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Underwear: Dress Well from the Inside Out


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Style starts from the inside out so you must start with your underwear! Understand why quality underwear is important, and what to look for. You will be glad you did! Enjoy this guide from Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men.

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Underwear: Dress Well from the Inside Out

  1. 1. Underwear: Dress Well From the Inside Out By Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men
  2. 2. Dress Rule Number One According to the ‘Purple Eagle Ten Platinum Dress Rules for a Man’, socks and underwear are the foundation of your style. But usually they are the underdog in a man’s wardrobe. By starting with the right foundation, you set yourself up for dressing success. You will be particularly happy you invested into good underwear when you are undressing in front of a woman! Smurfs are a no-no!
  3. 3. Why Bother? Underwear can be forgotten about because it is only ever seen by a few select people. Ill-fitting underwear can cause: Visible pant lines. Riding up hems. Cutting-in elastics. Discomfort for you! The goals of fantastic underwear should be: masculine, good looking, comfortable, secure, supportive and a touch of sexy! Above: Hanro
  4. 4. Styles There are many styles of underwear. OK NOT OK Y-fronts. Hipsters. Boxer briefs. Thongs. Boxer shorts. Mesh. Sunspel
  5. 5. Considerations Think about good basics and stick to them. Your go-to colours will be black, white, navy and grey. Avoid branding. Choose blind branding or none at all. Your waistband should hug you but not be too loose. Make sure the pouch and seat covers you nicely and is not skimpy. Jockey
  6. 6. Purple Eagle Recommends Once again, do not go near anything too baggy, or anything too skimpy or high-cut. Florals, prints, smurfs, joke or satin boxers are a definite no. Also invest into quality undershirts or singlets. Zimmerli, Hanro, Jockey, Sunspel, Hom, Equemen are excellent brands. Zimmerli
  7. 7. Purple Eagle Recommends If your underwear becomes old, baggy, tired, discoloured or worn, definitely throw them away and invest into new, good quality items. Suit your underwear colour to the colour of your trousers (for example, never wear black underwear under white trousers) Remember, style starts from the inside out! Hom
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