Atty James Beirne Scam | Balita Media Rhony Laigo


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Because young attorney allen continues to flagrantly violate ethics laws

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Atty James Beirne Scam | Balita Media Rhony Laigo

  1. 1. Let’s recap events. (Hint: the conclusion is that youngattorney allen just keeps on violating attorney advertisingethics laws.)The young attorney allen’s image was first seen in Balita inSeptember 2011, appearing alongside the much tarnishedAtty. Beirne. As I stated in the last issue“ was silent [about young attorneyallen] — we did not know anything he had done wrong atthat point. It was my personal opinion to say nothing if therewasn’t anything to say.”
  2. 2. After the shocking news of over 200 contempt chargesbeing brought against Atty. James Beirne young attorneyallen’s was suddenly in Balita full page ads with his ownfirm, three offices, just like Balita/Beirne, inGlendale, Cerritos and West Covina. However, youngattorney allen was still in the Beirneadvertisements, violating California Rule of ProfessionalConduct 1-400, Standard 9, which restricts a lawyer fromappearing as part of two professional designations inadvertising . This was revealed in the PinoyWatchDog.comexpose of February 18, 2012 on the front page.
  3. 3. Reaction: young attorney allen ceased appearing in anyBeirne ads. Beirne was suddenly ‘of counsel’ in the youngattorney allen ads, making them facially compliant.However, young attorney allen marched on with hisunethical advertising streak, having a banner ad on theBalita web site that linked directly to the Beirne website, another deceptive advertising practice, as anyInternet user would believe they are being directed to theattorney in the banner ad. Indeed, the click throughBeirne ad had an actress falsely claiming she was asuccessful Beirne client.
  4. 4. To see the full illegal, unethical Balita/Bierne banner clickthrough go to and click on “Beirne AdScam.”Reaction: The young attorney allen banner then ceasedclicking through to Beirne, and on to his own webpage, which you would expect in the first place. AttorneyBeirne took down the actress lying that she was a successfulclient for Beirne.Now friends, at this point you would think that youngattorney allen would act like Attorney Allen, with capitalletters, saying enough is enough, and take control of hisown advertising. Sadly, I do not think this is possible asthese advertising adventures indicate he does not controlthe law office that bears his name.
  5. 5. After taking down the illegal link andeven more disturbing fraudulent Beirnead that has an actress falsely posing as ahappy client, the click thru link now landsthe internet user onto young attorneyallen’s single page web page. And moreunethical advertising.
  6. 6. This new web page advertisement states “We are afederally designated debt relief agency.” This is also falseand deceptive advertising, as it implies that young attorneyallen has applied for, and received, some special type of‘designation’ from the federal government when in fact theterminology is nothing more than an advertisingrequirement for bankruptcy lawyers.California ethics laws prohibit any advertising that implies arelationship with any governmental entity. No one‘designated’ young attorney allen for anything, he simplyfits into a defined legal category having certain federalrequirements.
  7. 7. The obvious intent is to mislead theFilipino public that young attorney allenis somehow special because he hasreceived a ‘designation.’ This is similar toAttorney Bierne claiming that he was acharter member of the NationalAssociation of Bankruptcy Lawyers whenthat designation does not even exist.Do you see a pattern?
  8. 8. Not yet convinced? Back in September 2011, youngattorney allen made a boast in a column that he hadover ten years of bankruptcy experience. But he is amid-twenties new admittee. Attorney Beirne hasalready admitted under oath the young attorneyallen had absolutely no bankruptcy experiencebefore he started to work at his office.And this young man is ready to claim, publicly, hehas ten years of bankruptcy experience!
  9. 9. What is going to happen when he issitting face to face with a client? Whatclaims will he make to a potential clientto entice someone to pay over theirmoney?Young man, please take some time to getyour house in order. You are starting outon a destructive path of deceit and lies.There is time to change it.
  10. 10. Start with admitting that you have no personalcapability to manage and run three law officelocations as a new admittee, because you needto spend some time studying advertising ethicslaw, and certainly bankruptcy law. Follow it upby working for a reputable lawyer or firm toobtain the experience necessary to practice lawindependently.
  11. 11. My hope is that I do not have to writethese types of columns advising thecommunity of the ongoing pattern ofdeceit by young attorney allen.The WorldWide News Media Directory