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Leisure Shorts


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Leisure shorts can be dressy or casual but its important to know when and how to wear them. Enjoy this guide from Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men.

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Leisure Shorts

  1. 1. Leisure Shorts By Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men
  2. 2. Successful Leisure Shorts Shorts have developed from breeches to knickerbockers, from knee pants to sporting shorts, to Bermudas ‘invented’ by British military in London! Old Fashioned Bermuda Shorts… There are two types of leisure shorts for the modern man to focus on: Dressy/ smart Cargo/ casual
  3. 3. Smart and Casual Looks Dressy shorts compliment the ‘preppy’ look well and can be paired with loafers, blazers, polo shirts and more. Cargo shorts are practical and hard-wearing. Ralph Lauren D&G Cargo Shorts
  4. 4. Be Wise! Burkman Brothers Think about weather and temperatures when choosing what shorts to wear as you don’t want to be hot and uncomfortable. Bulky shorts take longer to dry and are thicker when packing. Think about this if travelling. If you are a heavier man, ensure your cargo pants are NOT to voluminous in the leg. If you carry weight in the stomach or seat area, a flat fronted short will look much better.
  5. 5. Caring for Your Shorts Shorts are best washed in 30degrees or cold water. Wash same colours together. Wash your dark colours inside out. If possible use a colour catcher. Timberland Any cotton shorts can be hand or machine washed. When ironing your shorts, use a low to medium heat and iron them inside out whilst still damp.
  6. 6. Purple Eagle Recommends Gant, Hackett, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Henri Lloyd, Ralph Lauren and Burkman Brothers offer great shorts. Some unwritten dress codes exclude shorts, so if in doubt wear longer chinos instead. Be wary of ‘P’ Colours (Parrott colours) and bold branding. Shorts need to be classy. Hackett
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