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Introducing Causeview


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Causeview is a Salesforce-based app for non profits involved with Fundraising, Volunteering and Events. These slides are used during the Causeview briefing breakfasts, alongside a detailed demo (seeing is believing with all these things!).

Purple Vision run periodic briefings on Causeview - book out these via

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Introducing Causeview

  1. 1. Introducing Causeview
  2. 2.  Building the business case  Integrating digital tools and CRM  Selecting digital tools that work best for you  New websites or content management systems  Digital strategy  Supporting cultural shift  Training and staff development
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  4. 4. Introduction to Salesforce Overview of Causeview - Fundraising - Events - Volunteering Questions Today’s agenda
  5. 5. What is Salesforce anyway? • global technology platform • software as a service • in the cloud • multi-billion-dollar corporation • business ecosystem • philosophy for engagement 6 “ The world’s most innovative company ” Forbes
  6. 6. 8 game changing facts Platform Solution Social Cloud Based Single Source of Truth App Exchange Simple, Flexible Reporting Brings people together Non Profit Pricing
  7. 7. 10Salesforce platform architecture 8 Users experience the interface(s) of apps using a web browser – on PC, mobile phone or tablet Choose a combination of apps to suit your business needs Third party developers publish their services as apps on the AppExchange Salesforce manages underlying services – servers, upgrades, security, backup is the developer toolkit for building custom applications Optimised across platforms – data, mobile and web, and in multiple languages and currencies
  8. 8. • Choose your phone and your network • Pricing plan based on your use & apps you use • Set it up how you want, based on the tools that you use (social media, email, games, apps, features) Think of it like your phone 9
  9. 9. Choose from a palette of world- class apps
  10. 10. 12
  11. 11. Choose from a palette of world- class apps
  12. 12. Where do I start? Your vision, goals and strategy Review existing tools and new options Findings & Recomm- endations
  13. 13. Signposting Examples Global NGO secretariat requiring multi-platform contact and relationship management with integration of Gmail and low admin overhead Sales Cloud + Vertical Response + Cirrus Insight Membership organisation looking for self service membership management with events and online publishing. Must integrate seamlessly with existing CMS MemberNation + + Drupal + Mailchimp Fundraising and campaigning charity aiming to monitor, acquire and develop new supporters through social media as well as many small event attendees Nonprofit Starter Pack + Eventbrite + Hootsuite
  14. 14. 360 view Individual Household Corporate All other connections and relationships Transactional - All donations - Direct debits - Gift aid Events Volunteering
  15. 15. Causeview Fundraising Demo
  16. 16. Campaign and Appeal Hierarchy Campaign Parent Appeal Child Appeal Parent Appeal Child Appeal Child Appeal Parent Appeal Event Event Parent Appeal Child Appeal
  17. 17. Manage multiple structures
  18. 18. Reporting – at each level
  19. 19. Overview of Causeview
  20. 20. Causeview Events Demo
  21. 21. Causeview Volunteer Demo
  22. 22. Find out more about Causeview: Keith Collins, Customer Solutions Director – Purple Vision 0845 458 0250 @purple_vision