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Presentation about Drammensbiblioteket's experience with gaming in the library. Held june 21st. at the nordic conference 'Trusting the web' in Bergen.

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  • Back to gaming. Alongwith 8 dedicated computers in thedepartment, we have three types ofgamingconsoles. XBOX 360.
  • OurGamenight is a huge happening for the kids in Drammen. I say kids, because in general theparticipantsarebetween 10 and 14 of age. SomecallthetweensI think.The fiirstGamenightslasteduntil 7:00 am in the morning, butwehad to cut it down to three ’o clock. The kids ofcoursewant to keepon for as long as possible, butweactuallygot more complaints from parentswho’dratherpickthe kids up in the morning insteadofthemiddleofthenightWethenmaximizethecapacityofthelibrarywith 120 participants. To make theGamenightpossibletheticketcosts 200 norwegian kroner, around 30 $. I canmentionthat:Drammen is the city in Norwaywith most foreigners, about 23% ofthepopulationareimmmigrants. Butthisdoes not show onourGamenights, wheretheremostlyarewhitenorwegian kids whoparticipate. OurregularGamingtuesdays and theconsolesthatalwaysareaccessible as part oftheLibraryarefreeofcharge, shows a betterpictureofthepopulation in Drammen. So theticketcost is somethingthatwewould like to drop, but for that to happenwewillneed som extrafinancing.
  • Herewe have all theattendantson a Gamenight. This is quite a unique setting, both for us, thelibrary, butalso for the kids whogather in a waytheyare not used to. The publiclibrary is a place for everyone, and as youcanseeonthispicture, The gamenightattracts just as manygirls as boys.
  • Computer and video games can be rathercomplex. The playeroften have to keeptrackofseveralsimultaneously. One veryinteresting person that has diveddeepintothis is Amerivan Eli Neiburger. For example to master games like POKEMON youneed to handle more parameters than 3d simultationtools used in the Oil Industry. So maybe British Petroleum should have hired more Pokemongamers?Anyway – I recommendyou to take a closerlook at Neiburgersworkwithgaming in libraries
  • Well, thatwas it.Welcome to ourlibrary in Drammen!
  • Experience with gaming

    1. 1. Experiencewithgaming<br />Petter von Krogh<br />Drammensbiblioteket<br />Scandic Hotel Bergen City<br />June 21st, 2010<br />
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    8. 8. Wii-eveningonTuesdays<br />
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    12. 12. Gamenight!<br />Twice a year<br />7:00 p.m – 03:00 a.m<br />120 participants<br />
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    16. 16.
    17. 17. Buying games to ourlibrary<br />Social games with multiple players<br />Directlearningaspect not important<br />Integrationofourloaners<br />
    18. 18. Someresults<br />More than10 000 game-loans in twoyears<br />A lot ofnewlibraryusers – especially boys aged 10-16<br />The library is a popularplace to hang out<br />Large interest in thelibrary-field<br />Dedicated staff member<br />
    19. 19. Fall program 2010<br />17. september - Spillkveld på Fjell<br />04. oktober - Spillturnering @dbib (Høstferie)<br />05. oktober - Spillturnering @dbibSingstar (Høstferie)<br />06. oktober – Spillturnering @dbibTrackmania (Høstferie)<br />07. oktober – Fifa Fjell dag 1<br />08. oktober Fifa Fjell dag 2<br />15. oktober – Gamenight<br />02. november - WiiSports-turnering (tennis og bueskyting)<br />13. november Nordisk spilldag<br />30. desember FifaChristmastournament<br />
    20. 20. Thankyou for yourattention!<br />Petter von Krogh<br />Drammensbiblioteket<br />pvkrogh@gmail.com<br />Dbib.no<br />Bibpop.wordpress.com<br />