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Hire People Smarter Than You


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What to look for in candidates during the hiring process, how to lose the ego when hiring smarter, and additional resources for job interview questions and onboarding.

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Hire People Smarter Than You

  1. 1. by Charisse Winter, Engagement Manager Hire People Smarter Than You
  2. 2. “Ifeachofushirespeoplewhoaresmallerthanwe are,weshallbecomeacompanyofdwarfs.Butif eachofushirespeoplewhoarebiggerthanweare, weshallbecomeacompanyofgiants.” -DavidOgilvy /// Page 2
  3. 3. GettingPastEgos YO U W O N ’ T B E “ T H E D U M B E S T P E R S O N I N T H E R O O M ” /// Page 3 • Waterfall Effect: Managers should hire brighter employees who then hire brighter employees, and so on and so forth. If the opposite occurs, people lack the competency and proficiency to do the jobs for which they were hired.
 • Avoiding Micromanagement: By hiring people who are proficient in their roles, managers will have faith in their subordinates to fulfill their responsibilities and won’t feel compelled to constantly monitor them, thus saving valuable time, money, and grief.
 • Skill Set Masters: Don’t let your ego get in the way of hiring those who are smarter in specific areas or have better specific skill sets than you as a manager, even if it’s also your area of expertise. This not only increases a manager’s credibility and a company’s ideation power, but also allows managers to focus on their own strengths and productivity
  4. 4. /// Page 4
  5. 5. WhattoLookForinEmployees /// Page 5
  6. 6. PeopleWhoGetThingsDone N O D I R E C T I O N ? N O P R O B L E M . /// Page 6 They don’t need to consult you for every decision because intelligent people have the confidence and capability to determine the requirements and find a solution without meeting and approval overkill. They also know when a situation does necessitate your involvement.
  7. 7. PeopleWhoBringIdeas&Solutions B R I N G I N G T H E “ B R A I N ” B A C K T O B R A I N S T O R M I N G /// Page 7 If all you ever hear are your own ideas regurgitated, there won’t be much innovative creation happening.
 Intelligent people with different experiences means fresh new ideas and solutions, and you’ll constantly be learning from each other as you improve efficiencies.
  8. 8. PeopleWhoArePassionate&Positive C O M P L E T E LY J U S T I F Y I N G YO U R H A P P Y D A N C E /// Page 8 Beyond just being smart, the best employees take responsibility for their actions and convince with those actions that they understand the big picture. They are confident, not defensive, and they aren’t afraid to challenge you when they have the answers to back it up. They are as passionate and positive about your agency as you are, and though it’s certainly a necessary starting point, bright individuals aren’t limited by their job descriptions.
  9. 9. PeopleWhoListenMoreThanTheyTalk S T O P, C O L L A B O R AT E , A N D L I S T E N ! /// Page 9 Active listeners learn more than people who are constantly running their mouths, because they stop to absorb and contemplate the environment and people around them. They realize they aren’t too smart to still learn from other people, and when they do speak, they communicate effectively while saying something that’s worth being heard.
  10. 10. PeopleWhoEmbraceYourCompanyCulture B E C A U S E P E R K S A R E M O R E T H A N F R E E P I Z Z A /// Page 10 Assuming it’s a good one, your company’s culture is what facilitates the team environment and makes it easier to push through frustrating times. While it may not be everyone’s precise cup of tea, the ability to embrace culture and understand where the team is coming from is worth its weight in gold when it comes to completing projects and ensuring employee satisfaction.
  11. 11. As a manager, now you need to be smart enough to get all these brilliant people working together in harmony. When you accomplish that, you’ll earn their respect, and your company will be headed in a strong direction. Plus, you’ll be able to maintain your sanity. Everybody wins! /// Page 11 WhatNow?
  12. 12. /// Page 12 • 10ThingsGreatTalentAlwaysDoes
 • TheStrategyBehindWeirdInterviewQuestions
 • WhyYouShouldHirePeopleSmarterThanYou
 • AreYouWillingtoHirePeopleSmarterThanYou?
 • 4ThingstoConsiderWhenMakingYourFirstHires AdditionalResources
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