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Men's Belts


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Belts can be overlooked but are crucial to finishing your outfit. Enjoy this guide from Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men.

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Men's Belts

  1. 1. Belts to Complete Your Outfit<br />By Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men<br />
  2. 2. Belts for Men<br />A belt is a simple accessory that has the power to finish off your outfit with style or ruin your look all together. <br />There are several factors to consider: <br /><ul><li>size
  3. 3. material
  4. 4. price
  5. 5. colour
  6. 6. buckle</li></ul>Dunhill<br />Aim to add a touch of class with your belt choice.<br />
  7. 7. Reversible Belts<br />Reversible belts are a good option for the man who travels light.<br />Practical.<br />Useful.<br />Stick to black and brown only. <br />Avoid colours.<br />Hermes<br />
  8. 8. Matching Your belts<br />Prada<br />Match your belt with your shoes.<br />Think about the metals on your shoes (buckles), belt and jewelry. They should match.<br />Buckles will come in brushed or polished metals.<br />
  9. 9. Caring for Your Belts<br />Calf Leather: Use cream.<br />Bridle Leather: Use neutral cream, not a wax.<br />Suede and New Buck: Use scotch guard and a soft brush.<br />Feed the leather every three months.Mulberry<br />Leather products can be purchased from any good leather shop or shoemaker.<br />Store belts in a cloth bag or roll with the buckle in the centre.<br />
  10. 10. Purple Eagle Recommends<br />Choose a rectangular or square buckle.<br />Beware of seasonal or ‘fashion’ colours. <br />Your belt must fit the loop of your trousers. <br />Look to spend £100 upwards. <br />If you need a belt altered, get a specialist to do it. <br />Don’t do it yourself! <br />Dunhill, Hermes, Mulberry, Pickett, Prada, New & Lingwood <br />are reputable brands.<br />
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