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[Infographic] Marvel vs. DC Lowdown on the Showdown


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While this infographic may not answer the age old question, it displays facts and figures on the popularity of Marvel and DC superheroes.

BONUS: Vote for your favorite superhero at #lowdownshowdown. Results will be tallied and displayed. Have fun with this!

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[Infographic] Marvel vs. DC Lowdown on the Showdown

  1. 1. MARVEL vs. DC LOWDOWN ON THE SHOWDOWN Top Grossing Superhero Movies Ownership: Walt Disney Co. Total number of Superheroes = 934 Characters in Marvel Universe ≈ 30,000 Number of live action movies = 32 Ownership: Time Warner Total number of Superheroes = 794 Total characters in DC Universe ≈ 10,000 Number of live action movies = 25 The  Avengers   2012  -­‐  $1.5Billion   The  Dark  Knight   2008  -­‐  $1Billion   Iron  Man  3   2013  -­‐  $1.2B   The  Dark  Knight  Rises   2012  -­‐  $950M   Spider-­‐Man  3   2007  -­‐  $890M   Spider-­‐Man   2002  -­‐  $822M   Spider-­‐Man  2   2004  -­‐  $784M   Batman   1989  -­‐  $411M   Superman  Returns   2006  -­‐  $391M   Batman  Begins   2005  -­‐  $373M   Average  gross   for  Marvel   superhero  movies   #1   Spider-­‐Man   103  votes   #4   Dr.  Doom   15  votes   Average  gross   for  DC   superhero  movies   #3   Daredevil   22  votes   #1   Batman   118  votes   #2   Superman   49  votes   #3   The  Flash   30  votes   #4   Green  Lantern   25  votes   #2   Captain  America   43  votes   Source:   2007  poll  conducted  by   Comic  Book  Resources   Head To Head Match Ups 1979   Avengers  vs.  JLA    This  issue  was  aborted   due  to  editorial  disputes.     Here  is  the  proposed  cover  art  for  the   issue  that  was  never  used.   1976   Superman  vs.  The  Amazing  Spider-­‐Man   The  BaVle  of  the  Century     This  was  the  first  cross-­‐over  between  the  two   comic  book  publishers.   1996   DC  vs.  Marvel  included  11  primary  baVles   between  heroes.  The  outcomes  of  5  of  the   baVles  were  determined  by  fan  votes.       Marvel  received  the  majority  of  votes.   #5   The  Thing   12  votes   #5   The  Joker   9  votes     ©  Phil  Vickman    Sources:    Wikipedia,  IMDB,  Marvel  wikia   DC  wikia,  Comic  Book  Resources,  Investor  Place