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Communal conflicts in Nigeria


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Communal conflicts in Nigeria

  1. 1. Communal Conflicts in Nigeria By Lovelyn Nwolisa +2348098234737
  2. 2. Communal conflict arises when two distinctcommunity groups come into conflict.
  3. 3. Nigeria is a large multiethnic country whereethnic cleavages remain a critical problemand ethnic violence has erupted periodically.Within the past four decades, Nigeria hasexperienced dangerous scenes of incessantdysfunctional conflicts, which have occurredbetween communities, ethnic groups andreligious groups.
  4. 4. Class Discussions (part 1) Tell us your name and where you come from Tell us about a conflict in your community
  5. 5. Causes of Communal Conflict Indigene/Settler (Land ownership issues) Land Dispute Boundary Dispute The then Federal Military Government Mention more...
  6. 6. Examples of conflicts in Nigeria Yoruba-Hausa community in Shagamu -Respect for tradition(Oro festival)
  7. 7.  Eleme-Okrika -Creation of state and local govt -Unclear boundaries -Clash over ownership of oil fields, farmlands and waterways.
  8. 8.  Tiv-Jukun in Wukari -Case of Indigene/settler -Assasination of the representative of Jukun in Taraba State House of Assembly (Jukun accused the Tiv)
  9. 9.  Chamba-Kuteb in Taraba-Chieftancy title selection process altered Itsekiri-Ijaw/Urhobo -Movement of LGA hq from Ijaw area to Itsekiri territory -Land ownership/dispute
  10. 10.  Aguleri-Umuleri in Anambra State -Land disputes Ife-Modakeke in Osun State -Indegines/settlers case Ijaw-Ilaje conflict in Ondo -Ownership of land reputed to be rich in oil reserve
  11. 11. others Basa-Egbura in Nassarawa Hausa/Fulani-Sawaya in Bauchi Fulani-Irigwe and Yelwa-Shendam, both in Plateau State Ogoni-Adoni Hausa-Yoruba clashes in Idi-Araba in Lagos State
  12. 12. Class Discussion (part 2) How was the conflict in your community resolved? Lessons learnt.
  13. 13. Effects of Communal Conflicts
  14. 14. Loss of Lives and HumanResources
  15. 15. Damage of Properties
  16. 16.  Physical Injury
  17. 17.  Psychological Disorder
  18. 18.  Hunger and Malnutrition
  19. 19.  Sexual Violence
  20. 20.  Displacement of families
  21. 21. Slows down Education
  22. 22. Class discussions Name others...
  23. 23. Group Discussion Group 1. Discuss various ways communal conflict can be avoided. Group 2. How can an on-going conflict be stopped? Group 3. What are the roles of government, religious bodies, Individuals and Agencies in Conflict resolution?
  24. 24. Mitigating Future Conflict InNigeria Eliminate indigene/settler classifications in government decision -making Strengthen, coordinate, and de-conflict security institutions. Make protection of minority rights a priority Establish Community based, state supported peace-building committee