOR TODAY General What you can do Hands on Guide session with ppt
  3. 3. 1. General Guide
  4. 4. What makes an audience listen ? Content Visual Audible
  5. 5. WHAT DO YOU SEE?
  6. 6. 3 T -Tips1. Tell them what youre going to tellthem2. Tell them3. Tell them what you told them !
  7. 7. The 5 Ps of PresentationProper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  8. 8. 5 step process1. Pray2. Plan3. Prepare4. Practice5. Present
  9. 9. 7-10-20-30 RULE7-points-10 slides-20minutes-30 size font
  10. 10. Tips forPresenters
  11. 11. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip#1- Sharp Contrast Between Fonts and Background o Little contrast = Little readability o Sharp contrast : Easy to read o Poor contrast : Hard to read Tip #2 - Use Standard Fonts o Times New Roman o Garamond o Verdana o Tahoma
  12. 12. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip#3 - Consistency Makes for a Better Presentation o Stick to two, or at most, three fonts for the whole presentation o Avoids to change fonts in each slide individually, use slide master
  13. 13. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #4 - Types of Fonts o Serif fonts are the ones with little tails or “curly-ques” attached to each letter. For example: Times New Roman o Sans serif fonts are fonts that look more like “stick letters”. For example: Arial, Tahoma and Verdana
  14. 14. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #5 - Dont Use All Capital Letters o All caps are perceived as SHOUTING, and the words are more difficult to read Tip #6 - Use Different Fonts for Headlines and Bullet Points o This makes text slides a little bit more interesting. o Bold the text whenever possible so that it is easily readable at the back of the room.
  15. 15. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #7 - Avoid Script Type Fonts Script Type Fonts o These fonts are hard to read at the best of times o Especially in a darkened room, and at the back of the room Tip #8 - Avoid using italics o Avoid italics unless it is to make a point o They are often hard to read
  16. 16. 10 Font Tips for Presenters Tip #9 - Make Fonts Large for Readability o Don’t use anything smaller than an 18 point font o Preferably a 24 point as the minimum size Tip #10 - Make Use of the Dim Text Feature o Use the “dim text” feature for bullet points o This places the emphasis on the current issue
  17. 17. The 10 Most CommonPresentation Mistakes1. You dont know your topic!2. The slides are not your presentation3. Too much information4. Poorly chosen design template or design theme5. Electrifying color choices
  18. 18. The 10 Most CommonPresentation Mistakes6. Poor font choices7. Extraneous photos and graphs8. Too many slides9. Different animations on every slide10. Hardware Malfunctions
  19. 19. Other tips in Using PowerPointEffectively Start by creating an outline Stop the moving text Use visuals instead of text slides Have slides at the end of your presentation Use your time effectively Be ready with supporting data
  20. 20. 2. What you can do with power point
  21. 21. Simple presentations• Research proposal• Seminar• Conference paper
  22. 22. Professional and Business presentations• New product• New company• Political statements
  23. 23. Power point presentationBlank presentationsSelf-running presentationsTemplatesDesigns, Transitions and AnimationsAudioVideoNarration
  24. 24. Power point and InternetUploading to youtubeOther Internet uses
  25. 25. SOME DO’S AND DON’T’S FOR YOUR PRESENTATION DO’S DON’TS  Do come early to venue  Don’t be late  Do have all you need  Don’t come only with USB!  Do a thorough assessment  Don’t assume all is set  Do dress appropriately  Don’t dress like a ruffian  Do slides with main points  Don’t put too much info  Begin and end politely  Don’t frown your face  Do have good body  Don’t have a bad body language language
  26. 26. 3. Hands on session
  27. 27. Main Objectives• Get acquainted with power point• Prepare power point slides for simple presentations• Use some power point tools such as adding audio, video, etc.
  28. 28. Drop BoxGoogle DriveGoogle siteShort and Tiny urls
  29. 29. Links sandfaqs/tp/080119powerpoint_font_tips.htm mistakes/tp/080722_presentation_mistakes.htm