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Fundraising with Salesforce


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Next generation fundraising
Supercharge your fundraising with Salesforce CRM

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Fundraising with Salesforce

  1. 1. Supercharge Next fundraising Click for Video
  2. 2. Contents What is Salesforce anyway? 6 Eight game-changing facts 8 Are you ready for the brave new world? 16 What does Salesforce offer fundraisers? 20 How to make the most of Salesforce 24 Ten things you can do next 32 Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 2
  3. 3. Salesforce is the world-class CRM solution that powers thousands of successful organisations including Facebook, Virgin and Obama 2012 It is suitable for all types of nonprofits – large and small – across all functions The Salesforce Foundation provides massive discounts and special configurations to suit nonprofits Salesforce is built on an open technology platform so it is easier, cheaper and less risky to build and deploy People love using Salesforce because it is user-friendly and intuitive The AppExchange enables you to build in best-of-breed tools at the touch of a button Salesforce is designed and built for online, social and mobile relationships A range of fundraising tools is now available that are more effective and less expensive than those from traditional nonprofit CRM vendors If you only read one page, make it this one Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 3
  4. 4. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 4 A lot of functionality out of the box VSO We’ve made about a 1000% return on investment Choices for Kids Every week there’s someone donating online and that never happened before Choices for Kids Lets us dream big about results without having to dream big on how to code Invisible Children Mobile Loaves & Fishes
  5. 5. What is this paper about? This paper is about Salesforce and why we believe it offers the biggest single opportunity for every nonprofit organisation. Written by fundraisers for fundraisers who want to understand what Salesforce is about, we share our experience and insights into: 1.Why Salesforce is so powerful and potentially game changing 2.What the benefits are for fundraising 3.How you can access these opportunities Technology convergence is happening now, connecting people and information through mobile and social channels never before possible. Just as supermarkets, insurance companies and governments are reaching out to their constituents, so too can nonprofits. And with the same results – increased loyalty, reduced cost and managed risk. We are excited about digital integration and social fundraising – and we think you will be too. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 5
  6. 6. If you are reading this, it probably means you have heard something good about Salesforce. Equally likely, you may be wondering if it’s a serious opportunity or just a fad? Having watched the development of fundraising technologies in recent years, we believe that Salesforce offers compelling advantages for nonprofit organisations. Salesforce is many things, including: Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 6 What is Salesforce anyway? “ The world’s most innovative company ” Forbes ●global technology platform ● software as a service ● in the cloud ● multi-billion-dollar corporation ● business ecosystem ● philosophy for engagement But what are the key factors that make a difference to non-profits, and how can these help your fundraising and supporter relations? Read on …
  7. 7. Eight game-changing facts 1.A platform, not a point solution 2.Nonprofit pricing and discounts 3.It brings people together 4.Plug in best of breed tools with the AppExchange 5.The cloud is not the same as hosting 6.Social through and through 7.One place for data and intelligence 8.Simple, flexible reporting Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 7
  8. 8. Eight game-changing facts 1. A platform, not a point solution 2. Nonprofit pricing and discounts Most of us are familiar with the old approach to IT – on-premise servers, closed data architectures, set features and lock-in relationships with software vendors. Salesforce is different. It is an open platform, not a “black box”. It incorporates powerful foundations of data, social, mobile and web – all deeply integrated, so avoiding the menace of duplication. On this platform, Salesforce has encouraged an active community of independent partners and developers. This has led to a wide range of services and applications becoming available for all business needs, including fundraising. In the year 2000, Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff, made an important commitment to give 1% of his company’s product, equity and time to charity. And he has stuck to his promise – any recognised nonprofit organisation is eligible to receive 10 free licences with full access to the company’s top-of-the- range CRM solution. This donation equates to over £10,000 per year and has been accepted by more than 10,000 nonprofits globally. In addition, many development partners have followed suit and offer their services at charity discounts of up to 100%. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 8 “ We completed a technology rollout that could easily have taken four years in just over one year with the cloud platform” Ashoka
  9. 9. 10 Salesforce platform architecture 9 Users experience the interface(s) of apps using a web browser – on PC, mobile phone or tablet Choose a combination of apps to suit your business needs Third party developers publish their services as apps on the AppExchange Salesforce manages underlying services – servers, upgrades, security, backup is the developer toolkit for building custom applications Optimised across platforms – data, mobile and web, and in multiple languages and currencies
  10. 10. Eight game-changing facts 3. It brings people together 4. Plug in best of breed tools with the AppExchange Anyone who has struggled to encourage their team to adopt new software knows that an unfriendly interface with poor usability is the curse of a technology project. Salesforce deals with the data and empowers people to do their jobs. Perhaps the best thing about Salesforce is that everyone likes it. Back-office techies and front-line users alike all love the way it works, from search and data entry through to self-service dashboard reports and “chatter” private social networking, all optimised for your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Just like Apple’s App Store or Google Play, the Salesforce AppExchange contains thousands of business applications from approved partners including Eventbrite, Google, Just Giving, and Mailchimp. In fact, most of the tools you already use are there. The difference with Salesforce is that they are already integrated so, just like your mobile phone, all you have to do is download the app and it works straight away. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 10
  11. 11. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 11 With 4 million volunteers in 22 countries, Points of Light chose to replace its traditional membership management system with Salesforce because of it’s flexibility, the benefits of the cloud computing model, and cost-effective pricing. With Salesforce, Points of Light consolidated fundraising and volunteer data previously contained in Excel spreadsheets. They added a content library to make it easy to share departmental plans and budgets, and to facilitate the annual planning process. Using the Service Cloud, they built a customer portal to help affiliate organisations access fundraising, training, and technology information. They went on to use to develop an application they called “HandsOnConnect” – a customisable system to efficiently recruit and schedule volunteers via the web. “With Salesforce we’re meeting and exceeding our fundraising goals. Our experience using Salesforce was so good that we decided to use for our affiliate app” Case Study: Build and launch tools to support best practice across international operations
  12. 12. Eight game-changing facts 5. The cloud is not the same as hosting 6. Social through and through Salesforce pioneered the concept of SaaS (Software as a Service), also known as Cloud Computing. Their systems are secure and reliable. SaaS means that you pay to rent the services you need and log on with a web browser. It feels a lot like using Gmail or Facebook, but it’s your supporter database. It’s easy to think of this as the same thing as hosting of traditional apps in a data centre but true SaaS is different: Multi Tenancy: Just like a serviced office, thousands of customers share the same software so the cost for maintaining and updating the system is reduced. No IT: With SaaS, the provider takes responsibility for upgrades, backups, failovers, bandwidth and lots of other stuff that you don’t need to think about! Scalable: SaaS means you can adjust your usage, both up and down, to cope with short- term needs and business changes. You pay for what you use. Salesforce is a new technology for a new generation – an online socially-connected generation. Everything the company does is based on this guiding philosophy. In the past 18 months, Salesforce has invested over $1bn in new technologies for social media monitoring, customer engagement, collaboration, performance management, social marketing and content automation. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 12 Social tools and connections are hard- wired into Salesforce, extending its capability way beyond sales, and hence way beyond fundraising. Think supporter care, staff and community collaboration, market research, volunteering, partnerships, and even service delivery.
  13. 13. Eight game-changing facts 7. One place for data and intelligence 8. Simple, flexible reporting Salesforce is attractive because it provides a low- risk way to progressively integrate data across the whole organisation. A growing number of nonprofit organisations are adopting Salesforce, with combinations of applications from HR and finance through to fundraising and service delivery. They realise the benefits in economies of standardisation, reduced complexity, universal information and lower risk. This means the long-held ambition of a 360-degree or “single supporter” view has finally evolved from a fundraiser’s dream to practical reality. No other solution can deliver this in such a comprehensive, flexible and affordable way. Perhaps the single biggest complaint about most CRM systems is the difficulty in tracking and using your own data. You take care to follow procedure, loading, coding and cleaning. But when you need the information there is no easy way to analyse or report. Some people say fundraisers need to be more tech savvy but, with Salesforce, you don’t need to be. It’s easy to build your own reports, create personal graphical dashboards, and even schedule them for regular delivery to colleagues by email. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 13
  14. 14. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 14 From humble beginnings in 1998, Mobile Loaves & Fishes now works with more than 10,000 volunteers to provide vital support for homeless people in communities across the United States. However, fundraising has been a real challenge because information was stored in three separate systems. In order to run campaigns, data had to be synchronized manually by a time-intensive and error-prone process. The charity selected Salesforce to integrate its disparate data sources and track the activities of its volunteers and other supporters, both online and offline. Now the organisation pushes information out of its volunteer, accounting and online marketing systems into Salesforce so it can instantly analyse and report at any level, with a complete 360-degree view of every constituent. With this understanding of how all its data is related, Mobile Loaves & Fishes is able to segment and target individuals with effective and appropriate communications. As a result, it has grown online fundraising more than 240% and experienced 100% growth in one year alone. Case Study: From data silos to a 360-degree supporter view “Salesforce has helped our small organisation become an extraordinary force because we now have a tool that is flexible, scalable, and web-based to consolidate data about all of our interactions with our supporters, whether they donate online, offline or a member of a truck team.. We believe we’ve found the Holy Grail of data integration”
  15. 15. Are you ready for the brave new world? 15
  16. 16. Your supporters and staff, your prospects and partners are all talking about you behind your back! They’re doing it online using social media, in private and in public. They’re using mobiles and tablets everywhere: blogging, commenting, reviewing and sharing. And, as they do, they’re shaping the future of your organisation and determining your success. The explosion of social media, together with the unprecedented growth of mobile internet access, has amplified the voice of every stakeholder and empowered us all to take greater control of the relationships with the organisations and movements we choose to support. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 16 Beware! Your lurking suspicions are true. Despite these changes, the model of relationship management in use by most fundraisers today remains focused on the organisation rather than the supporter. Who decides what the key messages are? Which people might be interested? When to launch campaigns? But the balance of power is shifting. In the past, if a supporter wanted to find out about one of your events, they visited your web site. If they wanted to complain, they wrote you a letter. If they wanted to find like-minded supporters, they phoned and you might direct them to a local volunteer branch. Now, they do all of these things without you even knowing! “90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust unknown users, 27% trust experts, 14% trust advertising” Erik Qualman, Socialnomics Monologue Broadcast Control Owning Segregated Single channel My ideas Dialogue Interact Collaborate Sharing Integrated Multiple channel Our ideas Traditional Relationships Social Relationships
  17. 17. The old-fashioned, one-way approach is evolving to become a dialogue; a democratic and social activity. Nonprofits that understand this seek to respond with openness and integrity, building on the best of what has been achieved in the past to create enhanced relationships that are interactive, personal and responsive. Fundraisers now face the real and exciting prospect of breaking through to a whole new level of success. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 17 So, what’s changed? So, if the nature of relationships has changed, it follows that the tools and techniques to manage them need to change as well. Salesforce is a unique and exciting set of technologies specifically designed to help organisations become “customer companies”. In plain language, that means actively participating in an online networked world. If that matters to you and your organisation, read on and find out what Salesforce can do for you. If that doesn’t matter to your organisation, perhaps you should be asking yourself why not? “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” Craig Davis, J Walter Thompson
  18. 18. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 18 Choices for Kids combats the rise of obesity among children through awareness and information for families. With a large community-based audience, Choices was struggling to manage its growing lists of contacts in schools, churches and other community groups in a variety of spreadsheets and databases. Staff were spending more and more time searching and developing complex reports. After installing Salesforce as the single source of information, the charity achieved a time saving of 10-15% across all staff. This has freed-up their fundraisers to do more fundraising, with a direct financial impact. Using Salesforce’s campaign management features and integrating with their WordPress web site, Choices was able to add online fundraising to its traditional sources of income. In addition, using Salesforce to manage volunteers, they have implemented online sign-up for vacancies and are able to track shifts, individuals and events at the touch of a button, all of which is highly valued by both funders and volunteers. “Every week there’s someone donating and that has never happened before. We’ve raised thousands of dollars now online, and that never would have happened without Salesforce. By the time you take into account the additional money we’ve raised and the value of the time we’ve saved, we’ve made about a 1000% return on investment” Case Study: Simple steps toward multi-channel fundraising delivers immediate results
  19. 19. What does Salesforce offer fundraisers? 19
  20. 20. 20 Weaknesses Some apps are not yet available in UK localised format Limited availability of qualified staff with non-profit experience B2C configurations (for individual direct fundraising) need careful planning and implementation Threats Relatively new in non-profit sector On-going change in online and social technologies Some developers and partners lack non-profit experience Strengths Proven world-class technology platform Donated licences worth £10k pa Flexible, low-risk integration via AppExchange Large developer community DIY reporting and dashboards Ease of adoption/user friendliness B2B features suit key partnership fundraising (MD/trust/corporate) Opportunities Social monitoring and marketing Extendable to include whole organisation Single supporter view Automated supporter journeys Apps for specialist requirements Built-in private social network (Chatter) Summary - SWOT Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce
  21. 21. What’s the catch? By now you may be thinking: “So, what’s the catch?” And you’re right. The Salesforce 10-user donation is a bit like being given the keys to a jumbo jet. It’s a great gift but can you fly it yourself? Do you even know how to start the engines and taxi to the runway? Because Salesforce is a platform, what you get is an unconfigured “vanilla” system, with limited functionality to do all the special processes that nonprofits need – like individual fundraising, financial processing and gift aid. Unless you have a developer on your team, you are going to need some help. To address this, the Salesforce Foundation has developed a set of useful tools called the Nonprofit Starter Pack which provides many of the essential data structures and relationship management features to get you up and running. The Nonprofit Starter Pack is free and will be pre-installed for you if you ask for it. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 21
  22. 22. In the Starter Pack Reports & Dashboards With Salesforce anyone can build their own reports without needing to be a technical wizard! And then you can save them as dashboards that appear on your home page, or auto-email them to colleagues you choose Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 22
  23. 23. Via an App Events If you use DonorNation you can quickly set up your events in Salesforce, with tickets types, speaker info, session and graphics, and then create a dedicated event registration page in one click. No need to set it up on your web site as well, just link to it in all your promotional activity. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 23
  24. 24. Small organisations find it relatively easy to adopt Salesforce because they are agile and have limited business processes. A configuration based on the Nonprofit Starter Pack, with a low-cost emailing service and simple office automation tools, is feasible to get up and running in just a few weeks. International NGOs are recognising the enterprise-wide benefits of rationalising their IT strategies. By adopting Salesforce, organisations like VSO, Barnardo’s and Greenpeace are moving towards cross- organisational information and standard processes, progressively migrating key business applications into the cloud. Salesforce offers opportunities to innovate, engage supporters and improve efficiencies. Any investment appraisal should include a careful assessment of costs and benefits, as well as the risks and impact on critical processes. In our experience, the scale and complexity of your business processes, coupled with the resources you have to manage these, will be key to this. If Salesforce is so good, why aren’t more nonprofits using it already? 1.Its name! The word “sales” is misleading, especially in the context of nonprofits, where selling is less important than building relationships and serving needs. 2.Specialist fundraising functionality has only recently become available. Tools developed in the US are now being adapted with features like gift aid and direct debit. 3.Although Salesforce has built an extensive community of skilled partners, they have limited experience of nonprofit business processes. 4.The Salesforce Foundation is relatively small compared to established vendors and, as a nonprofit organisation itself, there is no requirement to sell hard. 5.Most nonprofits have separate functions for communications and fundraising. The tools that support these (web and CRM) evolve separately and collaboration can be difficult. Who are the early adopters? Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 24
  25. 25. How to make the most of Salesforce 25
  26. 26. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce ““VSO chose Salesforce as its primary platform in 2012, but we have been using Chatter to share ideas, information and stories about our programmes for nearly two years. We have started to move existing systems across, starting with HR and volunteer management. I was a VSO volunteer and am now a VSO staff member so it makes a lot of sense to have both systems on the same platform. It’s early days, but Salesforce delivers a lot of functionality out of the box (e.g. links to social media) and development happens quickly so users can see their input appear in a mock- up system within a couple of weeks” Case Study: Unleashing the power of people by enabling them to collaborate online 26
  27. 27. Think about your technology in a whole new way For many organisations the Nonprofit Starter Pack provides a cost effective and flexible base for core requirements such as relationship tracking, financial processing and committed giving. For more specialist requirements, apps are now available with a full range of fundraising features including event management, online self-service and individual direct marketing. What differentiates Salesforce is its seamless integration with thousands of best-of-breed tools on the AppExchange. By combining these on the Salesforce platform you can assemble a joined-up business system that is effective, easy to use and inexpensive. No other solution for fundraising enables you to realise the operational benefits of online tools and multiple channels, as well as delivering a 360-degree supporter view, joined-up customer experience and personalised relationship management. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 27
  28. 28. Options signposting With confidence in the robustness and efficiency of the Salesforce platform, all you need to do is identify the most appropriate combination of applications and tools. At Purple Vision we call this process “Signposting”. It’s similar to tried and tested methods for system specification and procurement but, instead of selecting one vendor at the end of the process, you pick the best solution for your functional requirements. With Salesforce Signposting, each software tool is chosen to fit your need – with no bespoke programming, no loss of upgradability and no lock-in with any one supplier. Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 28 Your vision, goals & strategy Review existing tools and new options Findings & Recommendations
  29. 29. Salesforce Signposting Selecting the right fundraising app at the core of your Salesforce system Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 29 By Affinaquest (USA) Robust solution built by fundraisers for classic high-touch fundraising Strong underlying data design with outstanding reporting features By Breakeven (Canada) Innovative approach, good for recurring giving and payment processing Flexible and adaptable, especially suited for web and data integration By Fonteva (USA) Comprehensive solution with deep Salesforce experience and capability Key features in ecommerce, online portals and constituent management By Salesforce Foundation (USA/Global) The original B2C architecture solution; open source and free Limited range of features but an excellent framework for many purposes By RoundCorner (USA) A substantial and sophisticated CRM tool for larger fundraising charities Features Eloqua marketing suite for data analytics and segmentation By Appichar (Australia/UK) A diverse set of tools and features, making use of third party tools So far, the solution most adapted for use in non-US markets
  30. 30. A whole palette of apps to suit your requirements. Or build your own Palette Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 30
  31. 31. Salesforce Signposting Examples Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 31 Global NGO secretariat requiring multi-platform contact and relationship management with integration of Gmail and low admin overhead Sales Cloud + Vertical Response + Cirrus Insight Membership organisation looking for self service membership management with events and online publishing. Must integrate seamlessly with existing CMS DonorNation + + Drupal + Mailchimp Fundraising and campaigning charity aiming to monitor, acquire and develop new supporters through social media as well as many small event attendees Nonprofit Starter Pack + Eventbrite + Hootsuite 1 1 1 111111111111111 111``````` ``````````` ``````````
  32. 32. 32 Category Includes features for ... Key Partnerships trusts, MDs, corporates, moves management Individuals segmentation, merge & export, import, multi-channel Donor Journeys RFV, tracking, stewardship, automation, pathways Data Features addressing, split gifts, regular gifts, soft credits Reporting structures, dashboards, smart fields Web Portal self service, online fundraising, CMS integration E-commerce online shop, SOP, stock control Membership org & individual, chapters, subscriptions, SIGs, CPD, awards Events simple & complex events, bookings Each of these fundraising apps has been evaluated based on the categories listed opposite. Scores out of 10 are based on features included within each solution as at March 2013. Salesforce Signposting
  33. 33. Ten things you can do next 1.Visit 2.Google Salesforce to see what other people say 3.Review your current technology tools 4.Revisit your fundraising strategy 5.Speak to someone who uses Salesforce 6.Browse the AppExchange 7.Sign up for a Purple Vision seminar 8.Explore the fundraising apps available 9.Book an online demonstration 10.Try out Salesforce for free Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 33
  34. 34. Purple Vision has worked for more than ten years advising and supporting hundreds of charities with technology for fundraising, including databases, web sites and related business processes. We share our clients’ frustrations when their ambitions for relationship building and supporter stewardship are not matched by effective, joined-up tools. Technologies are available now that empower fundraising in new ways. The familiar barriers caused by fragmented systems, data silos, manual workarounds and inadequate reporting are already becoming a thing of the past. With tools like Salesforce you can achieve the long-awaited vision of a 360-degree supporter view – everything you know about each supporter in one place. And to build your relationship with them using multiple simultaneous channels. We want to help your organisation access this opportunity. If you want to discover more, find us at Purple Vision | Fundraising with Salesforce 34
  35. 35. Find out more about how Purple Vision can help you with Salesforce today. T: +44 (0)845 458 0250 E: W: 3.06 Canterbury Court Kennington Park 1-3 Brixton Road London SW9 6DE