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Pace Kenya Volunteers- How we support learning in Kenya


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We have created PACE, a service program that sends trained volunteers into needy schools as teaching assistants who focus on grading, tutoring and mentoring while targeting students with absence, behavior and coursework challenges. Each volunteer serves for a minimum of 15 hours a week over a period of 6 months. We meet the immediate needs within school and expose young, brilliant Kenyans to potential careers in teaching.Learn more about us.

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Pace Kenya Volunteers- How we support learning in Kenya

  1. 1. PACE (Promoting Access to Community Education)
  2. 2. The Challenge 70000 Missing Teachers Average of 4 missing teachers per public school Twice as likely to lack basic literacy and numeracy skills Twice as likely to fail national exams
  3. 3. …to Kenya’s biggest educational challenge Bringing Kenya’s biggest Untapped Resource… 82% willing to volunteer, 84% likely to recommend to friends
  4. 4. How PACE works… Teaching Assistant Increases Feedback to student: On-time grading individual tutoring mentoring: absence behavior Teacher Focus on weaker students More time for content enrichment Better quality feedback Mentor a potential future teacher Improve academic performance and learning experience in public schools in Kenya 6000+ hours of service later…
  5. 5. Early Wins… From a volunteer to a teacher: Abel’s story Improved Academic scores in National Exams Extra-curricular life: hockey, drama, reading clubs Training 110 Volunteers: Job- readiness, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy
  6. 6. Revenue Model Donations and Grants Peer Tutoring Corporate Partnerships
  7. 7. Our Team Our Advisors Mrs. Monica Muchiri, Deputy Principal, North Highridge Primary Ms. Elaine Dang, Teacher Training Content Developer, Bridge International Academies Mr. Clifford Oluoch, Teacher Training Consultant for Math and English Pauline Muthoni: Operations & Marketing Manager, Magnum Car Services Limited, Kenya. Doris Kiogora: Accountant (Interlink Petroleum Limited, Kenya). Business Administration Degree( Kampala University) Peggy Mativo: Founder, Mentor at Harvard Alston Ed. Portal, Trained as a Tutor with Harvard PBHA, Coca-Cola certified Trainer
  8. 8. Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
  9. 9. Next Steps Recruit 150 more Teaching Assistants to send to 15 schools Pilot Kenya’s first homework hotline manned by volunteers Pilot paid Peer-to-Peer Tutoring with 25 Volunteers, scale
  10. 10. Connect with us: Questions?