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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 32 Part 1 - Transitions


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 32 Part 1 - Transitions

  1. 1. Chapter 32 – Transitions Part 1A Piratical LegacyChapter 32: Transitions - Part 1Authors Note: I apologize for the low quality of some of the pictures and any inconsistencies in this chapter. I had a complete and totalneighborhood corruption and had to revert to a month-old backup. As I was having other problems as well, I regenerated my entire EA Gamesfolder, which caused all of my settings--including picture settings--to revert to default. Which isnt pretty.As for the inconsistencies, while I had pictures to go back to for outfits and such, a few events happened a little differently during my second play-thru. Ive tried to correct for them as best I could.
  2. 2. "Is it really our birthday today?" Borusa Buccaneer asked his twin brother excitedly."Yep!" Spandrell Buccaneer grinned back at his noseless sibling. "An you know what that means? We get to have a huuuuuuuge party!""Will there be girls there?" Borusa blinked."I dunno," Spandrell shrugged. "I think its just gonna be family an some of mom n dads friends.""Aw, that stinks," Borusa complained. "Oh well. I cant complain if theres going to be a party.""Yeah, parties are great," Spandrell said dreamily.Borusa grinned wickedly, then extended his index finger and thumb at his brother. "BANG!"
  3. 3. "What?" Spandrell yelped."Youre so dead!" Borusa snickered. "That means I get to be Uncle Jack next and you have to be Great-Grandpa Alan.""Awww... but I want to be Uncle Jack!" Spandrell complained, sticking his hands up obligingly. "Great-Grandpa Alan never wins."
  4. 4. Once the boys were safely off to school and Lee, Andrew Bigfoot, and Gertie off to work, Grace got to work on her latest hobby-slash-moneymaking venture. Shed decided a while back to take a stab at gardening, and it looked like things would finally start paying off soon. Herstrawberries and eggplants were nearly ripe!Gardening was an extremely time-consuming hobby, if a lucrative one, and it took Grace most of the morning to finish tending her crops.
  5. 5. It was well after lunch before she got back to writing her book on the economic history of Pirate Island. Grace was very nearly done, and she wascertain the book would be a best seller.Me, not so much. I tried to read an economics textbook once. While Im not sure exactly what the book said, I do not recommend it as a pillow."You know, I can hear you when you monologue like that, goddess."
  6. 6. When Lee got home from work that evening, he was happy to report that his and Graces stock portfolio had done exceptionally well that day. Thetwo of them were in a fantastic mood as they got ready for Borusa and Spandrells birthday party.
  7. 7. When I say "got ready", I mean "challenged Andrew Bigfoot to an SSX3 tournament", of course. As usual, Gertie did most of the work setting upfor the party. She didnt mind, though. If she hadnt converted to the way of cheese, she often thought shed have liked staying a Popularity sim.
  8. 8. For the boys, anticipation of their party brought on all sorts of existential consideration yet again. Wondering about their genetic "father", the alienwhod abducted Lee, was a favorite topic of theirs.
  9. 9. "Do you think my other dad would come to the party if we sent himan invitiation?" Spandrell asked Gertie and Andrew. "Many times," Andrew said patiently. "But that does not answer young master Spandrells question.""It seems unlikely," Andrew said solemnly. "If the aliens wereinterested in a relationship with our world they would have made "Maybe Ill help Borusa look for our alien kin someday," Spandrellcontact long before now." said. "You know, when were old or something. At least we got a good mom and dad here, and you guys are almost kinda like parents"Did I ever tell you that I have three men in love with me?" Gertie too. Its like having four parents instead of two!"asked, butting into the conversation. She tended towards aninappropriate sense of timing now that she was an elder. Spandrell was always one to look on the bright side of life.
  10. 10. At last the appointed hour rolled around.
  11. 11. Any of the family who could make it to the party made an effort to do so. Of course, Coxinga was back living on Pirate Island, having graduatedfrom university, but Ching Shih had flown in just for the occasion.Borusa was up first. As he took in the sight of everyone whod come to watch his transition, his black eyes shone happily. He leaned over the cake,closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. "I wish...""Dont tell us or it wont come true!" Zing whooped, waving a noisemaker raucously.
  12. 12. So Borusa didnt tell anyone his wish. But nobody was surprised when he informed them hed rolled Romance. Lets just say theyd seen it coming."Yeah! Go Borusa!" Caryl Curious cheered enthusiastically. "You grew up in clothes that dont suck!""Heh, I did, didnt I," Borusa said critically, looking down at his new outfit. "I like it! I think Ill keep it!"
  13. 13. "I hope I grow up in as good an outfit as that," Spandrell grinned as he leaned over the second cake. "But thats not my wish! I have lots of wishes,but Im not telling any of them. I want them all to come true!"And that said, he blew out the candles.
  14. 14. "Lookin good, son!" Lee said with a smile. "What aspiration did you choose?""What do you think?" Spandrell asked. "Popularity, of course!" He gave a shudder of dismay as he looked down at his clothes. "Ugh, this outfit isawful, though. Hey, Borusa, got a spare t-shirt I can wear?""Dressing like me again?" his brother teased."As long as I have a nose and you dont, people should have no trouble telling us apart," Spandrell shrugged. "And what looks good on you looksgood on me."
  15. 15. "Where do you get your cakes from?" One of the guests (word has it she was a simself) asked Lee as everyone dug into the birthday cake."Its a new store," Gertie answered for her brother-in-law. "Celebration Stuff special.""Ah," the simself nodded. "I gotta get me some of that.""I hear thats a common refrain amongst simselves," Lee said. "But I dont understand it.""I think theyre just breaking the fourth wall," Susanna griped as she walked past. "Lazy, I tell ya. Just plain lazy.""Hey!""Did anyone just hear a voice?" Lee blinked. "Or am I going senile?"
  16. 16. "Master William, it is good to see you again," Andrew said seriously. "Andrew has heard that there are to be many weddings in the nextHed eaten cake until he was bursting at the seams and wanted to few weeks," the elderly Bigfoot added. "One in Williams house,watch the video game tournament that was taking place in the living perhaps?"room. "Yes, thats true," William said, smiling fondly. "Hugo and Lainey"Its nice to see you again too, Andrew," Will said solicitously. "How will be making it official in just under a month. The house is just aare you keeping?" whirlwind of excitement--from the way Hugo carries on, youd think nobody had ever been married before! But I remember feeling like"Andrew is doing well also," Andrew said gruffly. Something that that myself when I was younger."almost passed for a smile crossed his bestial features. "The Mickleshas been retired." "Andrew looks forward to the buffet.""Thats, ah, good to know." Will burst out laughing. "Well, were sparing no expense!"
  17. 17. "Oof!" Lee rubbed his shoulder gingerly. Hed agreed to a game ofpunch-you-punch-me with Borusa before realizing the implications "How so?" Lee asked. "Thats the same curfew your older brotherof playing such a physical game with a teenager at the peak of his and sister had to live with. And they never complained. If you wantprime. "You hit a lot harder than you used to, son!" to visit with your friends any later, bring them back here--but only if theyre not breaking their curfews.""Heh, thats cause Im not a little kid anymore," Borusa smirked."Speaking of that, dad... lets talk about curfew. Whats mine?" "Im so not bringing my dates here," Borusa said, cringing at the thought. "Thatd be so embarrassing!""Ten on schoolnights, midnight on weekends," Lee said promptly. "Your brother did," Lee chuckled. "And hes marrying his next year.""Aw, man," Borusa protested. The next punch was perhaps a bitharder than previous. "Thats, like, so unfair!" "Ew, marriage," Borusa shuddered.
  18. 18. The party finally wound down and the boys dragged themselves off to bed. By remarkable coincidence, theyd ended up with the same pajamaswithout any conspiring on their part whatsoever."See you in the morning, bro," Spandrell called as he climbed into his bunk."Yep," Borusa said gleefully. "Tomorrow we start girlhunting.""Err..." Spandrell started to say something, then shook his head. Tomorrow was soon enough.
  19. 19. When Coxinga graduated and moved back to Pirate Island, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that his parents had been putting money away inan account for him since he was a baby--and all the more surprised to learn that, with the money from his parents and the money hed earned incollege, he could afford a substantial home.Moving day was exciting--the home was his, bought and paid for with his own money (mostly), and hed spared no expense.Authors Note: This house comes with Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff.
  20. 20. "So? What do you think?" Zing asked, pulling Shere Khan into a close embrace as they took a tour of their new home."Is it can be graduation tiemz nao?" Shere Khan asked plaintively. He obviously didnt like the idea that he still had a full year ahead before hecould move in.
  21. 21. "I know," Zing said--somewhat melodramatically for him. "But at least I can use the year to build up our finances enough that we can afford tohave kids. Kids are expensive.""Visible debt?""Exactly," Zing said. "Just you wait, babe--by the time you move in for good, well be laughing all the way to the bank.""Mercenary Zing is mercenary," Shere Khan chuckled. "But iz kewl. As long as dere is no law-ninjas. Invisible lawsuits ftw!""Oh, you mean the contagious pregnancy thing?" Zing asked after some thought. "Yeah, that would be bad. Did you ever figure out what causedit?"
  22. 22. Shere Khan shrugged and pulled Zing a little closer. There was music playing on the radio, and Im afraid that Zings question didnt get answeredjust then.
  23. 23. Some time later, the two of them sat down on their brand new sofa."So about that contagious pregnancy issue," Zing said, revisiting the topic. He held up a hand. "And no distracting me this time!""Investigative cat investigates," Shere Khan said. "Is can be interviews with guineh pig tonight.""Aw, so you wont be staying for dinner?"
  24. 24. "Sexah cat is sexah," Shere Khan giggled. "Is be comin back for invisible sleepings." He caught Zings eye and winked.
  25. 25. "Heh, Ill leave the porch light on," Zing grinned. "When do you have to go?""Invisible alarm clock still makes a noise," Shere Khan said, pointing to his pocket. It immediately began beeping. "Impeccable timing--Im doin itrite.""See you soon," Zing said. "Ill keep dinner warm."
  26. 26. While Shere Khan headed just down the street to interview Ash, Sawyer, and the other residents of that ill-fated house, Zing decided to fill the timeby reopening Zings Used Car Emporium.He sold Spandrell three hatchbacks and a pickup truck.Lee was not amused.
  27. 27. "How can has borkened mai speriments?" Shere Khan asked once he was comfortably settled on a couch in the living room of his guineh--erm,test subjects. "Not bein dum--ur doin it rong."
  28. 28. "I followed the directions on the little bottle exactly," Ash protested. "I even got Sinjin and Aster to double-check for me. And look! It worked! Imtotally growing a spawn inside me!""Yeah, but yours is planned," Sawyer said grumpily from where he sat next to Shere Khan. "Guido and I werent even sure if we wanted kids yet!We were thinking about adopting a cat instead!""Look man, I didnt screw it up," Ash said seriously. "Mustve been something wrong with the bottle of goo, dude. And you might want to fix theflavour, cause that was the nastiest stuff Ive ever drank."
  29. 29. "Yeah, he totally almost spewed everywhere," Ashs partner Sinjin added unhelpfully. "I think if his tastebuds hadnt been completely outta whackfrom that virus, he would have.""Waitasec," Shere Khan interrupted. He turned to glare at Ash. "You can did has flu?"
  30. 30. "We all did," Sawyer shrugged before Ash had a chance to respond. "Its been going through the island like wildfire. If you werent spending mostof your time in Paris, youd probably have it too. Its pretty brutal, but not deadly. Totally contag--" he stopped. "Wait... do you think?"
  31. 31. "Look, the vial didnt say anything bout not drinking the goo if I wasnt up to snuff, cat-dude," Ash said apologetically. "Maybe you should give it,like, a warning label.""Is too late," Shere Khan sighed. "Open moufs. Insert swab. Give sample.""Why are we doing that, dude?"
  32. 32. "Right nao, we has invisible data," Shere Khan said. "Visible DNA tests means visible results, means explainin--Im doin it rite. I can has sendMaispace results next week. Kthxbye."And with that, he shoved the samples in his pocket and strode out the door. He did have a date to get back to, after all.
  33. 33. Toby Biggs leaned back on his comfy new double bed, looked around his swingin bachelor pad, and smiled.
  34. 34. "So dad, what do you think?" he asked. Thats just how it works in this house.""I think somebody needs to give you some decorating advice," Gavin "Dad, I decorated my room like this because Im dating so much,"said, cringing. "Stripes are so Gage Uglacy, son. Surely I brought Toby grinned. "Theres a full floor between my room and the one youyou up to be a better Romance sim than that?" codgers are sleeping on. I figured my nocturnal activities would be less likely to disturb you.""But doesnt this place just scream Toby lives here! at you?" "I think the only thing were likely to hear are gales of laughter,""Well, it screams something," Gavin said. "Anyway, how much time Gavin chuckled, taking in the room again. "But thanks for theare you going to be spending down here? Youre a rookie in the consideration. So we can get rid of the hot tub?"minor leagues, youre dating more women than I can count, andyoull certainly be expected to cook dinner at least once a week. "No way!"
  35. 35. At least one female wasnt scared away by the rooms "charms", in any case. While Toby was at university, some of his uncles had moved back toPirate Island--only Uncle Tycho (his dads twin) and "Uncle" Don remained. Don had met someone and gotten married, and been asked to stay inthe house by Gavin and Tycho, bringing his bride with him.Lyndsay Raha, Dons wife, wandered down to Tobys suite that night while he was sleeping. She hadnt been down to see it yet, and shed certainlyfelt that Toby himself was worth a little extra study. Lyndsay loved her husband, but there was just something about Toby.
  36. 36. With a groan that only the elderly can produce, Lyndsay levered herself onto the bed. "Ah, it feels good to rest old bones," she murmured toherself.Beside her, Toby sensed that something was off. Hed gone to bed alone, and now there was someone lying next to him? Someone who smelledlike... mothballs?
  37. 37. "Aah!" he yelped as he realized his Aunt was relaxing comfortably next to him in her underwear. "Aunt Lyndsay, what are you doing in here? Icould have been sleeping naked!""Ooh, could you tell me the next time you do?" Lyndsay asked avariciously."Im going to pretend I didnt hear that," Toby said, throwing off the covers and getting up. He ignored Lyndsays leer. "Listen, lady... youre nice,right? But youre married to my uncle, and that means no way. So save us both some embarrassment and head back upstairs to your husband,okay?"And with that, Toby strode into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He could still hear Lyndsays annoyed sniff.
  38. 38. Fortunately, Lyndsay had a job and her schedule was completelydifferent from Tobys. They didnt see much of each other over the "Hey, Ill have you know that my apartment draws in the ladies likenext few days. Toby was surprised, however, to get a call from Zing. flies to honey."His cousin was in town visiting Shere Khan and wanted to stop by tovisit while Shere Khan was at class. "Uh huh.""Zing, man, what do you think?" Toby asked, racking up the pool "Seriously, I have to beat them off with a stick," Toby protested,balls. "Do I have a nice place or what?" brandishing his pool cue. "But I tell ya, since we graduated theyve gotten crazier.""Its not bad," Zing agreed. "Could use a new paint job, and youshould fire whoever decorated your bedroom, but the furnitures all "Do go on."high end and so are the appliances."
  39. 39. "Okay, well I wont even get started on Aunt Lyndsay," Toby said,shuddering. "Shes just creepy and she stalks me. In her underwear. "Exactly," Toby said. "And she is blue all over, man. Its kinda weird,Normally Id be all up for that, but shes married to my uncle. You but sometimes I like wierd."just dont disrespect family like that." "TMI!""Wait, you have standards?" Zing smirked. "Sorry. Anyway, weve had this thing going on for ages, right? Since"Of course I do," Toby retorted. "Now hush. Im telling you about the before college, even--I met her visiting grandma and grandpa when Icrazies. Well, one crazy in particular. You remember Athena Deity?" was a teenager back on Pirate Island. But a few weeks ago she calls me up out of the blue and starts yelling at me!""Yeah," Zing said. "Shes blue. Its hard to forget her."
  40. 40. "Maybe she found out about all your other girlfriends," Zing said consideringly."I guess," Toby said dubiously. "Shes always been a big jealous, which totally doesnt fly with me cause I tell the ladies right up front that Im notexclusive. Anyway, shes pitching this big fit when suddenly she grabs me, kisses me, and drags me off into the hot tub.""Lucky you," Zing said dryly. "You can spare me the details. I really dont need to know them."
  41. 41. "Yeah, thats what I thought," Toby said. "Lucky me, right? I dontmind if shes gotta yell first to get in the mood. Im good at ignoring "Wait... shes married?" Zing blinked. "Thats so not cool, dude."yelling. But then after we get dressed again, she starts yelling again!Tells me she cant ever see me again, that what happened didnt "Shes not married yet," Toby said. "Just engaged. All she has to do isactually happen, and that Im scum and she hates me!" say shes not interested anymore and Ill stop calling her. Its the mixed messages that totally screw me up. Anyway, its not my"Thats... kinda bizarre," Zing conceded. responsibility to make sure she stays faithful to her boyfriend. Thats totally on her. I dont instigate--but I do follow through.""Youre telling me," Toby shook his head. "Especially since she and Iboth know shell be calling me again as soon as her husband goes off "What about Ophelia?" Zing asked. "I thought you were prettyon his first business trip." serious."
  42. 42. "Now, Ophelias a chick I totally get," Toby said enthusiastically. "Shes my favorite of all of them. If I was ever to settle down, itd be with her.But shes not interested in settling down either--shes just like me, you know.""Completely incorrigible?""Yeah, something like that," Toby said with a carefree shrug. "Were two peas in a pod. And yeah, shes the only one Ill ever refer to as mygirlfriend probably, but Im not demanding that she and I be exclusive. Im not ready for that and I doubt she is. I know she sees other people.Sometimes she even tells me about it!""TMI!""Sorry. But its true. Anyway, as long as Im available when she calls, and shes available when I call, were good."
  43. 43. "So youre almost exclusive but not really," Zing said, trying to wraphis mind around what Toby thought constituted a relationship. "Dude, Im a Romance sim," Toby said. "There is no greater responsibility to our aspiration.""Exactly," Toby said. "Im out with Athena and Ophelia calls? Itotally make up some excuse, ditch Athena, and meet up with Opie. "Well, thats a relief," Zing said. He looked at his watch. "Well, IveAnd I know she does the same for me." gotta run. Shere Khan should be done class in a few minutes and I said Id pick him up.""Toby, your world just doesnt make sense to me," Zing shook hishead in amazement. "But I guess as long as youre happy and safe. "Yeah, you kids play it safe too," Toby called as Zing let himself outYou do ... play things safe ... right?" the back door. "Im not ready to be an uncle yet!"
  44. 44. As coincidence would have it, Ophelia was walking up the front steps as Zing walked out the back gate. They exchanged waves in passing, butdidnt stop to chat. They both had hoo on the mind.
  45. 45. "Toby, theres a creepy old lady staring at us," Ophelia murmured in Im trying to have a private moment with my girlfriend here?"her boytoys ear as they came up for air. "Well, I never," Lyndsay huffed. With an affronted stomp of her feet,"Lyndsay, go bug Uncle Don," Toby said without looking up. "Im she stalked into the kitchen.kinda busy here and youre killing my mojo." "Shes watching us through the window," Ophelia pointed out."Shes not leaving." "At this point, I dont really care," Toby growled. "Let her watch.Toby sighed, scooped up a big handful of water, and flung it at his Maybe shell get a clue.""Aunt", just missing her. "Stop stalking me, Lyndsay! Cant you see
  46. 46. Some time later, the two drenched and rather shivering lovers huddled together on the deck for warmth."Toby," Ophelia said, in a voice that was actually rather plaintive for her."Yes?""Can we actually talk about something serious for once?"Toby blinked. Talking wasnt something he and Ophelia had done a lot of lately, being rather more focused on... other ... things. "Sure.""Did you sic your mother on me?"
  47. 47. "What do you mean?""Well, you know how the neighborhood sends a welcoming committee when somebody new moves in?""Yeah, thats pretty standard.""Mine was a little... non-standard. I was met by a blue lady, an elf, and ... your mother.""Mom stopped by?" Toby blushed. "Please dont kill me. I had nothing to do with it. Im going to kill HER, as a matter of fact, the next time I seeher."
  48. 48. "She didnt really like it when I flirted with the elf guy in front of her," Ophelia complained. "You told me your mom is a Romance sim. Doesnt sheget what its like between you and I? No complications, no commitment.""Ill remind her," Toby said.
  49. 49. "Oh, you wont have to," Ophelia said. "I already set the record yelled at."straight. I may have yelled a bit. Im just glad you didnt put her up toit, because then Id have to hurt you in all sorts of nasty ways." "Well, maybe someday," Ophelia said, running one hand lightly over Tobys arm. "But not now." She shivered. "Its cold out here--how"Im just glad youre not the jealous type," Toby said, reaching about you take me on a tour of your room?"forward to stroke Ophelias cheek. "Another one?""Crazies been at you again?" Ophelia laughed. "I didnt get to see very much of it last time," Ophelia chuckled."Thats one way of putting it," Toby complained. "Its almost enough "Maybe this time you could show me the couch?"to make me want to commit to someone. Im getting tired of getting
  50. 50. "So this is it, huh?" Angora Buccaneer smiled happily at her soon-to- Angora said. "But only because its our wedding day."be husband, Ian Legacina. "Get on with it!" somebody called from the crowd assembled on the"Looks like," Ian nodded. "Its--its not too late to back out if you dewy lawn. "We havent got all day!"dont want to go through with it." He smiled nervously. "Yeah!" someone else shouted, mirth evident in their tone. "The"Ian Legacina, are you getting cold feet?" Angora teased. turkeys getting cold!""Me? No! I was worried that you were," Ian sputtered. "Because of-- "Well, Ian?" Angora smiled hugely. "Ready?"you know." "More than you know," he said, his entire face changing as a genuine"Well, Ill forgive you just this once for comparing me to her," smile lit his features.
  51. 51. And just like that, the crowd of assembled well-wishers fell silent."Ian, Ive known there was something special about you since the day I first met you. It was a challenge to get to know you past your moodyexterior, but Im so happy that I did. I fell in love with you, warts and all, and I promise to cherish and nurture that love--and those warts!--for therest of our lives.""Angora, I cant even begin to tell you how much I love you and your family. Til death do us part, right?""Right."
  52. 52. And with a deft exchange of rings, the happy couple became Mr. and Mrs. Legacina. Warts and all.
  53. 53. "Think theyll do okay?" Bart asked his daughter-in-law."I think theyll be just fine," Rani nodded at her father-in-law. "If the young man can ever manage to look at me without blushing, that is.""I think hell come around," Bart nodded. "I imagine it is somewhat embarrassing to accidentally blurt out the details of ones woohoo life to onesfuture mother-in-law.""Poor boys probably scarred for life," Rani chuckled. "Well, hell have time to get over it. In the meantime, Bart, the turkeys getting cold. Join meand Pierce for a bite?""Thought that was you yelling."
  54. 54. There was an extra guest at this particular wedding. She wasnt formally invited, as Ian had no idea who she was, but she stopped by nonetheless.She had something of an investment in the happiness of the young couple and she wouldnt miss the wedding for the world.Pierce noticed her and invited her in--the more the merrier for such a happy occasion.
  55. 55. "So, which of you lovely ladies is next to get married?" Rani asked, cominginto the kitchen and joining a group of fancily clad women. "It just means theres no risk of either of us getting dropped by the matchmaker," Robin shrugged. "It works for us.""Dont look at me," Toshiko grinned. "My boytoy is terrified by the m-word.Not that I have a problem with that." "I wonder when Ian and Angora are going to start having kids," the dark- haired stranger mused."Ive got a wonderful husband--when he behaves himself--back home," thedark-haired woman in the asian dress said. "I dont think hed be very happy "Whats it to you?" Rani asked. She didnt recognize the guest.if I married somebody else." "Ill have you know that Im the grooms grandmother," Zoey Legacina"My fiancée is about as terrified of weddings as your boyfriend is," Robin replied haughtily.nodded to Toshiko. "Ooh, Ive heard of you!" Toshiko said eagerly."Doesnt the term fiancée imply a wedding at some point?" Rani asked.
  56. 56. While an extremely frightening discussion of bombs and mayhem Angora elbowed her husband and blushed. "Ill show you later whatcontinued in the kitchen, more civilized discussion was being Ive been packing and re-packing," she hissed.considered over cake in the dining room. Ians cheeks flushed to match his hair, but he wisely said nothing"Are you guys going somewhere on a honeymoon?" Toast asked. further on the matter."Yeah," Angora said excitedly. "Our shuttle to the airport arrives "If I ever get married, Im going to Twikkii Island on myright after you guys leave! I cant wait!" honeymoon," Ophelia declared. "Not that Im planning on getting married or anything.""Shes been packing and repacking her suitcase for days," Ian saidfondly. "I dont know why. Were just going to Three Lakes for a few "We thought about going there," Angora said. "But we decided weddays." check out the mountains this time--far east next time--Twikkii Island the time after that. We both want to travel a lot."
  57. 57. "So what do you think?" Ian asked Ophelia as the party wound down. "Did I pick a keeper this time?" He eyed his bride, who was saying goodbyeto guests at the door, appreciatively."Well, the whole concept of marriage and settling down with just one person freaks me out," Ophelia shrugged. "But," she relented, seeing the lookon Ians face, "if you had to pick just one person, Ian, I think that Angora is the one for you. Weird though that may be.""Yeah, I did good," Ian beamed. Just then there was a honk from outside. "Ack! Thats the shuttle! Wheres my suitcase! Gotta go!"
  58. 58. Ian met Angora in the bedroom. Shed somehow managed to change and grab her suitcase in the three seconds since the cab honked."Dont leave without me!" he yelped as he hastily stripped off the rented tux and slipped on his everyday clothes."Im sure I can convince the driver to wait a minute or two," Angora giggled as she made her way down the stairs. She called back through theopen door, "but itll cost you!"
  59. 59. "Well, thats that," the elderly simself said. She and Brody Legacina--Ians uncle--were the only guests who hadnt left yet. "Ians got his happyending."
  60. 60. The honeymoon sped by quickly, and before long Ian and Angora found themselves settling into the routine of married life. They were both earlyrisers and tried to have breakfast together before work each morning. Pierce and Rani woke later in the day, being retired, and so that golden hourat the start of the day was a time sacred for just the two of them."Are you feeling any better?" Ian asked solicitously as he set Angoras plate down in front of her."A little," Angora said. "I dont know what came over me last night... I just wanted to die. But these omelettes smell so good. Suddenly Imravenous.""Im just that good of a cook," Ian said. "Eat up. Some day my cooking will be worth mon--" He caught sight of Angoras expression and stoppedabruptly. "Are you okay?"
  61. 61. Angora took a deep breath and forked another mouthful of food. She chewed and swallowed it deliberately before answering."Im okay," she said. "I just felt--odd--for a minute there.""Heh, if this keeps up Im going to start accusing you of being pregnant," Ian chuckled."I suppose its certainly possible," Angora agreed. "Actually, if Im not... and once I start feeling better... what do you think about trying?""For kids?" Ian blinked. Then he smiled. "Id... Id like that," he said, almost shyly."Oooh," Angora moaned, putting her hand on her middle. Then she clapped her hand over her mouth and bolted down the hallway.
  62. 62. Ian knocked on the bathroom door and was answered by the sound of projectile vomiting."So Ill pick up a pregnancy test for you on the way home from work?" he called."Probably a good idea," Angora moaned.
  63. 63. Before dinner that evening, Angora took a test and discovered that "I hear ya be in the way o havin a baby, lass," the bear said. Ityes, she was pregnant. As she was feeling ravenous again, she sat sounded almost concerned.down to eat while Ian called everyone hed ever even spoken to andtold them the news. "Yep," Angora smiled, resting her hand on her belly for a moment."Arr!" the bear sitting on the floor beside the table cried. "Well then, lay off the rum," the bear advised. "And... congratulations.""Oh, hi Grandpa Jack," Angora grinned. "Sup?" "Thanks," Angora said. She smiled softly. "And I will."
  64. 64. As it was, it turned out that Ian neednt have bothered phoning everyone under the sun. By that evening, Angora had popped--the whole worldwould know she was pregnant soon!Before we continue with their tale, however, there are others who need visiting and updating.
  65. 65. "And how did I get so lucky as to have two such lovely ladies in my presence?" Will Pseudo said, looking at the youthful forms of daughter andniece appreciatively. "You two are the prettiest girls on Pirate Island, and thats a fact.""Oh, daddy, youre supposed to say stuff like that," Liv giggled."Well, its awfully easy to do when its true," Will said gruffly. "You clean up nice, girl. Both of you.""And speaking of cleaning up," Liv said, "you really ought to get changed, daddy. Even Lainey is done! Go get dressed and keep Hugo companyoutside. Moms not letting him cause Laineys in her dress already."
  66. 66. "You look like a dream," Ching Shih sighed romantically when she caught sight of Lainey Barthelet in all her finery."All of this fuss, just for a wedding," Lainey shook her head in amusement. "Where I come from, these celebrations are much more low-key.""Well then, just be glad you get to party it up, pirate style," Liv said gleefully."Exactly," Shih nodded. "This is going to be a fabulous party, Lainey. Its just too bad none of your family could come.""Well, they got to meet Hugo last month when we visited them," Lainey said. "And they blessed our marriage at that time. So in a way it is like weare having two weddings.""Only one party, though," Liv said regretfully. "Oh well. This one is going to be awesome, and you picked out great dresses for us. Not a butt-bowto be seen!"
  67. 67. "I did try to keep your request in mind when I was shopping, Liv Pseudo," Lainey said earnestly. "I would not wish to alienate my sister-in-lawover such a non-issue as a bridesmaid dress.""Its great," Shih agreed. "But your dress is even better. You have good taste, Lainey.""When it comes to clothes," Liv interjected. "What possessed you to want to marry my brother, though...""And now I know exactly what it is like to have a sister," Lainey giggled. "Come, it is nearly time. We should go outside now.""Stay around the side of the house til were sitting down," Liv cautioned. "I dont want to miss seeing Hugos face when he sees you for the firsttime.""I will do my best," Lainey promised.
  68. 68. Outside, Hugo was waiting nervously under the wedding arch. Hed been looking forward to this day since the matchmaker first dropped Laineyfor him only a few days after hed become a teenager. He could hardly believe it was finally here.A part of him realized that he should be mingling with the guests and greeting them, but he was too nervous and too excited. With an unspokenunderstanding, Toby and Zing took over that duty, and Hugo resumed his pacing at the foot of the aisle.
  69. 69. Finally, the music started and the guests were seated along with the wedding party.
  70. 70. "Here she comes!" somebody whispered, and all heads turned to face where Lainey was walking around the side of the house.
  71. 71. As the bride strode down the grass to meet her groom, her every step was filled with confidence. There would be no more rehashing of old wrongsand old fights--today was a day of new beginnings. Her heart swelled with love at the sight of Hugo waiting for her.
  72. 72. As for Hugo, he had gone very red upon glimpsing Lainey in her bridal finery, and fanned himself. Suddenly, the mild spring day seemed verywarm. The most beautiful woman in the world was walking down the aisle--and she was all his! It seemed almost too good to be true.
  73. 73. "I love you, Lainey," he whispered after theyd shared their more formal, public vows. He slid the simple gold band onto his wifes finger."I love you too, Hugo Pseudo," Lainey breathed.
  74. 74. Hugo couldnt wait any longer. Without further ceremony he swept Lainey up in his arms and planted a giant kiss on her beaming face."Woohoo!" somebody hollered as the guests burst into thunderous applause."No, that comes later!" somebody else shouted. The crowd dissolved into laughter.
  75. 75. "Now I really feel old," Orikes complained to her husband."Well, yes," Will said placatingly. "But just think--soon there will be grandchildren running around under our feet!""Speaking of that," Orikes chuckled. "I dont think well have long to wait. I dont think it was nerves that had Lainey running to the bathroomevery five minutes this morning.""You dont say," Will beamed. "Well, that didnt take long.""Didnt take us long either, I recall," Orikes shot him a fond look.
  76. 76. A few helpful guests quickly set up tables and pushed the chairs around them while Orikes and Will opened the buffet. It was a very congenialmeal."U can has baybeez?" Shere Khan asked pointedly."Oh, we havent even thought about that yet," Hugo shrugged. Will wisely said nothing."Besides, are not such questions considered rude in this culture?" Lainey asked."Well, yeah," Green shrugged from the other side of Hugo. "But that doesnt stop people from asking them!""Inquisitive cat has no use for your cultural foibles. Moar caek plz."
  77. 77. The party wound down before nightfall and Orikes and Will absconded to visit Nick and Green with Liv, leaving Hugo and Lainey alone for theirfirst night as a married couple.Surprisingly, the very first thing Hugo did was sit down and look for a job. He didnt have a particular one in mind, as his lifetime goals were morein line with having children, but he did want to be a good provider and it didnt take him long to find something suitable.
  78. 78. As for Lainey, she settled into domesticity with a vengeance."Aw, geez," Hugo burst out laughing when he saw his bride clad in a very matronly apron. "Whore you trying to fool, Lainey? Im surprised youdidnt beat me to the computer to look for a job!""I already checked this morning, Hugo Pseudo," Lainey said primly. "Are you sure you are not hungry? I am fam--" Suddenly her face changedand she bolted from the room, plate of salmon still in hand.
  79. 79. She spent a very miserable couple of hours in the bathroom. Still, something her mother had told her clued her in.
  80. 80. "Hugo Pseudo," Lainey said hesitantly, finding her husband eating cookies in the kitchen."Yes? Feeling better?""More than better," she glowed. "We are going to be parents!"Hugos answer to that was to scoop Lainey up in his arms with an excited whoop and dash off to the bedroom, but we wont follow them there.Every newlywed couple deserves some privacy.
  81. 81. "So, theyve figured it out, huh?" Will said to his wife a few days later as they fed the fish in the upstairs bathroom. "Took em long enough.""Now, Will," Orikes said reproachfully. "We were like that ourselves. Its three quarters inexperience and one quarter denial.""De Nile is a river in Egypt.""Oh, hush."
  82. 82. Well, denial wouldnt do Lainey much good in the days that followed. It wasnt long before she was almost as big as a house--and deliriouslyhappy.
  83. 83. "Nellie, you dont look anything like your parents do," Green chuckled as he scratched the youngest child of his household behind the ears. "ButIm glad we decided to keep you, and your brother and sister will go to a good home, Ill see to that."Nell-the-dog just barked happily. She didnt know where her brother and sister were, and it didnt really bother her anyway that they were gone. Itjust meant that there was that much less competition for attention from her Master.
  84. 84. Of course, she was going to have a bit more competition in the near future. Liv stopped by during her week-long visit for Hugos wedding, both tospend time with her uncles and their furkids and to discuss the upcoming renovations.
  85. 85. "Weve got three sets of plans," Nick nodded, gesturing to the easel hed set up beside the table. "Green and I are both partial to option B, but sinceyoure the one who will be living here the longest, were leaving it up to you."
  86. 86. "Just take your time before you make your decision," he added. "These kinds of renovations arent cheap, and we want you to be happy."
  87. 87. "Well," Liv said, pursing her lips thoughtfully. "I kind of like all three of them. But I agree with you, Uncle Nick. Option B is the nicest. Itll cost abit more, but Ill be able to get a good job when I graduate so thats not really an issue.""Great," Nick beamed. "Ill call the contractors first thing in the morning."
  88. 88. While Liv flew back from Pirate Island to Paris, Shere Khan was already there and extremely busy in his lab. Hed been running tests on thegenetic samples hed taken from Ash, Sinjin, and Sawyer, and it looked like he finally had a conclusive result.
  89. 89. "Inishul distubring results DO NOT WANT."With a sigh, he programmed one last subroutine to run. Best to be sure.Before he could start the instrument, however, he realized that he wasnt alone in the lab.
  90. 90. "Shere Khan!" Crassus Toyonaga said excitedly. "Good, youre still here! I need your help.""O hai. Helpful cat is helpful," Shere Khan shrugged, standing up and saving his work. "What u wantings?""Its with my experiment to cure zombieism," Crassus said. "Ive got it mostly figured out, but I cant get the actual codon I need spliced into theretrovirus."
  91. 91. "Show," Shere Khan said, ushering Crassus into the chair.Crassus quickly tapped a series of commands into the computer, and the instrument whirred as Shere Khans samples were switched out andCrassus were switched in."I see what u did der," Shere Khan said, leaning over Crassus shoulder. "Splicin--ur doin it rong. I fix." He tapped a few keys in sequence.The machine whirred, and a light that had been blinking red suddenly switched to green.
  92. 92. "You did it!" Crassus cried gleefully, leaping to his feet and barreling towards Shere Khan. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!""Is no problem," Shere Khan shrugged. "R u dun nao?""I think so," Crassus said. He extracted two vials from the machine and cradled them to his chest. "Thanks again, Shere Khan. Youre a lifesaver.Literally."
  93. 93. A short time later, the aroma of spoiled cheese permeated the campus as Crassus welcomed his father Sejanus for a visit. Sejanus was a mutezombie, and Crassus had been working tirelessly to find a cure for his fathers affliction.
  94. 94. "So whats new? Why did you want me to visit? Not that Im not happy to visit my favorite younger son," Sejanus signed rapidly."Ive got something to show you, dad," Crassus could barely contain his excitement."Really?""Yeah," Crassus said. He stood up and reached into his pocket.
  95. 95. "Here, dad," He said, presenting a large wrapped box to his father."Whats this?" the zombie blinked in confusion."Its a cure, dad!" Crassus practically shouted. "I managed to find a cure for zombieism! Well, Shere Khan did some of it, but still... its my researchand itll fix you!"
  96. 96. "Thats amazing!" Sejanus signed, his jaw dropping. With trembling hands he took the box and put it in his inventory. "I dont know how I canthank you, Crassus.""Just take it and live," Crassus smiled. "Grow old with mom, okay? Its freaky that shes a vampire.""Should I wait for you to graduate first?""No," Crassus said hastily. "It might spoil before then. You should take it right away!"With a mumbling sigh, Sejanus nodded to show he understood.
  97. 97. Then he threw his arms around his son and held him tightly for several minutes."Aw, youre welcome," Crassus blushed. "You would have done it for me. I love you, dad--now go home and get better."
  98. 98. Across campus, the smell of cheese evidently inspired our favorite heiress to stop for pizza on her way home from class."Hey, Liv!" she cried as she walked through the door. "Ive got food!""Great!" Liv responded in an equally loud voice. "Im famished!"Such an event occurred at least twice a week at Arravast Greek house, or so it often seemed to the more frequent visitors.
  99. 99. The Cow Mascot, for one, enjoyed the pizza fix and usually stopped by to mooch a piece or two. She found that it gave her burps that extra bit ofpiquancy.
  100. 100. Liv was generally not amused. Laissez-faire she might be, but she wasnt gross. Nor was she turned on by grossness.
  101. 101. In fact, the one item in the house that was guaranteed to bring amusement to Liv was the fish tank. It wasnt as big or as colourful as the one in herparents bathroom, but it would do while she was at university."Im gonna get ya, fishie!" she screeched gleefully as her clam-hands chased the fish around the tank."That cant be good for them," Shih observed, walking through the room."It is!" Liv insisted. "It helps them get their exercise. Swimming is good for the heart."
  102. 102. But a lot of the time, Liv found that she was not all that amused. She hadnt expected Shih to be a stick-in-the-mud, but her favorite cousin was soabsorbed in her studies that she rarely had time to help Liv plan the parties Arravast was famous for.The youngest of the first circle of Buccaneers wasnt even entertained by running off to campus and stealing furniture."Im BORED!" she announced to no one in particular.
  103. 103. "I can help with that," the more than slightly nasty ghost of Tosha McCullogh hissed as she floated greenly through the air. "Want to get scared?Pee your pants? Join me in ignominious death?""Err, Ill pass," Liv said hastily. She shoved the couch back into her inventory and went inside to bother the fish some more.
  104. 104. Ching Shih completely missed out on that exchange, though as a Knowledge sim she would have enjoyed the chance to "meet" a ghost. And bymeet, I mean "have the pee scared out of her".She was too busy for that, though. Ching Shih spent all of her spare time skilling like mad--she was determined to meet her lifetime want beforeshe graduated university, and she was running out of time in which to do so.
  105. 105. But finally, there came a day where she put down her book, lookedup, and simply stated, "Im done." Thats an ... interesting ... change.Good job, Ching Shih! You should be proud! "Yeah. I thought it would be a nice change.""I am proud, Goddess," she said, staring uncannily in my direction. "I Well, whatever floats your boat. You should get to bed, though--wish you wouldnt spy, though. Do you spy when Jims visiting?" Jims coming over in the morning.I see all. "Yay!" And with that, she scampered off to bed, though its doubtful whether she got any sleep."Thats just a little creepy. Anyway, I want to be a Ballerina now."
  106. 106. "Jims coming over and Shihs finally stopped studying," Liv said to herself first thing the next morning. "That means its time for a Toga Party!"Quickly, she placed a call.
  107. 107. It wasnt long before the house was filled with the sound of music and laughter. Everybody who had yet to graduate and who had at least a minimalconnection to Pirate Island was invited and told to bring a friend.
  108. 108. Even Shere Khan stopped by for a few minutes."Hey bro!" Shih said cheerfully, giving her future brother-in-law a warm hug. "Hows things at the lab?""Invisible Shih is missed," Shere Khan acknowledged. "Why u playin at drama nao? U wuz gud science-monkey.""I decided I want to be a ballerina," Shih said with a shrug. "But if you need any more help with your research, just give me a call. I can still pipetwith the best of them.""Thanks," Shere Khan said. "But visible data is visible. I has results nao."
  109. 109. "Is funny," he grinned when Shih prodded him for more information. "All pplz can has kittehs nao. Stupid guineh pig is stupid--he eated the cookiewhen he hadz plague.""Are you going to tell people?"
  110. 110. "Guess so," Shere Khan shrugged. "After happy bellz. I can has press conference!""Well thats responsible of you," Shih said. She gestured towards the door. "Want to come in? Theres a party in full swing in there. Im just outhere cause my cell reception sucks in the house and Jims flight got delayed. Hes supposed to call and tell me when hell be here.""I has examz," Shere Khan said sorrowfully. "Is can be finals yet? See you at da weddingz.""I suppose," Shih said regretfully. "Well, its only a few weeks away. Youre leaving right after exams?""It can be hugz tiem den," Shere Khan said. "Patient Zing is patient.""Gotcha," Shih said. She hugged Shere Khan again. "Call me when you get settled, then. Youre family too, you know."
  111. 111. The next morning, a very tired Jim finally arrived at Arravast house.
  112. 112. He and Ching Shih didnt waste any time getting reacquainted.
  113. 113. "And am I correct in assuming you two lovely ladies are finished "Wouldnt catch me doing that," Shih said, blushing.with exams for the semester?" Jim asked smoothly as he gratefullydug into the breakfast Shih had prepared. "I should like to," Jim purred."Yeah, were all done," Liv said happily. "I am not a morning person. "Eww," Liv grumbled. "Why dont you two get a room orI was almost late!" something?""And did you, in fact, attend your exam while wearing your Both Shih and Jim put down their forks without saying a word, gotpajamas?" Jim asked pointedly. up, and silently left the room."What if I did?" Liv giggled. "Nobody complained. Sides, I think "I didnt mean that literally!" Liv complained, but she laughed,Aunt Susanna used to go in her underwear." strolled over to the phone, and called up a date of her own.
  114. 114. Later that day, Shih and Jim found themselves in the downstairs rec room."Challenge you to a game," Shih said, flashing pearly whites at her fianc��."I can see where Im outclassed," the llama mascot said, his voice muffled by the fabric of his costume. "The tables all yours. Im gonna go flirtwith Liv.""Good luck with that."
  115. 115. "So the semester is ended," Jim said, eyeing Shih with frank admiration. "You have not yet told me what your plans are for the summer, beloved."
  116. 116. "Oh, I havent thought about it that much," Shih said, stretching across the pool table to take her shot. "Livs heading back to the Island. I thoughtId stay here a little longer and just head down for Zings wedding.""Would you welcome my company?"
  117. 117. Shih gave him a Look. "What do you think, love? Stay here all by myself for six weeks or stay here with you for six weeks. Hmm... decisions,decisions."
  118. 118. "You had not invited me yet," Jim said. "I wondered if perhaps you were getting tired of me.""I wasnt sure if you would be able to stay so long," Shih retorted."I am a teacher," Jim shrugged. "I have the summer off."
  119. 119. "Well then, of course I want you to stay!" Shih said in exasperation. "Do I really need to prove to you how much I love you?""Well... it would be nice," Jim smiled wickedly.
  120. 120. Liv left for the airport a short time later, and Shih and Jim headed upstairs to fall asleep together. Its pretty safe to say, he was suitably reassured.Thats it for Part 1 -- dont stop now, head over to read Part 2!