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Net4 is India’s leading Data Centre, Cloud Hosting and Network Services Provider. The company focuses on providing services to all types of businesses (small, medium and large).

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  1. 1. Net4indiaNet4 is India’s leading Data Centre, Cloud Hosting and Network Services Provider.
  2. 2. About Net4Net4 is India’s leading Data Centre, Cloud Hosting and Network ServicesProvider. The company focuses on providing services to all types ofbusinesses (small, medium and large). Net4 is amongst the largestprovider of hosted email, web hosting and domain name registration( in the Asia-Pacific region. The company also operates 7advanced Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and 15 Network Points ofPresence across the country, providing the highest possible levels ofavailability, scalability and security. Net4 also manages a VoIP/ SIPinfrastructure with a capacity of 100 million minutes per month hostedout of India, US & Singapore.
  3. 3. Net4 ServicesWeb Services Enterprise Services Domain Registration Data Center Web hosting Leased Line Email Email & Apps Cloud Server Cloud Hosting Website Builder VoIP(Business) SSL
  4. 4. Web ServicesDomain RegistrationNet4 is an ICANN and .IN accrediteddomain registrar. The companyoffers cheap domain registrationservices for all the popular domainextensions and currently servesmore than 325,000 customers.
  5. 5. Web ServicesWeb HostingNet4 is a leading web hostingservice provider that currentlyserves over 88,000 websites. Thecompany provides high quality, low-cost hosting services for individualsand organizations. Net4 websitehosting services are backed by ultrahigh-end multi core/ multi-processorservers (Linux Hosting, WindowsHosting & Java Hosting), multiredundant bandwidth network and24x7 monitoring.
  6. 6. Web ServicesCloud ServerNet4’s cloud server provides itscustomers with the ability to use itsdata centre network. The cloudservers are highly redundant,scalable, and flexible. It provides theuser with the opportunity toincrease or lower the serverresources at will. The users havecomplete Administrative rights oftheir cloud Servers.
  7. 7. Web ServicesWebsite BuilderNet4 offers an easy-to-use WebsiteBuilder to its customers. The tool ishighly customizable, accessible andoffers its customers a range ofwebsite templates to choose from.Net4’s Website builder has beenespecially designed for people whowish to build and manage their ownwebsites, without incurring highdesigning costs.
  8. 8. Web ServicesSSLNet4 offers a broad range of SSLcertificates from Symantec, Geotrustand Thawte. All the certificates areavailable up to 256-bit encryption.
  9. 9. Web ServicesBusiness EmailNet4, with over a million mail boxesfor more than 50000 businesses, is aleading business email solutionsprovider. The company’s businessemail accounts come pre-loadedwith anti-virus and anti-spam filters,along with 99.99% uptimeguarantee, 24X7X365 support and arange other exciting features.
  10. 10. Enterprise ServicesData CentreNet4 runs state-of-the-art Cisco-powered Data Centers in India,through which it offers a range ofData Center solutions. Net4’s DataCenters offer a combination ofcomplete data security along witheffective management of serversbased on best practices available inthe industry.
  11. 11. Enterprise ServicesLeased LineNet4 provides guaranteed internetleased line solutions for businessesin 11 cities across India. Net4’snetwork is multi-redundant and fullymeshed, with connectivity to FLAG,i2i, SEAMEWE-4 and NIXI at all PoPs(Points of Presence).
  12. 12. Enterprise ServicesCloud HostingNet4 offers its customers with cloudservers that enable users to use itsfully meshed data centre network.The company’s cloud servers alsoprovide its users with non-stopscalability and elasticity to enhanceand lessen server resources on themove.
  13. 13. Enterprise ServicesBusiness AppsNet4 provides state-of-the-artbusiness mailing solution along withseveral business apps, includingMicrosoft Hosted Dynamics CRM toits business clients. These toolsprovide SME as well corporates witha complete business managementsolution.
  14. 14. Enterprise ServicesVoIP (Business)Net4 also offers VoIP solutions forall types of businesses. it is the mostsuitable solution for BPO’s/CallCenters whose core business is tomake long distance phone calls.Through Net4’s VoIP solutionsbusinesses can save up to 80% ontheir existing international callingbills. Currently the company has over2800 Business VoIP customers.
  15. 15. Net4Corporate AddressNet 4 India LtdCorporate OfficeD-25, Sector-3,Noida-201301 (India)Tel : +91 120 4323500Fax : +91 120 4323520Email : info@net4.inWebsite : :
  16. 16. Net4Reach Beyond…..THANK YOU!Online Marketing HeadPallavi Vyas(