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Reincarnation - from romance to research


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Reincarnation - from romance to research by Chaitanya Charan

Published in: Spiritual
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Reincarnation - from romance to research

  1. 1. Reality Dr. Ian Stevenson Four types of evidences: • Recollections • Recognitions • Behaviors • Birthmarks
  2. 2. The Case of Necip Unlutaskiran • Born in Adana, Turkey, • Past-life as Necip Budak in Mersin 80 km away • Knew about scar on wife’s thigh
  3. 3. The Case of Necip Unlutaskiran • Affectionate to children • Jealous of wife’s new husband • 6 correlating birthmarks – probability 1 / 160^6
  4. 4. Fraud? No money No fame No religious motive Embarrassing eg Jasbir Singh
  5. 5. Fraud “Neither self-delusion, intentional fraud, peer pressure, nor coincidence could explain how the children Ian investigated could have known all that they knew about strangers who’d died before they were born.” - Tom Shroder, Editor, Washington Post
  6. 6. Reality Two different people – non- intersecting sets Intersection point: non-material soul
  7. 7. Rationality Longing to live forever and love forever in a world where nothing lasts forever Eg African tribal child desiring a pizza
  8. 8. Opportunity We are sparks attracted to other sparks. Now we can become attracted to the whole
  9. 9. Opportunity All-attractive Krishna: Whatever is attractive in anyone is present in its fullness in Krishna
  10. 10. Opportunity Put Krishna first in our relationships & our heart will be fulfilled, irrespective of whether specific desires are fulfilled or not
  11. 11. Romanticizing Reincarnation Soulmate – soul or mate? Don’t incorporate reincarnation into a materialistic worldview – let reincarnation redefine your worldview