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[Infographic] Web Access According to Browser Market Share - A History


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A visual history of accessing the world wide web as told by browser market share. The history begins in the early 1990s as Netscape dominated and continues through today. See when Microsoft overtook Netscape in the first Browser Wars. Today, it appears that there is more parity among the popular web browsers in the desktop and laptop space.

This infographic shows market share for the desktop market space. Proliferation of mobile devices and smartphones over the last 5 years is not depicted. The overall share of Safari would appear much higher if mobile were included.

One interesting statistic that isn't shown: MIcrosoft IE maintains a healthy share lead in the enterprise and corporate world. As such, if market share were shown by days of the week, Firefox, Chrome and Safari would dominate during the weekend.

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[Infographic] Web Access According to Browser Market Share - A History

  1. 1. As told by browser usage Desktop access of the world wide web has shifted over the years. With Netscape Navigator dominating web access in the early and mid-90s, and with multiple browsers battling for market share today, the on-ramp to the web provides an interesting narrative on the state of the Internet. Here are the most important players: (in chronological order): 1994 Others     Netscape  Navigator  1.0   Netscape Navigator 1.0 was released in 1994. Its market Other browsers: Netcom share that year was roughly 90%. Netcruiser, Opera, Lynx, others. Total share < 10% Who  remembers  AOL,  Prodigy  and   Compuserve?   1995 Netscape  Navigator  2.x     Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.0 debuts as part of Microsoft Plus! an add-on to Windows 95. IE  1.0  was  reworked  Mosaic  code,   licensed  from  Spyglass,  Inc.   1996 Netscape  Navigator  3.x     1997   Netscape  Navigator  4.x     1998 IE    5   Netscape  Navigator  4.x     1998 was the web browser tipping point. On July 14, Zona Research reported that IE 5 had captured 55% of the web browser market share passing Netscape for the first time. Netscape Navigator became a free download for the first time. 2000 IE    5     2001 IE  6       2002 IE    6     Firefox .1 is released by the Mozilla Foundation. 2003 IE  6       Safari 1 is released by Apple. 2005 IE  6  IE  6         Safari 2 and Firefox 1.5 begin taking market share. 2007       Market share: IE 6 = 79%; Firefox IE  15%; Safari = 5%; Netscape < 1%; Opera < 1% = 6   2009 IE  Combined         Chrome introduced by Google in 2008 and has over 2% by 2nd quarter 2009. 2011 IE  Combined                   According to StatCounter, Chrome overtook Firefox in 2011 worldwide. 2013 IE  Combined       Desktop Share: IE = 58%; Firefox = 18%; Chrome = 16%; Safari = 5%; Opera = 1% Case Study: 60%   IE   40%   Firefox   20%   Safari   Chrome   0%   2008       2009   2010   © 2013 Phil  Vickman  |  Sources:  Wikipedia,,     2011   2012