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How to Care for Your Garments the Alpha Way


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If you invest in quality garments and shoes, you must know how to care form them. Here are some easy steps and some tips for tricky situations. Enjoy this guide from Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men.

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How to Care for Your Garments the Alpha Way

  1. 1. The Alpha Way to Care for your Garments By Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men
  2. 2. Caring for your Garments You must know how to care for your garments to ensure they last a long time and always look sharp. This is a smart approach when you have invested into quality pieces. This is a go-to guide for cleaning instructions for your various garments and accessories.
  3. 3. Underwear and Socks Sort underwear and socks by colours and wash in temperatures as directed on the labels. For best results, use a cold wash or a maximum of 40 degrees. Tumble dry on a very low setting only if required. Use a liquid detergent, without a bleaching agent so as not to destroy the elasticity. If you must use pegs, only clip on the seams to avoid indentations.
  4. 4. Shirts Always read the label and follow the instructions. Take out collar stays and cufflinks before washing. Use a pre-treatment on stained areas, leave for 5 minutes then wash. For colour runs, use a product like Napisan or Dr Beckmanns. Always iron your shirt damp and never dry!
  5. 5. Knitwear Always hand wash knitwear and watch your jewelry and nails do not snag the threads. Do not ring out your sweaters as you would a shirt. Gently squeeze them then dry flat on a towel. Remove lint using a lint roller.
  6. 6. Suits Never wash your suits – by hand or in the machine. They should only be dry cleaned and if really necessary. For stains, test a strain removing product on the inside, lower part of the trousers to test how it reacts to the fabric. When purchasing a quality suit, you will receive a sample piece of the fabric. Keep this to test your products on! Air your suits after wearing them on quality hangers. And brush your suits after each wear!
  7. 7. Outerwear You can coat your jackets in a scotch guard or protector to create a water-repellent. For leather items, use a regular brush and also wipe the fabric with a damp cloth. Use a cream to nourish the leather. For suede use a soft brush and never your hand to wipe the item.
  8. 8. Ties and Hats Never wash your ties. Have them dry cleaned once a year. Roll them up to avoid creases. Use a soft brush on your hats to remove dust or simply shake felt hats . You can use a water repellent on your hats too.
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