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How to Choose the Right Cufflinks


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Cufflinks show off your personal style and panache. Here is a helpful guide to getting it right from Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men.

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How to Choose the Right Cufflinks

  1. 1. Cufflinks By Purple Eagle, Dress Sense Agency for Men
  2. 2. Cufflinks There are many accessories for a man including belts, watches, pocket handkerchiefs, leather goods and cufflinks! Cufflinks are a small yet important detail to a man’s outfit. Cufflinks add class, sophistication and a personalised element to your look. Get it right and you will be on the path to dressing success! Bvlgari
  3. 3. Personalisation Tiffany & Co. Patek Philippe You have the opportunity to add your personal style and flair to your outfit through small touches. People may not always notice if you are well dressed, but they will notice if you are not. If you overlook these elements, such as cufflinks, you may look unkempt.
  4. 4. Golden Rules Your cufflinks must match the metals on your other jewelry! Think about watch, ring, belt buckle and shoe buckles. Choose rhodium plated sterling silver, as this protects your metals from becoming tarnished. Think about the size of the cuff hole. Avoid anything that is a gimmick or joke. This is not stylish. Gem set cufflinks are for evening only. Tateossian
  5. 5. Purple Eagle Recommends Brands like Longmire, Tateossian, Dunhill, Tiffany & Co., Patek Philippe and Bvlgari are fantastic. Have a selection of cufflinks to suit dress codes, colours and metals. You can also choose silk knots in a variety of colours. Cufflinks make great gifts! Longmire
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