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Our unique GPS Aware application loads the correct beginning 4 to 7 digits of any phone number in the world. The PushoneCode app is easy to use. Our application can be used with any Sim / Prepaid Card or Carrier rate plan anywhere in the world to complete calls. 246 Countries and 7000 Cities.

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  • Travel or Business
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    1. 1. “Dialing Simplicity for Smartphones”GPS Aware Travel & Social iphone Application for Vacation or Business Travel Test Our App - Promo Code Available Upon Request. Test the Accuracy from Any Country: Tutorial Attached with EMK..
    2. 2. PushoneCode! The app that pre-loads the correct starting4 to 7 digits of any phone number in the world.The traveler or business person merely enters theremaining digits of the phone number. Les Sainte, Guadeloupe
    3. 3. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    4. 4. Ankgor Wat, Cambodia
    5. 5. When was the last time you saw a Phone book thathad dialing instructions to the world?How often do you see people struggle with dialinglocal and non local international phone numberswhen traveling?PUSH is the latest evolution of Smartphonefunctionality.A True resource which creates awareness of theworld geographically.Easy to use and makes all phones work better.A valuable worldwide country code reference toassist others on how to call, become a Zen Master Jaco, Costa Ricaof Telecommunications.
    6. 6. Features:A Cross Platform Dialer for iPhone, andsoon to be released in Android.• Automatically populates all Exit Codes, Country Codes, Area Codes / City Codes, local calls and even drops numbers when they are not required.• Contact List is accessible within the application.• Access to a Special instructions scroll down area to find out exactly how calls are made inside the country you are visiting.• Application can be downloaded and used with any Cell phone rate plan anywhere in the world.• Toll-free and Toll numbers are one touch away and a Manual Call area for emergency calls. La Pointe des Chateaux, St. Francois, Guadeloupe
    7. 7. Any Calling Situation - Just 1 – 2 – 3. Wat Chalong, Phuket, Thailand“The latest Evolution of Smartphone Functionality”So Long to 10 Digit Dialing!Works with Any Carrier Rate Plan orPrepaid Sim Card in the world.A GPS Aware Application by PushoneCode.1. A PUSH of a button gets you into either a Local or Non Local / International database.2. Search your Destination Country.3. PUSH again and you have access to Every Exit Code, Country Codes, Area Codes/City Codes, Mobile Numbers, and even VOIP numbers anywhere in the World.Complete your calls to Friends,Family, and Business Associates,and Day to Day activities, such asHotels, golf, tours, new friends whenTraveling with completeCertainty and no hesitation.
    8. 8. Push Demonstration on You Tube: Non- Carrier/Multiple Telecom Country 1. Non Local: USA Long Distance Call: San Francisco, California to Palo Alto, California. 2. Use of Home Button. 3. Use of Local Call Button to get back to Home Button. 4. Use of “Add to Contacts” inside Push App 5. Non Local Call: From San Francisco, California to Vancouver, BC, Canada. 6. Use of “Add to Favorites.” 7. Non Local Call : From San Francisco, California to Buenos Aires, Argentina. 8. Arrange Favorites. 9. Non Local Call: From San Francisco, CA to Aberdeen, UK. 10. Use of Special Instructions while in UK Dialpad area to make sure number has populated properly.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MLdOXCG6h4&feature=related
    9. 9. Push Demonstration on You Tube: Multiple Carrier Country. (PushoneCode Location Services off only, then reset iphone to replicate calling from Sao Paulo) Demonstration Starts from Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1. View Special Instructions before Call. 2. A Local Call to Anapolis City (Note the 0 prepopulating first for a local call) 3. Add Anapolis City to Favorites for future calls. (0+62) 4. Use of Local Call button to Go Back. 5. Use of Home Button to make another call. 6. Use of Non Local Call Button and use of Intellig Carrier (00+23), (Note the Carrier Code Requirement for calls from Brazil) for a International call from Sao Paulo to Anaheim, California, USA 7. Use of Add + to Favorites Button. 8. Use of International Back Button to access Home button. 9. Select Non Local Call to make another call and use Telefonica Carrier (00+15), for a International Call to Vancouver, BC. Canada.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqYt6spcvJY Input of phone number after auto population of 10. Exit Code, Country Code, and Area Code then
    10. 10. Social Media Angkor Wat, Cambodia You Tube – Facebook - www.facebook.com/pushonecode123 Twitter - http://twitter.com/Pushonecode Website – www.pushonecode.com
    11. 11. Stay Connected, Download PushoneCode today for Vacation or BusinessTravel - $3.99 Siem Reap, Cambodia PushoneCode “Dialing Simplicity for Smartphones” Lance Tetlock Business Development & Marketing t. 1 (403) 708 - 9634 e. tetlocklance@yahoo.ca in. http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/lance-tetlock/29/450/555