A Piratical Legacy Chapter 32 Part 2 - Transitions


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 32 Part 2 - Transitions

  1. 1. Chapter 32 – Transitions Part 2A Piratical LegacyChapter 32: Transitions - Part 1Authors Note: My computer troubles persisted through this chapter too, so there are some quality/continuity issues. Please be understanding--itshouldnt be an issue after this chapter.
  2. 2. "Its morning and Im a teenager, and life is fantastic," Spandrell Buccaneer said to himself on a bright and sunny Sunday morning."Wha-?" came the mumble from his twin brothers bed across the room."Just talking to myself," Spandrell said. "Go back to sleep, bro."
  3. 3. "No, no, Im up," Borusa said, swinging his legs around and getting "Anyway, since were up so early we might as well get a head start."up. "What time is it, anyway?" "Head start on what?""Uh, around six in the morning, I think," his brother replied. "On finding girlfriends, of course," Borusa said. "Tell you what--Ill"Theres a six oclock in the morning now?" go and make a wish on the wishing well for Friends, and then we can each pick one.""Always has been, bro. You just usually sleep through it. Thats whyyoure late for school so often." "Err," Spandrell again thought about saying something. "Well, I suppose it cant hurt.""Well, they should just start school later," Borusa said airily.
  4. 4. While the boys plotted in nefarious ways, Grace was busy outside with her garden. The apple tree shed been nursing along finally had ripe fruit,and she was anxious to harvest and sell it while it was still at its freshest.
  5. 5. Gertie, meanwhile, was nurturing her talent for music and dance. As she practiced with the sound mixer, she felt on top of the world--she knew shewas good. A short while later, a strange woman invaded the family home and gave her a plaque. It was weird, but they tended to shrug off weirdoccurrences at Buccaneer manor.
  6. 6. Lee, meanwhile, was more of a sports nut and he spent the morning hours checking the overnight results from the Olympics. The Pirate Islandteam was actually doing pretty well, considering their small population. Two medals is great for a population of less than two thousand, right?
  7. 7. It wasnt until after lunch that Borusa finally had a chance to get to the wishing well. Pulling a coin out of his pocket, he kissed it for luck andflipped it into the depths.
  8. 8. Wishing for friends didnt produce exactly the desired results."Well, theres one girl," he said to Spandrell, who was watching dubiously from the porch. "Sorry, bro. Shes mine. But, uh, I guess you can havethese two as friends, okay?""Er, I suppose," Spandrell shrugged. He turned to the two guys whod dropped. "Um, want to come inside? Weve got Sims 3.""Cool!" the short-haired boy, who said his name was Ricky Tse, said enthusiastically. The other guy just shrugged, but both of them followedSpandrell into the house.
  9. 9. "I guess that just leaves you and me out here," Borusa purred, sidling up to the girl. "Im Borusa.""Marylena Mazza," she replied, fanning herself. "Wow, youre awfully cute, Borusa. But how come youre green?""Its the alien in me," he said, growling playfully."Ooh, you beast!" Marylena giggled, fluttering her eyelashes.
  10. 10. It didnt take that much longer for Borusa to convince Marylena to let him kiss her."Wonder how Spandrells doing making friends with the dudes?" he mused."Dont worry about him," Marylena scolded him. "Now is kissing time. Not brother time."Borusa was happy to comply.
  11. 11. As for Spandrell, its pretty safe to say that he was getting along with Ricky, at least, very well indeed.
  12. 12. Before long the two boys were engaged in a tickle fight that raged the length and breadth of the living room."Are my babies really old enough to be dating?" Grace said, stifling laughter at Ricky and Spandrells antics."Not long til theyre off to college, too," Gertie pointed out, laughing a little herself."Oh dont even hint at it," Grace sighed. "At least Shih will be back by then. And that Jim of hers sounds like a very nice man. But Im way tooyoung to be a grandmother.""Zings getting married next week," Gertie smirked. "You could be a grandmother within a year."Grace just shuddered.
  13. 13. "So, howd your date go?" Spandrell asked once the gaggle of well- didnt want to do the date thing? Were you worried Id pick out a girldrops had left. for you and youd have to date her?""It was great," Borusa said dreamily. "Punch-you-punch-me?" "A little," Spandrell said. "And dating a girl just didnt sound appealing. Dating period didnt sound appealing, until I got to talking"Sure," Spandrell said, making a fist. "I had a pretty good time with to Ricky for a while. And then I just... knew."Ricky, too." "Well, the fact that you know your own mind and what your tastesSomething in his voice made Borusa look up. "Ricky, huh?" are means youre ahead of the game," Borusa said. "And hey, at least well never fight over girls, right?""Yeah," Spandrell blushed. "We have another date for tomorrow." "Yep," Spandrell grinned."Way to go," Borusa crowed. But then he hesitated. "Is that why you
  14. 14. "Its good that you two are getting along even now that youre Grace shrugged. "Especially Nick and Will and I. It was the two ofteenagers," Grace said fondly as the boys switched to Red Hands. them against me--Aunt Gertie was too young to pick a side. AndSpandrell claimed that Borusas jacket gave him an unfair advantage theyd talk in unison and switch places just to annoy me. At least Iwith Punch-You-Punch-Me. can always tell you two apart!""Why wouldnt we get along?" Borusa asked. "Were identical in "Heh, we could try that when we get to college," Spandrell saidevery way! Well, except for the nose thing. And the liking girls vs. mischievously. "I bet we could make a fake nose for you."liking boys thing. And the aspiration thing. But theres not all thatmuch difference between Romance and Popularity when you come "Awesome!"right down to it." "Boys!""My siblings and I fought like demons when we were your age,"
  15. 15. "Well, the boys are occupied with more dates tonight," Lee said the next evening. Oddly, the third Friend drop had shown up again unannouncedeven though he wasnt dating anyone in the house."They are," Grace nodded."What say we kick them and their friends out of the house and go over the latest financial reports on the couch?" Lee purred."Okay everyone," Grace said in a loud voice. "Partys over! Move it outdoors!"A series of collective groans answered the proclamation, but everyone quickly complied.
  16. 16. "Before Andrew goes outside, Andrew must give Prof. Lee a BIGFOOT HUG!", Andrew declared, scooping the senior Buccaneer up in his hairyarms."Oof!" Lee protested, but he was laughing. "Andrew, you dont need to go outside. Grace and I just want some private time upstairs--you can headdownstairs if you like.""Andrew will do that. Andrew has a new arrangement he is composing on his violin."
  17. 17. "Borusa," Grace said warningly, sitting down on the couch. "Its been ten minutes. How long does it take to arrange a date?""I just dont know who Im dating yet," Borusa explained."We need to get you a cell phone," Grace said in exasperation. "Just call the matchmaker and meet her outside. Scram!"
  18. 18. Spandrell was already outside."Hey!" he said eagerly to Ricky. "You made it!""Wouldnt miss it," Ricky said smoothly. He was a Romance sim, but that didnt bother Spandrell. He was more looking for a friend he couldoccasionally kiss than for a boyfriend at this point in his life. "Though my neck is pretty sore--I wasnt sure if I should come.""I give great massages," Spandrell boasted as the sun began to set. "Let me take a look at it."
  19. 19. As full darkness fell, the Gypsy matchmaker arrived."I want somebody gorgeous," Borusa said. "And who Ill like. Id like to get a kiss or two out of the date tonight, you know.""That will cost you--and itll cost more than a pair of feathers and a rock you picked up on the beach," the matchmaker replied stonily."Thats good," Borusa said. "Cause I got cold, hard cash.""Excellent. If somewhat unusual for this family. Her name is Veronika Seavey. Have fun!"
  20. 20. "Wow, Ive never dated an alien before!" Veronika gushed as she shook Borusas hand warmly. "So... where are we going for our date?""Ever had a date in a garden before?""...no...""Well then, tonight is your lucky night."
  21. 21. "All better?" Spandrell asked Ricky."Ooh, yes," Ricky sighed appreciatively. "Youve got a knack, Spandrell." Suddenly, he shivered. "Is it my imagination, or did it just get colder outhere? And was that a raindrop?"
  22. 22. "Well, I know something that will warm us both up," Spandrell said. Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward and gently kissed Ricky on the lips."Wow. No kidding."
  23. 23. Its pretty safe to say that Borusas date wasnt going nearly as well. While kissing in the rain is romantic, getting the pee scared out of you by yourgrandfathers ghost isnt romantic at all."Ew," Veronika said, wrinkling her nose.
  24. 24. Not that she was one to talk."Ew," Borusa concurred. "Want to call it a night and pretend none of this ever happened?""I think so," Veronika whimpered."Can I at least get a k--AIIEEEEEEE!"
  25. 25. As the lightning bolt struck, Borusa was sure he heard a ghostly chuckle above the lightning and the thunder.The date was a complete washout. Borusa didnt even bother saying goodbye--he stuffed his face with food, took a loooong bubble bath, and wentto bed. He didnt even hear Spandrell come to bed hours later, he was so exhausted.
  26. 26. A few days later, though, he had entirely recovered. And that was a good thing, considering what was planned for that afternoon."Is it can be caek tiem nao plz?" Shere Khan asked plaintively when he and Zing had stacked up the breakfast dishes for the maid."Not quite yet," Zing chuckled, putting his arms around Shere Khan. "First, we have to get married.""Caek is not a lie!""Caek is not a lie," Zing affirmed.
  27. 27. True to his word, Shere Khan had arranged a smaller wedding than he might have otherwise. There were just eight guests. Four of them made itinto the sitting room.
  28. 28. The other four decided to watch from outside and downstairs.
  29. 29. But as long as they all watched, it didnt matter to the happy couple. Shere Khan had managed to rig rose petals into the wedding arch and theybegan to flutter softly around them as the high school sweethearts exchanged vows and rings.
  30. 30. "Wuvs u.""Love you too."
  31. 31. "The cake is NOT a lie!" Shere Khan squealed happily when he bounced into the kitchen and saw that it had been set out for them. "Nomming timenao."
  32. 32. "Gack!" Zing choked as Shere Khan suddenly grabbed a fistful of cake and shoved it in the general direction of his face. "Not the nose!""Hehehe," Shere Khan chortled. "Nom da caek, Zing. Is worth it, to bes married to me?"Zing took a moment to wipe off his face. "Yeah," he said softly. "Its worth it."
  33. 33. Per Zings desire not to have a huge blowout of a wedding, the reception was strictly cake and punch. But that was fine with the guests. They wereall just thrilled to be able to attend such a happy union."Dis caek rox," Rakshasi declared approvingly as she devoured her second piece. "You picks da gud noms, Shere Khan.""Its not bad," Borusa agreed. "Certainly its better than getting scared by a ghost, peeing your pants, and getting electrocuted all on one date.""U strange, alien-guy."
  34. 34. "So," Grace said, sitting down with her son and son-in-law. "Zing tells me youve made it so same-gendered couples can have natural babies?""Truth," Shere Khan nodded cautiously."Excellent," Grace smiled. "So... when can I expect my first grandkittens?""Err, I have to go and... rechlorinate the swimming pool," Zing said hastily, getting up.
  35. 35. When he got outside he discovered that Ching Shih had actually beenmaking liberal use of the swimming pool, but by the time they headed back "I dunno," Zing shrugged. "Looks like Shere Khan managed to escape too."in together Grace was deep in conversation with Moll and Rajah. "You mean you left him with her?" Shih was scandalized. "And you call"Thanks," Zing said to Shih. yourself a good husband!""For what?" she asked, picking up a pillow and whacking him over the head "He can handle himself," Zing said. "Besides, mom cant understand whatwith it. hes saying half the time.""Oof!" Zing replied. He grabbed another pillow and returned fire. "For "Nobody can understand what hes saying most of the time," Shih corrected.giving me an excuse to ditch mom. She was starting in on the grandbabiesspeech." "I can.""What is it with turning old that makes everyone become a family sim?" "Thats cause youre married to him. Youre supposed to."Shih demanded.
  36. 36. "Impeccable timing, u has it," Shere Khan said in a relieved tone to "Oh," Rakshasi said. "Do I have to talk like you all the time?"his little sister. Hed been rescued from the grandkids discussion bythe request for a dance. "No. U can has uniques," Shere Khan shrugged, ruffling her hair."Unbratty lil sister--Im doin it rite," Rakshasi concurred. "Hey Shere "Well, Ill keep it up for a while," Rakshasi said after a momentsKhan, do you ever talk normal?" consideration. "But I might change my mind!""Invisible normality is unable to be seen," Shere Khan shrugged. "Older brother cat approves of this discussion."
  37. 37. As the guests prepared to go, Coxinga pulled his younger sister into a completely unexpected hug."What was that for?" Ching Shih asked, returning the squeeze warmly."For being a good sister," Zing replied. "Take care of the family, okay? Their financial health is your responsibility now.""Got it," Shih said. "And you... take care of Shere Khan, and make sure he takes care of you. Deal?""Deal."
  38. 38. I would say that there was more than just "taking care" going on after all the guests had left, though. And if I thought I heard a lullaby, I think Iwould be correct, too.
  39. 39. Time passed, and the newlyweds found themselves settling into aroutine. Shere Khan spent the mornings hunting the job listings for a "Er," Shere Khan blushed. "Yah. We has it. Everyone has it. Mymedical posting while Zing alternated between looking for an epidemic, let me sho u it."Adventurer job and running his two businesses, Bubbles & Bubblyand Zings Used Car Emporium. Both stores were highly successful "So maybe the reason Ive been feeling crappy is cause Imand under the care of qualified management, but he liked to take a pregnant," Zing marveled. "How weird is that?"personal hand in running them. "Zing is happy?""What u do this afternoon nao?" Shere Khan asked when Zingstopped by for lunch. "Maybe," Zing said cautiously. "If thats what it is. Have you got that test working properly?""Well," Zing shrugged. "Ive been feeling kinda sick all day. Did youget the test results back yet on whether wed been infected with that "Test is a lie," Shere Khan said sadly.retrovirus?"
  40. 40. "Whats wrong with it?" "Hopefully youll have the tests working by the time of the press conference," Zing said. "When is that again?""Invisible results," Shere Khan shrugged. "Sry." "Soon," Shere Khan said. He pushed his salad around on his plate."Well, Im sure youll figure something out," Zing said. "In the "Dis bunneh fud does not help ma braining. I has teh dumb."meantime, I guess I just act like Im pregnant? No rum, no hot tub, nokitty litter?" "Tell you what," Zing said, leering. "Let me take you out to dinner tonight--steak--and then Ill go into the lab with you tomorrow.""Truth." "Do want! Carnivorous cat CRAVES MEAT! "
  41. 41. 28 days later..."O hai. Dis ting on?"
  42. 42. "I has a news. Mans can has kittehs. Dis is frum retro-virus, fixes DNA. Equal rights for all ftw! Irreplaceable Zing has a kitteh inside. Is likenormal kitteh inside, only inside man, and kitteh of two mans. Still wiht teh barfings. And we has a test. All mans can get kitteh, but only fromother mans. Womens can get kitteh from other womens or from mans."
  43. 43. "Healthy Zing is healthy. Kitteh is pokin out and acting liek alien spawn with kicking. Kthxbai. NE questions?""Umm... could we get all that again, and maybe in a way that made sense this time?""EPIC PHAIL."
  44. 44. "Hows work going, son?" Gavin Biggs asked Toby over breakfast."Oh, okay I guess," Toby shrugged. "You win some, you lose some. Mostly we win.""Still keeping up with all your girlfriends? I havent seen many of them around lately.""Yeah, we keep in touch," Toby shrugged. "Its a bit hard, being on the road with the team so much. Ophelias joined the womens team, so thatskind of cool. Sometimes were away in the same city together.""What about that blue-skinned one, Athena?""Actually, its odd that you mention that," Toby said. "I just got a call from her--she wants to see me today. I wonder what its about? I havent seenher in months--I was sure shed be married by now, and I dont think her husband would approve of our friendship."
  45. 45. When Athena arrived, Toby pounced her. He figured there was no harm in trying, anyway. The worst that could happen was a slap or two.Athena protested and pushed him away.
  46. 46. "Theres something different about you," Toby said, pulling back and "Dont call me that," she said. "Like I said, Im pregnant."eyeing Athena critically. "Congratulations! Your... husband? must be happy.""Im pregnant, idiot," Athena grumbled. "And dont touch me. I toldyou months ago--were through." "Fiancé, and he doesnt know anything about it," Athena said."Right after you hooed me in the hot tub," Toby said. "I remember. "Isnt that the kind of thing you usually tell that special person inYoure great at that whole mixed signal thing, Thena." your life?" Toby blinked. "Fatherhoods a big responsibility. You owe the guy a chance to prepare for something like that."
  47. 47. "Its not his," Athena muttered, blushing."Oh? Whos the father, then?" Toby asked. He ducked, fully expecting to be slapped."You can stop cringing," Athena said dryly. "Its yours."
  48. 48. Toby gaped. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. "But how--when--what--?""You look like a fish when you do that," Athena said. "And why is "That night in the hot tub, near as I can figure."that woman staring at us?" "Oh.""Thats just Lyndsay," Toby said without turning around. "Shes mystalker. Ignore her. Shell leave. Eventually. And what do you mean, "Anyway, I wasnt going to tell you at all," Athena said. "Im going toits mine?" give it up for adoption as soon as its born. Mitch doesnt need to know anything about it and his parents have said theyll keep mum."Just what I said," Athena replied. But then I thought, maybe you want it."
  49. 49. "Me?" Toby shouted. "What am I going to do with a kid?""Well, its you or the orphanage," Athena said."This is an awful lot to spring on me all at once," Toby gaped. "Cant I have some time?""According to my doctors, you have about three more weeks. Decide quickly, Toby."And without another word, Athena turned around and stalked off down the street, leaving a spluttering Toby behind her.
  50. 50. That afternoon, Toby did what he always did when he needed advice--he went to Ophelia."Havent seen you in a while, sexy," the blond bombshell purred as they sat down to a simple dinner. "Been keeping busy?""You know my playing schedule as well as I do," Toby said defensively. "Youve been gone as much as I have.""I suppose," Ophelia pouted. "Ill be glad when weve both gotten far enough in our careers that we arent travelling as much.""Me too," Toby agreed fervently. He took a deep breath. "Hey Opie, how would you react if I said I was having a kid?"She blinked at him, her jaw hanging open.
  51. 51. "Because I am," Toby said quickly. "I just found out that... well... one of my old girlfriends and I werent all that careful and, well, itll be here inabout three weeks. Thats what she says, anyway.""Youre having a KID?!? With someone ELSE?" Toby didnt know Ophelias volume went that high."Yeah, looks like it.""How could you be so careless? So reckless?""They say the only foolproof method is no hoo at all...""Dont preach at me, Toby Biggs. I cant believe the nerve of you!"
  52. 52. "I didnt do it on purpose!""Doesnt matter," Ophelia scowled. "It means that youre going to be chained to the little beast for the next eighteen years! Thats a heck of amistake, lover-boy.""Im not being chained to Athena for the next eighteen years," Toby protested. "Shes giving up her parental rights, and if I dont take the baby itllbe adopted by strangers!""Well shes a piece of work, just like you," Ophelia snarled. "Toby, I think youd better leave. Dont call me again!"With a dejected sigh, Toby got up and quietly left.
  53. 53. However, when Ophelia got back from her next away game a few days later--"Ah, crap."
  54. 54. Three weeks later...There was no help for it. She had to tell him.
  55. 55. "Aah!" Toby shrieked in a high-pitched voice when he saw Ophelia and realized her condition. "Youre pregnant!""The man has eyes!" Ophelia said."Mine, right?""Bingo."
  56. 56. "I guess neither of us has been as careful as we should be, huh?""I... suppose," Ophelia said. "But ... I dont like it. I dont like the idea of someone else having a claim on you--and Im not talking about Athena,cause I know how you feel about her. But I dont know if I like sharing you, even with a baby.""But youre going to have to," Toby pointed out in a quiet voice. "My baby with Athena isnt going away, and I am going to raise him or her.Likewise, our baby. Id like it if we could be parents together.""Parents is a scary word.""Maybe itll be less scary if we do it together," Toby said. He pulled Ophelia into his arms.
  57. 57. "Geez, Ophelia," he said. "Im head-over-heels in love with you. Itsnot just the hoo--I like who you are. Youre smart, sarcastic... were "Ill... think about it," Ophelia said slowly. "In the meantime, Igood together, and I dont want to let that go." havent woohooed with anyone in six weeks. Im just about dying here. Come on inside.""This isnt a proposal, is it?" "Is it safe? I mean, with the baby--""Oh, hell no!" Toby said hastily. "But... Ill make things right withyou, okay? Ill be in our childs life, whether you let me or not. Let "Sometimes youre an idiot, Toby Biggs."me be in yours, too."
  58. 58. The two of them had just gotten dressed again when Tobys cell phone rang."Oh, turn it off," Ophelia said, clutching her head. "The ringing is driving me nuts."Toby looked down at the phone. It was Athenas number. "I cant," he said. "It looks like the baby is on the way, Ophelia. Ive gotta go... will yoube okay?""As okay as anyone is, playing second fiddle," Ophelia said bitterly. "Oh, go. When will I see you again?""Soon," Toby promised. "I dont know when, but soon."As Tobys car pulled out of the driveway, Ophelia flopped down on the couch. "I so did not sign up for any of this."
  59. 59. When Toby got to Athenas house things were going pretty slowly so he hopped into the hot tub to relax. Before he even got wet, though--"TOBY BIGGS GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!"
  60. 60. "Is it time?" he gasped, trying to catch his breath."Of course its time," Athena spat at him. "Do you think Im doing this for fun? I just want it to be over with!""That makes two of us," Toby said. "Tell me what to do!"
  61. 61. "Well, that was easier than I was expecting," Toby said a few minutes later as he cradled his infant daughter in his arms."Speak for yourself," Athena said limply. "I dont think I ever want to do that again.""Bit rough on Mitch, that.""Hell have to live with it," Athena said. She scowled at the baby, who started to cry. "You brought the carseat? Then get that... thing... out of here.""Youre not a very nice person, Athena," Toby called over his shoulder as he soothed the squalling infant."Most Deities arent. Whatcha going to do about it?"
  62. 62. Toby, being an absent-minded kind of guy, hadnt actually mentionedAthenas pregnancy to anybody in the household, and Lyndsay hadnt "Of course you couldnt," Gavin said, running a wondering handsaid anything either, presumably for her own reasons. So it was a down the babys soft skin. "Whats her name?"very startled Gavin when Toby got home that evening. "I hadnt even thought about that," Toby gulped. "Do I really get to"And whos this?" he asked, making googly faces at the baby. name her?""Shes... shes my daughter," Toby stammered. "That is one of the perogatives of being a parent.""Your daughter?" Gavin blinked. "What do you think about ... Persephone?""Yeah," Toby said, turning red. "I just found out about her a few "I like it," Gavin said. "Why dont you make her a bottle? Ill get yourweeks ago, and her mother didnt want to keep her. I just couldnt let old crib down."her be adopted by strangers, dad--I couldnt!"
  63. 63. Oddly enough, Lyndsay had bought some formula just that morning and stocked it in the fridge. Toby carefully prepared a bottle according to thedirections and, holding his squirming daughter gently, gave her her first meal."Drink up, Persephone," he whispered. "Youve got a big life ahead of you."
  64. 64. "Okay, Steven, you can have a treat," Rakshasi said indulgently. "Mom and dad forgot to feed you again, didnt they."Such an occurrence was not unusual in what had come to be called the Tiger House on Pirate Island."Ill have to give them another lecture," she added melodramatically. "But Ill do it talking like Shere Khan, just to confuse them. I just hope theyremembered to buy my birthday cake--Im going to be a teenager today!"
  65. 65. Its safe to say they did remember. And everyone who was anyone attended the party."Noms! My cake! Not A Lie! Win! ... an stuff."
  66. 66. "Om. Nom. Nom."Shasis a cute teenager, isnt she? She rolled Knowledge, same as her big brother.Unfortunately, we dont have a lot of time to spend with her, but I wanted to share her birthday at least. Well probably see more of her now thatshes the same age as Borusa and Spandrell again.Onward to the next household!
  67. 67. "You know, if Angie doesnt have that baby soon shes going to eat us out of house and home," Pierce complained to his wife Rani."Oh, give her a break," Rani scolded gently. "With pregnancy comes ravenous hunger. You should be used to that. We only had one kid, but yoursister had two and we lived with her at the time.""I suppose," Pierce conceded. "I just wish she actually knew how to cook."
  68. 68. "I heard that!" Angora called from the kitchen, where shed managed to burn yet another plate of pancakes. "And I can too cook! Im just... easilydistracted."
  69. 69. "Besides," she added, carrying the plate of slightly crispier than normal breakfast, "I like them burned.""You just keep telling yourself that, dear," Rani chuckled.
  70. 70. "Hello grandbaby," Pierce said fondly, stopping to rub his daughters belly gently after shed eaten. "You stay in there for another few days, okay?And then well be so glad to see you. I bet youre the most wanted baby in the whole world."
  71. 71. The entire household was ecstatic at the prospect of the baby arriving soon, none more than Ian."Welcome home," Angora said, pulling her husband into a tight embrace--or as tight as possible, considering the bulk of her belly between them."How was work today?""Tiring, but its worth it to come home to you," he said. "How was your day?""Oh, the usual," she said. "Eat. Sleep. Pee. Sleep. Pee. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Pee."
  72. 72. "And hows Junior?" Ian added, his face aglow as he knelt down to wave at his child. "I hope you havent started giving your mother troublealready! You arent even born yet, let alone a teenager!""Junior was fine," Angora giggled. "A bit hyperactive, but thats kind of reassuring. It just means shes healthy.""She?""Call it a mothers intuition," Angora shrugged. "I could be wrong."
  73. 73. They went inside and Angora sat down to eat again. Ian wasnt hungry, but he was happy to sit down with his wife for a little while."How much longer now?" he asked. "Did the doctor know when you saw him today?""He said any time," she said, rubbing her tummy in between bites. "Juniors full term, so its safe now.""I cant wait," Ian breathed. "Its so... surreal. As my sister would say, Awesomesauce!""Id like to meet your sister," Angora said. She stifled a yawn. "But first, Im going to have a nap."
  74. 74. "Well, Ian? Ready for fatherhood?" Rani asked."I think so," Ian said shyly."All that woohoo finally paying off?"Ian choked. "Err...""Relax," Rani chuckled. "Im only teasing, Ian. I think youll be a great dad, if you must insist on sleeping with my daughter." She stopped for aminute. "Did you hear something?"
  75. 75. "Everybody get up here right now!"At Angoras bellow of pain and surprise, they rushed upstairs."Let me make the bed for you," Ian said. "Youll be more comfortable!""Ian Legacina theres no time for that!" Angora shrieked. "Its coming. Right. Now!"
  76. 76. "Okay, um," Ian squeaked, running his hand through his hair so it stood on end. "Um, do that breathing thing! And remember itll be over quickly!""Your husband is right," Rani said, only marginally calmer. "Just breathe and itll all be over."
  77. 77. And it was."Its orange!" Ian squeaked. "And fuzzy!""Sos my mother," Angora cooed. She handed the baby to her husband.
  78. 78. "Meet your daughter, Ian Legacina. What are you going to name her?"Ian gazed down at the tiny form he held and was mute for a moment. Then--"Calico.""I like it," Angora breathed. "Im so tired, Ian. Could you give her a bottle? Im going to lay down for a few minutes.""Sure," Ian said absently, still completely awestruck. "I love you, Angora. And you, Callie," he added with a gentler smile than anyone who knewhim had ever seen on his face.
  79. 79. Of course, Ian soon found out that parenting isnt all fun and games. Lets leave him to enjoy his new status, shall we?
  80. 80. A new arrival was also expected at the Pseudo household, but that didnt mean life didnt go on as usual there. Specifically, there were fish to chase.Even Lainey found herself getting in on the action.
  81. 81. She was also a bit surprised to find that she really enjoyed her mother-in-laws company. Lainey had been a bit wary of Orikes since her confessiona few years back, but it seemed Orikes really was a woman of her word and wanted to let Lainey prove herself. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-lawspent a lot of their time together, dancing the hula.
  82. 82. Lainey also worked to cultivate a friendship with Hugos dog, Lila.This was made easier by the fact that the dog always came by to visit when Lainey was eating--and with her pregnancy, Lainey was always eating.
  83. 83. Sometimes Lila would bark at whoever was cooking, though it often seemed more like she was barking at what they were cooking.For some reason, she had a particular aversion to pancakes.
  84. 84. By the time Laineys pregnancy grew truly unwieldy, she and Lila were the best of friends.Youre the Masters mate, and that means I gotta protect you too, Lila barked."Whos a good girl?" Lainey responded, teasing the dog affectionately.Just... dont talk to me like Im an imbecile. Please.Lainey wasnt versed in the language of dogs, but she did actually stop cooing quite so much after that, so Lila considered it a small victory.I just hope that baby youre going to have isnt sticky...
  85. 85. Well, it wouldnt be long until Lila found out. That afternoon, while Hugo was still at work, Lainey went into labour.
  86. 86. A great deal of yelling and heavy breathing later, she was holding her son.
  87. 87. "Well, I do think Orlando is an awfully funny name for a little boy," Orikes muttered a few hours later. Lainey was sleeping, and Orikes was beinga dutiful grandmother and caring for Orlando until Hugo got home. "But thats the name your mom and dad picked, so thats the name youll keep!"
  88. 88. "They cant understand a word youre saying at that age," Will said, reaching forward and stroking Orlandos soft head while Orikes cuddled him."It doesnt matter," Orikes replied. "They understand the tone, and thats all that matters. Isnt it, Orlando?""Well, it looks like Hugos home," Will nodded with a smile. "Why dont you take our grandson down to meet his father?"
  89. 89. "Hugo, theres someone who would like to meet you.""What?" Hugo blinked, taking the baby reflexively. "Already? Why didnt anyone call me?""It was over too fast, and then when we called you were already on the way home," Orikes said gently. "We didnt want you to get into a caraccident. Lainey said so.""Oh," Hugo said. He lifted up his little son gingerly. "Hes so... small.""So were you, once."
  90. 90. Orikes wandered back into the house to let her son and grandson bond."Orlando, huh?" Hugo whispered tenderly. "Wow. Im a dad! Im a DAD!" His delighted whoops startled the baby, who started to cry."Oh no, dont cry," Hugo said worriedly. He tickled the babys belly. "Dont cry. Daddys here. Hush..."And with a contented burp, Orlando nestled against him and fell fast asleep.
  91. 91. A little while later, and it felt like hed always been a parent. Taking care of Orlando just felt... natural. And Hugo insisted he be the one to changeall of Orlandos diapers and feed him all of his bottles."Its our bonding time," he said whenever anyone else tried to take a turn."Well, I guess," Orikes grumbled. "You have to go to work sometime.""Exactly," Hugo said. "And besides, Lainey needs a bit of a break and Im just giving her one.""Well, let us take care of our grandbaby for a little while and you go take care of your wife," Orikes admonished gently, taking Orlando fromHugos arms. "Go."
  92. 92. "Honey, have I been neglecting you?""Not really. All of your help with Orlando is so appreciated. There are some fathers who do not do half as much.""Ready to try for another one?""Hmm... I could be persuaded, Hugo Pseudo. Or at least we could practice trying."However, a lullaby says that the practice was actually pretty fruitful.
  93. 93. In Paris, news of all the new arrivals was making Ching Shih aware that there were certain things that needed taking care of before she couldgraduate."Erroneus," she said, greeting Arravasts newest member. "How are you finding Freshman year?""Oh, its okay," he shrugged. "My mom keeps introducing me to women. I think she wants me to marry one of them.""Thats... odd.""Youre telling me. By the way, is it just me or did the temperature just drop?"
  94. 94. "SWEET!" Ching Shih shrieked as the Greek House ghost scared the pants off of her. She looked down and crossed her legs in embarrassment."Er.. rain check on conversation. Come by tomorrow. Gotta go!"
  95. 95. As requested, Erroneus stopped by the next day--during daylight hours, this time."What was it you were trying to talk to me about?""Well, its this," Shih said, gesticulating at the house and grounds. "The Greek house. I graduate really soon, and Liv graduates the term after me,and that means there wont be anyone in the house for three years until my brothers get to university.""You want me to be a placeholder, dont you."
  96. 96. "Um, yes," Shih said.Erroneus Marius shrugged. "Sure," he said. "Why not?""Good, thats settled," Shih grinned. "You can move in as soon as I graduate.""Great!"
  97. 97. The scattering of snow on the ground melted over the next few days "You know it," Shih grinned.and Shih counted them off in anticipation of Jims next--and last--visit. At the end of this extended stay, she would be graduating--and "To the hot tub, then?"theyd be moving back to Pirate Island together. "Well..." Shih hesitated. How to put this delicately. "Jim, I saw this"Jim!" Shih squealed, launching herself into her beloveds arms. awesome new look in one of Livs fashion magazines. Is it okay if I"Youre here!" give you a makeover first?""I am," Jim smiled, his teeth gleaming whitely. "Excited to see me as "Someting in my appearance displeases you?"always?" "No!" Shih said quickly. "I just think this would really suit you."
  98. 98. "I am only doing this because I trust you," Jim said, sitting down nervously in the makeover chair."Youve got nothing to worry about," Shih said, crossing her fingers behind Jims back. She was sure shed have beginners luck.
  99. 99. As it was, she did!"What do you think?""I... like it," Jim grinned. "You do have impeccable taste, my love.""I know.""To the hot tub?""To the hot tub."
  100. 100. What do you think, dear readers? Does Shih have good taste or what?
  101. 101. "What is the schedule for the next few days?" Jim asked the next morning over breakfast."Well, theres finals tomorrow," Shih said. "Then commencement at the university hall. And then Livs throwing me a big old going away party!My parents and brothers will be here for that. And then we fly back to Pirate Island with them!"
  102. 102. And with that, Shih threw herself into cramming for her final exam.Jim did his best to make sure she didnt study too hard, though.
  103. 103. "Only three more weeks," he said, pulling away from her for amoment. "Three weeks until we are married." "A little, yes. But its true nonetheless," Jim averred."Have the past three years really flown that quickly?" Shih asked, a "Well, why dont we go upstairs and while away a few more secondsnote of disbelief in her voice. and minutes?" Shih said with a seductive smile."Quickly?" Jim said. "My darling Shih, they have crawled for me! I "Why go upstairs when there is a perfectly good couch down here?"have counted every second with every heartbeat." "Ooh, you devil!""Youre just saying that to be romantic."
  104. 104. "And so I really dont think I deserve to fail, Mr. or Ms. Cow Mascot. If you would write my term paper for me, it would be ever so helpful andnice."
  105. 105. Liv had a way with words. And a way with procrastinating, if the truth must be told, but her way with words more than made up for it. Most of thestudents in her year had written at least one paper for her by this point.
  106. 106. After all, she had more important things to do.
  107. 107. "Do you feel any different?" Liv asked."Not really," Shih said. "Should I?""You tell me!" Liv squealed. "Shih, you did it! You GRADUATED! You know what this means, right?""Yep," Shih giggled, meeting her cousins eye. "PARTY!"
  108. 108. Shih posed proudly in the middle of the kitchen for a picture in her grad cap and gown. Jim took the picture, then whisked her upstairs. Somehow,the cap and gown had disappeared by the time the party guests arrived.
  109. 109. And by party guests, I mean everyone Shih had ever befriended in her whole life. Even Zing, hugely pregnant though he was, had made the trip.
  110. 110. And of course the rest of the family came too. Borusa and Spandrell were extremely excited to scope out the Greek house now, so they could startmaking plans for their tenure at university.
  111. 111. "Are you sure maneuvers like that are safe for the baby?" Lee asked when Zing demonstrated the Twikkii Island greeting for what seemed like thefiftieth time that day."The kitten will be fine," Zing shrugged. "Shere Khan says so, and hes a doctor so I trust him.""Hes also a mad scientist," Grace pointed out."Yeah, but its also his kid," Zing retorted. "Stop worrying. Well have a great time here, then get back to Pirate Island just in time for the kiddosbirth! Now, if youll excuse me, I have to go pee and then eat an entire planet. Possibly not in that order."
  112. 112. He settled for a bag of cookies instead. Okay, he settled for six bags of cookies. The rest of the family secretly wondered if Zing and Shere Khanwere having twins!
  113. 113. As the party wound down, Shih felt her whole body start to tingle. "Its happening!" she cried from the kitchen. "Here I go!""Youre sexy when you transition," Jim purred.
  114. 114. And with that, the generation six heiress of A Piratical Legacy was Time, Same Pirate Sim Page.an adult. ----"Nice hair, sis," Zing chuckled. Thanks to Orikes360 (Pseudo Legacy) for use of her simself and also"Shut up," Shih growled. "Ive got a date with a bottle of dye as soon Ophelia Smith, Ian Legacina, Brody Legacina, and Zoey Legacina.as we get to the airport. Come on--lets go!" Thanks to omgrobinnn (Its a Legacy, Darling) for use of her simself. Thanks to Ruby/Ah Rubyblue (Goldilocks and the Nine Heirs) for---- the use of the back of her simselfs head. Thanks to EphemeralToast (Ugothlacy) for the use of her simself. I think thats everyone whoAnd with that, I leave you. Stay tuned for Chapter 33! Same Pirate appeared in this double update--if I missed anyone, sorry!