Hospitality Portfolio


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The PDF contains a representative sample of collaterals Purple Mango has delivered for the Hospitality Sector.

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Hospitality Portfolio

  1. 1. Casa de Xanti‘Casa De Xanti’, Portuguese for ‘house of peace’, offers a unique home stay to thediscerning traveler. One can experience a true sense of tranquility and become one withnature in this quiet little South Goan backwater in the village of Veroda.Designed to channel the Goan passion for life that rejuvenates the spirit, this is truly agetaway home, with every conceivable amenity in its acres of landscaped serenity. Just20 minutes away from miles of quiet golden sand and the warm waters of the ArabianSea, it is the perfect setting to experience the unexplored side of tranquil Goa.
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  3. 3. print
  4. 4. printThis business card was designed for the owner of Casa de Xanti and is based on the website theme. business card
  5. 5. digital
  6. 6. digitalThis is the homepage of the website designed for Casa de Xanti. website
  7. 7. digitalThis is the services page of the website designed for Casa de Xanti. website
  8. 8. digitalThis is the reservations page of the website designed for Casa de Xanti. website
  9. 9. digitalThis is the contact us page of the website designed for Casa de Xanti. website
  10. 10. StayEasyStayEasy, Chennai’s latest range of serviced apartments, is an associate company ofIsha Homes. Combining the comfort and convenience of a home and committed tomaking travel experiences simpler and more affordable, StayEasy offers a truly hassle-free experience.Guaranteeing the unique blend of Chennai’s vibrant and cosmopolitan vibe in itsentirety, StayEasy is the answer to all temporary living needs in Chennai. Equippedto accommodate both transit and corporate housing, StayEasy provides premiumservices in a highly professional and personalized environment.
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  13. 13. print # E29, Second Floor, Megawin Towers, Second Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600 090 Phone +91 44 2441 0300/0301 A unit of Suhana Property Management Pramodh Ramachandran Manager - Marketing A unit of Suhana Property Management # E29, Second Floor, Megawin Towers, Second Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600 090 Phone +91 44 2441 0300/0301 Mobile +91 95516 67771 E-mail pramodh@ishahomes.comThese marketing collaterals designed for StayEasy consist of a business card, an envelope and aletterhead. marketing collaterals
  14. 14. print Valid upto: 31/12/2011 Residential Address: Line 1 xxxxxxxxxx Line 2 xxxxxxxxxx Line 3 xxxxxxxxxx Line 4 xxxxxxxxxx In case of an emergency, please contact +91 xxxxx xxxxx John Smith AGM-Marketing If found, please return to Blood Group : B+Ve (A unit of Suhana Property Management) No. E29, Second Floor, 2nd Avenue Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600 090 Phone +91-2441 0300/0301This is the ID Card designed for the employees of StayEasy. id card
  15. 15. print # E29, Second Floor, Megawin Towers, Second Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600 090. M: +91 44 95516 90043 | T: +91 44 2441 0300/0301 | Convenient. Comfortable. Affordable.This is the brochure that was designed for StayEasy, that covers the services, types of accommodationsand tariff. brochure
  16. 16. printThese are the inner pages of the brochure that contains details about the amenities and other facilitiesavailable at StayEasy. brochure
  17. 17. printpamphlet
  18. 18. printposter
  19. 19. printmenu
  20. 20. digital
  21. 21. digitalThis is the PPT template designed for StayEasy’s corporate presentations. PPT template
  22. 22. profile
  23. 23. portfolioabout:Purple Mango is an India based creative company offering Branding, Advertising andMarketing communication Services for Business & Entertainment houses across the world.Our sole objective is to be exceptional creative partners. We do this by working effectivelyto deliver solutions that bring tangible business benefits and build long term businessvalue. In other words, solutions that are about maximizing business performance.our approach:The cornerstone of our approach is a commitment to listen. Rather than approaching youwith preconceived, pre-packaged solutions, we invest time in understanding your particularchallenges and goals. Leaning on our vast experience, we then adapt our methodologyjust for you. Because you always come first, everyone in the organisation is accessible toyou whenever you need us.our offerings:Purple Mango provides a seamless integration of analytical, creative and operational skills.We create a tailor-made program for each brand and marketing communications projectdrawing on the following areas of expertise:a. branding, advertising and marketing communicationAt Purple Mango we are passionate about building great brands. The power and substanceof Purple Mango’s communication solutions come from our years of experience, intuitionand insight combined with the research and development process that we undertakebefore a pen ever touches paper.We strongly believe strategy is the birthplace of big ideas. And big ideas help you connectwith the diverse audiences who can make or break your business. branding: brand name, brand image & positioning, corporate identity, brand manual, rebranding marketing collaterals: advertisement, print collateral, television commercial, merchandising, point of sale, package design, event collateral, corporate AV, radio spot digital marketing: website, web banners, e-mailers, search engine optimization, social media marketing, games, mobile content
  24. 24. portfoliob. brand asset managementOur Brand Asset Management solution allows marketing departments to capture, store,retrieve, and manage digital content. Thereby allowing them to maximize investments andleverage technology to improve brand effectiveness, brand consistency, and return onmarketing investments.To enable our clients to effectively manage their digital brand assets, Purple Mangohas partnered with leading organizations to offer world class brand asset managementsolutions. Easy to use and fast to implement, our brand asset management solutionswill be of huge help to brand-driven global companies who understand the full value oftheir digital assets - enabling faster production and distribution of marketing materials andensuring global brand consistency.c. creative outsourcingThe abundance of creative talent, highly educated specialists, understanding of westernculture and low cost make India ideal for creative outsourcing. Our creative outsourcingsolutions are geared for organizations looking to leverage on international competencies.In addition, Purple Mango can act as a creative sharing partner for advertising & digitalagencies, media & production houses to bring in significant cost savings to their operationalexpenditure and client’s marketing expenditure, thereby increasing their work volumes,competitiveness and profit margins. print • image editing • corporate identity design - racing, clipping paths and masking t • brand management program - image clean-up - campaign management - mage re-touching, enhancement i - brand compliance execution and manipulation • marketing collaterals • exhibit design premedia services • packaging design • color management • retail environment design • print ready files • magazine/periodicals design • preflight multimedia interactive services presentation services • website design development • word document • static web ads • powerpoint document • animated GIF ads • excel document • flash ads • HTML e mailers writing services • flash presentations • copy writing • usiness writing-case studies, bad production services communication, management, cultural • newspaper ad production issues • magazine ads • journalistic writing – news, social, travel • yellow page ad production • magazine articles • static / flash / gif ads • mewsletters • book reviews and summariesgraphic production support • white paper research and writing • standardisation of artworks • echnical writing – software and training t • artwork adaptation manuals, guides, quick start tutorials • artwork amends • product descriptions / reviews • template driven artworks • editing • logo recreation • proofreading
  25. 25. portfoliomanagement teamagastalin koil bose - managing directorSixteen years of experience in advertising and three plus years in creative offshoring.Extensive knowledge of branding and communication. Deep understanding ofconventional and new media vehicles. Handled a wide array of clients like StandardChartered Bank (Bahrain), Saint Gobain, Bajaj Auto, Caterpillar, Star Vijay TV (Regionaltamil channel of Star group) and Utopia Inc (USA) during his stint in advertising. Heldmanagement positions in Williams Lea and Express KCS before starting Purple MangoCreative Solutions. Worked on accounts such as Pfizer, AXA, BAC, HBoS, RSA inWilliams Lea. Was instrumental in strengthening the Williams Lea creative offshore teamand growing the delivery team from 6 to 50 in two years. A strong believer in buildingmutually beneficial partnership with clients and establishing the right processes todeliver quality work on time.karthik jeganathan - director, account planningOver five years of experience in marketing communications and online marketinghaving handled multiple clients in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, education,FMCG, KPO and publishing. Solely responsible for the delivery of marcom projects forclients such as Saint Gobain, Caterpillar, MIOT Hospitals and Maveric Systems. Prior tostarting Purple Mango Creative Solutions (P) Ltd, Karthik oversaw the online marketingof two eBay stores and served as a consultant to a UK based creative agency. Skilledin managing teams, planning and project delivery.lalitha bhagavathy - director, opportunity management client engagementSeven plus years of experience in advertising and creative offshoring. Hands onexperience in Advertising, Direct Marketing, Brand Promotion, Brand Activation.Managed various project delivery teams for clients such as Aviva, AXA and BAC inWilliams Lea Creative offshore. Prior to establishing Purple Mango Creative Solutions,Lalitha was responsible for handling integrated marketing communication programs forclients such as Citibank, K7 computers, Bharat Matrimony. In summary, an individualwith well-rounded ATL BTL experience, skilled in managing teams directing andmotivating them towards achieving individual business goals.