Subscriber capabilities


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Subscriber Capabilities

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Subscriber capabilities

  1. 1. Subscriber LoginUSERNAME – Type in your usernamePASSWORD - Type in your passwordLOGIN – Click to login into the site
  2. 2. Subscriber Logged in Home Page DASHBOARD takes you to where your capabilities are located PROFILE is where you can change your personal information LOGOUT will log you out of the site Click on Dashboard
  3. 3. Subscriber DashboardPROFILE is where you can change your personal informationCALENDAR is where you can enter an event in the Events CalendarMESSAGES is where you can check your private messagesAD MANAGEMENT is information only and not anything you can do anything withTo log out of the Dashboard, move your mouse over the ID block and click on LOGOUT in the dropdown menu that will appear.
  4. 4. Subscriber ProfileHere you can change your personal information, such as color scheme of your workspace, name, howyou want to be seen on screen and any other information you want in your personal profile. Scrolldown to put in biographical information, address, phone number, change your password and whetheror not you want to receive private messages or e-mails from site members.If you change anything, make sure you click on the UPDATE PROFILE button at the bottom ofthe page.
  5. 5. Subscriber CalendarClicking on CALENDAR brings up the current month calendar. You can change the month, year andtypes of events by clicking on the arrows or event headings.To add an event, click on the day of the event you want to enter.
  6. 6. Subscriber CalendarThe CALENDAR Event screen appears.Complete the necessary information in all blocks and click on ADD to put this event in the calendar.
  7. 7. Subscriber MessagesIf you have received any private messages, you will see a notification.You can also click on the first icon to go to your inbox and the second icon to write a messageYou can also move your mouse over the MESSAGES to get the same options and then clicking on theoption you want.
  8. 8. Subscriber MessagesMessaging on ghsspirit is a safe and private way for members to contact other members of the sitewithout revealing or knowing the personal email address of each other. The only way the person orpersons you contact with this system will know your personal email is if you put it in your textmessage.The members you send a message to will receive a notification in their personal email inbox, tellingthem they have a private message waiting for them on the site if they chose this option.Only members who choose to be notified privately on their PROFILE page, will appear in thelisting of site members in the RECIPIENTS box of the message area. If a member elected NOTto receive private messages their username will NOT appear in the RECIPIENT box.You can send a private message to one person by clicking on their username or several at once byholding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each name you want your message to go to.NOTE: Only a person’s USERNAME shows up in the RECIPIENT box! If you choose ausername that is not who you are, you may not receive any messages because the sender maynot know who you are. For instance, if your name is John Doe but your username iswildhorse, anyone wanting to contact you will not be able to do so unless they know yourusername. Wildhorse Bad MikeRoberts Good Tom Thumb Good Miss Fire Bad
  9. 9. Subscriber MessagesYou can send a private message to one person by clicking on theirusername or several at once by holding down the Ctrl key andclicking on each name you want your message to go to.
  10. 10. Ad ManagementThe Ad Management tab shows up on the Dashboard, but has nofunctions capable of editing or using. It is just a notification of anyads that are running, which are none on this site.