A Piratical Legacy Chapter 33 Part 2 - Love & Bureaucrats


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 33 Part 2 - Love & Bureaucrats

  1. 1. Chapter 33 – Love & Bureaucrats Part 2A Piratical LegacyChapter 33: Love and Bureaucrats - Part 2
  2. 2. "Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"Laertes Smith was generally a happy child. He had a nanny that knew how to change diapers, a dad who visited practically every other day, and ayellow car to play with. Life was good.
  3. 3. But his very favorite thing was storytime with his mother, Ophelia. Every time she read to him, the story was different, even if it was from thesame book. That was what he liked best.Ophelia, too, found herself looking forward to evening storytime with her young son. Some evenings she didnt really have time to clean up afterwork before Laertes was demanding that she read another one, but she didnt mind. When she was younger, she would have been appalled at thethought that she would spend more time than absolutely necessary in her stanky work clothes. But if it meant she got to read a story to Laertesbefore he had to go to sleep, she thought it worth the smell.
  4. 4. In fact, some evenings she didnt even make it back to her bedroom after tucking Laertes in for the night, let alone the shower.Knock-knockOphelia jumped up off of the couch with a start and ran to the door. To her shock, it was morning--shed spent the entire evening on the couch inher sweaty work clothes and she was in a foul mood.
  5. 5. "Could you at least call before coming over?" she snarled at poor Toby, who had really done nothing to deserve being yelled at."I never call before I come over!""Exactly," Ophelia glowered. "A girl would like some warning. As it is you dont come over enough. Laertes always wonders why youre not herewhen I get home from work."
  6. 6. "Well, if you want me to be here more often, then let me move in with you! Or move in with me! There is a solution, you know!""I like my independence just fine!" Ophelia shouted. "I dont need you living here with me, cramping my style and watching me like a hawk. I dontneed you at all! But Laertes does, and youre neglecting him!""Im giving him as much of me as I can without neglecting Persephone!""Yeah, well, if youd just managed to keep your pants on--"
  7. 7. "Dont start lecturing me about that," Toby growled. "Whats with demanding to meet Laertes again."you today, Ophelia? Youre not sugary sweet most of the time, butyoure not usually a total b--" "If you bring her over, it means youll have to spend all your time chasing after her instead of spending time with me before Laertes"Dont use that kind of language in my house," Ophelia grumbled. wakes up," Ophelia reminded him archly.She sighed and looked at the floor. "Even when I deserve it. Sorry,Toby... I fell asleep on the couch and you woke me up when you "Hm," Toby nodded, eyeing Ophelia appreciatively. "Thats a goodknocked." point. Maybe it can wait til Persephones old enough to babysit..." And, taking Ophelias hand, he led her towards the couch."Oh," Toby blinked contritely. "Sorry about that, Opie. I thoughtyoud expect me--I always come over on Sunday mornings. Though I "I havent showered since work yesterday."think Im going to have to start bringing Persephone. Shes
  8. 8. "So? Youre beautiful, Ophelia Smith. A little sweat never killedanyone. Besides, youre just going to work up more." Laertes nodded solemnly and headed for his rabbit head while Toby returned to Ophelia.They didnt talk much for some time after that. Until they wereinterrupted. "Daddy!" "Best make this quick before he comes exploring again," Toby said, shutting and locking the living room door.Toby and Ophelia jumped apart with a start. "Nah," Ophelia said, reaching for her clothes. "You have all the time"Howd you get out of your crib, scamp?" Toby laughed, picking the in the world, Toby Biggs. Youve made your point. Ill move in withtoddler up and carrying him back down the hall. "Play with your toys you."a little longer, okay? Ill come play with you in a few minutes."
  9. 9. Laertes was a little surprised by the loud whoop of delight that promptly issued from the living room, but it didnt really disturb him. It soundedlike daddy was happy, and that meant Laertes was happy. He just hoped that his dad would hurry up and come play with him already.***
  10. 10. "Nooo... iz not hug tiemz," Rakshasi Buccaneer said loudly into the phone. "Terry, for the last time--I am not remotely attracted by your attempt atlolspeak. Im kind of outgrowing that phase. Anyway, lay off the memeslang and Ill let you come to my party tonight. Yes, party. P-A-R-T-Y. No,my parents arent out of town. Theyll be there too. No! Its going to rock! Stop being a dork! Anyway, it starts at seven... whether youre here ornot. Okay. Bye."
  11. 11. "This place is pretty hoppin," Borusa Buccaneer said approvingly."How come you always throw the best parties, Shasi?" "No! Not another one!" Rakshasi glowered. "What does it take to get through all your thick skulls that I dont find lolspeak attractive!"Its Rakshasi, and I dont know," Rakshasi shrugged. Men!""Shere Khan calls you Shasi," Borusa complained. And with that, she stopped the game of Red Hands theyd been playing and walked away to talk to someone else."Hes my brother. He can get away with stuff like that." "Hey! Whatd I do?""Is it can be tiem to calling you Shasi if I talks like a kitteh?"
  12. 12. Rakshasi Buccaneer loved to throw parties. Sometimes they were just promises to treat you right."for the local teenagers of Pirate Island, and sometimes she invitedpeople anyone she felt like seeing. But she loved parties. In fact, she Rakshasi blinked. "Err... no. You dont have to beat anyone up.loved parties almost as much as she loved research. Unless you want to beat up your brother. Borusas been staring at my corset since he got here.""Great party, kiddo," Coxinga complimented her as the latest one gotinto full swing. He looked around approvingly. "So... are there any "Eh, hes a Romance sim," Zing shrugged. "He wont try anythingboys here that I have to beat up?" unless you invite him. And youd better not invite him! Hes a Romance sim!""What do you mean?" Shasi blinked. But Rakshasi just laughed and wandered off in search of her real"Well, if Im going to be a proper dutiful brother-in-law, that means I crush.have to beat up any guy who takes an interest in you unless he
  13. 13. While Terry Ottomas hadnt shown up for the party, he did agree to smart and stuff. My parents were always in aspiration failure andcome home with Rakashasi after school the next day. couldnt get us smart milk when James and I were toddlers.""Our teacher has a very strange idea about what constitutes proper "Pshaw," Rakshasi scoffed. "Smart Milk doesnt really meanhomework," he grumbled. "Learn How To Play Chess? Thats not anything. So I get my homework done a little faster. Its nothinghomework... its torture!" special.""Yeah, but youre good at it," Rakshasi pointed out. "Almost as good "I think youre pretty special," Terry contradicted. He stood up andas me, in fact." pulled Rakshasi from her chair. "In fact, I think youre the most special girl at school.""Nah, Ill never be as good at this dumb game as you are. Youre all
  14. 14. At those words, Rakshasi couldnt help herself. She leaned forward and planted a kiss squarely on Terrys lips.
  15. 15. "I cant believe youre dating that guy," Borusa complained the nextday when he came home with Rakshasi. "Hes such a dork." "Thats cause Im not making a move on you... yet, anyway.""No hes not," Rakshasi protested. "Hes really cool!" "Oh? You were planning to in the future? Im sure Tina would be thrilled about that.""Hes a Romance sim," Borusa pointed out. "That means hestrouble." "Tinas younger than we are. Well be at college for a whole two years before she gets there," Borusa said reasonably. "Theres no"Youre a Romance sim too, and I dont hear you warning me about reason you and I cant have some fun before she gets there. Besides,you." who stays with their highschool girlfriend or boyfriend these days?"
  16. 16. "Borusa Buccaneer, youre impossible," Rakshasi burst out laughing. "Not really.""I like you as a friend. Im going out with Terry Ottomas. End ofstory." "...no, not really. Okay, Ill lay off the flirting if you promise not to make out with Ottomas in front of me. Deal?""Oh, fine," Borusa said finally. "But you could do better." "No.""Its not gonna work." "Figured.""It was worth a try." ***
  17. 17. "Is that Calico crying?" Ian Legacina sat straight up in bed, wakingup his wife. "Oh, so you are awake," Ian teased. "Anyway, Im up now."Angora stared at him in sleep-muddled confusion for a moment. "Yeah, me too," Angie yawned. "Go ahead and shower first... I can"Yes," she said after shed listened. "But moms got her. Go back to wait."sleep, Ian." "You could always join me," Ian leered."Cant sleep," Ian muttered, throwing off the covers and getting outof bed. "Clowns will eat me." "Not if mom and dad are awake!" Angora shuddered. But she blew Ian a kiss as he left the bedroom. "Ill take a raincheck, though.""What?"
  18. 18. "Letting the lovebirds have a lie-in?" Pierce asked when he happened across Rani giving their granddaughter a bottle in the kitchen."Theyre awake," Rani nodded. "The shower just started running. But I was up, so when Calico cried I thought I might as well get her.""Like you need the excuse," Pierce scoffed. "Youre completely enamoured of her.""So are you!""Its my job," Pierce said, puffing out his chest. "Im her grandfather. Shes supposed to have me wrapped around her finger.""I think thats the general job description for grandparents, actually."
  19. 19. "Thanks for getting up with Callie this morning, mom," Angora said at lunch later that day. "It was nice not having to rush quite as much as usual.""Yeah," Ian said, though there was a faint note of disappointment in his voice. He didnt mind getting up for Calico in the slightest and actuallykind of looked forward to it.Rani chuckled. "It was no problem. I do want more grandchildren, you know."
  20. 20. "Mo-om!" Angora blushed. "Youre supposed to pretend that Callie was a product of immaculate conception!""I know your father chooses to operate under that assumption, but Im not one to think like that," Rani shrugged. "Im a knowledge sim, darlingdaughter."Ian just ignored the conversation and focused on his lunch. This particular topic was getting to be a familiar refrain and he was becoming an expertat tuning it out.
  21. 21. "Anyway," Angora shrugged. "Ian and I arent sure if were going to have any more kids. We love Calico, and were pretty content right now.""Just wait until she gets a bit bigger," Rani said knowingly. "Then youll start getting the itch again--the itch to hold a tiny helpless infant in yourarms and cuddle it.""You and dad only had me.""We wanted more," Rani shrugged. "It didnt happen.""I didnt know that.""We dont talk about it much," Rani said quietly. "Im sorry, Angie. I wont bug you anymore about having more kids."
  22. 22. "So," Pierce said in a jovial voice, sitting down to join them. "Whatd I miss?"Ian just gave him a long look, then burst out laughing. After a moment, Rani and Angora joined in."Ah," Pierce said, picking up his fork and digging in. "Grandbaby talk. Well, carry on."Dinnertime at the Buccaneer-Legacina household tended to follow a pretty familiar pattern.
  23. 23. Some weeks later, it was a rather maudlin Angora who wandered into the nursery."Come on, Callie," she murmured, reaching into her daughters crib and picking her up. "Lets get your diaper changed... there are a lot of peopledownstairs who want to see you and you dont want to scare any of them off."
  24. 24. "Has it been almost two years already since our baby got married?" Rani said, her voice tinged with disbelief."It really has," Pierces tone echoed his wifes."Time flies when youre having fun, I guess.""I guess," Pierce nodded. He hugged his wife close before grabbing her hand and leading her down the hall. "Come on... we dont want to missanything!"
  25. 25. In the small spare room off the kitchen, a party full of guests had gathered. As Angora and Calico walked into the room, Ian led everyone in arousing cheer."Happy birthday Calico!"
  26. 26. Several voices joined in singing the traditional song as Angora held Calico over the cake and, leaning forward, blew out the candles.
  27. 27. Everyone who was at the party agreed that Calico was one of the most adorable children theyd ever seen."But its waaay past your bedtime," Ian chuckled once most of the guests had left. He carried Callie into the bathroom to wash her hands, face, andwhiskers, which were smeared with the remains of the birthday cake."No tired.""Yes you are," Ian chuckled. "You cant stop yawning.""Tory, daddy! Tory!""Well... just one. But then its bed for you, missie!"
  28. 28. Its unlikely there were any two prouder grandparents on all of Pirate Island than Pierce and Rani, though perhaps some of the myriad others mighthave argued the point. Both of them had retired from their jobs so they could babysit Callie full time and allow Ian and Angora to go back to work.
  29. 29. And the young couple put those hours to good use. It wasnt very long before Ian was promoted to the top of his career track.Angora wasnt as ambitious as her husband, but she worked her way up through the acting career until she found a job she loved.
  30. 30. "Well, heres to you, Ian," Rani said the morning after her son-in-laws final promotion."Bit early to be drinking," Ian yawned, but he took a glass of blended juice anyway."Yeah... about that," Rani blinked at him owlishly. "Your daughter entered the terrible twos last night with a vengeance. Drink up, sonny boy...youre going to need it!"Ian stared at her, then cocked his head. "Do you hear something?"
  32. 32. Ian raced down the hall and into his daughters room. Of course, by then Calico had managed to let herself out of her crib and was toddling aroundon the floor crying that her diaper needed changing. He dealt with that quickly enough and then sat down to spend some one-on-one time with her.
  33. 33. Ians heart melted as he knelt down and gestured for Calico to try walking to him. She stared at him quizzically for a moment... and then, hesitantly,put one foot in front of the other. Shed done it! She was walking!"All right!" Ian chortled excitedly. Then a thought occurred to him. "Uh-oh... youre going to be into everything."
  34. 34. After getting himself and Callie dressed, Ian sat down with her in the "Sheesh," Ian muttered. "Terrible twos is right."nursery again. "Wanna play.... sing a song!""Okay, Calico-kitty, what do you want to play?" he asked. "Patti-cake?" "Sing a song?" Ian blinked."No!" "Hicky dicky dock!""Peekaboo?" "Are you sure you wouldnt rather--""NO!" "HICKY DICKY DOCK!"
  35. 35. Ian cleared his throat awkwardly and sang out in a less than melodious voice."Hickory dickory dock... the mouse ran up the clock... the clock struck one, the mouse ran down... hickory dickory dock!"But to Calico, it was exactly what she wanted."Again!" she giggled, clapping her hands excitedly.
  36. 36. From that point on, "Hickory Dickory Dock" was the magic phrase that got Calico to behave. She was resisting being potty-trained? Sing thenursery rhyme to her and shed comply right away. Wouldnt go to sleep? Two verses and she was out like a light.
  37. 37. "I think its the bit about the mouse," Ian said to Angora while Calico played at their feet."I think she just likes laughing at your singing voice," Angora teased gently."A done potty, mommy," Calico pointed out, gesturing at the pot."Yes," Angora said, shuddering and looking away. "I can tell, Calico. Good girl! Now mommys going to run downstairs and lose her breakfastagain while daddy cleans it up! You play with your toys like a good child, okay?"
  38. 38. "I dont remember properly," Rani said, handing Calico a bottle while addressing her daughter. "Were you this sick when you were pregnant withCalico?""Are you kidding?" Angora blinked. "I didnt leave the bathroom for my entire first trimester!""Ah, so its been exactly the same," Rani nodded. "Are you feeling well enough to take your daughter upstairs once shes finished that bottle andget her dressed?""Yeah, I think so," Angora said, rubbing her stomach gingerly. "I dont think I have anything left to throw up, for one."
  39. 39. However, no sooner had she put Calico down on the floor of the nursery when Angora felt a strange sensation. Looking down, she saw that shedpopped with her second trimester bump and cheered. "Yes! No more morning sickness!"
  40. 40. "So youre going to be a big sister," Pierce said to Calico after her bath a few weeks later. "How do you feel about that? I guess with you getting sobig, your mama decided she wanted another baby.""Big sister?" Calico blinked big eyes at her grandfather. "What that mean?""It means theres going to be a new baby here soon," Pierce said, tossing her in the air and catching her. "But not until after your birthday.""Birtday!" Calico giggled. "That means presents! Baby means presents?""Well, not for you most likely," Pierce chuckled. "But a baby means youll always have someone to play with.""I guess dats otay," Calico said after a moments consideration. "Granpa! Airplane! Again!" And no more mention was made of babies.
  41. 41. "Hey shrooda, Robin!" Toshiko Buccaneer grinned, greeting the simself with the traditional Twikki Island hang loose."Err.... were on Pirate Island, not Twikki Island," Robin (robinoli/omgrobinnn) pointed out."Yeah, but the island spirit is gnarly. Besides, theyve got the grooviest music. Ive got a whole series of armaments keyed just to that.""You didnt bring them with you, did you?" Toshiko was known for exercising less than stellar judgement when it came to her explosive gadgetry."Nah, not where the little kiddies might get ahold of them," Toshiko said regretfully. "Besides, it makes my boyfriend nervous if Im carrying toomuch. He doesnt even like it when I carry a gun!""I never thought Id say this, but your boyfriend is a wise man."
  42. 42. Of course, the reason everyone had gathered together was to celebrate Calicos birthday."Okay," Ian said, bending down over the candles with the fuzzy little girl. "Just like I told you. Blow out the candles once everyone starts singing,okay?""Otay. When they sing? Now? SING NOW!"There were a few chuckles as the gathered crowd obediently started the traditional birthday song.
  43. 43. Calico had a liking for green, apparently."Yeah, but this outfit sucks," she declared when her father pointed out that shed grown up in green twice in a row now. "Im gonna go see if I gotanything better. Dont eat all the birthday cake!"
  44. 44. "So, youre that famous detective everyones always talking about, right?" Athena Deity-Thayer cornered the handsome private eye in the livingroom before he could escape. "The one that was on TV?""Err..." Sim Spade stammered."Youre way better looking in person," the blue-skinned woman purred, stepping a little closer.Sim gulped and turned around. Maybe if he ignored her, she would go away."Hey!" Toshikos voice rang out angrily. "What do you think youre doing, Athena?""Err, just passing some time with the handsome movie star," Athena shrugged. "Whats it to you?"
  45. 45. "Ill have you know hes not interested in you," Toshiko said sweetly. "So you might as well save yourself the effort."With a sniff, Athena flounced away, presumably to hassle somebody else.Toshiko pulled Sim off into the corner. "You owe me, sweet-cheeks.""Big time. Blue people scare me."
  46. 46. A few minutes later, Calico made an appearance, having chosen her new everyday outfit."What do you think, Auntie Toshiko?" she asked Toshiko, twirling around for full effect before dropping onto the couch."I think you look smokin," Toshiko grinned. "Green and orange sometimes look a little scary together, but you make it work!""I thought so too," Calico grinned. She paused for a moment, then turned to face Toshiko. "Auntie, what do you know about... bubbles?"
  47. 47. "Did I hear our daughter correctly?" Ian asked that night once all of the guests had left and the rest of the household was asleep. "Was she reallyasking Toshiko about bubbles? And dating?" With a mock groan he swept his very pregnant wife into his arms."You did, Im afraid," Angora chuckled, leaning in to press a quick kiss against Ians lips. "Theres no use denying it. Your daughter is a futurePleasure sim.""Terrifying."***
  48. 48. "Were gonna have another grandbaby! Were gonna have another grandbaby!" Orikes (orikes/orikes360) chanted excitedly as she and her husbandWill Pseudo grooved to the music in their sitting room. Hugo and Lainey had just broken the news."Boy, they didnt waste any time," Will chuckled. "Orlandos how old?""Eight months," Orikes grinned. "Theyre smart, you know. Having their kids while theyre young enough to enjoy em.""Speaking of kids," Will said, stopping his groove. "Is that Orlando I hear now?"
  49. 49. It was, and Orikes headed upstairs to fetch him while Will prepared a bottle."Hello grandbaby!" Will cooed at the gurgling infant. "Hello! Hello!""Whos a good baby?" Orikes chimed in, bouncing the baby gently in her arms. "Do you want a bottle?"At the sound of her voice, Orlando opened his mouth wide. Laughing, Orikes picked up the bottle and popped it in the babys mouth.
  50. 50. Lainey, for one, was very glad of her in-laws assistance with baby Orlando. Their help meant that she could actually climb her career ladder whilestill being a good mother. With her pregnancy, it felt like all she did was eat, sleep, pee, and work.
  51. 51. Oh, and dash unceremoniously for the nearest washroom.
  52. 52. She was a relieved woman when she finally entered her second trimester one crisp fall morning, though right in the middle of preparing breakfastwas perhaps not the best timing.
  53. 53. She decided to go to work anyway, even though she was now eligible for maternity leave. She was in line for a promotion and didnt want to waituntil after the baby was born.
  54. 54. Shortly thereafter, it was time for a party at the Pseudo household and everyone who was anyone attended."I cant believe my nephews already a year old," Liv said, shaking her head as she stood in the living room of the home where shed grown up."And Laineys pregnant again! Dont she and Hugo know what causes that?"
  55. 55. "I heard that!" Lainey yelled jokingly from where she was playing kicky-bag with Shere Khan."Well, its gross!" Liv called back. "Hes my brother.""He is not, however, my brother," Lainey retorted. "And I find Hugo Pseudo quite irresistable.""My ears!"
  56. 56. And where was Hugo during the festivities? Why, upstairs getting his son ready for the party. A few minutes later he came downstairs. "Okayeveryone," he announced as he walked into the kitchen. "Cake time!"Obediently, the throng assembled and blew enthusiastically on their noisemakers.
  57. 57. "Wow," Hugo said a few minutes later once hed gotten his son changed and fixed his hair. "You look exactly like your mother."
  58. 58. He took his son downstairs and fed him a dose of smartmilk, but before the toddler training could commence Liv whisked her nephew out of hisfathers arms."You are NOT monopolizing Orlando for the whole party," she scolded Hugo. "Cmon, kiddo... ever wanted to fly?""Yay! Fly!""Thats the spirit, Lando. I bet I can make a Pleasure sim out of you. Have to carry on the family tradition, after all!"
  59. 59. Eventually the family and friends left and Hugo finally had a moment to spend with his son. Hed obligingly rolled the want to to teach Orlando allhis skills, and Orlando wasnt too tired from the fuss and bother of the party, so the training commenced immediately.
  60. 60. Lainey, meanwhile, was not having a good time of things. She narrowly missed this happening AT the party. She, for one, would be glad when thispregnancy was over.When it came right down to it, this pregnancy was considerably more difficult than her previous one had been.
  61. 61. "Maybe it means I am having a girl," she told Hugo excitedly as they played a friendly game of Whap - football edition - in the back yard. "Ouch!""Sorry," Hugo said contritely. And then ducked as Lainey whipped the ball back at him just as hard.
  62. 62. Orlando wasnt really cognizant of the general air of excitement pervading the household. He was still too young to realize what a baby was, otherthan that he was one.
  63. 63. Lila, on the other hand, knew exactly what a baby was. It was a small human.And they usually are a little sticky, smell a bit like peanut butter, and have bits of food stuck in their pockets.
  64. 64. Oh, and they firmly believe in strangleholds. Gack!
  65. 65. One morning the normal dull roar of the household was interrupted by Laineys anguished shrieks. The baby was on the way!
  66. 66. "WHAT DO I DO?" Hugo yelped. He hadnt been present for Orlandos birth, after all."Just hang on," Lainey panted. "It wont be much longer! Owwww!"
  67. 67. "Twins!" Lainey gasped when it was all over. "I did not think I was having twins!""Both girls," Hugo said, caressing the baby he held in his arms gently. "What do we name them?""How about Cate and Sarah?" Lainey asked. "Sarah for the one I am holding, and Cate for the one you are holding.""Beautiful names," Hugo agreed dazedly. "Can you believe it? Twins!"
  68. 68. "Do twins run in your family?" Lainey asked a few months later asked, her eyes wide.during a friendly game of Whap with Orikes. It had taken some timefor the babies to start sleeping through the night, and this was the "No," Orikes grunted, dodging as Lainey flung the ball at her headfirst time Lainey had had a full nights sleep since before Orlando again. "Theyre completely unrelated."was born. "Ah," Lainey said. But she still sounded slightly confused. "Does this"Gah! Not so hard!" Orikes complained. "And no, twins dont run in mean that if Hugo and I wish to have another child we may end upmy family. Im a simself... I dont really have ancestors. I think you having twins again?"got bit by the superfertility bug. It happens to family sims sometimes,and Hugo is one." "Theres a good chance, yes," Orikes said, catching the ball finally. She put it in her pocket. "I think thats enough Whap for one day,"Is that related in any way to the same sex pregnancy virus?" Lainey dont you?"
  69. 69. It wasnt long after that before Lainey finally got back her pre-pregnancy body."Lookin good, Mrs. Pseudo," Hugo said approvingly. He gave her an appreciative look. "Hmm. What do you say we head upstairs and makeanother baby or two?"Lainey gave him a Look.Hugo blushed, and nothing more was said about babies other than the ones they already had.
  70. 70. It wasnt that Lainey didnt want more children someday, perhaps. It "Oh, I do wish you would call me, Will," Lainey said contritely. "Orwas just that the adults of the household (all four of them) were run a Hugo. There is no reason for you to miss your sleep."bit ragged caring for three very young babies. "You both had to work this morning," Will said, waving a hand"Although you are worth every moment of missed sleep," she cooed dismissively. "And Orikes let me sleep in. So dont worry about it."tiredly at baby Sarah, who shed just fed. Cate was still sleeping,thankfully. "I just do not wish to take advantage," Lainey said with a shy smile."Your bedroom isnt next to hers," Will joked, bouncing a just-fed "Youre not, and I would tell you if you were," Will said firmly. HeOrlando on his hip. "I was up half the night walking Cate. I think cocked his head. "Sounds like Cate is up. Ill go get her."shes teething again." "No, you sit and play with Orlando for a while. Hugo can get her."
  71. 71. "HUGO! Go and get your daughter!""Just a minute!" Hugo said, pressing buttons frantically on his video game controller."NOW, HUGO!"
  72. 72. "Thank you for getting the girls settled," Lainey said later that evening when she passed Hugo in the hall."Just doing my job," Hugo panted, allowing the stationary bike to come to a stop. "Whew! Riding this things nothing like actually going for a run,but at least it gets the heart pumping.""Hop in the shower," Lainey said, throwing a wink at him. "And maybe I will join you once Orlando is tucked in."Hugo grinned and obediently headed towards the bathroom.
  73. 73. Time passed, and Orlando grew more adorable by the day. The entire family doted on him and his sisters.Really, this picture was only included to show just how cute Orlando is.
  74. 74. Of course, the couples also doted on each other. Orikes and Will insisted on embarrassing Hugo at every opportunity. And as for Lainey and Hugo--well, they were actively trying for another baby as frequently as possible, though theyd had no lullaby yet.
  75. 75. "Lila!" Orlando giggled, catching the family pet in yet another headlock. "Snuggles!""Wuf!" the dog barked agreeably, thumping her tail on the floor with pleasure. She nosed around in Orlandos pocket and found half a cookie."Share," Orlando said seriously, taking the cookie from the dog. He broke it roughly in half and fed one piece to Lila while he ate the other piecehimself. "Yummy!"First kid I ever met that thought dog biscuits were a great snack, but whos complaining?
  76. 76. One Saturday afternoon, Hugo and Lainey managed to find a fewminutes to themselves despite the days hustle and bustle. "Theyre not that old yet," Hugo said in mock horror."I cant believe it," Hugo sighed, shaking his head and pulling Lainey "No," Lainey agreed. "But it will not be long before they are. I think Iclose. "Birthdays already." will be very sad when we have no babies left. I am glad Cate and Sarah are only turning into toddlers.""All three of our children!" Lainey agreed. "They are getting so big!" "Well, after the party we can always try for another one," Hugo"I know," Hugo said. "I wish we could keep them babies forever, but winked.I guess thats not terribly practical." "We have been! I hope it happens soon.""Economical, though," Lainey mused. "Diapers and bottles are muchcheaper than cell phones, ipods, and the like." "Me too."
  77. 77. "All clean?" Will asked a short time later."Yes, and she hated every minute of her bath," Hugo chuckled, cuddling Cate close."I know," Will said, grinning. "We could hear her shrieks clear at the other end of the house. Your mother sent me upstairs to make sure youwerent murdering her granddaughter.""No, though shed have you believe otherwise," Hugo joked. "Have the guests started arriving?""Yep," Will nodded. "Might as well get started! Weve got three birthdays to get through!"
  78. 78. Obligingly, Hugo headed downstairs to the room that used to belong to Uncle Nick and Greens pets. It had recently been remodeled into a partyroom."Well, I guess Cates up first," he said, bending over the pink-frosted cake with his daughter. "Happy birthday baby girl!"
  79. 79. With a shower of confetti, Cate grew up!
  80. 80. She was followed very shortly in the kitchen by her sister Sarah.
  81. 81. And then, almost unnoticed, Orlando leaned in and blew out his candles.
  82. 82. "Boy oh boy," Liv chuckled, scooping Cate up in her arms. "Three kids for me to spoil now! I cant wait until I can start promising you pony rides,puppies, and popsicles. Your parents are going to hate me!""Luff you, Auntie Liv!" Cate crowed."I love you too, stinker," Liv grinned back. Then she wrinkled her nose. "Stinker is right! HUGO!"***
  83. 83. "Do you think Liv will like her fish tank?" Green asked his husband Nick excitedly."I hope so," Nick said, bending down to peer at the fish. "Whos gonna get you little fishie?""What is it with the fish tank and your side of the family?" Green asked dramatically. "I swear youre all obsessed with the frammin thing.""Well, its a fish tank," Nick replied, as though the answer was obvious. "Theyre contagious.""Whatever you say, dear."
  84. 84. "Arrr! Tell yer niece not t ferget about findin me rum!""Did you get that?" Nick asked."Yeah," Green said, tucking the notepad in his pocket. "Why the bear couldnt just tell Liv himself, though... shes got a Bear at college with her.""I think hes just lazy," Nick nodded, putting the bear down on the ground."Aye, I am," the bear snorted. "And dont ye forget it, mate."
  85. 85. All thought of the bears message to Liv was forgotten by the time the afternoon rolled around, however."Wh-who are you hear for?" Nick asked, trembling. "Not... not Green?""NO, I AM NOT HERE FOR GREEN, BROTHER," Susanna-the-Reaper replied. "NOR FOR YOU.""Then who?"
  86. 86. It was Rags. The happy little puppy Nick and Green had adopted just after their wedding, she had been elderly for several years, and her time hadcome."Oh," Nick whispered, wiping back tears. "I hate it when pets die.""ME TOO. ESPECIALLY DOGS. THEY KEEP WANTING TO PLAY FETCH WITH THE SCYTHE.""I hope Liv finishes college soon..."***
  87. 87. Not far from Nick and Greens cabin in the woods, life was coming to Pirate Island instead of death.Ephemeral Toast and her husband Justinian were not really prepared for the reality of parenthood that was thrusting itself upon them, but theydidnt exactly have a choice in the matter. The baby was coming whether they were ready or not!
  88. 88. They had a red-headed little girl that they named Arta.Authors Note: Arta is the name given to the deity played by Ephemeral Toast in my husbands D&D Legacy, found on my sim page.Updated Note: The D&D Legacy has been archived and will be uploaded to my Slideshare account eventually, once I’m finished with the Piratesand Sim Spade.
  89. 89. It wasnt long before Artas birthday rolled around, and all of the simselves were in attendance.Including some who havent been played since having their immortality taken away. Some of the zotzed have permanent assignments to SimSpade, which means they are effectively immortal until Sim is done with them.
  90. 90. In any case, family and friends gathered around the cute little Ikea end table hosting the cake as Toast prepared to toss the toddler.
  91. 91. General impression: ToastClone. Also: Adorable.Doesnt she look unspeakably devious?***
  92. 92. Meanwhile, in a Deitys house up the hill and over the ridge... "What do you mean?""Honey, did you just feel that?" "I think... Im perma-plat! Yes!""You mean this?" "But... that means one of our kids had a baby. Was one of them pregnant?""Ack! No!" "Not to my knowledge.""Or this?" "Why wouldnt they tell us?""No! Stop! Somethings different." "I dont know..."
  93. 93. "So is it okay if I have a party today after school? I promise Ill clean up and everything, and I wont doom anyone," my son Hades said eagerly. Iknew that he wasnt the one to have had the baby. For one thing, he was a teenager. For another, he was a teenager."I guess," I shrugged. "Who were you planning on inviting?""Just the usual gang," he shrugged. "Spandrell, Borusa, Tina, the Ottomas kids, Caryl, Rakshasi...""Ugh," I complained. "If you invite the legacy kids then the party pictures might end up in the next legacy update. That means I have to clean.""Ill do it, mom.""Well... okay."
  94. 94. So my house was invaded by a swarm of hormonal teenagers. What Hades hadnt told me was that most of them were paired off, at least after afashion--James and Caryl, Borusa and Tina...
  95. 95. Rakshasi and Terry...
  96. 96. ... and Hades and Spandrell.
  97. 97. Parent coming through!" I announced. "No PDAs in the hallway please!""Mo-om!"All the making out was a bit too much for me, and I pulled the cranky old lady routine and ended the party at exactly ten oclock.Okay, so I really ended the party because it was a school night. Does that make me a bad mother?
  98. 98. The next afternoon the horde was over again, but this time my daughter Athena was stopped by as well. She was in town, she said.After a nice long swim in the family pool, I pulled her inside to talk. There were Serious Matters we had to discuss.
  99. 99. "So," I said without preamble. "Im perma-plat.""Really?" her eyes widened. "Congratulations! What was your lifetime want again?""Six grandchildren," I said."Oh, how nice," she said vaguely. "Who had a kid? Was it Dionysus? Ive told him he ought to be more careful with that girl hes dating.""No," I said. "Valeries still in college. Actually... I was kind of wondering if it was you."
  100. 100. "ME?" she screeched. She gets her lungpower from me. I suppose I should be proud. "Why would you think I had a baby?"
  101. 101. "Um, because Artemis and Demeters kids are adults, Hercs kids are elders, Dionysus girlfriend is in college, and Hades is a teenager," I said. Ichuckled a bit. "Youre the only one who makes sense."
  102. 102. "Well, youre mistaken," Athema scowled. "Look at me. Does it look like I recently had a baby? And besides, why wouldnt I tell you if I did? Whywould I lie?"
  103. 103. "I dont know," I said thoughtfully. "You do look good... but that doesnt mean anything. Its not a good idea to lie to your mother, Athena. She willinvariably find out the truth. And when your mother is a potentially vengeful deity, its doubly unwise."I hope you havent lied to me, daughter. Because if you have... Ill find out. And it wont be pretty. Theres a mystery here, and Im not giving upuntil Ive solved it."To Be Continued...