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Raincoat survey findings


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Raincoat survey findings

  1. 1. Peter WallaceUniversity of WashingtonUQ MarketingWest Region
  2. 2.  104 University of Washington Students were surveyed at various locations on campus from 2/13/12 to 2/24/12 with the purpose of obtaining market research on the behavior of participants and the effect of marketing on purchasing a raincoat
  3. 3. What Is Your Year In School? X-axis: Grade in School Y-axis: # Students50403020100 Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Other
  4. 4. What Is Your Major? X-axis: Major Y-axis: # of Students302010 0 * = Chemistry, Sociology, History, Environmental Science, Math, International Studies, Economics, Engineering ** = Political Science, Psychology, English *** = Law, Physics, Music, Architecture, Construction Management
  5. 5. Where Do You Live? On Campus (56%) Off Campus (44%)
  6. 6. Do You Own A Raincoat? Yes (96%) No (4%)
  7. 7. What Brand Of Raincoat Do You Own? X-axis: Brand of Raincoat Y-axis: # of Students 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Mountain Hardware Helly Hansen Gore-Tex Hi Tec Obey
  8. 8. Where Did You Get Your Raincoat? Purchased in store (61%) Received as gift (19%) Purchased online (11%) Other (9%)
  9. 9. Rank Of Importance When Purchasing A Raincoat1) Style, Effectiveness at Repelling Rain (tie)2) Durability3) Price, Comfort (tie)4) Convince of purchasing location: store/online
  10. 10. Rank Of Importance Regarding Importance Of Advertising On Purchasing Decision1) Recommendation from a friend2) Seeing others wearing the brand3) Social media4) TV ads, Magazine (tie)5) Other: do research
  11. 11. How Would You Go About Purchasing A Raincoat In The Future?1) Ask for recommendation from a friend2) Go with the same brand I owned before3) Shop online4) Other: go to the store and browse5) Ask friends via social media
  12. 12. Are You Satisfied WithYour Current Raincoat? Sales Yes (95%) No (5%)