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These slides were presented at the first osgeo.wageningen event by several participants in a 5 minute pitch on current work using opensource geospatial software

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  • 17/11/12 Overview of global datasets
  • GSIF is the answer to policy questions 17/11/12
  • ISRIC employs a geonetwork metadata server to allow people to find isrics datasets.. 6000 scanned maps, reports, datasets etc 17/11/12
  • 17/11/12
  • Want to show Template, why and how you would use them, Help files, And number of your profiles if you click on the isric logo 17/11/12
  • ISRIC employs a web processing services o allow people to find isrics datasets.. State of the art -> orchestration -> WEB GIS-> type in your browser a request to report for a given location the specific information about soils (depending on scale, availability, etc) 17/11/12
  • 17/11/12 Using “traditional” and “geostatistical”methods to harvest long series of knowledge
  • Sampling auxiliary information for building an expert m ... provides rules for standardizing how inputs and outputs (requests and responses) for geospatial processing services , such as polygon overlay. The standard also defines how a client can request the execution of a process, and how the output from the process is handled . It defines an interface that facilitates the publishing of geospatial processes and clients’ discovery of and binding to those processes . The data required by the WPS can be delivered across a network or they can be available at the server. odel using GDSM tools , Building a model using CUBIST/JMP , and run the parser 17/11/12
  • 17/11/12
  • Osgeo.wageningen kickoff event nov2012

    1. 1. OSGEO.WageningenPitch Slides - first OSGEO.Wageningen meeting - nov 2013
    2. 2. Slides of 5 minute pitches by GeoCat Proigia Isric (3*) Alterra JustObjects
    3. 3. GeoCat BVPaul van Genuchten
    4. 4. Overview• Small Software development firm from Bennekom (employees in Nice, Valencia, Seville)• Founder/Main Contributer GeoNetwork-OpenSource.org• Related SDI-services • GeoCat bridge • OpenGeoSuite • OpenLayers/GeoExt development
    5. 5. Geonetwork-opensource.org• Metadata catalog • Search Interface (CSW) • Pluggable national profiles/schemes • Edit interface (workflow/versioning) • Harvesting (CSW,OWS,ArcSDE,Filesystem)
    6. 6. GeoCat Bridge OWSContext / OpenLayers GeoServer or MapServer PostGis GeoNetwork DesktopArcInfo/ArcView
    7. 7. Bolsena Code Sprint• Each summer hacking event in Bolsena (near Rome)• (european) Communities meet up:• Geonetwork• deegree• Grass• Mapbender• Mapproxy• Flamingo• Open Source Spatial developers welcome to join
    8. 8. Visit us at http://geocat.net
    9. 9. Dolf Andringa
    10. 10. Wat• Management informatie voor huisartsen• Begonnen in 2005 met pilot webgis• Sinds 2011 GIS weer belangrijk• Proigia GIS
    11. 11. Proigia GIS Send dataProigia GIS Proigia GIS Data Data Data Data Provider Provider Redirect to webgis User User Click “maps”
    12. 12. Technieken Open data• OpenLayers • Open Streetmap • CBS• Postgis • BAG• Geoserver• GeoExt• Pylons (Mapfish)
    13. 13. Mister Jesus Versus OSGeo (personal story)Jorge Samuel Mendes de Jesus
    14. 14. ~$>whoami 34 years old Caucasian male, Portuguese Licenciatura (Master) in Agricultural Engineering. Uni do Algarve “Trust me Im an Engineer ...the irrigation system will work” Ph.D. Obtained in Ben-Gurion University. Israel Basic studies in Geostatistcs, Agriculture and Remote sensing
    15. 15. ~$> ls -l -t -r 1st Job: INTAMAP project, doing web services (JRC-Ispra) 2nd Job: EuroGEOSS project, more web services and spatial database with biodiversity (JRC-Ispra) 3rd Job: Plymouth Marine Laboratory, even more web services and openLayers !!!! Long live pyWPS !!!! 3rd Job: Plymouth Marine Laboratory, even more web services and openLayers !!!! Long live pyWPS !!!! Lets deal with WSDL
    16. 16. ~$> man pywps & man taverna PyWPS –> Python implementation of WPS 1.0.0 (Web Processing Service) http://pywps.wald.intevation.org/ http://wiki.rsg.pml.ac.uk/pywps/Main_Page Personal objectives: better interoperability between WPS and WSDL
    17. 17. ~$> man pywps & man taverna http://www.taverna.org.uk/
    18. 18. ~$> man pywps & man taverna
    19. 19. ~$> at now http://www.isric.orgWOSIS DB – 36481 soil profile records
    20. 20. ~$> at now + 365 days  Extended WOSIS functionality, public access data  Web Services Wrappers for Database  Support for platforms/websites (world soild profiles)  Support for geonetworks  More and better data and of course lots of spatial queries
    21. 21. Use of OSGeo Software to addressfunctionalities for ISRIC World SoilInformation HI Reuter Material from: T Hengl G Heuvelink NH Batjes J Leenaars P Tempel P Bindraban
    22. 22. myself• Geo-ecology in Potsdam (DE)• University of Guelph (CA)• PhD in Precision Ag @ ZALF Müncheberg (DE)• Joint Research Center (IT) (ESBN)• ISRIC World Soil Information (NL)
    23. 23. Linking ISRIC soil information to policy Methods and Web Processing Soil data & Policy domain infrastructure Services informationDATA ENTRY by• ISRIC Personnel User interaction and agenda setting• WWW• In Field GlobalSoilMap.net Food security properties Fertilization Quality A & C strategy Climate change (WPS) Water Avail. Water mngt Biofuels Content C ISRIC sequestration Water scarcity SOC enterprise Soil Meat production database productivity P (?) Land valuation Soil Harmonization degradation (…) …. (WPS) www.isric.org SC:Reuter&Bindraban, 2011
    24. 24. Global Soil Information Facilities
    25. 25. ISRIC – Data DiscoveryWhat kind of data holds ISRIC ? e.g. Scanned Maps, GIS datasets & Reports OGC conforming MetaDataService http://meta.isric.org
    26. 26. ISRIC – Data Visualization How to visualize Data ? Goggle Earth / GIS / WEB 2.0 Geoserver/Mapserver OpenLayers (WWW) QGIS/ArcGIS Google Earth SC:Hannes I.Reuter, 2011OGC conforming WMS/WFS
    27. 27. Web service for point data entryThe web service for soilprofile data entry is afacility for the collectionof soil profileinformation.Users can enterindividual profileobservations as well aslarge datasets consistingof hundreds orthousands of profiles. http://worldsoilprofiles.org/
    28. 28. Overview http://worldsoilprofiles.org/
    29. 29. ISRIC – Data ProcessingWhat kind of soil/ soil property do we find at any location in the world? http://wps.isric.eu/pywps/pywps.cgi? service=wps&version=1.0.0&request=Execute&identifier=sampler_hir&datai nputs=InGMLdata=http://isric.eu/wps/testdata/random_points.gml;inRastern ame=http://isric.eu/testdata/elev_srtm_30m.tif;pause=0& OGC conforming web processing service SC:Hannes I.Reuter, 2011
    30. 30. Think globally – Act locallyWe can do this – through collaboration and sharing of information Soil maps Soil samples Reports, literature Soil data and information Slide Credit: A.Hartemink
    31. 31. Database storage and control• Database developed and externally reviewed• Binary Schema, Data Transformation and Standardisation Schema, UUID-generation introduced, tested in production• AfSPD loaded, AfSIS sentinel sites next
    32. 32. Facilitating Soil Map Production - DSMany arbitrary soil map production process - which uses auxiliary information www.globalsoilmap.net SC:Reuter, Lennars, Inakwu 2011
    33. 33. Functionality to access• querying for a single value from a defined covariate map (sample) – http://wps.worldgrids.org/pywps.cgi?service=wps&version=1.0.0&request=execute&identifier=sampler_local1pt [x=11.3;y=12.1;inRastername=biocl15]• querying for millions of values from a defined covariate map• extraction of a defined subset from a defined covariate map (subset) – http://wps.worldgrids.org/pywps.cgi?service=wps&version=1.0.0&request=execute&identifier=subset&datainpu [bbox=25,25,40,40;inRastername=biocl15]&responsedocument=OutData=@asreference=true• creating of an overlay of a user specified zone grid and a defined covariate map (zonalstats). – http://wps.worldgrids.org/pywps.cgi?service=wps&version=1.0.0&request=execute&identifier=overlay&datainputs= [inRastername=globedem;inZone=http://ftp.isric.org/short/ztest.tif;stype=sd]&responsedocument=OutData=@asreference=true
    34. 34. Alterra CGIBas Vanmeulebrouk
    35. 35. ETS Manager
    36. 36. Geoportaal Bibliotheek Wageningen UR
    37. 37. Taming Rich GML with sETL Just van den Broecke 5 minute presentation at OSGeo.nl Stammtisch Wageningen November 7, 2012
    38. 38. We have aProblem
    39. 39. The Rich GML Problem
    40. 40. Rich GML = Complex Mess
    41. 41. INSPIRE BAG BGTTop10NL .
    42. 42. The Streetname!
    43. 43. Complex ModelTransformations
    44. 44. Millions ofObjects
    45. 45. 10s of Millions of <Elements>
    46. 46. MultipleTransformation Steps
    47. 47. Solution isSpatial ETL
    48. 48. A.K.A.
    49. 49. Thank You for yourAttention!
    50. 50. But.......FOSS (s)ETL...?
    51. 51. FOSS ETL - High Level
    52. 52. FOSS ETL - Lower Level ogr2ogr But Each Powerful by Itself
    53. 53. FOSS ETL - DYI ? (No!)
    54. 54. FOSS ETL - How to Combine? + + = ? ogr2ogr
    55. 55. FOSS ETL - Add Python to Equation ( + + ) = ? ogr2ogr
    56. 56. ( + + )= ogr2ogr sETL
    57. 57. sETL = SimpleStreaming Spatial Speedy ETL
    58. 58. Process Chain Input Filter Filter Outputgml
    59. 59. Speed: Streaming Input Filter Outputgml
    60. 60. Speed: Going Native Input Filter Outputgml Calls ogr2ogr sETL sETL Native C Libs/Progs
    61. 61. Example: GML to PostGIS XML Reader ogr2ogr Splittergml
    62. 62. Example: INSPIRE Model Transform ogr2ogr XSLT Writer gml
    63. 63. Example: deegree Store deegree ogr2ogr XSLT Writer
    64. 64. Process Chain - How? Input Filters Output
    65. 65. Example: XML to Shape The Source
    66. 66. Example: XML to ShapeFirst: XSLT Transform to GML
    67. 67. Example: XML to Shape XML XSLT ogr2ogr Input
    68. 68. Example: XML to Shape Process ChainXSLT Reader ogr2ogr The SETL Chain Config File
    69. 69. Thank You !github.com/justb4/setl
    70. 70. Thank you for visiting OSGEO.Wageningen Isric, Alterra, Wageningen University, Proigia, Nieuwland, Gima, GeoSpace, JustObjects, OpenGeoGroep, GeoCat, Water Insight, Geodan Dealing withGeonetwork, Geoserver, OpenLayers, pyWPS, GeoExt, PostGis, R, sETL, OGR, deegree, Mapfish, Taverna CU Next time