A Piratical Legacy Chapter 22 Part 1 - Five Weddings and a Funeral


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 22 Part 1 - Five Weddings and a Funeral

  1. 1. Chapter 22 – Five Weddings and a Funeral Part 1A Piratical Legacy Previously... The Buccaneer family was torn apart when heiress-apparent GertieFive Weddings and a Funeral discovered that she was, in fact, illegitimate. She ran away, and the note she left sparked the final argument between Roche and Marie.Welcome back, dear readers! I hope you enjoy this, the latest Marie moved out immediately and Roche set out to find Gertie.installment of A Piratical Legacy. This is an update in two parts, so While the other four children of the legacy house continued withby the time you finish reading this the second should be ready as their studies and found their life-mates at university, Roche spent twowell. years looking for his missing daughter. He finally found her in the backwoods of Canada... but how has her time abroad changed her? Can they truly be a family again? Will any of the kids forgive Marie? And will Grace, the new heiress, fit into her role?
  2. 2. It was a long flight back to Pirate Island from Paris, and when the entourage consisting of Roche, Grace, Gertie, and the bigfoot named Andrewarrived at legacy manor, they found that the place had changed extensively. Pao, it seemed, had acted of his own initiative and rebuilt the entirehouse."Its fantastic!" Gertie said enthusiastically. "Just like Takemizu Village!"
  3. 3. The Gertie who had returned from her time abroad was a confident, energetic woman. But shed definitely picked up a few... eccentricities. For onething, she had acquired several facial piercings. For another, she insisted on wearing the strangest clothing. And finally, she would eat nothing butGrilled Cheese."Though I might make an exception for birthday or wedding cake," she was quick to point out.
  4. 4. The newest member of the household, Andrew Bigfoot, was very welcome. He surprised everyone by going out and getting a job as soon as he hadsettled. Then he volunteered to serve afternoon tea.
  5. 5. "Gertie taught me the proper way," he said to Pao as he carefully poured for the two of them."Oh, how nice," Pao smiled. "Though I do wish she and Roche wouldnt insist on kneeling for tea. My knees!""Oh, I am sorry," Andrew said quickly. "I didnt realize this would distress you. Would you prefer we retire to the kitchen?""No, its fine," Pao said, waving off Andrews concern. "A little stiffness never killed anyone -- now that Im retired, anyway."
  6. 6. Word got out that the Chief had returned along with his two daughters and the elusive Bigfoot, and that brought the curious over in droves. Theywere welcome to stay, as long as they were willing to eat the grilled cheese sandwiches that Gertie had prepared. Andrew was a gentle soul, but ifthere was food out he was eating it, and Gertie was always cooking. So all socializing happened in the kitchen."When do we get to meet Mistress Graces fiancé?" Sejanus Toyonaga asked politely as he nibbled his toasted bread and cheese."Professor Lee should be arriving just in time for my birthday party tonight," Roche said. "Hes a nice guy. Very capable. Financially minded, justlike my daughter. Id be willing to bet that Pirate Island is about to experience a new age of prosperity, friend.""I can definitely get behind that," Sejanus said. "We Romans certainly understand mercenary pleasures. I take it we can expect some capitalimprovement projects, then?""It would not surprise me in the least."
  7. 7. The petitioners cleared out well before the party was due to begin, and Grace started hovering near the door. Lee was expected any minute, alongwith the party guests, and she wanted to be the one that greeted him.Finally, there was a chime, and Grace threw the door open."Lee!" she exclaimed. "You made it!""Sure did," he grinned. "And wow, this is a posh-looking place, Grace.""Come on," Grace said, pulling him down the hallway. "Our room is the big one at the end of the hall. Weve got guests arriving at any moment fordads party, and Im sure youd like to get settled before they all arrive.""That would be terrific," Lee said.
  8. 8. A short while later, Lee felt himself ready to face the party, though he desperately wanted to go shopping at the earliest available opportunity. Atleast hed been able to fix his hair to a more casual look.
  9. 9. By the time he came out, everyone else had gathered in the spare room (what Grace indicated was the future nursery) to watch Roche blow out hisbirthday candles. As it was Roches party, it was all his old friends from his Greek days there, along with all of his children."Make a wish, pops!" Anna cried encouragingly. Whispers went around the room as people realized this was Roches long-lost daughter, and a fewcomments were made about her wardrobe choices. However, it was a casual party and there were others who hadnt bothered to dress up as well,like April Thayer.
  10. 10. "Arrr! I feel great!" Roche crowed minutes later as he inspected his new clothes. "How do you all like my new look? Fresh off the beach!""Excellent choice," Anna laughed. "So, what did you wish for?""Now, if I told you that it wouldnt come true," Roche said, winking. "Cmon, daughter mine. Lets party!"
  11. 11. And party they did.Bart and De opted for more traditional styles of dancing, but among the younger crowd it was the Slap Dance that was the biggest, ah, hit.
  12. 12. Soon everyone was doing it, unless they were busy whacking each other over the head with pillows.
  13. 13. Lee, still feeling a bit shy with everyone, spent the time getting to know as many people as possible on a one-to-one basis. He and Pao, especially,hit it off.All in all, it was a terrific party.
  14. 14. The next day it was time for a party of a different sort. Pao had, at Graces request, put a deposit on the newest and best wedding reception facilitieson the island some time back, and Grace and Lee were the first to make use of it.
  15. 15. And it was one of the largest weddings Pirate Island had ever seen, to judge by the crowd. It wasnt just family who attended. There were severalsimselves in attendance as well.---Simselves: smoothiequeen87 (Fitzhugh Legacy), professorbutters (Squeaky Clean Legacy), fireflower314 (Morgan & Pierce Legacies), Orikes(Pseudo Legacy)
  16. 16. "This is definitely the way to get married," Grace murmured to Lee just before they exchanged their vows. "Million dollar style, baby.""You got that right," Lee said, winking at her. "Do you really know this many people?""Its because were the royal family on the island, basically," Grace said. "A lot of people wanted to make an appearance. So were sure to get aTON of gifts, love.""Excellent!" Lee grinned."Will you two stop muttering sweet nothings and get on with it?" Morgan called cheerfully from the crowd of onlookers. "What do you want? Anengraved invitation?"And so Grace and Lee pledged their love for each other against the gentle sounds of the sea.
  17. 17. The reception, which was held just up the hill at the same site, was just as exotic as the ceremony had been. There was so much cake, everybodygot to have a slice. And there was a ton of food.
  18. 18. All in all, everyone declared themselves stuffed, even the folks who just turned up for the food and had skipped out on the ceremony (EphemeralToast, Ugothlacy).
  19. 19. Then the celebration moved outdoors again as everyone wanted to hang out at the beach and enjoy the ... rain.Of course, rain doesnt matter very much when youre running around smashing people with water balloons."Good shot, love!" Orikes called as Will made the Toast soggy.
  20. 20. Grace, meanwhile, decided that it was the perfect time to build a sandcastle.All in all, a good time was had and everyone was reluctant when they had to leave."Excellent party, sis," Nick said as he gave his older sister a big hug. "And hey, congrats!""We wish you--" Will began."--all the best," the twins finished in unison.Grace just chuckled. On this day, especially, she felt as though nothing could annoy her.
  21. 21. She felt that even more so when the Buccaneer bunch got home and Roche presented her and Lee with a pair of plane tickets and the deed to avacation house."From the family," Roche said gruffly. "Ive already called a cab, and your mother snuck over earlier and packed your things. Now hurry up! Youdont want to miss your honeymoon!"
  22. 22. The beach house was lovely, built at the far end of one of the main roads on Twikkii Island. It was just far enough away from the tourist areas to bepeaceful, but close enough to walk to everything.In short, Lee and Grace were enchanted with the place.Of course, it was also pouring when they arrived.
  23. 23. "Guess theres only one thing to do," Grace giggled as she unlocked the front door. "Cmon, Lee. I think the bedrooms down here..."
  24. 24. However, it had cleared up within a couple of hours, and Grace and Lee were ready to see the sights."But first," Grace declared, "we need to find some better clothes. Lets go shopping!"Luckily, one of the closest spots to their cottage was the Boardwalk, and it didnt take long for the honeymooners to find some more tropicalclothing.
  25. 25. Once they were changed, they posed on the beach and got a local to take their picture."Make sure you use the flash!" Grace called. "Its starting to get dark!""Got it!"
  26. 26. The next morning, they decided to see the sights properly now that they were suitably attired. Their first stop was one of the large local temples,where they were thoroughly awed by the sheer size of the things and where they were patiently instructed in several of the local customs by -- whoelse -- the locals.
  27. 27. Lee also learned about the local customs, such as the practice of tossing a coin into the waterfall-altar and making a wish. He never did say what hewished for.
  28. 28. Lee was quick to sign up for hula lessons, though Grace never did participate in the local dances.
  29. 29. She was too busy learning the finer points of hot stone massage."This is the life," she sighed blissfully as she relaxed into the padded massage table.
  30. 30. At the end of the day, they were content to soak in a large hotspring. "Now thats a goal Ill be happy to help you reach," Lee said. "How"We should see if there are any springs hiding on our property," are you planning to accomplish it?"Grace said happily as she relaxed against the wet rocks. "Here and athome." "Ill work as an adventurer for a few years," Grace said. "Thats a family tradition, you know. Every heir or heiress has to be a space"Thats a good idea," Lee said. "I could get used to this kind of life. pirate. But after our children are a bit bigger, Id like to move intoDont you wish we were rich enough to do this every day?" private business. The family owns a few and Im going to revitalize them. What sort of career do you want, love?""By the time were ready to retire, we will be," Grace declared. "Thefamilys always been well off, Lee, but Im going to see us "Definitely a business career," Lee said.millionaires."
  31. 31. The discussion continued after theyd walked home for some chilli."Yep, business is where its at," Lee continued. "If you focus on the domestic market with the local and family businesses, I can concentrate ontargeting overseas markets. Itll be a double whammy.""I like the way you think," Grace said approvingly. "Theres a lot of money to be made on Pirate Island, and I think were the ones to do it. Thelocals wont know what hit them."
  32. 32. "But all this is long term, right?" Lee asked. "I mean, were going to have a family first, arent we?""We ought to," Grace said. "Get that out of the way and then we can focus on the important stuff - getting rich.""Its convenient, having your dad and sister at home. We wont have to hire a nanny.""I know," Grace said gleefully. "I hate the stupid nannies. And I dont think I even had one myself. My grandparents took care of me and mysiblings when we were young and my parents were working. I just wish that mom still lived with us. Dads a bit... well, hes a pleasure sim,yknow? Not the most responsible.""More responsible than a lot of pleasure sims Ive known, though," Lee said thoughtfully. "I think hell do okay as a sitter."
  33. 33. They continued to talk about business long into the night.The next morning, they decided to stay at home and see what their little cottage had to offer. As it was prime beachfront real estate, they soonfound that it had a LOT to offer."Not bad," Grace said as she and Lee patted the last grains of wet sand into place. "Almost as good as the one I made at our wedding."Too bad we couldnt find a way to charge people to build sand castles," Lee mused.
  34. 34. Grace decided that it simply wouldnt do to return home from a tropical vacation without having a proper tan to show for her efforts but, try as shemight, she never did gain any coloring - tan or burn.
  35. 35. Lee, meanwhile, was so preoccupied with thoughts of charging people to build sandcastles that he didnt even notice the large crab lurking in thesand while he dug around for interesting sea shells."Ouch!" he shrieked as it clamped onto his finger with a sharp pincer. "Grace! Get this thing off me!"Poor Grace was laughing too hard at her husbands misfortune to be much help, though Lee did manage eventually to shake the crustacean off.
  36. 36. All too soon it was time to return to Pirate Island and get on with their family life and their careers."Well come back soon, though," Lee said emphatically."Well, maybe not too soon," Grace said, putting a hand to her stomach with a smile.
  37. 37. Now some people may be wondering what happened to Marie when she and Roche broke up. Well, the first thing she did was scrape her moneytogether and buy a small house back up in the hills. It wasnt much, but it was big enough for her, especially once she widened the bedroom a bit soshe could fit a double bed.
  38. 38. The day after Grace and Lee returned from their honeymoon, Marie invited all of her children over for a small celebration. It was her birthday, andshed been putting it off as long as she could.To her surprise and pleasure, all of her children showed up and seemed happy to be there."What happened between you and dad is between the two of you," Nick shrugged when Marie pressed him. "You may not have been the best wife- and Im not making any judgements or anything so dont get defensive - but you were a good mom.""Thanks, Nicholas," Marie said, her eyes misting over. "It means a lot to know that I wasnt a total failure.""How could you be a failure?" Will laughed. "You raised some awesome kids."
  39. 39. Even Susanna made it, and Marie spent a happy few hours catching up with her children, especially her oldest daughter, before succumbing to theinevitableness of cake."The things you kids learn these days," she laughed fondly as she attempted to join in the slap dance.
  40. 40. "Well, I cant put this off any longer," she said at last. She turned off the radio, strolled over to the cake, and blew out the candles.
  41. 41. Nobody could say that her attire was ... unlike her in any way."Do you really think it suits me?" she asked anxiously."Mom... Id have been more shocked if youd ended up in something else, honestly," Grace said. She managed to stifle her laughter. "Happybirthday.""Happy birthday!" the others echoed.
  42. 42. While her siblings dug into the cake, Grace took the opportunity to Marie nodded sadly.speak privately with Marie for a few minutes. "But," Grace said, "youve had to deal with the consequences of your"Thank you for including all of us in your party," she said. "Just actions already. You live out here by yourself. You wont get to knowcause you and dad arent together anymore doesnt mean that we your grandkids as well as dad will since he lives closer to town. Itsarent your family." you who has to make the effort to make things right... and I think youre trying.""You arent angry with me?" Marie asked hesitantly. "I am," Marie whispered."I was, for a while," Grace said honestly. "I was scared about Gertie,and I blamed you for her running away. And it was your affairs that "Besides," Grace shrugged, "as Will and Nick said earlier, while youcaused the whole mess." might have been a lousy spouse to dad you were a pretty awesome mom."
  43. 43. "I guess I did always try to show how much I love you guys," Mariesaid, brightening a little. "Of course," Grace added a few minutes later once some tears had been dried, "it didnt hurt that I read your blog. It got forwarded to me"Exactly," Grace said. "Youve always loved us, you still do. I even by dad and it helped me understand a little. Dad was to blame forthink youve always loved dad, though you have a strange way of some of what happened as well, but it was tragic all around."showing it. You cant help who you are and maybe you shouldnthave gotten married in the first place. But youre trying to make "It was," Marie said. "And now I have all my babies back, I feel likeamends and be a good person now, and I respect that. So Im not mad I can finally move on from losing your twin so long ago. If she hadntanymore." been lost... I imagine things would have been different.""Thank you," Marie said, and she embraced her daughter in a fierce "Me too."hug.
  44. 44. "So what did you and mom spend so much time talking about last "Did you ever find out who sent you that link to moms blog?" Gracenight?" Gertie asked the next morning over a breakfast of finely asked.grilled cheddar sandwiches. "No," Gertie said. "And I looked, too. I even asked Mr. Spade to look"Mostly about her and dads divorce," Grace said. "Some personal into it but he drew a blank. He suggested I ask Uncle Jack, but Istuff, but I wanted to let her know that things are okay with us, you havent had a chance yet."know?" "Maybe its best if we dont know," Grace said. "Time to let things"Yeah," Gertie said. "Im going to swing by and have a talk with just lie?"mom myself one of these days. But Im not ready yet." "Maybe," Gertie said doubtfully. "Ill think about it."
  45. 45. A few minutes later, Grace bolted from her chair and dashed downstairs. She barely made it in time."Hmm," she said to herself after shed cleaned up and brushed her teeth. "Guess I was naive in thinking I wouldnt get any morning sickness at all."And she bolted to the toilet again.
  46. 46. A short time later, Grace was surprised to notice that shed officially popped. She was pretty sure it wasnt due to the grilled cheese sandwiches,either.
  47. 47. "So, how does it feel?" Anna asked when she stopped by later that being pregnant is high on my to-do list."day. "Being pregnant, I mean?" "So are you going to have more than one?" Susanna asked."Im tired all the time, hungry all the time, and I pee twenty times aday," Grace said. "How do you think it feels? At least Im over the "Not sure yet," Grace shrugged. "I think Lee and I will decide aftermorning sickness." this one arrives. What about you, Anna? Are you ever going to settle down?""But its worth it, right?" "I have my other responsibilities," Anna said. "I dont have time to"I guess so," Grace said. "I know Ill love the little booger, and then raise a kid. But I would like to have a son or daughter, yes. I justtheres the whole fact that its part of an heiress life and if I want the dont think its possible."perks I have to suffer through having the babies. But I dont think
  48. 48. "So... do you want more than one?" Grace asked Lee as they danced in front of the stereo later that day."Well, you do get paid maternity leave," Lee pointed out. "So its not like our earning potential is diminished while youre pregnant. I think weshould have an extra one. Just in case, you know? This one might not want to be a legacy heir, after all.""True," Grace agreed. "So I guess its settled? Once we have this baby well have another right after?""Deal," Lee said.
  49. 49. "Im just sad that I wont get to see my great-grandchildren," Pao said confidentially to Roche as they went through the incredibly catchy sea chantyyet again."Youve got lots of time left yet, dad," Roche said hastily. "Im sure youll see tons of your great-grandchildren!"Pao smiled sadly at him. "Well see, Roche. In the meantime, could you call everyone? I want to have a party the day after Will and Nicksweddings.""Sure thing, dad."
  50. 50. So much happened on Pirate Island in such a short time that its necessary to jump around a bit to tell the story to keep a cohesive and unifiedwhole.Hence, we journey to the house where this delightful simself, Orikes Pseudo, is extremely delighted to discover that it is raining.
  51. 51. Though perhaps she should make note that jumping in puddles during a thunderstorm is not always the wisest course of action.
  52. 52. Still, it didnt seem to hurt her very much and it definitely didnt put a damper on her relationship with Will Buccaneer.Their relationship was a special one. A passionate one.
  53. 53. A sloppy one.But Will often said that one of the reasons hed was marrying Orikes was because she didnt mind his bad habits.
  54. 54. And he thought that hers were funny.Truly, it was a match made in heaven.
  55. 55. However..."You know, Im pretty sure Im pregnant," Orikes said after one particularly nauseating episode in the bathroom. "Maybe we should get marriedand make this whole thing official?""Might as well," Will shrugged. He turned to his twin brother Nick, and Nicks fiance Green. The four of them all lived in Orikes house. "How doyou guys feel about a double wedding tomorrow?"
  56. 56. And so the next morning found the happy couples hosting a surprise wedding for their families."I promise to mop up your water balloon puddles and make you mac n cheese every day if you want it, for the rest of our lives.""I promise not to get mad if you spend hours on the phone and insist on a party every night, for the rest of our lives.""I promise to re-upholster any couches you wreck with your couch bouncing.""I promise to not get mad if you forget to put the toilet seat down."The vows were very personal and touching.
  57. 57. The turnout was excellent. All of the parents were able to be there (though Roche and Marie sat at opposite ends of the aisle), and several simselvesas well. Orikes was a full simself, but Green was a half-simself, his step-father being Ray.Some simselves, however, mistook the type of festive occasion and dressed somewhat inappropriately. A Mrs. Claus dress is not appropriate attirefor a wedding.
  58. 58. Orikes surprised everyone by dashing off to the bathroom as soon as shed finished exchanging rings with Will."Its the baby," Will said by way of explanation."Woohoo!" somebody called from the assembled crowd."Usually," Will replied dryly. He walked down the aisle alone and gestured to his twin. "Youre up next, bro."
  59. 59. Nick and Green shared their vows for all the assembled to hear. Fortunately, neither of them had to dash off to the bathroom afterwards, either.It was as touching and moving a ceremony as the one between Will and Orikes. Slightly less silly, as well.
  60. 60. Orikes even made it back in time for the close of the ceremony, though she drew attention to herself by sitting in the front row."Nice dress," she hissed."Hush," I hissed back. "Not my fault the game defaulted to this when I deleted my cc formal dress that I had before.""Riiiiight.""I cant hear what theyre saying," simHubby complained. "Stop gossiping, you two!"
  61. 61. After that, Orikes shoved cake into Wills face, and a brief food fight broke out due to the sheer volume of Pleasure sims in attendance.But then things settled down as everyone made the decision not to waste perfectly good cake.
  62. 62. The buffet was excellent as well, and people piled their plates high.
  63. 63. "What?" Denise (avidreader2466) looked up, startled, as someone called for her to smile for the camera."I was talking to the people dancing. Nevermind!" Ray, proud step-father of one of the grooms, called out, putting his camera away.
  64. 64. "You know, just because youre wearing an apron doesnt mean you need to clean up," Orikes said to me."Okay, I wont," I shrugged, putting the stack of plates back down. "By the way, you just popped."Orikes looked down. "Ooh! Yay! Baby soon!"
  65. 65. The next morning dawned crisp and clear. Fall was definitely in full force.Roche got ready for the party by cleaning up the yard.
  66. 66. He then promptly undid all his hard work, but he had a blast doing it.
  67. 67. "Ah, whats the harm," he thought as he raked next to the wishing well. He tossed a coin in over his shoulder, and a blond vixen fell from the sky.
  68. 68. Before long, they were in the midst of a dream date...
  69. 69. ... that led to the silliest-looking woohoo Roche had ever participated in.Still, the date ended pretty early because Roche had to finish getting ready for the party.
  70. 70. "Im so glad you all could come!" Pao said excitedly as his oldest friends and his family arrived -- some of them right from work by the look ofthings."We would not miss this gathering for the world," Jack Thayer said with a sad smile. "My dear brother, you have always been the most trustworthyof friends - a true confidante and compatriot.""Minioning just isnt the same without you," Ben added. "The new kids are so... serious."
  71. 71. Both men stepped aside to allow Pao a private moment with his and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. "I found it the other daystepson, Bart. and I had to edit it - I didnt do it properly the first time around, you see.""Youve been a true father to me, dad," Bart said, embracing Paoroughly. "Im sorry it took me so long to realize that blood isnt as Pao looked at the sheet of paper. Bart had crossed out his childishimportant as being there. Ill ... Ill miss you." scrawl of "Harem" in the "father" column and had printed "Pao" in neat letters."Youve been a good son," Pao said, smiling. "A good son. Ive neverdoubted you for one moment, Bart, mboy." "I love you, Bart.""Remember that family tree I had to draw up for school when I was a "I love you too, dad."kid?" Bart asked with a smile. He rummaged around in his pocket
  72. 72. Blite was the next one Pao had words for."Remember when we had to pretend to be the bad guys when Jack was cleaning house all those years ago?""How could I forget such an impeccable example of true minioning?" Blite chuckled. "We are a great team, Mr. P.""You got that right, Mr. B. Though I still think you hit Mr. Spade a trifle too hard one of those times you knocked him out.""Your memory is faulty, Mr. P. It was you who knocked him out.""I think if you read over your minioning notes youd find that it was, in fact, you, Mr. B.""Some mannerisms seem never to change," Jack said indulgently.
  73. 73. "Ah, Jack," Pao said warmly. "Come inside, my brother." "Keep an eye on young Sim for me, will ya? That boy gets into way too"Certainly." much trouble.""I wanted to thank you for welcoming me into the family so quickly," Pao "I shall endeavor to surveil him surreptitiously," Jack said.said with a little laugh. "Why, Id only been living here a few hours whenyou first made me an offer I couldnt refuse." "I dunno about those probie minions youve got there," Pao added. "Seem a bit young to know their job properly.""Family is the highest institution I know of," Jack said, embracing Pao."You have always been the epitome of family to me, brother." "Rest assured, Pao, that I shall direct the utmost efforts of the Syndicate to watch Mr. Spade.""And youve been a great boss," Pao said happily. "Promise me something,Jack?" "Well, thats a load off my mind, Jack. Thanks.""Anything for you, old friend." "You only have but to ask, my brother."
  74. 74. Finally, Pao turned to Roche."Why is everyone so sombre, dad?" Roche asked, scratching his head in confusion."You know why, Roche," Pao said."Yeah," Roche heaved a heavy sigh. "Ill miss you. Youve always been a great example -- and Im glad the kids had the example of your marriagesince mine was such a mess.""Ill tell your mother you said that.""Thanks."
  75. 75. Roche stepped back just as a cold wind rushed into the room. "It goes with the costume and the white hair," Anna said. "Call it a perk.""Its time, Grandfather," a surprisingly light and feminine voice saidfrom the depths of the hooded cloak. "I dont know if Id consider missing feet a perk," Pao insisted. "I find them useful.""Anna?" "Well, you get to keep yours," Anna said."What, you were expecting Santa Claus?" the figure giggled. "This ismy day job." "Thats reassuring," Pao said. He looked around at the assembled mourners. "Uhh... they cant hear this, can they? I dont really want"But your feet are gone," Pao protested. In the background, he could my last words to be about feet."just barely hear a muffled sobbing. "Dont worry, youre in the clear," Anna chuckled. "Ready?"
  76. 76. "No! Why do you think Ive been stalling?" Pao asked. "I want to be best friends with my great-grandchildren, darn it! And poking that scythethrough my head doesnt hurt, you know. Im incorporeal.""Im supposed to use the scythe," Anna explained. "Anyway, Im pretty sure youll have a chance to scare the pants off of your grandchildren toyour hearts content. Just call it a hunch.""Ooh, that sounds like fun," Pao said, perking up. "And youre sure I get to keep my feet?""Very sure.""Fine, Ill come," Pao grumbled. "But Im going to complain about the customer service. Ive achieved my lifetime want a couple times over.Wheres my tropical drink with the umbrella in it?"
  77. 77. "Here you go," Anna said, reaching into the folds of her cloak."Uhh... whered you pull that from?" Pao asked, eying the goblet suspiciously. "I dont see any pockets in that cloak. Are you sure youre cut out forthis job?""I have a stash of them in my inventory," Anna said, giggling. "Have to keep them there or the cat gets into them. And yes, Ive been training forthis job since I was a toddler. Now, are you coming or what?"
  78. 78. With a happy grin, Pao grabbed the cup. He took a judicious swallow, grabbed the suitcase that had appeared at his feet, and strode off."Hey, Ivy!" he cried as he faded from sight. "Did ya miss me?"Just on the edge of hearing, Anna could hear a throaty voice respond. "Pao, what took so long? We have been waiting for ages and we need a neckrub.""You did miss me!"
  79. 79. As was to be expected, the rest of the party was pretty subdued. Still,gradually the tears turned to laughter. "Indubitably," Jack said. "The sheer quantity of fissionable material he diverted from island holdings is a record that has not been broken"I must tell you of one occasion in which your grandfather performed to this time, my dear niece."an admirable service for my organization," Jack said enthusiasticallyto Grace. "A wonderful example of humanity, your grandfather. "Thats fascinating," Grace said. "You know, Uncle Jack, Im aDelightfully well-equipped to earn large quantities of simoleans for business-minded woman myself. I wonder if we could work towardsthe organization accounts." a mutual benefit in any way...""Oh?" Jack had said Graces magic word - simoleans. "I am all ears, Madame."
  80. 80. "I can see why this would appeal to Pao," Jack said, sniffing the "That is indeed a relief," Jack said.aroma of freshly steeped tea appreciatively. "The substance isinvigorating." "Nope, just tea, cheese, and juice," Roche added. "Those are my vices these days. And dream dates. Ooh, and juggling, and tub"Not as much fun as bubbles, though," Roche said regretfully. pirating!""My dear nephew, are you still induging in that abominable habit?" "Friend Roche, I do believe that you are still entirely a child at heart,"Jacks voice was filled with disapproval. Jack said."No room for a bubble blower here," Roche shrugged. "Says one of the guys whos got immortality in his pocket," Roche snorted. "You can afford to grow up. Me, I just want to have fun!"
  81. 81. But nobody said anything when they came across Roche crying quietly in the corner, much later. They let him grieve in private.
  82. 82. Or rather, everyone except Andrew did."The cure for a gloomy spirit is a Bigfoot Hug!" the massive man-ape said joyously. "At least, if you dont have Mr. Mickles.""I do have Mr. Mickles," Roche said."Yes, but you cannot use him on yourself," Andrew pointed out. And he lifted Roche for another Bigfoot Hug."Whee!"
  83. 83. The best way to get over sadness is to follow it up with happy memories, so thats what the Buccaneer clan did. By refusing to allow Paos death tocast a shadow over their wedding, Morgan and Kelly were able to cheer everyone else up immensely.
  84. 84. Of course, the fact that Rose showed up in a white wedding dress might have added to everyones mirth. It seems likely.Fortunately, she was hidden in most of the photos.
  85. 85. A short time after her wedding and subsequent honeymoon, Morgan found herself on the phone."Ten oclock tomorrow? Fantastic!"
  86. 86. She got changed for dinner and sat down to break the good news to her partner and her mother. Bart was still at work."Tomorrow?" De squealed. "Thats fantastic!""I know," Morgan said gleefully. "Kels, you can go in late to work, cant you? I know its too short of notice to get the whole day off.""Yeah, that shouldnt be a problem," Kelly replied. "It stinks that you have to work, though.""But both your father and I are off tomorrow so thats one thing taken care of," De pointed out."Yeah. I just wish that Kelly and I could be there all day tomorrow," Morgan said. "Still - Im so excited!"
  87. 87. The next morning, Kelly got ready for work and haunted the front entrance of the house.Finally, the doorbell rang.
  88. 88. "Kelly Buccaneer?" the social worker asked."Yes, thats me," Kelly said."Kelly, meet your baby daughter."
  89. 89. "Toshiko," Kelly said, cuddling the little infant to her."Thats a lovely name," the social worker said, making a note on her clipboard. "If you have any questions, Mrs. Buccaneer, you know where tocall. Now, youd best get that little one inside - its awfully cold out!""Of course!" Kelly stammered, and rushed inside with a hurried wave to the social worker.
  90. 90. "So this is my grandbaby, huh?" Bart asked some time later."Her name is Toshiko," Kelly said. "Morgan and I picked it out together.""Toshiko. It fits," Bart said. "Oh, do you want me to take her?""I really have to get to work," Kelly said. "Im horribly late already.""This grandparent is happy to babysit," Bart said, taking the squirming baby from his daughter-in-law. "You run along, Kelly. I think I rememberhow to do this."
  91. 91. "Are you hungry, Toshiko?" Bart asked in a singsong voice as he carried the baby into the kitchen for a bottle.Once the baby was fed, Bart spent some time cuddling and cooing at the infant, who responded by burbling back at him."Hey, Bart!" De called from upstairs. "The room is all ready - are you going to monopolize my granddaughter all day?"With a guilty smile, Bart headed upstairs.
  92. 92. "Thats better," De said, taking the child from her husband. She stared down at the tiny figure. "You know, Im much too young to be agrandmother."
  93. 93. Time passed, and it seemed like Toshiko had always been a member of the family. Morgan and Bart especially doted on her."And what are you going to be when you grow up? Gonna be a rocket scientist? An artist? Arent you glad they picked this house for you to live,Toshiko? Dont you think your name is way too big for little bitty you? Do you want a nickname? How about Tosh? Or Toshi? Do you like those?When do you think youll start talking so you can tell us what name you like best?"Bart stared at his daughter and granddaughter with a bemused expression. "Some things never change," he said.
  94. 94. "Is that yummy in your tummy? Are you going to grow up big and strong? Are you excited about your birthday party tomorrow? Are you still toolittle to know what a birthday party is? Who do you want to teach you to walk and talk? Are you excited to know that youre going to have a wholebunch of cousins your age?"
  95. 95. Will and Orikes were finding that not a lot had changed now that they were married. For one thing, they still got to prank each other.
  96. 96. They pranked each other a lot.Generally making quite the mess while they were at it, since both preferred to retaliate with water balloons.
  97. 97. Then theyd catch each other’s eye and giggle for a good twenty minutes. And then theyd do it again.
  98. 98. The main thing that changed was that Orikes was tired a lot during her pregnancy. While she never got close to starving, she napped and sleptconstantly. Fortunately, Will had the mysteriously transferring iPod to listen to.This particular mp3 player had started out in Graces possession. At some point, hidden from the eyes of this particular deity, it was then given toNick. He only had it a short time before it spontaneously appeared in Wills inventory. Undoubtedly, it will soon pass to either Orikes or Green.
  99. 99. And Orikes was definitely a Buccaneer at heart. She tub-pirated very frequently, though she was also known to suddenly switch to couch-jumping,at least until her third trimester. Then she cut down on the bouncing, but she never did give up the tub.Her cleaning skills, on the other hand... lets just say that nobody in that household was particularly tidy. It was a good thing they had a maid.
  100. 100. Finally, the big day came. Orikes conveniently went into labour at the top of the stairs, and everybody panicked in the bedrooms and the bathroomfor some strange reason, so she had to go through the process all by herself.
  101. 101. But in the end, she had a healthy little baby boy.She and Will named him Hugo, in honour of a common denominator between some of her legacy character names.
  102. 102. Back at Buccaneer Manor, Roche celebrated the birth of his latest grandchild by having several more dream dates, courtesy of the wishing well.
  103. 103. He definitely had a thing for blond romance sims - is it any surprise that hed married Marie so long ago? He hadnt seen her in a long time, but thesteady stream of lovely young ladies reminded him of her.Occasionally, he even felt nostalgic.
  104. 104. Some of the ladies he dated wanted him to commit to something more, at least for the short term, but Roche wasnt biting. He intended to spend hiselder years doting on his grandchildren and wasnt really interested in romance, except on a short term basis.Some of the ladies went to the extreme of doing yardwork or chores to try to get Roche to change his mind, but he held firm.Lee, who could be a bit cruel, tended to make the work a bit harder for them than necessary.
  105. 105. "Do you think dad will ever remarry?" Gertie asked her sister over a lunchtime meal of -- you guessed it -- grilled cheese sandwiches."Doubt it," Grace said, eating her sandwich quickly. She was very hungry, this late in her pregnancy."Geez, youre sure shoveling those things down," Gertie observed. "Are you certain theres only one in there?""Dont even joke about that," Grace warned through a mouthful of cheese. "Seriously."
  106. 106. "I dont know why Gertie thinks youre having twins," Anna said, staring at Graces stomach. "Youre pretty small for second trimester.""Uh, thanks?""I just mean it doesnt look like twins," Anna explained. "Mom said you can always tell. Ive been asking her about babies a bit lately.""Oh? Whys that?" Grace asked."Well, it turns out that Im gonna be a mom!" Anna gushed."Youre pregnant?!?""Not exactly..."
  107. 107. "You remember that group of guys that never hooked up with anyone from our college days?" Anna said. "The ones that are super distant relativesof ours. So far its not gross or anything. Well, you know I was dating a few of them in college...""Wait a second, which guys?" Grace asked. "Youd better refresh my memory.""Okay," Anna said, pulling out a picture. "Here they are. In the back are Gavin and Tycho Biggs. You remember I dated both of them. In front ofGavin, looking like a seventies ... uh ... banned4lyfe star ... is Holstein Toyonaga. The blond in front of Tycho is James Curtin. In front of Holsteinis Don Thayer -- you know who he is, hes Blites grandson. And beside him is Borealis Curtin.""Okay," Grace said. "I vaguely remember them. I think Borealis was in my class at school.""Well, I thought that having an entire house full of single guys was awfully handy," Anna said. "Theyre still living in Paris, but downtown. So Ivebeen visiting them, cultivating those relationships."
  108. 108. "The place is pretty much a bachelor pad," Anna continued. "Mismatched decorating, a mixture of cheap furniture and expensive electronics. Prettytypical for a group of college grads who havent really moved on yet. But theyre all nice guys, and Im attracted to most of them."
  109. 109. "Anyway, the one Ive always been most serious with is Gavin. So it was him specifically I stopped by to see... ohhh... eight months ago?"
  110. 110. "He was pretty happy to see me, and one thing led to another as it usually does. But this time it was different. Afterwards, I thought I heard... alullaby.""Well, youre hooped then," Grace observed. "Thats a classic sign of pregnancy.""Thats what I said," Anna nodded. "So I went home, fully expecting to toss my cookies for a few months, and then pop out a kid around now."
  111. 111. "Only things didnt exactly work out that way. Imagine my surprise when, a few weeks later, I had a ... business ... call to Gavs house."
  112. 112. "Fortunately, his brother was able to plead him and I could let him live. I suppose I could have brought him into my world to live with me, but Idont want that kind of commitment. Anyway, he survived. Seems hed nearly starved to death."
  113. 113. "There was much rejoicing, and the guys dont know that Im the Grim Reaper so I made myself scarce -- though I did suggest that Gav eatsomething before I had to come back."
  114. 114. "Well, imagine his surprise a few days later when he popped." no idea. I knew that I wasnt pregnant, of course, but I certainly didnt think that he was.""Popped?" "Do go on," Grace urged, but just then Annas pager beeped."With a baby, silly!" Anna said gleefully. "Darn it," Anna said. "BUSINESS C-- I mean, I have to work. Listen,"Wait a minute," Grace said slowly. "You mean... Gav was the one Ill stop by later if I have time and tell you the rest of it, okay?"who got pregnant? Not you?" "Deal," Grace said."So it seems," Anna said. "Now, youll have to keep in mind... I had
  115. 115. As soon as Anna had hurried out the front door, Grace called up Nickand Will and filled them in. They were happy for her, of course, but "She didnt get a chance," Grace laughed. "Work called her away."terribly confused. "Ooh... did she say who died? I wonder how much advance warning"Call Morgan and see what she says," Will suggested. she gets that someone is gonna bite the dust? Do you know?"Morgan was of the opinion that she very much wanted to fly out to "I have to go," Grace chuckled. "Ill call you first once I hear all theParis and examine Gavin for herself, but that wasnt possible. "How details, okay Morgan?"long do you think male gestations are? Dyou think hell staypregnant long enough for me to examine him? I am a doctor, you "Youd better!"know. Do you know how this happened, Grace? Did Anna say?"
  116. 116. But Grace didnt get a chance to follow up with Anna or Morgan at that point, because she went into labour.
  117. 117. And gave birth to a beautiful, black haired, blue eyed baby boy!She named him Coxinga, after a Chinese pirate who was notorious for going insane later in life. However, he was extremely patriotic and devotedto his emperor. Unfortunately for him, his emperor was defeated and Coxinga turned to piracy. However, he had enormous numbers of men underhis command due to the fact that his father was extremely rich. Grace liked the idea of her son being descended from very rich smugglers, andthought the name fit.And thats the end of part 1 of this chapter - but have no fear, part 2 should be ready for you right away!