The Spark


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The Spark

  1. 1. THE SPARK STARRING:Archduke Francis Ferdinand His Wife Gavrilo Princip as… THE ASSASSIN
  2. 2. BACKGROUND INFO• Archduke Ferdinand is the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary.• Austria-Hungary has taken over territory (Bosnia) that would rather be a part of the nation of Serbia.• The people living there do not like this, and a group of conspirators decide to take him out (kill him).
  3. 3. The Archduke and his pregnant wife Sophiearrive in Sarajevo. June 28th, 1914, was alsohis 14th Wedding Anniversary, as well as theday he would die.
  4. 4. Gavrilo Princip was 19-year old Bosnian Serb student.He and 6 conspirators plotted with the Black Handterrorist organization to kill the Archduke. They werearmed with pistols and bombs. He was determined tofree his people from the “tyrannical rule” of theAustria-Hungarians.
  5. 5. The Archduke and his wife are about to enter thecar… for the last time.
  6. 6. The cars began their tour…The first assassin threw his bomb at the car,but he missed and it only wounded the Archduke’s wife.He tried to kill himself by swallowing cyanide and jumpinginto a river.Turns out… he vomited up the cyanide beforeit could kill him, and the river he jumped intowas only a few inches deep. He lived and wasarrested.
  7. 7. The Archduke, being a nice guy, wanted togo see how the people that were hurt in thebombing were doing at the hospital. It turned outto be a bad move. Here are their dead bodies.
  8. 8. Princip rushed the car and shot the Archduke inthe neck. He then turned and fired another shotat Sophie, the Archduke’s wife.Anyone want to guess where he shotthe wife?Why would he shoot her there?
  9. 9. Both the Archduke and his wife die. Principtried to kill himself, but failed. He wasapparently better at killing other people.Instead of being executed by the tryannicalgovernment he so opposed, they took mercy onhim because he was only 19.He would die years later in prison of tuberculosis.
  10. 10. IMPORTANT PEOPLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY • Martin Luther King • Mother Teresa • John F. Kennedy • Richard Nixon • Ronald Reagan • Eleanor Roosevelt • Henry Ford • Teddy Roosevelt • Franklin Roosevelt • Bill Clinton • Adolf Hitler • John Lennon • Joseph Stalin • Rosa Parks • Michael Jordan • Malcolm X • Jonas Salk • Winston ChurchillWHO WOULD YOU VOTE FOR AS MOST IMPORTANT?
  11. 11. YOU’RE ALL WRONG! The answer is… GAVRILO PRINCIP
  12. 12. WHY?I’ll explain…
  13. 13. He started World War I… which killedover 10 million people.
  14. 14. Because of extreme hatred of the war, Russiansrebel and overthrow their government, and become COMMUNISTS
  15. 15. Because of the harsh punishments imposedon Germany after World War I, the countryturns to a dude named… ADOLF HITLER
  16. 16. Hitler decides to conquer all of Europe,start the Holocaust, and begin World War II. WORLD WAR II KILLED OVER 50 MILLION PEOPLE
  17. 17. Because of strained relations during WWII, America no longer sees eye to eye with the Communist Soviet Union. This begins the Cold War. The world feared nuclear war…
  18. 18. We went to war in Korea and Vietnamto stop the spread of Communism. Vietnam killed 58,000 Americans alone.