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Facebook Marketing Guide

  1. 1. Want to quickly unlock the success of Facebook Marketing?
  2. 2. Social media marketing still in its infancy. Compare this to ‘search marketing’ • 1995 Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford • 1997 Larry and Sergey decide that the search engine needs a name. After some brainstorming, they go with Google (Numeral1 followedby 100 zeros). • 2003 The birth of Google Adsense really made everything snowball. • Mid 2000s Google introduced Quality Score. Adwords took off in 2004/5 • 2006 Facebook was opened to everyone of age 13 and older with a valid email address • 2010 More people visited Facebook than Google for the week ending March 13. • 2012 Spend on Facebook marketing takes off. Facebook marketing is taking off NOW.
  3. 3. 3 step process to build successful Facebook marketing 1. Define your aims & objectives 2. Build a great Facebook page 3. Advertise to your targeted audience
  4. 4. Define your aims & objectives Examples of potential business aim & objectives: Increase Brand Awareness? Increase Engagement with your fans? Acquire Leads/Sales?
  5. 5. Build a great Facebook page Cover photo -Reflect your brand and promotions! Tell users who you are! Profile image - showcase your product and brand logo Build tabs and landing pages within (The most essential aspect of your page)
  6. 6. Tool recommendations to build a great Facebook page • Tab site: Free 14 day trial (up to $30/month) • Push Social: Free 14 day trial (£25/month after free trial)
  7. 7. There are two types of advertising Ad type 1 Facebook Adverts Micro targeted ads Sponsored Stories Ad type 2 Facebook Exchange This is to remarket to those who have visited your website Tools to use: • Facebook ads • Micro targeting software Tools to use: • Facebook Exchange
  8. 8. ADVERT TYPE 1: Facebook ads
  9. 9. Facebook Adverts: Target key demographic segments
  10. 10. Target different demographics and interests! Country - This can be narrowed down to CITY AND MILES Age range - 20-25? 25-30? 30-40? Gender – Male? Female? Or... Male and Female? Also target specific interests and competitor pages!
  11. 11. Key success factors in social • Use a unique micro targeting software and know-how which is critical to success. • Allows you to quickly identify the ‘winning’ formula. • Saves months of painful and expensive mistakes.
  12. 12. 20 Ad creatives 58 Targeting Models 1160 unique campaigns WEEK 1 WEEK 3 WEEK5 TIME FRAME 10 Ad creatives 5 Targeting Models 180 unique campaigns 5 Ad creatives 2 Targeting Models 30 Adverts THE WINNING FORMULA!! VARIABLES Micro target Micro target further Micro targeting software and process allows you to quickly identify the winning formula
  13. 13. ADVERT TYPE 2: Retargeting on Facebook
  14. 14. What is FBX Retargeting? • A visitor comes to your site and learns about your products. • The visitor leaves before purchasing? You can display ads on the Facebook platform later.
  15. 15. Remarket for engagement to all your website visitorsRETARGET VISITORS THAT LEAVE WITHOUT PURCHASING WITH ADS You can display ADS ON PEOPLE’S FACEBOOK NEWSFEED AFTER
  16. 16. Retarget your customers with Ads on Right Hand Side of Facebook
  18. 18. Run high prize value competitions
  19. 19. Triple YOUR LIKES with competitions
  20. 20. Get your page seen far & wide Facebook edge rank formula that allows us to get your page seen far & wide and obtain limitless traffic
  21. 21. The ”weight” – likes, shares & comments on posts is key! Example of a good “Edge Rank”
  23. 23. Step 1: Start posting Post on competition currently running: Call to action – Like, enter email & share Link to landing page Image No clear action, No likes, no shares, No engagement
  24. 24. Step 1: Start posting Post on competition currently running: Call to action – Like, enter email & share Link to landing page Image Clear call to actions, More likes, more shares, A lot of engagement – VIRALITY!
  25. 25. Step 2: Promote your post – “Sponsored story” Post engagement ad: Sponsored Story:
  26. 26. Step 2: Choose your target to obtain high click through rates
  27. 27. Step 3: Engage by liking other peoples posts and replying
  28. 28. Step 4: Sales will come naturally through engagement
  29. 29. Try different post types to see what your fans respond to
  30. 30. Case Study – Lakes Cottage Holidays Aims & Objectives: Increase brand awareness Increase sales Build a massive presence on Social Media Engage with the right target audience to drive results quickly! Process and tools used to fulfil objectives: Built a great Facebook page through Push Social Through adverts (Micro targeting) Used FBX Retargeting to achieve sales at a low cost Ran competitions Engaged with their audience Custom Audiences
  31. 31. Lakes Cottage Holiday page
  32. 32. Lakes Cottage Holidays competition example RESULTS: OVER 9,000 likes in 2 months THOUSANDS of new email addresses to build a useful email database Tool used: PushSocial
  33. 33. Types of adverts used General and retargeting adverts Sponsored Stories
  34. 34. Retargeting adverts lead to 23 cottage bookings worth over £600 at a cost of £7.40 each! Retarget your customers with Ads on Right Hand Side of Facebook.
  35. 35. 371,272 impressions & 23 cottage bookings in 17 days!
  36. 36. Retargeting for engagement resulted in 300 new emails & 400 likes at the cost of £75 Over 7% click through rates on Facebook! Cost per clicks as low as 12 cents
  37. 37. Brand advert & sponsored story results
  38. 38. Acquired 739 actions (likes, shares..) over 7 days at a low cost!
  39. 39. Push and Facebook • We have been working with Facebook since 2009. • First advertised in 2009. • First competitions in 2010. • Highest growth for social media clients 2011. • Push now meets the budget and expertise criteria for Facebook advertising (Accredited in 2012). We have dedicated account managers at Facebook.