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Technical workshops during #disummit in Brussels 30 March


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We are looking forward to meeting you at our yearly #datascience event.
We’d like to bring to your attention that in addition to our excellent line-up of speakers, you may be interested in one of our technical workshops that provide hands-on training:

Managing Projects in Predictive Analytics, a workshop with Geert Verstraeten
Hands-on Machine Learning in Python, a workshop with Pieter Buteneeers
Using IBM Watson’s Data Platform with Ann-Elise Delbecq, Niko Tambuyser, Willem Hendriks, and Luc Goossens
These are only some of the technical workshops we have available.

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Technical workshops during #disummit in Brussels 30 March

  1. 1. Technical Workshops at the di-Summit
  2. 2. Pieter Buteneers - Data Strategist and Machine Learning Consultant Hands-on Machine Learning with Python 
  3. 3. Geert Verstraeten - Managing Partner at Python Managing Projects in Predictive Analytics 
  4. 4. Thierry Turpin and Stephane Tridetti: Optimize DHS with AWS
  5. 5. Faisal Orakzai & Morad Masnaoui: BigData Architecture
  6. 6. Nicolas Deruytter - Managing Director at DataTonic  Hands-on  Workshop  Using  Tensorflow
  7. 7. IBM: Watson Data Platform Ann-Elise Delbecq Niko Tambuyser Willem Hendriks Luc Goossens