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The danger called Reputation!

Published in: Business, Sports, Education
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  1. 1. Shedding the burden Of Past performances (Or, How not to be a slave of our own past?)
  2. 2. “ Mama! Do I have to go to school tomorrow?” (Read: It sucks to do the same thing, again and again!!!) Sounds familiar? (We all have uttered this - at least once - while all we went to school) THE BORED GENE
  3. 3. Shedding the burden of Reputation Until you have lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was! - Margaret Mitchell
  4. 4. Memory is short! - Especially when it comes to the good things done by others! It is difficult to Forget past laurels ! - Especially OUR laurels Quick-fix remedy: For serious hangovers of past performances Become a New member of a team - WHICH DOES NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE; - Which wants to see you perform HERE & NOW ; AND DOES NOT WANT TO BE AWARE OF YOUR PAST ACHIEVEMENTS? YOUR PREVIOUS BREATH-TAKING PERFORMANCE
  5. 5. The slate awaits and YOU have the box of C O L O R S ! And, there is no secret ingredient (Thank you, Po and his Dad! - The Kung Fu Panda) THE CLEAN SLATE
  6. 6. They stay fresh in memory! - For a long time and can overshadow our “TODAY” The Algerian trip – A client’s financial advisor recalled (He took the trip in the 1970s!) It is tough to come up with a great performance; IT IS TOUGHER TO ERASE ITS MIND-CRIPPLING MEMORIES! The trap of great performances
  7. 7. Learn to disown; Especially the good work we do ! Corollary: Start owning sh** (yours as well as others’ !) Start giving credit to others! (Secret: look for other contributors and ruthlessly pass credit to them) Living without being a slave of our past!
  8. 8. And there is ALWAYS A better way To do things