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OnsBlok presentation at Thingscon Salon, Eindhoven, July 8 2016


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OnsBlok presentation at Thingscon Salon, Eindhoven, July 8 2016

Published in: Design
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OnsBlok presentation at Thingscon Salon, Eindhoven, July 8 2016

  1. 1. Ons Blok Een  slimme  burger  redt  zichzelf  met   Peter  van  Waart     Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?   Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016  
  2. 2. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016                 Senior  lecturer  CommunicaMon  &  MulMmedia  Design   School  of  CommunicaMon,  Media  and  InformaMon  Technology     Researcher  Design  for  Smart  and  ParMcipatory  CiMes   Research  group  CreaMng  010     PhD-­‐candidate,  Industrial  Design  Engineering,   DelS  University  of  Technology       Peter van Waart  @petervanwaart  hXp://  
  3. 3. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   OnsBlok:  design  challenge     if  you  can  bake  your  own  cake  ...   if  you  can  assemble  your  IKEA  table  ...   if  you  can  renovate  your  bathroom  ...     why  can’t  you  make  a  smart  thing?      
  4. 4. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Creating 010 is a transdisciplinary design-inclusive research center enabling citizens, students and creative industry making the future of Rotterdam. Creating 010 is part of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS). Smart and Inclusive Society Design for Smart and Participatory Cities Approach: participatory, transdisciplinary, and based on research-through-design, mixing top-down and bottom-up dynamics in multi-helix partnerships  
  5. 5. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Human   Urban   Technology   Smart  city   Society,     diversity   Human-­‐   Computer   InteracMon   Values   Urban   Interac+on   Design   Internet  of  Things,   Data,   Smart,   Pervasive   City,   Space   (physical,  social)  
  6. 6. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Where’s  the  ciMzen  in  the  smart  city?  
  7. 7. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Sanders,  L.,  &  Stappers,  P.  J.  (2014).  From  designing   to  co-­‐designing  to  collecMve  dreaming:  three  slices  in   Mme.  interacMons,  21(6),  24-­‐33.   What  is  the  role  of  the  (future)  designer?  
  8. 8. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Networked  Ecologies  
  9. 9. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Geels,  F.  W.  (2002).  Technological  transiMons  as  evoluMonary  reconfiguraMon  processes:  A  mulM-­‐level   perspecMve  and  a  case-­‐study.  Research  policy,  31(8),  1257-­‐1274.     events   Van  Waart,  P.,  Mulder,  I.  J.,  &  De  Bont,  C.J.P.M.  (2015).  A  ParMcipatory  Approach  for  Envisioning  a  Smart  City.   Social  Science  Computer  Review.  (Under  submission)   pilots   labs   gover-­‐ nance   eco-­‐ nomic   board   Top-­‐down  and  boXom-­‐up  
  10. 10. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   LAB   Civic  society,   ciMzens   Industry  Governance   Research  and   EducaMon   (University)   Media-­‐based  and   culture-­‐based  public,   and  civil  society     culture  and  innovaMon  culture  /   knowledge  of  culture  and  culture  of   knowledge  /   values  and  life  styles  /   mulM-­‐culturalismand  creaMvity/   media  /   arts  and  arts  universiMes  /   mulM-­‐level  innovaMon  systems  with   universiMes   of  the  sciences  and  arts   Industry  /  Business   Also:   CreaMvity  economy  and   creaMve  industries   State  /  government   Academia  /   Universi+es   UniversiMes  of  the  sciences,   and   UniversiMes  of  the  arts   Lab   events   projects   Quadruple  Helix  
  11. 11. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Urban  IxD:  Neighbourhood  Lab   Goal:  Empower  ciMzens  to  use  smart  technology  to  make  their  city   Approach:  Situated,  parMcipatory  design,  parMcipatory  prototyping   Middellandstraat,  RoXerdam,  2014   Drievriendenstraat,  RoXerdam,  2015   Mijnsherenlaan,  RoXerdam,  2015   Strevelsweg,  RoXerdam,  2016  
  12. 12. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   OnsBlok:  Core  concept       ready-­‐made  components  –  assemble  yourself   connected  basic  block     +  plugin  sensor   If  you  can  bake  a  cake,  you  can  make  a  smart  thing  
  13. 13. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   collect  data  together   get  insights  in  living  environment   contribute  and  profit   (immediate  reciprocity)   OnsBlok:  Enable  ciMzens  to  create  their  own  data  
  14. 14. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   Help  people  become  technology  and  data  literate  to  build  the  smart   city  boXom-­‐up     -­‐  Understand  the  IoT:    Make  a  thing  collects  data    >  data  is  send  to  the  cloud  >      aggregated  >  receive  surplus  value  back   -­‐  Strengthen  self-­‐confidence  in  making  things:    Levels  of  experMse:  layman  >  novice  >  advanced  >  expert   -­‐  Co-­‐design  local  applicaMons  with  people  in  keeping  with  their  goals:    Situated  urban  interacMon  design   OnsBlok:  Empowerment  
  15. 15. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   OnsBlok:  Results  and  progress  ...   2nd  prototype   1st  prototype   demonstrate  &  review   Workshop  ‘Claim  your  smart  ciMzenship’  at   Design  and  The  City,  Amsterdam  April  21,  2016   ...  towards  the  summer  of  2017  
  16. 16. Peter  van  Waart  –  OnsBlok  |  Thingscon  Salon  #4  -­‐  Can  the  Internet  of  Things  create  a  Smart  Society?  |  Eindhoven,  July  8,  2016   OnsBlok  is  funded  by     Thank  you!