A Piratical Legacy Chapter 22 Part 2 - Five Weddings and a Funeral


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 22 Part 2 - Five Weddings and a Funeral

  1. 1. Chapter 22 – Five Weddings and a Funeral Part 2Welcome to Part 2 of this chapter of A Piratical Legacy.Im assuming that youve just finished reading Part 1, so this part should need no introduction. Onward!
  2. 2. The title of this chapter claims that there are five weddings and a funeral. Well, if youve been keeping count, youll know that weve had thefuneral (Pao), as well as four weddings (Grace & Lee, Morgan & Kelly, Will & Orikes, Nick & Green). This is the fifth: Pierce Buccaneer andRani Buccaneer.
  3. 3. Tragically, almost immediately after the wedding ceremony took place, Eddie Buccaneer passed on to the great catnip garden in the sky.He will be sorely missed on Pirate Island and by his many fans in other parts of the sim-verse, yet as long as hes available for download he willnever truly be dead.Rest in peace, Edward Buccaneer: Mad Scientist, Loving Father, Religious Advisor.(To see more of Eddie, check out the Squeaky Clean Legacy or A Planetary Apocalypse.)
  4. 4. He was followed immediately thereafter by his beloved wife and high school sweetheart, Tosha."DO YOU PERHAPS HAVE ANY CHILD-REARING ADVICE YOU COULD SPARE?"Tosha Buccaneer, proud wife, mother, and scientific abominator. Rest in Peace."Just make sure you have plenty of scratching posts, and dose the bottles with catnip. Oh, and never forget about flea collars. Why do you ask?""OH, NO REASON. COME ALONG. EDDIE IS WAITING."
  5. 5. But new life always arises to replace the old, and people move on, and sorrow fades.
  6. 6. It wasnt long before Pierce and Rani welcomed their daughter, Angora Buccaneer, to the family. Unfortunately, she did not inherit the tiger traits.However, there is hope for the line yet. Theres an as-yet unborn cousin who may just have a striped skintone.
  7. 7. "Drink up, Zing. This is the best organic milk that can be had on Pirate Island," Grace said as she held her newborn son, Coxinga. It hadnt takenvery long for her to give him a nickname.Coxinga burbled at her."You always have to make sure you get the best value for your money, Zing," Grace added as she rocked the baby. "But you dont want to be toocheap. You get what you pay for in a lot of cases, but sometimes things are expensive just for the sake of being expensive. You want to get goodvalue for what you pay. Always keep that in mind."How touching are the lessons learned at a mothers knee.
  8. 8. When Coxinga was a few days old, Grace decided that she and the baby were ready to meet the world. Gertie happily obliged by throwing a familybaby shower.Much to Graces disgust, it wasnt a traditional sort of baby shower. There were no gifts involved."Not that theres anything you need," Marie said indulgently. "This family has always been well off. Well, except when they werent."
  9. 9. While proud aunts and uncles were swarming the baby in the kitchen, Marie asked Roche if he would talk with her for a moment."I guess it cant hurt," Roche said warily."Oh, sit down," Marie said. "I wont bite. Unless you want me to. Not that Im offering or anything.""Do you even still have all your teeth?" Roche asked dubiously, eyeing Maries sagging frame."As many as you do," Marie snapped.Roche felt around his mouth gingerly with his tongue. "Whatever," he said, dismissing the thought. "What do you want to talk about?"
  10. 10. Marie waited until her ex-husband sat down. "No, but I also didnt keep the blog hidden. I trusted that it would remain anonymous, which was pretty naive of me.""I want to apologize," Marie said. "You got that right," Roche nodded."For what?" Roche asked, surprised. "Anyway, can you forgive me someday, do you think?" Marie asked."For everything," Marie said. "For blaming you when we lost Anna. I can "Weve got grandkids... Id like it if we could tolerate one anotherssee now that you didnt have any other choice, and its turned out for the presence. For their sake."best. For cheating on you with the dregs of humanity. For writing about iton the internet and letting our daughter find out about it." "I... suppose," Roche said reluctantly. "But its going to take time, Marie.""Hey now, you didnt sent Gertie that blog link, did you?" Roche asked. "I guess I can live with that. I have to, dont I?"
  11. 11. Roche and Marie joined their children in the kitchen, and Lee and Andrew migrated into the living room."Getting a bit crowded in there," Lee said by way of explanation."And now is a good time for slap-dancing," Andrew said. He turned on the radio. "Whoever fumbles first has to do the dishes when the guestsleave.""Youre on!"
  12. 12. "Hey, what are you two doing out here?" Gertie demanded, wandering into the living room and catching sight of the slappers."Competing over who has to do the chores later," Andrew explained."Theres no point in doing that," Gertie shrugged. "My brothers are neat freaks. Theyve already put away all of the dishes.""Oh."
  13. 13. "In that case, it is time for a Bigfoot Hug!" Andrew cried. He bodilypicked up Gertie and twirled her around the room. "Mr. Mickles is no laughing matter," Andrew said solemnly."Ack! Andrew! Dont make me pull out Mr. Mickles!" "But--but his name is Mr. Mickles!" Gertie protested. "How is that not funny?"Andrew immediately dropped Gertie to the floor. "Sorry." "It is not.""Oh, Andrew, I was just joking," Gertie said, brushing off her rear asshe stood up. "I didnt mean to startle you." "Oh, fine."
  14. 14. She wandered back into the kitchen, where Nick was taking his turn "And when he grows up, he can be a Rock God and become aholding baby Coxinga. professional zinger!" Gertie said wickedly."You have a really strange name, kid," he told the cooing bundle. "Gertie!" Nick admonished. "That isnt very nice. Youll hurt Zings"But I guess its traditional and all that." feelings.""Grace and Lee call him Zing for short," Gertie said. She reached "No I wont," Gertie said. "Hes too little and too cute to know whatforward and tickled Coxingas toes. "But I think that name is even Im saying."sillier." "Why dont you hold your cute nephew for a moment?" Nick asked,"Maybe hell grow into it," Nick shrugged. "At least she isnt calling handing the baby over.him Cox. Can you imagine the teasing hed get at school? MaybeZing is the best choice." "What? Sure!"
  15. 15. A moment later Gertie was stomping into the nursery. "Ew! Now I know why Nick was so glad to hand you off," she said, plugging her nose. "Youstink worse than aged gorgonzola!"While Gertie was changing Zings diaper she wondered where his parents and/or grandparents were. Surely they should be the ones taking care ofthat onerous chore.
  16. 16. ...
  17. 17. ...Suffice to say, the baby shower was a roof-raiser.
  18. 18. The next night, Grace celebrated by becoming a Space Pirate, and thus perma-plat.
  19. 19. She immediately celebrated by running to the upstairs bathroom and vomiting profusely. She thought it might have something to do with theimpromptu celebrating she and Lee had done during the baby shower, as she later announced at dinner.
  20. 20. "Heya Zing," Roche said happily, gathering the baby into his arms. "Youve sure got a weird mom, you know that? Sometimes its hard to believeshes my kid. She was describing her morning sickness at the dinner table. So inappropriate. But youll be happy to know youre going to be a bigbrother! Thats cause your parents woohooed at your baby shower."Zing blinked at him and pooped.
  21. 21. A short while later he concluded his expression of opinion on Roche and his parents giving out too much info by spitting up his entire bottle on hisgrandfather."I dont think I deserved that," Roche muttered as he got out a cleaning rag. "Cmon, Zing. Bed time for you."
  22. 22. All of the adults in the house doted on Zing, but only Andrew came close to Roches devotion. He was constantly picking up the infant to feed himbottles. And bottles. And bottles."You know, Zing really doesnt need to eat that much," Roche pointed out as he passed Andrew in the hall one day."Bigfoot babies eat constantly," Andrew shrugged. "I always thought human babies were the same."
  23. 23. Grace, meanwhile, was spending a lot of time on the computer. She was on maternity leave again, and she was taking advantage of being paid tostay at home to work on the family business holdings."Now," she mused to herself, "we currently own three commercial properties in town. Four if you count the family graveyard. A true local businessempire really needs at least five businesses, all trademarked under the same family name. But should I develop them simultaneously, or one at atime? The clothing store doesnt need much - its already producing pretty well. A few days and it should be self-sufficient, if I can find a manager.Bubbles & Bubbly is also doing well, though its going to take a bit more direct involvement. But what about the rest?"She spent the rest of the day doing spreadsheets and going over the financials for the businesses, while humming under her breath. "Squeeze,squeeze, squeeze the poor..."
  24. 24. Anna, meanwhile, was between business calls and decided to pay a "Well, Im a quarter alien," Gavin said. "I suppose that could bevisit to her pregnant lover, Gavin Biggs. why.""Lookin good, darling," she said appreciatively. "Though why are "And Im an anthropomorphic manifestation who just happens to be ayou wearing that alien shirt? Its not like youre going to have an alien full human," Grace nodded. "Maybe a combination of the two?"baby or anything like that." "Maybe," Gavin said. "Wait -- an anthropo whatsit?""Its the only one of my shirts that still fits," Gavin said. "Grace, didyou know that this would happen when we woohooed?" "Grim Reaper," Anna said. "Thats my day job.""Not a clue," Anna said. "Do you know what might have triggered "You know I love you," Gavin said. "But youre just plain weird,you getting knocked up instead of me?" Anna."
  25. 25. "I know you mean that," Anna chuckled. She rubbed Gavins tummy fondly. "Hello little baby! Its your mommy talking! Erm, sort of. Gavin, doyou know if Im the mom or the dad?""Lets just say youre the mom to avoid needless confusion," Gavin said. "Anything else would make my brain hurt.""Hey, are you sure this ones mine?" Anna demanded suddenly. "I know youre a Romance sim just like me, Gav.""You heard the lullaby plain as I did," Gavin said, shrugging. "Besides, I havent met any other girls except for the maid, and shes mean."
  26. 26. "You know, Gavin," Anna said once theyd gone inside. "I think its awfully hot that youre carrying a baby for me. Makes me feel all... macho andstuff. Protective.""Aww... hearing you say that makes me feel downright domestic," Gavin said.He and Anna stared at each other for a moment, their eyes wide."Okay, I wont ever talk like that again if you promise not to," Anna said."Deal," Gavin nodded emphatically.
  27. 27. "Oh hey, guys," Tycho Biggs (Gavins twin brother) said as he wandered down to join them. "What are you talking about?""The baby," Gavin shrugged. "Nothing interesting. Im going to go upstairs and grab a bite. You coming?""Nah, I ate before I came," Anna said. She flicked on the radio."Im not hungry either," Tycho added, not taking his eyes off of Annas face.Gavin stared from one to the other. "Behave."
  28. 28. As he shoveled down his pancakes he couldnt shake the sneaking suspicion that Anna and Tycho were not, in fact, behaving.
  29. 29. Nope, they werent."So it doesnt ick you out at all, does it?" Anna asked."Not really. As long as you dont make me pregnant," Tycho said, shaking a finger at Anna warningly.
  30. 30. However, it was Gavin that Anna really cared about the most, so it was him she tended to visit and spend time with the most often, despite heroccasional forays with Tycho. She was still cultivating the other guys so she split her time between the two brothers for the time being.
  31. 31. She even happened to be visiting when Gavin finally went into labour."Oh, my plumbbob!"
  32. 32. Some tense and excruciating minutes later, Anna and Gavin were proud to welcome their brand new baby boy to the world. They named him Toby.
  33. 33. "Here, you take him," Gavin said, handing the baby to his brother. "Anna and I have to woohoo to celebrate."
  34. 34. Anna and Gavin had plenty of opportunities to celebrate the birth their child, because the other men of the household fought over who would get totake care of Toby."Hey little dude," Don said as he expertly applied a bottle to the seeking mouth. "Youre definitely the coolest kid Ive ever hung out with."
  35. 35. Anna was a frequent visitor to the house, though she rarely got to spend any time with her son. Not that she minded."Why did you guys get a minivan?" she asked on one such visit after Gavin had finished enthusiastically greeting her."Well, the guys and I were talking," Gavin shrugged. "You gotta have a minivan if you have kids. Its a rule, yknow?""Arent you afraid itll hurt your manly image?""Nah, chicks dig guys who are good with kids," Gavin said happily. "Little Toby is a total babe magnet. Heck, you cant get enough of him!""Thats because hes my kid!"
  36. 36. "Yknow, keeping your mom around makes you the best babe magnet of all," Gavin said happily to his son after Anna had left. "Shes somethingspecial."
  37. 37. "No fair!" Don whined as Tycho beat the rest of the guys to Tobys crib. "You got to feed him last time!""Yeah, I want a turn," Borealis complained. "Im a Family sim. Im naturally good with babies.""What about meeeee?" James, bringing up the rear, chimed in. "I hardly ever get to play with Toby!""You snooze, you lose!" Tycho crowed, marching upstairs with his nephew.
  38. 38. The scene repeated itself frequently, though the other guys got better and better at beating Tycho to the crib."I wish I had my own little guy just like you," Borealis said.
  39. 39. "I like having a little dude like you around," Holstein confided in Toby one evening. "Especially since I can hand you back to Gav when you poop.Cause diapers arent cool."
  40. 40. "Diapers are definitely NOT cool," Anna exclaimed, stepping over the stinking, screaming baby. "And why is Toby on the floor, guys?""He likes to see whats going on," Don explained."Well, change his diaper!""Youre the mom!""Oh, fine," Anna grumbled.
  41. 41. Marie celebrated the birth of her third grandchild by reopening her SHE IS WORKING TODAY AND I HAVE THE DAY OFF."long-neglected pet and pet supply store, Maries Pet Emporium.Business was terrific - she could scarcely keep items on the shelves. "Ah, youre the real one," Marie said, backing away hastily."WHERE DO YOU KEEP THE CATNIP?" the Grim Reaper asked. The Grim Reaper folded his arms and stared at her. "DO YOU HAVE CATNIP OR NOT?""Anna? Is that you?" "On the shelf behind you," Marie said quickly, pointing."NO. I WILL TELL HER YOU WERE ASKING AFTER HER.
  42. 42. "You wouldnt happen to be looking for employees, would you?" Rajah Buccaneer asked."No, were doing well right now," Marie said. "But if youd like to drop off a resume Ill give it a look. We do occasionally get openings.""Sure, why not," Rajah said. He pulled a rather crumpled looking paper out of his pocket and handed it to Marie."Thanks," Marie said, holding it gingerly between two fingers."No problem!" Rajah said. He winked and wandered off to look at litterboxes.
  43. 43. "Ms. Buccaneer," Armando Fancey said, cornering Marie behind a display, "I need to talk to you.""Oh?" Marie asked. "How may I help you?""Well, its about your store," Armando said. "Im a reviewer for the local paper, you see.""Oh, really," Marie said, her tone immediately becoming more welcoming."Yes," Armando said. "Ive been checking out the store for some time, and I just wanted to say..."
  44. 44. "... that you rock," he concluded, handing her an engraved plaque."Really?!?""Really," Armando said. "Congratulations, Ms. Buccaneer.""Well... thank you! Armando, you said your name was?""Thats me," the reporter said."Why dont you stop by my place tomorrow night, Armando," Marie said. "Im having a little get-together with some friends. Heres my address!""I just might do that," Armando said, winking as he strode out of the store.
  45. 45. That night, Roche stopped by as Marie was getting ready to leave."Busy tonight?" he asked, whirling Marie around in his arms."Actually, I am," Marie said, but she batted her eyelashes coquettishly."Too bad," Roche chuckled, pulling away and continuing on down the sidewalk. "Id have been more fun!""Oh, you," Marie said. Ever since Zings baby shower, the relationship between her and Roche had been very ... different. Theyd spent a bit of timetogether, though nothing serious. Marie wasnt sure where the relationship was going, and she wasnt sure she wanted to think about it too much.She was doing fine just going with the flow. Commitment wasnt really in her long-term plan.
  46. 46. The next morning, Gertie stopped by to visit her mother and talk about the events that had led to her being ineligible for heiress."What do you want to know?" Marie asked, once Gertie had mentioned the reason for her visit."Tell me about my father," Gertie said. "Anthony Greaves, I mean. Thats what your blog said his name was. Does he still live on the island?""I... dont know," Marie said. "I havent seen Anthony since before you were born, Gertie. He went missing not long after I found out he was thefather, around when you were named heiress by the family. The police said that he was seen being forced aboard a cargo ship down at the docks,but..." she trailed off and shrugged. "Your father wasnt a nice man, Gertie, and I suspect I was manipulated by him. Im not sad that hes not on theisland anymore."
  47. 47. "What do you mean, he wasnt a nice man?" Gertie asked. "Why do you think he was manipulating the family?""Havent you ever read your Grandma Ivys memoirs?" Marie asked. "You should sometime. Ivy was a fascinating lady. Anyway, Ivy datedAnthony. She even installed him as concubine at some point - you never knew her during that time, but Ivy wasnt exactly faithful to Pao whenthey were younger. She had a harem during her reign as heiress. Anyway, Im not sure exactly what happened but Anthony grew intensely jealousof Ivys marriage to Pao, and his love for Ivy turned to hate. She dismissed him from her harem and he began stalking her. Unfortunately, thatswhen the global climate shift happened and he froze to death on the family grounds. With his dying breath, he cursed the family with infertility.""Infertility? But you and dad had five kids!" Gertie said."I know," Marie said. "Your father... made a deal with the Grim Reaper in order to resurrect Anthony. No angry ghost means no curse."
  48. 48. "What sort of deal?" Gertie asked."That he would give up his firstborn child to death," Marie said sadly. "When we lost Anna, it just about killed me... I never really recoveredemotionally until just recently, when I began getting some counseling for it. The fact that Anna has been restored to us didnt hurt either. Thatswhen I finally forgave your father... but of course, that was after everything had all gone bad between us. I cheated on him a lot while I wasdepressed and grieving.""I know," Gertie said sourly. "I read your blog, remember? So you have no idea where Anthony is now?""I dont," Marie said. "But I dont think hell be able to get back on the island. I think your Uncle Jack is making sure he cant come back.""I guess thats a relief," Gertie said. "But I dont like knowing that Im a descendent of a person like that."
  49. 49. "Youre a good person, Gertie," Marie said emphatically. "I dont "Not right now," Gertie said. She smiled. "Im glad youre my mom,think you have to worry about turning out like your bio-father. You even though youve done some dumb things. Everyone does dumbhave a pretty great father in Roche. Hes always doted on you even things sometimes."though I think he suspected you werent his." "I wont deny that," Marie said with a wry grin. "Now, why dont you"I know," Gertie said. "Hes reassured me about that." tell me all about your time abroad? You know, Im jealous of you getting to see the world like that. I never had the opportunity.""Good," Marie said. She took Gerties hands in hers. "Is thereanything else you want to know, Gertie?" "Its never too late to travel til youre dead!" Gertie said enthusiastically. "Oh, mom, youd love it..."
  50. 50. For the next several hours, Gertie lectured enthusiastically about all the things and places and people shed seen. From learning the sea chanteyfrom the ghost of Captain Dregg...
  51. 51. ... to showing her mom some new exercise routines shed learned from the Takemizans...
  52. 52. ... to doing the hula in Maries living room. Gertie was happy to demonstrate everything, and Marie was thrilled to learn it."Its almost as good as going there myself!" she said enthusiastically."Not really," Gertie said. "But Im glad to share what I saw and did with you. Maybe one day we can go see the world together!""Id like that," Marie grinned.
  53. 53. That night was Maries party. The guest list was decidedly... single-gendered.Marie is a romance sim, after all.
  54. 54. Jerry Turner, one of her flings from when she was younger, was the first to approach Marie in a romantic matter at the party.
  55. 55. Unfortunately, he did so in front of Gage, who was more than a little "No, youre just so ugly youre infamous," Jerry said. "Theres aupset. difference.""I thought I was special!" "Stay out of it!" Marie and Gage said in unison to the unfortunate Jerry."Gage, youre rolling up indecent wants for half the sims andsimselves on the island!" Marie protested, dodging Gages slap. "Fine," Jerry said, and sulked his way into the kitchen area."So? Thats different," Gage pouted. "Im a celebrity." "You know, this is better than TV," Armando the business writer said enthusiastically.
  56. 56. Gage slouched off and went home, still mad at Marie. Hercules disappeared as well.Marie took the opportunity to flirt a bit with Rhys Fitzhugh. Jerry didnt really care - he was too laid back to mind Maries free spirit."Yknow, I bet we could get into all kinds of trouble together," Rhys said enticingly."Ill think about it," Marie said with a wink.====Gage Uglacy courtesy of Candis Uglacy and PrettacyRhys Fitzhugh courtesy of smoothiequeen87s Fitzhugh Legacy
  57. 57. "Sleep tight, little Zing," Grace crooned as she tucked in her infant baby. "Sleep well and grow up big and strong! The sooner you grow up, thesooner you can work in my stores..."
  58. 58. That night, Grace was surprised by her first baby bump. How exciting!"Finally!" she said to herself quietly, making sure not to disturb Lee. "As soon as this one is born, I can start working on those businesses!"She went back to sleep, psyched that her period of inactivity was nearly over.
  59. 59. Roche, meanwhile, was still working towards his goal of 50 Dream Dates with the assistance of the wishing well. His next vict--err, date--was mailcarrier Dagmar Bertino.That one ended with some silly-looking hammock woohoo as well.
  60. 60. A short time later, everyone was in attendance at the home shared by Bart, De, Morgan, Kelly, and baby Toshiko for Toshis toddler birthday."Go Toshi!" Kelly said, whirling a noisemaker enthusiastically."Lets blow out the candles, dear," Morgan said, leaning over the cake with the baby. "What are you going to wish for? Is it a pony?"
  61. 61. Toshiko grew up into quite the little charmer. Some of the family were a bit curious as to how shed turn out in the end, but her immediate familyfell even more in love with her."Cmon, Toshiko," De said. "Time to go to sleep!"Toshiko giggled and yawned hugely in her grandmothers arms.
  62. 62. The next days, weeks, and months were spent with the family teaching Toshiko all the things a toddler would need to learn."Aww, come on Toshi," Morgan said entreatingly. "Dont you want to learn how to talk?""No, Mommy! No talk!"
  63. 63. Toshi was a bit of a brat, though. She knew perfectly well how to ask for airplane rides from Grandpa, stories from Grandma, and cookies from herAunt Rose and Uncle Pierce. She just liked being stubborn.
  64. 64. "Okay, Toshi, how about we try going in the potty?" Kelly asked herdaughter one day while the effects of Smart Milk glowed about her in "You know," Kelly said after a moments thought, "red is a kind ofa brilliant greeny blue nimbus. pink, Toshi.""No!" Toshi said happily. "Wed is pink?""Why not?" Kelly demanded. "Pink is just some red with white mixed in," Kelly nodded."Betause its wed," Toshiko complained. "Wanna pink potty." "Otay, I use the wed potty," Toshiko said after a moment of serious contemplation. "Now, Mama?""The store doesnt sell pink potties," Kelly said patiently. "Sure," Kelly grinned. "And Grandpa can clean it out afterwards.""But I wanna pink potty!" Toshi insisted.
  65. 65. Sometimes Bart thought that his daughter-in-law didnt like him very much.
  66. 66. Toshi wasnt the only Buccaneer baby celebrating a birthday. Coxinga was only a few weeks younger than his cousin and the entire family showedup for his birthday.Roche did the honours.
  67. 67. Everyone, upon seeing the toddler-sized Zing, decided that hed do very well indeed. Roche, especially, was tickled with him. Hed even bought theboy a Twikkiian shirt to match his own!
  68. 68. Everyone in the house wanted to help teach Zing his toddler skills, even the hugely pregnant Grace."Use the potty like a big boy," Grace said encouragingly. "Diapers are expensive!"
  69. 69. "Come on, Zing," Gertie said. "Say Grilled Cheese! You can do it!" "Potty spensive?""Gill tease," Zing said obediently. "Nanty Gettie, what spensive?" "No, its a real cost-saver," Gertie said."Thats something that costs a lot of money," Gertie said. "Zing spensive?""Dipeys spensive?" "No, youre priceless, Zinger," Gertie said, tickling her nephew. Zing laughed delightedly."A little," Gertie said. "But why are you worried, Zing? You use thepotty like a big boy!" "Love you, Nanty Gettie," he said happily.
  70. 70. "And the sooner you can walk, Zing, the sooner you can go places!"Roche said, helping the wobbly toddler to his feet. "Feet are "Spensive fun?"important. You can jump on couches with them." "The best kinds of fun are expensive," Roche said. "Its a lot more"I jump couch?" fun jumping on your moms expensive furniture than it is jumping on the ground.""Only when your mom cant see," Roche said conspiratorially. "Shesays the furniture is too expensive for jumping on, but she doesnt "Oh."know what real fun is."
  71. 71. When Roche wasnt hanging out with his grandson, he was dating his way through the Pirate Island natives. He thought he only needed two orthree more dream dates to reach his lifetime want and become permaplat. The names and faces were starting to blur together a bit
  72. 72. "Bigfoot HUG!" Andrew declared, sweeping Grace up in his furry arms."Ack! Andrew!" Grace spluttered, laughing helplessly. "Put me down! I weigh a ton!""Babies arent that heavy," Andrew said gravely. "And you looked like you were thinking too hard.""I was, at that," Grace said. "Thanks, Andrew. You always know when I need to relax.""One of my roles in the household is official cheerer," Andrew said. "Glad to be of service."
  73. 73. One of Andrews other duties was to paint Graces official heiress portrait, and hed finally started on it.Lees photo was a much more straightforward affair as Grace had simply used her new digital camera and ordered the picture online. She loved herdigital camera. So cost-effective.
  74. 74. Back at the big house that was shared by Nick and Green, and Will into animals right now."and Orikes, life went on as usual. All four adults doted on babyHugo, but they made sure to make time for themselves as well. "Me too," Green said, relief evident in his voice. "Maybe in the future sometime?""Do you think we should adopt a baby?" Nick asked Green onebright winter day. "Sure!" Nick said. "For now... lets maybe think about getting a pet? And we can help with Hugo, of course.""Do you want to adopt one?" Green asked. "Deal!""Im not feeling like I need to right now," Nick admitted. "Im more
  75. 75. Nick and his sister-in-law got along famously. Nick was supremely playful, just like Orikes, and could frequently be found whacking her over thehead with a pillow in the fluorescent yellow kitchen.
  76. 76. He could also frequently be found caring for Hugo despite claiming that hed rather have a cat than a kid."Its just that litter boxes are a lot less messy to clean than a diaper, most of the time," he often said.
  77. 77. As Hugo was almost exactly the same age as Zing and Toshi, it wasnt long before the extended family was filing into the house for his birthday.
  78. 78. Since the weather was still good, it was decided that they should celebrate outdoors."Nice bubble blower," Roche said approvingly as they gathered under the awning Will and Orikes had rented expressly for the party."I got some new bubble mixture you just have to try," Orikes grinned. "After the cake, Roche?""Sounds good to me!" Roche said.
  79. 79. Hugo grew up into perhaps the prettiest child (so far) of this generation. Obviously, he took after both of his parents.Being passed from hand to hand as an infant hadnt had any sort of negative effect on his personality, either, as he insisted on being held by nearlyeveryone at the party.
  80. 80. Unfortunately, the party broke up early as Office Ramin stopped by to tell them they were being too noisy. The general consensus was that he wassuffering from caffeine withdrawal.
  81. 81. Hugo, like so many children before him, was fed a steady diet of Smart Milk, not that he really needed it. He was extremely bright and learnedvery quickly.
  82. 82. "Uncle Green, why are you wearing pajamas?" Hugo demanded. "You lazy?" Tact was not one of his strong points."Nope, not lazy," Green said, laughing. "I work at night so I sleep late. Remember?""I guess," Hugo said. He didnt sound convinced. "I not lazy. Can I run now?""Where do you want to run, Hugomonster?" Green asked."Everywhere!" Hugo declared gleefully. He was an extremely active child.
  83. 83. Unfortunately for the maid, Hugo loved best to run into the bathroom and splash in the toilet. He generally made a huge-o mess.
  84. 84. "Andy, pictures?" Zing asked, pointing as Andrew carried him to hisevening bath. "That one there is Grandpa Roche," Andrew said, gesturing. "And there is Grandmother Marie.""Those are pictures, yes," Andrew nodded solemnly. "No, hair wong," Zing said. "Posed to be white!""Who they?" "When your grandparents were younger, their hair was different," Andrew"Those are your ancestors, Coxinga," Andrew said. explained."Whats acestor, Andy?" Zing was nothing if not curious. "Oh," Zing said. "Who rest?""Well, you know who your mother and father are," Andrew said patiently. "You shall have to ask your grandparents," Andrew said. "I did not know"There is your fathers photo on the wall there. Your mothers painting will the rest of them."go beside it." "Oh.""I see," Zing nodded. "Who rest?"
  85. 85. "Mommy?" Zing asked the next morning as Grace was getting himup out of bed. "Thats right," Grace said. "Theyre people from your family who lived a long time ago.""Yes, dear?" "Oh," Zing said. "Come visit?""What acestor?" "No, theyre all gone now," Grace said. "But I wish you could have"Im sorry, dear?" Grace asked. met my grandfather, Pao. He would have loved you so much.""Pictures on wall dowstairs," Zing elaborated. "Andy said they "Love you, Mommy."acestors."
  86. 86. There was a trait that many of the children of generation six had in common, much to their parents disgust.Well, okay. Orikes and Will thought it was funny. But the rest of the parents found it gross.
  87. 87. "Get out of there," Lee said, grabbing his son around the waist and swinging him through the air. "Toilets arent toys!""Ganpa says so," Zing insisted."Well then, you can only do it when Grandpa is babysitting," Lee said sternly. "When Im home you have to have airplane rides instead!""Yay!" Zing giggled happily. "Airplane!"
  88. 88. Sometimes the men in the family liked to hang out in the livingroom and boogy to the music."It is called bonding," Andrew said solemnly when Gertie asked what they were doing. "It is for men only, Gertie. Mr. Mickles may join but youare not allowed."Gertie just chuckled and snapped a picture.
  89. 89. Grace loved the pictures that Gertie had begun taking and ordered several prints. Her favorite, by far, was one of Gertie tickling Zing and Zinggiggling wildly.
  90. 90. "Here you go, mom," Grace said a few days after her latest order ofpictures had been delivered. "When this one is big enough Ill make sure you get another one to put beside it," Grace promised."Whats this?" Marie asked, taking the wrapped package with aconfused smile. "I cant wait," Marie said. "When do I get to meet my newest grandchild, anyway? You must be due any time now!""Just something I thought youd like," Grace said. "Go on! Open it!" "It cant happen soon enough, thats for sure," Grace said with aWith a confused smile, Marie did so - and gasped when she saw the grimace. "Ill call you when he or she is here, okay?"picture inside. "Oh, Grace, its lovely! I cant wait to take it home andput it on my wall!" "Youd better!"
  91. 91. "Was that your mother I saw leaving earlier?" Roche asked that "Of course!" Roche said.evening just after dinner. "Youre sure?""Yeah," Grace said. "Why do you ask? Is there something going onbetween you?" "Im sure!""No," Roche said. "But were friendly now and I havent seen her for "Okay."a while." "Good.""I see," Grace said. "If you and mom were getting back together,youd tell me, right?" Grace went to sleep, unsure as to whether Roche had been entirely honest with her.
  92. 92. However, she forgot about her speculations entirely when she went into labour in the middle of the night.
  93. 93. A short but painful time later, Grace happily held the newest addition to the Buccaneer family in her arms: a baby girl she named Ching ShihBuccaneer, to be called Shih.Ching Shih was a rare female pirate who sailed the seas of the western Pacific. The wife of a pirate, she was considerably more notorious than herhusband. On one notable occasion she forced all of her prisoners to eat their own ears.
  94. 94. Meanwhile, elsewhere on Pirate Island..."Come on, Robin, you know you want to," Ephemeral Toast (Apocalypso-A-Go-Go & Ugothlacy) said enticingly. "Itll be fun!""I dont know..." Robinoli (aka omgrobinnn, Its a Legacy, Darling) said hesitantly. "Are you sure its safe?""How dangerous could it be?" Toast asked. "If I have to have roommates, then I want to do something to spice things up, you hear? But Im notdoing it by myself this time. I want a partner in crime, frammit!"
  95. 95. "GRUMPY DISBELIEF!" Robin said."If it doesnt work theres always exit without saving," Toast pointed out."DISAPPROVE."
  96. 96. "But...but it could be fun!" Toast insisted as they strolled over to where the rest of their roommates were inspecting Toasts assortment of PleasureSim toys."WORRY.""Stop that!""Oh, fine," Robin muttered. "Spoil my fun.""So are you in or arent you?"
  97. 97. "Oh, I guess Ill do it," Robin conceded. "I guess it cant hurt.""Okay, guys, shes agreed!" Toast called to the other simselves who had moved in with her."Wait, what?" Michelle Fobbs (A Planetary Apocalypse) asked."What are you two up to?" Ndainye (Familiar Faces) said."Yeah, spill it!" Ruby (Ah Rubyblue, Goldilocks and the Nine Heirs) insisted.
  98. 98. Once Toast and Robins housemates had gathered around the objects Toast said were needed, they were considerably less enlightened, althoughPen (penguingirl0384, Penguino Legacy) thought it looked dangerous."Theres nothing safer!" Toast insisted."Just... get it over with if youre going to do it," Michelle said in a resigned tone.There was a strangely inverted flash and poof of confetti.
  99. 99. "Sweet!" Toast said, bowing to all and sundry. "It worked perfectly!""Cmon, Mini-Toast," Mini-Robin said. "Lets go play cops n robbers and laugh at the grownups when they get struck by lightning.""kay," Mini-Toast nodded agreeably.
  100. 100. "What have we gotten ourselves into?" Pen said in a slightly freaked-out voice."Im not babysitting them," Ndainye insisted.===And thats the end of this double update!Thanks to all CC creators, writers whose Simselves Ive hijacked, and everyone who reads me and comments for being so supportive. Ive clearedout my guestbook so that you can sign again if you like :)Until next time... Happy Simming!