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training and development & employee satisfaction project ONGC


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internship project. includes findings n recomendations

Published in: Business, Technology
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training and development & employee satisfaction project ONGC

  1. 1. Training and development in ONGC & Employee satisfaction survey in ONGC Purva Kini 3038 Marketing
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES  Training & Development system of ONGC:  To assess the level of satisfaction towards training given in ONGC  To understand the training methodology & training environment in ONGC  To evaluate the effectiveness of training in job & the awareness level of employee regarding his/her job  To develop training tools and techniques to facilitate effective learning  Employee satisfaction survey in ONGC:  To review the satisfaction level of ONGC employees.  To analyze the perception of internal customers of ONGC towards the working of the different departments.  To study the work efficiency of HR related departments.
  3. 3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:  Study started on 9th April, 2013 and ended on 29th May, 2013  Secondary data collection:  For this study secondary data was collected from different official documents, books, reports, journals, presentations in ONGC, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Data were also collected from website of ONGC and different other websites etc  Primary data collection:  The mode for primary data collection selected by me was personal interviews, questionnaire, observations.  Analyzed through tabulation and graphical presentation.  Sample size-  Effectiveness of Training and development survey – 122 respondents.
  4. 4. Learnings  The steps taken by the management to satisfy the employees in ONGC.  The problems faced by the employees  The requirements of the employees and the expectation of the employees from their organization  The ways in which HR department handles problems  Being patient always helps.
  5. 5. Findings  As per the effectiveness of training and development survey  Majority of respondents said that :  They have undergone training during the last two years.  Training needs are identified through formal appraisal system  Organization conducts training in all aspects.  The training needs identified are realistic, useful and based on business strategy of organization.  Training is used as a tool for employee placement  Training given to them was interesting and informative.
  6. 6. Findings  As per the employee satisfaction survey  Majority of respondents said that :  They are very much satisfied with the establishment, hospitality, loan and advances, personal claims settlement department  Estate department is not working up to the mark which has lowered the satisfaction level of employees towards the functioning of this department.  The employees agree that the canteen department works well to maintain proper hygiene and quality of food served in office.  The medical department also works to a satisfactory level
  7. 7. Recommendations  After completion of training, seminars should be organized where the trainees can share their experiences and views about the training.  Strong and effective feedback mechanism is required.  Company must have a serious evaluation method. Employee should undergo an exam after each training.  Audio-visual training should be implemented.  Training programme should be conducted in regional language also.  Adequate practice time must be provided for employees to develop their skills.  Trainees should be sent to other organization for an overview of the methodology.  Certain departments have to be properly evaluated as many employees have problems with those specific departments
  8. 8. Conclusion  Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is focused in providing professional training to its employees.  ONGC has developed training tools and techniques to facilitate effective learning. It has 14 training institutes and abroad training programmes also. ONGC provides a good infrastructure and environment for their trainees.  ONGC is a company with a global character. It believes, thinks and performs in line with global best-in-breed practices. Encourages employees to think in sync with the world and prove themselves by availing global opportunities  The investment done by ONGC towards training and development goes up to Rs. 30000 crore every year. That is a remarkable effort by an organization to develop its human capital to its highest efficiency level.