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99tests pitch intech50_final_pdf


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99tests Presents at InTech50

Published in: Engineering
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99tests pitch intech50_final_pdf

  1. 1. Praveen  Singh,  Founder   h1p://  
  2. 2. • Manage Risk in Software Products • Access to Niche, Hard to Find Talent • Testing In Real World Conditions
  3. 3. 99tests Team Praveen Singh, Co-Founder – Engineer & worked with Oracle India, WebMethods (Acquired by Software AG) & VMLogix (Acquired by Citrix). Naveen Kumar, Co-Founder – An IIT Bombay grad. Worked with SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd, then founded 4  
  4. 4. Crowdsourced Software Testing enables 1.  Creating an On-Demand Testing Team 2.  Testing the application in the real world 3.  Getting the most skilled Tester 4.  Reducing time to market 5.  Lowering Project Costs
  5. 5. Enterprise View 6   •  Manage reliability, performance, and security while simultaneously guiding innovation and absorbing new technologies •  Blasting through corporate walls to reach broader crowds capable of executing tasks faster and more cost effectively than employees •  Crowdsourcing the software testing process, shortens the innovation timeline of new products from years to weeks.
  6. 6. 99tests Stats 10   Testers: 7500+ Countries: 20+ Bugs: 47,500+ Customers: 85+
  7. 7. Case Study of a Large MNC: Intuit •  Intuit has lots of Small Teams building software products. Each team is given limited resources. i.e. their critical resource for them is time. •  So, each team is tasked with creating innovative software product that can potentially reach millions of customers. •  Crowd Testing frees up time for these teams. Thus running a Crowd Testing campaign gives them ability to compress their release cycles & also improve the quality of their application. 11  
  8. 8. 99tests Customers 12