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Near death experiences - canada

  1. Near-death Experiences: Where Science points to spirituality
  2. The Mystery How can we be conscious when we are not conscious? Near-death Experiences (NDEs) are the extraordinary perceptions of physically unconscious people who were close to death
  3. NDEs – two aspects Other-worldly perceptions: scientifically unexaminable This-worldly perceptions: scientifically examinable
  4. When the blind see NDEs of the Blind: Mindsight - Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper The case of Vicki Umipeg
  5. Operation standstill: Pam Reynolds Giant basilar artery aneurysm Body temperature lowered to 60 F, Heartbeat and breathing stopped, Brain waves flattened, and Blood drained from her head. Special earpieces emitting 90 to 100 decibel clicks at a rate of 11 to 13 clicks per second.
  6. Operation standstill “At that stage in the operation, nobody can observe, hear, in that state, And I find it inconceivable that your normal senses, such as hearing, let alone the fact that she had clicking modules in each ear, that there was any way to hear through normal auditory pathways. I don't have an explanation for it. I don't know how it's possible for it to happen, considering the physiological state she was in. At the same time, I have seen so many things that I can't explain, that I don't want to be so arrogant as to be able to say that there's no way it can happen.” - Dr. Spetzler
  7. The Implication "What is clear is that something profound is happening. The mind - the thing that is 'you' - your 'soul' if you will - carries on after conventional science says it should have drifted into nothingness." - Dr Sam Parnia
  8. Expanding the frontiers of science Relativity and Quantum physics developed because scientists confronted the evidence that classical physical couldn’t explain
  9. The Gita’s tripartite model of the self Body – Hardware Mind – Software Soul – User
  10. Soul Eye Subtle Body Gross Body Normal Vision O u t s i d e W o r l d Subtle Eye Brain Area pervaded by consciousness
  11. Soul Subtle Body EyeBrain Gross Body No sight No Activity at all O u t s i d e W o r l d NDE Vision Subtle Eye Area pervaded by consciousness
  12. Vedic NDE Bhagavatam – Ajamila story Life itself is a near-death experience
  13. Redefining progress & happiness Give your spiritual side its due Meditation minimizes inner friction & maximizes outer contribution
  14. Redefining progress & happiness Materialism’s consequences:  “We have guided missiles & misguided men”  A million suicides every year
  15. The Ultimate Positive Thinking You are indestructible. Go beyond positive perception of reality to the perception of positive reality Eg Airlifted out of disaster zone
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