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Do we need spirituality in an age of science washington

  1. Do we need spirituality in an age of science?
  2. Science looks for matter, not spirit Methodological naturalism Eg. Fishing net, Personality thru X-ray, Seeing color on b-w camera
  3. Origin All science is not born equal Eg deductive, inductive, abductive reasoning
  4. Origin Abductive reasoning like whodunit mystery solving No experiments possible
  5. Origin Nothing existed because of nothing – nothing exploded because of nothing and gave rise to everything
  6. Newton discovered gravity not just by observation or inference, but by faith Eg Paper with incomprehensible patterns on it
  7. “Even the most atheistic scientist accepts as an act of faith the existence of a law-like order in nature.” - Noted physicist Paul Davies
  8. “An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God.” - Reputed Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan
  9. Science points to spirituality God is not the explanation for the unexplainable; he is the explanation for explanability
  10. Science points to spirituality “You are right in speaking of the moral foundations of science, but you cannot turn round and speak of the scientific foundations of morality… Every attempt to reduce ethics to scientific formulae must fail” • - Albert Einstein
  11. A different method To understand Krishna, stand under Krishna Not experimental, but experiential Not controlled experiments, but experience through self-control
  12. Science-spirituality harmony Science can make things better; spirituality can make people better