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Essential White Shirts


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Every man needs at least three white shirts in his wardrobe. Find out why with this guide from Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men.

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Essential White Shirts

  1. 1. Essential White Shirts By Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men
  2. 2. White Shirts for Men A crisp white shirt has great potential in a man’s wardrobe. It is versatile, neutral, complimentary, stylish and easy to wear. A white shirt can be your reliable ‘go-to’ any scenario. You can wear it with jeans and a blazer to suits of different patterns and colours. Canali
  3. 3. Bespoke Shirts You gain access to the expertise of the shirt maker and you are guaranteed the most superior fabrics, thread, cut, construction, and buttons. Prices range from £150 up to £400 for an order of four to six shirts. Waiting time is four to six weeks. Bespoke shirts are worth considering as they are tailored exactly to your body shape and are an investment into your wardrobe and appearance.
  4. 4. The Right Fit Consider the collar size and the width of your neck. When buttoned completely, your shirt should allow a centimeter gap at the top of the neck. The sleeves must not be too long. Try on a jacket with your shirt and ensure no more than a quarter to half an inch of cuff is exposed. Top: Hugo Boss It is essential to get the right fit, therefore always try your shirt on when making a purchase. If trying a fitted shirt, sit down in it and make sure it doesn’t burst open.
  5. 5. Fabrics Cotton poplin is suitable all year round. Super fine cotton is best in Summer. Broad cloth is thicker and good for Autumn/ Winter. Sea Island cotton is the most prestigious fabric. You can choose fabrics with pattern and texture such as herringbone, oxford, twill, end on end and stripes. Turnbull and Asser
  6. 6. Cleaning For expensive shirts, take them to a dry cleaner. For others read the label and wash in the machine or by hand in 30-40 degrees with similar colours only. Never use bleach or starch. Remove the collar stays for washing. Iron your shirt when slightly damp. Thomas Pink
  7. 7. Purple Eagle Recommends Stock a minimum of three white shirts in your wardrobe. Always wear your white shirt tucked in, unless it has a square cut hem. Jil Sander, Martin Margiela, Giorgio Armani , Hugo Boss, Canali and Thomas Pink are reputable brands. Charvet , Turnbull and Asser and Stephen Lachter are reputable bespoke shirt makers. Charvet
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