How to Build Referral Traffic For Your Website


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Simple and effective marketing tactics to build quality referral traffic for your website which would actually convert with time.

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How to Build Referral Traffic For Your Website

  1. 1. Pallavi VyasHow to increase Referral TrafficThere are many efforts which go into pulling more traffic to your website. The SEOhelps you grow your organic traffic but that’s a slow and ongoing process, and you nev-er know when Google algorithm is going to hit you hard In face and you lose what youachieved in all those 6months efforts. Then there is a direct traffic which comes to yourwebsite on your brand recall value which is attributed by various social media andonline presence on various channels. And if you have deep pockets then you can investIn paid marketing like Google ad words, Facebook advertising etc… But the amount youinvest does not reap you the kind of ROI.So another important way to build your site is referral traffic. This is an importanttraffic which can help boost your overall search engine traffic. Referral traffic can bebuilt through various channels.Link Building | Social Bookmarking | Blogs | Article Marketing | Forums | Yahoo Q&ASocial Media Channels like Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Plus, Twitter etc…All these channels are effective and boost your social visibility and ranking in SERPs.Don’t indulge in referral programs, link exchange from link farms or any free tools tobuild traffic.Pallavi VyasE-mail: palavivyas@gmail.com
  2. 2. It’s always best to invest your resource and money in identifying the relevant websiteswhich are related to your business/audience and advertise about your website on the-se sites/ guest postings.Moreover good PR Sites is another way to generate referral traffic which is relevant toyour website and which can boost your social visibility. You can plan your marketingbudget to invest in these kind of paid PR sites to publish your company press release.If you want to spend money to build referral traffic, plan your marketing budget to ad-vertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube. These sources will generate the quality trafficto your website which will help you in good conversions for your business.Socialise your content for free on social networking sites, article marketing, blogs, andforums. Keep your social media manager active on these sites as an active participanton various groups, discussions, follow people, answer questions in groups and buildauthority so that more people follow you and hence convert to your website.Be experimental on social channels, device strategy, drive interesting content to en-gage more people to your social channels so that further virality is created and henceyou can pull that traffic base as referrals to your website.And yeah last but not least, create interesting company and product/service profile onall important and effective social media channels with a link back to your website. Listyourself on all important business directories, post relevant classifieds on various clas-sified sites, post free ads on all important yellow pages directory.Build microsites around specific categories/industries and convert that traffic for yourwebsite.All these tactics can help you generate good niche referral traffic for your website.Read More Related Articles on VyasPallavi VyasE-mail: palavivyas@gmail.com