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Environmental pollution


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Environmental pollution

  2. 2. Chimney Steam and smoke Air pollution
  3. 3. How Why A cloud of smoke from the exhaust of a vehicle Increasing traffic Smoke from a factory chimney Growing cities Eruption of a volcano Rapid economic development Cigarette smoke Industrialization Burning leaves Apathetic people
  4. 4. Health problems Damage to the environment Damage to property Thinning of the protective ozone layer of the atmosphere which is leading to climate changes
  5. 5. Encourage your family to walk more Take the school bus Reduce the amount of spray bottles Do not burn leaves in your yard- put them in a compost Keep your family cars in tune Put catalytic converters on cars Share your room with others when the air conditioner is on Take care of your trees Air Pollution Solutions
  6. 6. What might happen to us if we don’t prevent air pollution?
  7. 7. Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Oil Spill
  8. 8. Conserve water by turning off the tap when running water is not necessary. Don't throw paints, oils or other forms of litter down the drain. By having more plants in your garden you are preventing fertilizer, pesticides and contaminated water from running off into nearby water sources. Don't throw litter into rivers, lakes or oceans. Help clean up any litter you see on beaches or in rivers and lakes.
  9. 9. What might happen to us if we don’t prevent water pollution?
  10. 10. Industry Water pollution
  11. 11. Solid Waste Pollution
  12. 12. How Toxic substances dissolve in water or gets deposited on the bed. Toxic substances enter lakes, rivers, streams, etc. Pollutants go down into the ground. Sources City sewage Industrial waste Agricultural run-off Water Pollution
  13. 13. Effects of Water Pollution Devastating to people and animals, fish, and birds. Unsuitable for drinking, recreation, agriculture, and industry. Destroys water life.
  14. 14. •Keep lakes clean •Take your used motor oil to a drop off place •Use latex paint instead of oil and rinse your brushes in the sink rather than the yard •Fill a spray bottle with soapy water instead of bug spray •Plant trees to prevent soil erosion •Keep litter, pet waste, leaves, and grass clippings out of gutters and storm drains. Water Solutions