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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 19 - So this is Growing Up


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 19 - So this is Growing Up

  1. 1. Chapter 19 – So This Is Growing UpHello dear readers, and welcome back to A Piratical Legacy.Generation five is growing up and the pace of this legacy is starting to pick up slightly as the halfway point approaches. Roche, the heir ofgeneration four, is working on fixing the problems with his marriage to Marie, which stem from the loss of their oldest daughter, Susanna. In fact,youngest daughter Gertie may not even be his, though Roche does not suspect this. Meanwhile, Susannas twin Grace is a teenager, and twin boysNick and Willie are old enough to start to get to know their cousins.Roches older brother Bart is worried about the legacy family and wishes Roche could have as good a marriage as he does. Married to De, asimself, Bart has two children: Morgan and Pierce. And theres a third baby on the way!With the recap out of the way, lets get on with the chapter!
  2. 2. Before the chapter gets properly underway, though, there are a few lingering items from the previous chapter. My son strolled into my house a fewdays after hed witnessed his wife cheating on him with his (former) best friend."I dont know what to do, mom," he said plaintively. "I caught Elphaba and Roche flirting the other day. Im so mad at them!""What were they doing?" I asked as I carefully stretched my Zotz!ing finger."He admired the green dress she was wearing," Herc said in a choked voice."WHAT?!?"
  3. 3. I jumped up off the couch and laid into my not-so-bright son. "Wh-what?""All that happened was Roche complimented her dress," I said. "Theres no harm in looking!" I cried. "You go home right now,"Yup," he gulped. "I-I dont want you to kill her or anything, mom. I young man, and dont come back until youve apologized to yourjust want advice on how to fix my marriage. I miss being friends with wife. All this over a little flirt. And here I thought you were going toElphaba." tell me that they were sleeping together."My husband walked past without saying a word, but the look on his "Why would you think that?" Herc asked.face clearly said that he was staying out of this one. "Because thats usually what one means by cheating," I saidI shook my fist at Hercules. "Son," I said sternly, "you owe Elphaba hurriedly. I didnt think Herc knew about Fabas unfaithfulnessan apology." during their engagement - not that hed been any better.
  4. 4. "Okay, Ill go apologize," Herc said uncertainly. "But how do I get over being mad?""Being mad is part of any marriage," I shrugged. "Especially marriage to a human. They do silly things occasionally, but the important thing isforgiveness... both of each other and of yourselves. Arent you feeling a bit sheepish about blowing things so much out of proportion?""Stop reading my mind, mother.""Thats what mothers are for, dear. Let me know if everything works out okay."
  5. 5. Back home, Hercules took a deep breath and approached Elphaba."Faba, love," he said hesitantly. She scowled at him. "Im sorry.""Y-youre sorry?" Elphabas features softened slightly. "What for?""For overreacting," Hercules said. "Can you forgive me?""I-Ill try, I guess," Elphaba said uncertainly. "You really hurt me, Herc.""I know," Hercules said, shame evident in his voice. "Im sorry for not trusting you."The two smiled at each other tentatively. Their marriage wasnt repaired yet - not by a long shot - but it was a start.
  6. 6. Grace dreamed... and opened her eyes, and found herself in a familiar place. She was sitting on a swing, and her dream-friend Anna was swingingbeside her."Hello again," Anna smiled. Like Grace, she was a teenager as well."Hi," Grace said. "Nice outfit.""Isnt it just too much?" Anna grinned.. "Grandfather gave it to me for my birthday. I told him that this place needed some colour.""Thats for sure," Grace said frankly, looking around at the drab landscape. "How can you handle living in such a monotonous place?"
  7. 7. "Oh, its alright," Anna shrugged, sliding off of the swing and onto real boys. Have you ever had a boyfriend?"the ground. Grace followed suit. "But I wish there were boys here. Ican see snatches of their dreams sometimes, but Ive never met one. "Not yet," Grace shrugged. "But I havent been a teen for very longTheyre ... fascinating." either. Itll come sooner or later.""Theyre smelly and gross, sometimes, too," Grace laughed. "Im so jealous," Anna sighed. "At this rate Ill die unkissed. Or something.""Do you know any?" Anna pounced. "Youve actually spent time withboys?" "Im sure youll meet someone eventually," Grace said. "Everybody does, I think. Maybe if you ever manage to leave the dreamworld...""Of course," Grace said. "I have two brothers, and a boy cousin too." "Oh, I can do that," Anna said. "But grandfather doesnt like it. Still,"Oh, relatives," Anna dismissed this with a wave. "Im talking about I think hes going to make me live with the mortals soon."
  8. 8. "Look me up, then," Grace smiled. "I live on Pirate Island... it cant be that hard to find.""I will," Anna promised. "And youll introduce me to some boys, okay?""Deal."The two girls embraced, and Grace woke up.
  9. 9. When Grace went downstairs, her dad was already awake and feeding Gertie, her littlest sister."Drink up, sweetie," Roche crooned as he cuddled his youngest daughter close. "You have to grow up big and strong cause you might be theheiress. We havent had blond hair in the family since great-great-grandmother Elise. Funny how these things skip generations."In daddys arms, Gertie giggled and cooed as she drank her bottle.
  10. 10. Upstairs, Willie and Nick were playing with their toys before having to go to school."My rocket crashes into your pony!" Willie shrieked. "Boom!""Nope, Freckles got away just in time cause she gallops faster than a rocket can fly," Nick declared, cuddling his toy horse possessively.
  11. 11. "Did not!""Did too!""Boys, its time to get ready for school!" Marie called from outside the bedroom. "And come straight home afterwards, mind. Its Gerties birthdaytoday and you dont want to miss the party!"
  12. 12. The children away at school, Marie at work, and Roche off at the store, Ivyand Pao took the time to relax quietly with a drink or two. "Yes, dear?""Ivy, darling, youre just as beautiful as you were the day I married you," "When we die... we dont want you to be alone. We hope you will findPao declared as he looked fondly at his wife. someone who loves you as much as we do.""We are glad you think so," Ivy said, returning his smile. "We feel old and "I dont need that kind of love after youre gone," Pao said. "If you diewrinkly... except when we are with you, Pao." before me, I mean. I have our family... I wont be lonely."The two elders looked at each other happily, perfectly content with the "But if you are," Ivy insisted, "we want you to find someone."world. Still, Ivy knew she was getting older, and that she might have toleave Pao soon. "I doubt itll come to that," Pao shrugged. He leaned over and kissed Ivy lightly on the cheek. "Dont worry, love.""Pao?" she said hesitantly.
  13. 13. That evening, Buccaneer manor was filled with happy sounds as the family prepared to celebrate Gerties birthday.
  14. 14. Dear Diary,My littlest one isnt a baby anymore! No, shes a sturdy little toddler, very girly in nature. She likes being dressed up in frilly outfits over trousers,and she can be pretty fussy about making sure shes fancied up just right.Gertie is always on the go, these days. She runs here, there, and everywhere. I think what she likes best is meeting new people and making friends -shes outgoing like... like Susanna was.
  15. 15. Gertie is much more serious than the rest of her siblings. Sometimes I wonder if thats because shes Anthonys child, and not my husbands. Yes,Im certain of it. I sat down and made a chart - even though there is blond hair in the Buccaneer family, Roche doesnt have the gene for it.Roche loves her so, though. He loves her so much that Im finding myself loving him again. I cant tell him the truth about this. I just cant.Love,Marie
  16. 16. Gertie wasnt the only one celebrating a birthday. The next morning, Pearl quietly became an elderly dog. Life was good for her. She had plenty ofchildren to babysit, all the dog food and bones she could want, and humans who loved her.
  17. 17. "Tickles, Mommy!" Pierce Buccaneer giggled and squirmed."Whos gonna getcha?" De Buccaneer, wife of Bart Buccaneer and sister-in-law of Roche, grinned. She tickled Pierce again before putting hersmartmilk-endowed son down by his skilling toys. She smiled to her the little boy singing to himself as he played."I love my mommy and my daddy and my sister... best friends..."And another baby soon, De thought as she patted her baby bump.
  18. 18. The new baby was a girl, and Bart and De decided to name her Rose."I think our familys complete," Bart said as he ran a finger over Roses baby-soft cheek."I think youre right," De agreed. "I like babies, but I really dont like being pregnant.""And you need to focus on your career," Bart said. "Between our hours and Morgan we should only need a sitter for a couple of hours a week.""Thats a relief," De said. "I dont like the Nanny very much.""Did I tell you she set the kitchen on fire again yesterday?" Bart asked."Again?" De sighed in resignation.
  19. 19. Morgan settled in easily to being babysitter for her brother and sister. She rather liked the job. The kids were quiet and slept most of the time.When Pierce was awake, he kept himself entertained. So she had plenty of time to read her books and study for scholarships.She kept a notepad beside her bed now, too, and wrote down any questions she happened to think up as she was falling asleep. Then shed researchthe answers the next day.How do our eyes adjust to darkness so quickly? How fast does the earth rotate on its axis? Whats the latitude and longitude of Pirate Islandanyway? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?Each time she answered a question she put a checkmark next to it on her list.
  20. 20. "Best friends, Morgan?" Pierce asked as his sister lowered him into his high chair."Best friends," Morgan chuckled. She put a bowl of mushed peas on Pierces tray."Yuck!" Pierce declared. "Not best friends anymore, Morgan! Yuck!""I wonder if this stuff is really as healthy as they say it is?" Morgan mused, eyeing the jar dubiously.
  21. 21. Pierce grew quickly, though (possibly because of all the healthy mushed peas Morgan gave him), and soon it was time for his birthday."Why do kids on Pirate Island grow up with sparklies anyway, dad?""Hush, Morgan, you can look it up later. Pay attention and sing the birthday song!"
  22. 22. "Now I can stay up late!" Pierce crowed as he ran outside to play on the swings."Well, a little later," Bart laughed. "Cmon in, Pierce. Dont you want birthday cake?""Id rather stay up all night and play on the internet," Pierce muttered, but he went in to have some birthday cake anyway, while Morgan franticallyresearched birthday procedures in her encyclopedia."See game play manual page 5. What the heck does that mean?"
  23. 23. It was the night after her cousin Pierces birthday, and Grace was in a fantastic mood. Shed made plans with Morgan after the party - they weregoing to sneak out and cruise downtown for boys.But sneaking out meant convincing the rest of the family that she was asleep, so that they would all go to bed. It was a lot harder to sneak out pastgrandparents watching TV in the living room than it was to sneak past two closed bedroom doors.Accordingly, Grace got ready for bed, said goodnight to her parents, closed her bedroom door, and turned out the lights. She got out her MP3player so shed have something to listen to while she waited.
  24. 24. A few hours later, Grace snuck out of bed and quietly got dressed. It "I dont see whats so great about boys anyway," Morgan said. "Dowas almost 1 AM, and Morgan was due any... ah, there she was. you know, Grace?""Geez, whered you lift the limo?" Grace asked. "I want one." "An-- er, someone I know, that is, says theyre good for kissing," Grace shrugged. "I wouldnt mind being kissed.""Borrowed it from daddys driver," Morgan shrugged. "Cmon, wehave to drop it off and pick up the van. So where are we going "Is it slobbery, do you think?" Morgan persisted. "Or what if theiranyway?" lips are chapped? Girls lips are always softer.""Cruising for boys," Grace declared. "This is going to be awesome!" "Just... drive."
  25. 25. The vehicle arrangements taken care of, the two girls cruised Lemme up!"downtown. Fortunately, parking was easy to find this time of night -though Morgan made sure to arm the alarm. "Why arent you allowed to drive it?" Morgan was curious."Can I drive back?" Grace asked. "I wanna see how this thing "Why do you think?" Grace said, patting her hair back into place.handles compared to my dads Porsche." "Daddy doesnt want me scratching it, and mom says that I drive too fast anyway.""Why do you want to drive this clunky old thing instead of thePorsche?" Morgan demanded. She grabbed her cousin in an armlock "Theyre right, you know," Morgan smirked.and noogied her. "Hey!""Ack!" Grace spluttered. "Im not allowed to drive the Porsche.
  26. 26. The girls made their way to an all-hours club, where they spent most of their time pointing and laughing at the old people and how badly theydanced."Were so awful," Grace wheezed as she collapsed onto a bench. "They cant help it if theyre hopeless.""And whats stopping them from taking dance lessons?" Morgan giggled, clutching her sides. "Ow! Laughing this hard hurts! Lets go bowl. I thinkmy grandpas manning the DJ booth and I dont want to get caught.""Think?""The mullet makes it hard to recognize him. Why do people have different hair when they change clothes sometimes, anyway?"
  27. 27. A few games later and both girls were feeling a bit discouraged at the lack of prospective suitors."Guess everyones home for the night," Morgan complained. "Cmon, lets go to the magazine shop and then Ill drop you off at home. I want to getthe new issue of Paranormal Weekly. I wonder if theyve caught Bat-Boy yet?""Youre such a dork," Grace said.
  28. 28. It didnt take long to find the magazine Morgan wanted, but for some reason she didnt seem to want to leave the store. Grace glared at her from thedoorway, but Morgan ignored her and chatted with the shop clerk for a few minutes longer.Grace stomped into the store. "Cmon Morg, its almost four," she said in exasperation. "We have to get home!"
  29. 29. "Fine, Im coming," Morgan said, stuffing the magazine into her bag. She glanced back at the clerk and smiled. "Thanks for the tip, Lisa! Ill besure to check that out." The clerk waved as the girls walked out of the store."Didnt you think she was pretty?" Morgan added as they got into the car.
  30. 30. "Different strokes for different folks," Grace said philosophically. "We need to come up with a signal system if the reason youre making me late isbecause youre trying to get a date. And vice versa.""Ill look something up," Morgan said. "If were roommates at college were definitely going to need something like that so nobody walks in onanybody else. Wouldnt that be embarrassing?""Exactly," Grace grinned.Morgan dropped her off just down the street and Grace quietly snuck back into the house. A quick pop at the Energizer later and she was ready toface the day. She was vaguely disappointed that she hadnt met any cute boys, but at least Morgan had a potential crush. In the overall cost-benefitanalysis, the evening wasnt a total waste.
  31. 31. Roches days were kept busy at the store, so he didnt notice that the Energizers were wearing out faster than usual due to Graces delinquency. Thestore was doing well, and he got along well with all of his employees - although his head cashier had a disconcerting habit of staring right at himwhile making gagging motions.
  32. 32. Nick was definitely the more artistic of the Buccaneer boys. He spent a lot of his spare time painting, or playing chess, or reading."What are you doing, Nicky?" asked his mother."Painting a portrait of the whole family!""Why did you make your brother with a rocket ship jammed up his nose?""No reason."
  33. 33. Willie, on the other hand, was always trying out new games and toys."Hey Grace!" he called up the stairs to where his sister was playing on the computer. "How do you work this thing?""Search me!" Grace called back down the stairs."But youre the one who bought it!" Willie whined."Children! Stop yelling!" Marie called from the kitchen."It looked expensive," Grace muttered. Willie soon gave up and wandered off to find something else to play with.
  34. 34. "Willie, when we grow up well live in a house just like this, right?""Us and our wives, yeah!" Willie said. "And well throw parties every day, too.""Uh, maybe," Nick said. He looked dubious.
  35. 35. Later that day, he approached Marie."Mommy, do I have to get married to a lady?" he asked as he twirled around the library with his mom."Do you want to?" Marie asked. "You dont have to do anything you dont want to, Nicky.""But what if Im the heir?" he asked worriedly."We should know in a few days," Marie reassured him. "And... marriage isnt so bad, Nick.""I know, but..." he trailed off and changed the subject.
  36. 36. Whatcha doin, Willie?"Oh, hi Goddess. At least, Im guessing youre the Goddess. You havent spoken to anyone in my family in a loooong time. Thats what Morgansays, and she knows everything."She certainly does know a lot."More than me! Say, Goddess, whos going to be the heir this generation? If its me I promise to throw tons of parties!"Thats not doing you any favors, kid.
  37. 37. I followed Willie into the washroom to see if he had any thoughts about his siblings and their heir potential, but he shooed me away."When I said we could be friends, Goddess, this wasnt quite what I had in mind."Sorry, Willie. Its my omniscience leaking out.
  38. 38. Later that night, after both boys were in bed, Ivy visited their room to tuck them in."Sleep tight, little princes," she murmured as she straightened the covers. "Tomorrow we find out if one of you is the heir!"
  39. 39. "Your reservation is right this way, sir.""Thank you for your excellent hospitality, friend," Jack said. He beckoned towards the rest of his party and the group of them traipsed through therestaurant to the private room Jack had reserved. "I trust that you received the orders we sent in? We have much business to discuss and do notwish to have to wait an excessive length of time. What we are discussing is famishing business.""Your food should be ready within the next ten minutes," the host said."Excellent," Jack smiled, and slipped a bill into the hosts hand.
  40. 40. As the Londoste servers began moving among the guests of Jack bluntly, its heir time. One of my kids has to carry on the familyThayer, Roche smiled at those assembled and began to speak. name, and I cant decide. I figure if we all put our heads together we can come up with the best candidate.""I want to thank all of you for coming out today," he said."Especially Uncle Jack for arranging everything on such short notice. "Doesnt the Goddess usually make that choice?" a growling voiceI bet youre wondering why Ive invited you here." asked."I confess I did "She hasnt seen fit to give me any guidance yet," Roche said. "AndWonder why you called us here, Id like the matter settled sooner, rather than later."Though the food is good." "We would like to know as well, and we dont have that much time"Well, Aunt Celeste," Roche said, nodding to the speaker, "to put it left," Ivys authoritarian tones echoed through the private room.
  41. 41. So the remaining direct descendants of Jack Buccaneer I discussed hell turn out to be a Popularity sim. There have already been twothe prospect as they ate. Would it be Grace, the eldest child? Popularity spouses in the family. Perhaps another aspiration ought toCertainly, she was charming, and ambitious. have a turn?""But shes not very nice, is she?" Bart said. "Shes a lot like Morgan, "I believe young Nicholas is a budding Family sim," Jack pointedactually. Other than the twenty questions thing, I mean. But I dont out. "To my knowledge, only grandmother Mary has shared thatthink Morgan would be the most suitable heiress if it were her we particular aspiration."were discussing. I like Grace, but I dont think shes cut out for it." "We are also pretty sure that Nick is gay," Ivy pointed out. "TheIf not Grace, then what of William? Goddess does not cause miracle pregnancies, so if Nick inherited he would have to marry.""Willie is a good kid," Anne, Roches aunt, admitted, "but I think
  42. 42. "To live in such a stateIs a terrible fateWhen one does not findFulfillment with womankind," Celeste said. "Were Nick to be the heirHed have to bearAn alien child, or if he cantHed have to spawn a podling plant.""Best not burden the boy," Eddie mewed. "No matter what his preference, he doesnt seem suited to legacy living anyway. Hes much too nice." Hepaused. "Although... plant-spawn... hmmm."Bart elbowed Eddie in the arm. "No," he hissed under his breath.
  43. 43. "Well, that just leaves Gertie," Roche said. "And shes so young. Its a lot to put on her shoulders.""We do think she has the advantage, though," Ivy said. "Knowing one is the heiress from birth is desirable. We can instruct her in all she knows asshe grows. This way she can be eased into the responsibility instead of having it all thrust upon her at once.""My noble sister makes an excellent point," Jack said. "Young Gertie is a pleasant child, not overly fawning but not excessively antagonistic either.She is more serious than her siblings, but parental encouragement will ensure that she is properly playful. I approve of this choice."
  44. 44. "I dont have any objections," Eddie agreed. "Say, do you think shed be Being crowned next chiefwilling to experiment with the feline genome with me?" Though she might regret it when shes thirty. Heir is a job with no relief.""No," Roche said firmly. "Is there any chance she might convert to the way of Cheese?" Anne asked."Its just one injection, completely painless--" "I think thats the Goddess choice," Bart said."No." "Well, either way I suppose I approve," Anne said finally."Gerties a good kid," Bart said. "Im in favor too. How about you, AuntCeleste, Aunt Anne?" "We also think Gertie will do fine," Ivy said."We have no objection to Gertie "Might as well make it unanimous," Roche shrugged.
  45. 45. The excellent food eaten, and the question of heir decided, the family council took their leave and left the restaurant."Well have to do this again soon," Eddie said. "Before its too late for the lot of us, I mean.""Dont be morbid, Ed," Anne said. "Give Tosha a hug from me and Marla, okay?"
  46. 46. Bart, however, hung back and motioned for Jack to do the same. "That would be the one," Bart said, scowling."Is there anything I can help you with, nephew Bartholomew?" Jackasked politely. "What of him, nephew?""Theres an issue that you may be able to help with, Uncle Jack," Bart "Roches wife is having an affair with him," Bart muttered. "I sawsaid slowly. "Do you remember Anthony Greaves?" them carrying on in her store.""Ah, that erstwhile suitor of my sister," Jack said. "Unfortunately "Ah," Jack said softly. Somehow, his voice was more threateningdeceased due to his stalkerish behavior. Purveyor of curses, receiver when he spoke softly. "I see."of anti-curses?"
  47. 47. Anthony chortled with delight as he read his newspaper. Gertie Buccaneer being made heiress had warranted the front page, and as he saw his ownfeatures staring up at him from the photo of the chieftaness in waiting, Anthony couldnt help but feel that he had finally been vindicated.Knock-knock.Still grinning, Anthony got up and opened the door.
  48. 48. "Roche, dear, my face is up here," Marie said irritably."What? Oh, right," Roche jerked his eyes skyward. "What was I saying?""You were telling me that Gertie is the heiress," Marie said. "Youre sure it was unanimous? Even Bart agreed?""Its exactly how it was presented in the paper," Roche said. "Uncle Jack only publishes the truth, love.""I just wanted to make sure," Marie said. "Sorry."
  49. 49. Grace bounced Gertie up and down in her arms as she carried her downstairs for a bottle."So, youre the heiress eh, little sister?" she said as she cuddled the tot."Whatsa heiress, Gracie?" Gertie asked."It means you get to live in this house and have lots of babies when you get big," Grace said. "And you get the family fortune too," she mutteredsourly."Lots of friends?""All the friends you can buy, Gertie," Grace chuckled.
  50. 50. "So the results are in?" Pao mused as he and Ivy cuddled in their bedroom."We decided on Gertie, yes," Ivy replied, pulling her husband closer and giving him a scorching kiss. "But we still feel a bit uneasy over theprospect, Pao. There is something not quite right about the little girl... watch over her for us, will you?"Pao nodded, and Ivy cut off any further comments in her trademark way.
  51. 51. The next day, Pierce came home from school with Willie and Nick."Awww... why cant we play, Grandma?" Nick whined as Ivy sent him off to do his homework."Finish your spelling first," Ivy instructed. "We will let you play after you are finished your schoolwork."In the meantime, Ivy chatted with Pierce for a few minutes. She didnt know him as well as she knew his older sister, and intended to rectify that --if possible.
  52. 52. "Homework is stinky," Nick complained."Oh, hush," Willie said. "If you stop complaining youll finish sooner.""Good point," Nick responded, and bent industriously to his work. "Whats the capital of Canada?""I think its Prince Edward Island," Willie responded. "No, wait... thats not right... thats the capital of Australia.""No, New Zealand is the capital of Australia!""Is not! New Zealand is the capital of Japan!"
  53. 53. Once the boys finished, Ivy sent them off to play with Pierce. She wanted to spend a bit of quality time with Pao.
  54. 54. "Remember what you promised us," Ivy reminded her husband as they danced to music only they could hear. "You wont let yourself be lonely.""Why are you bringing this up now?" Pao asked in a quiet voice filled with dread.
  55. 55. Ivy just stepped away from him with a sad smile."We love you, Pao. We always have.""I love you too, Ivy. Youve always been the most beautiful woman in the world to me."
  56. 56. And with that, Ivy was gone. She picked up her pina colada and her suitcase, and travelled off into the great beyond...... leaving Pao alone.
  57. 57. Pao loved his family, but he needed to mourn alone so he took himself upstairs to the washroom where he could cry in peace. He was a fair bityounger than Ivy and it would be some time before he joined her.In the meantime, his family and friends needed him. He wiped his eyes, washed his face, and squared his shoulders before heading back out tocomfort them.
  58. 58. While there is a fair bit of sadness in life, theres also a lot of happy moments, and this is one of them! A few hours after Ivys passing, the familygathered at Bart and Des home to celebrate Roses birthday.She was a sweet kid with a gentle disposition - a lot more like her brother Pierce than her sister Morgan in that regard, though all three of Bart andDes offspring were fairly similar in temperament - neat, outgoing, active, and serious. And Rose seemed to have picked up some of Morgansmania for asking questions, likely due to all the time theyd already spent together."Why sparklies? Make sneezes! Bad sparklies!"
  59. 59. "Hrmm..." Morgan eyed herself critically in the mirror after Roses party. "I wonder if Lisa will go out with me if I call her...?"Deciding there was nothing to lose by asking, Morgan placed the call.
  60. 60. "Any big plans today, kids?" De asked as the family sat around the table for breakfast the next morning."Well, I think Ill stop by and see how Grandpa Pao is doing after school," Morgan said. "Do I have to be home in time to watch the kids?""Youd better," Bart said. "I should be home at the regular time today, so you wont have to watch them for long.""Great! Can I borrow the limo?""No.""Darn."
  61. 61. Morgans quick stop by the Buccaneer manor showed that Grandpa Pao was doing as well as could be expected. His method of dealing with thepain of losing Ivy was evidently to spend as much time with his grandchildren as possible - when Morgan popped by, he was busy helping Gracestudy for her science class."Oo! Can I help? What does that purple button do?"Go home, Morgan. And dont touch the purple button.
  62. 62. "Daddy, do you think Grandma is happy where she is?" Nick asked as he danced on the stair landing with his father."I do," Roche said without a moments hesitation. "You know that the people we love are never truly gone, right? As long as you still love them,you carry a piece of them with you wherever you go.""Have you ever lost someone you love, daddy? Other than grandma, I mean?""A-a few, Nicky."
  63. 63. More time passed, as time inevitably does, and it was Gerties birthday again. Marie, as usual, was dressed in her pajamas as the family gatheredaround the birthday cake."Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Gertieeeeeeeeee... Happy birthday to you!"
  64. 64. "All right!" the child-sized Gertie squealed. "Now I can go to school! Sweet! But why didnt you throw a party?"
  65. 65. As the family festivities continued, Grace found herself in the kitchen washing up the dirty dishes."Grace, when are you going to college?" Willie asked."Not for a bit longer," Grace answered. "Why?""Because I want to have my own room," Willie declared. "And if you move out then I can have yours!""Not so fast, Willie," Pao chuckled. "Even as we speak, your dad is setting up a bed for Gertie in Graces room. Theyll have to share - Gertie is toobig to sleep in a crib in your parents room anymore.""Aw, nuts! Can I at least have a divider, then? Im getting tired of looking at Nicks posters of Shane West."
  66. 66. "Im all grown up now," Gertie protested sleepily as her mother herded her upstairs. "I dont know why I still have to go to bed early.""Because youre tired, dear," Marie said fondly. "Besides, Willie and Nick are on their way to bed, too.""Well I guess thats okay," Gertie said, yawning as she changed into her nightgown. "As long as they have to go to bed now too. I cant wait til Ima teenager, though. Then I can stay up late and have parties and everything!"
  67. 67. "Nick, I think we should go on strike," Willie said to his twin."On strike?" Nick asked, not taking his eyes off of the TV."I mean it, boys!" Marie called from the hall. "Ten minutes and youd better be in bed!""Thats what I mean," Willie whispered. "Were older than Gertie. Why cant we stay up later than her?""We are staying up later than her, Will," Nick pointed out."Well yeah, but only half an hour," Will complained. "I think we should hold out for an hour, at least." He yawned and rubbed his eyes. "See? Imnot tiredzzzzzz......"
  68. 68. A few days later, the family had the headmaster over to see about getting Gertie into private school with her siblings. Fortunately, everything wentsmoothly and there were no issues. The headmaster was happy to have the Chiefs family attending his institution.
  69. 69. "I wish you werent too old to have puppies, Pearlie," Nick giggled as he played with the dog. He, Willie, and Grace had been fed hurriedly beforethe headmaster arrived, then sent upstairs to amuse themselves. "I want to have lots of puppies and kittens when I grow up, but until then youlldo."Pearls response was to pounce him and cover his face with kisses."Aaah!" Nick squealed, giggling. He and Pearl were especially close.
  70. 70. In fact, he often sat up late at night coming up with hypothetical names for his future puppies."The first one will be named Rover," he said. "Then therell be Spot, and Fido. After those three will be Angus, Larchtree, and Masque. Then Ithink Ill have ones named Molly, Sim, and Cheetah.""Cheetahs a cat name," Willie protested. "And Sims a private detective who hates animals.""Oh, hush. Anyway, where was I. Cheetah." And he continued with his list. "Ooh, cant forget Shane..."
  71. 71. Dear Diary,Gertie is such a helpful child. She always wakes up early and comes downstairs to help with the morning chores. Shes much more helpful thanGrace, for example. Grace would rather leave it for the maid.Well, I guess thats why Gertie is the heiress and not Grace. Though I do feel a little guilt... Gertie not being Roches daughter. But that doesntreally matter, does it? He considers her his daughter... surely thats enough!Love,Marie
  72. 72. The twins were very close, and grew closer all the time despite their "--a minute!" Nick concluded. They shared a glance, then burst intodiffering personalities and outlook on life. They even started to look giggles.more alike, though the different hairstyles meant that everyone couldtell them apart easily. "Twins!" Grace complained. "You two are so juvenile!"To Graces disgust, they started completing each others sentences, "What do you--"too. "--expect? Were still just--""Will you two stop horsing around and come down for breakfast,"she called from the doorway one morning. "--kids, after all!""Well be down in--" began Willie. "Aaah! I wish I could sell you both to the circus!"
  73. 73. "Pearlie, the very first puppy I adopt is going to be a standard poodle just like you," Nick promised."Wuf.""And then I think Im going to try to adopt a wolf!" he added, ruffling Pearls grey-streaked black fur."Hey, if were going to be roommates then no wolves," Willie declared. "Their glowing eyes creep me out.""Not one of the glowy-eyed ones," Nick explained. "Those can never be tamed. Just an ordinary wolf. Maybe Ill be lucky and get a white one!""Youre really weird, Nick," Willie declared. "Cmon, lets go creep out Grace by talking in unison again."
  74. 74. "Hey Nicky, come out and try this thing!" Willie called from thepatio. Grace was babysitting, and wasnt paying very close attention "Thats not a very nice thing to do to our sister," Nick what the younger kids were up to, so Willie had taken theopportunity to try out the bubble blower on the back patio. He wasnt "Thats what sisters are for!" Willie grinned.really supposed to use it. "Hey, get away from that thing you two!" Grace called suddenly"Mom and dad are going to get mad," Nick said nervously, but he sat from the upstairs window.down on the cushion next to Willie anyway. "Aw...""Yeah, but theyll get mad at Grace for not keeping a closer eye onus," Willie said. "So well be okay." "...nuts."
  75. 75. From then on, Nick and Willie were limited to playing with their toysinside or playing catch outside. Either way, Grace made sure to keep "If you dont get your homework done before mom and dad get backa much closer eye on them. from work, youll be hanging out to dry," Grace called threateningly from inside."I cant wait til were teenagers," Nick said. "Then we can help thefamily by babysitting Gertie!" "Grace is a tyrant babysitter," Willie muttered."Ill pass," Willie declared. "Im going to spend as much time hanging "Shes just making sure she does a good job," Nick said. He wasout with my buddies as possible." much more forgiving of family members than Willie was.
  76. 76. Dear Diary,Every day I look at Gertie and wonder how it is that Im the only one who realizes shes not Roches child. Shes the spitting image of Anthony. Ireally need to tell someone - but who? If this gets out now, when Ive let the family make her heiress, Ill be lynched! Well, figuratively speaking.I dont know what to do!Love,Marie
  77. 77. "Its a beautiful Saturday morning," Pao declared one morning a little Pao thought about that for a minute. "Are your aunt and uncle goingwhile later. "What are you young fry going to do with it?" to be there, boys?""Were going to go--" "We dont know," they replied."--play with Pierce!" Nick and Willie said. "I think Morgan said she had to babysit," Grace volunteered. "But I can go over too if thats the case and make sure these kids dont get"Me too!" Gertie insisted. into too much trouble. You know, in exchange for the proper remuneration."
  78. 78. "Trouble? Whos causing trouble?" Marie and Roche walked into the room together, clothing and hair slightly mussed. "Sorry were late forbreakfast."Grace died of embarrassment. "No worries," she said, staring at her plate."The kids want to go and spend some time with Pierce," Pao said, rescuing all the embarrassed parties by changing the subject. "But Morgansbabysitting today. Grace offered to go over with them and make sure things dont get out of hand.""That sounds like a good plan," Marie said, self-consciously fixing her hair and doing up her last button. "Ill just give De a call and make sure itsokay with her and Bart. And, Grace, youll be doing this out of the goodness of your heart, wont you?""Uncle Jack says theres no such thing as a family discount," Grace muttered under her breath.
  79. 79. "When are they coming, Morgan?" Pierce asked excitedly as he flipped through channel after channel looking for some good cartoons.Morgan, who had been staring at her magazine without reading it and daydreaming about Lisa instead, took a minute to answer. After checking herwatch, she told Pierce that their cousins should be there any minute."Can I wait outside?" he asked eagerly."Go for it, kid!" she focused her gaze on her magazine once more. I wonder if Lisa likes aliens?
  80. 80. Sure enough, a few minutes later Gertie, Willie, and Nick traipsed down the sidewalk, accompanied by their older sister."Why dont you guys play outside for a bit?" she suggested as she headed into the house."Nah, lets watch TV," Gertie said. "We can play outside in a bit."
  81. 81. Morgan and Grace dragged the couch from the upstairs sitting room down into the living room so that everyone would have a seat, and Pierce gotthe beanbag chair from his room. Then the four kids settled in to watch TV. Morgan took the first shift in the living room with them while Graceheaded into the nursery to get Rose dressed and fed.After an hour or two, the boys decided they were bored and stampeded outside, Gertie tagging along anxiously. She didnt want to get left out."I really hope Rose grows up soon," she complained to Morgan as she walked by. "That way I wont have to spend so much time hanging aroundwith the boys.""I dont blame ya, Gertie," Morgan chuckled, not taking her eyes off of her magazine. "Why would anyone want to spend so much time withboys?"
  82. 82. The four younger kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing and chillingoutside. There was only one swing, so they didnt play with that for very "Hey, dont you two usually talk at the same time?" Pierce asked.long, but theres no limit to the number of people who can play tag, or catch,or have a water balloon fight. "Nah, only when Grace is around," Willie grinned. "It drives her bonkers.""I hope we stay good friends when were all grown up," Gertie said "Heh, I wish I had a twin so I could do that to Morgan," Pierce laughed.contentedly as they sprawled on the grass towards the end of the day,exhausted from hours of hard playing. Just then, Bart drove home from work in his minivan. "Okay, squirts!" he called from the driveway. "The last bus up the hill is about to leave!""Me too!" Pierce grinned. With a fair bit of laughter, the three legacy kids and their older sister"Were family," Nick said. "Well always be friends." scrambled into the van for their ride home.
  83. 83. After her cousins had left, Morgan dashed upstairs to get ready for her date with Lisa, and about twenty minutes later the red-headed cashierarrived."Hi?" Morgan said nervously."Hi," Lisa smiled.
  84. 84. The date was just starting to get interesting when De got home from work. She glanced over to where her daughter was dancing with Lisa on thesidewalk, grinned proudly, and headed into the house without saying anything to disrupt the mood."After all, every girl deserves a bit of romance in her teens," De mused later to Bart."It is kind of weird, though," Bart said. "I dated Lisa when I was a teenager.""The wonders of being attached to a legacy," De chuckled.
  85. 85. As it turned out, the date was a perfect one, and Morgan walked away from it with her first kiss and her feet hovering about a foot off the groundfor the next week or two."Do you think Lisa really likes me?" she asked Grace later that evening on the phone."She kissed you, didnt she?""But she could just be trying to be nice," Morgan said in an agonized voice. "Do you think she thinks Im pretty? Do you think Lisas pretty? Am Ijust settling for the first girl I can get? Aah! Im confused!""Just do what what feels good," Grace advised. "And stop worrying!"Morgan stopped worrying.
  86. 86. But soon, summer had ended and it was back to school for the legacy kids. That meant less time playing with their cousins, much to their disgust,and more time spent hitting the books. Grace, especially, was in the running for several scholarships and grants."For its money money money makes the woooooorld gooooooo rooooooooound.""Sis, were trying to--""--study. Whats with the--""--annoying humming?""Just because you two cant appreciate the beauty of Economics... sheesh."
  87. 87. Still, her parents insisted that she take some time out from Introductory Entrepreneurship to have a bit of a social life. It was with some trepidationthat she headed over to the family Wishing Well.
  88. 88. "I guess I want... a boyfriend," she said as she tossed in the coin with some reluctance.There was a whoosh of light, and a strange thud sound.
  89. 89. The next thing she knew, Grace was being kissed soundly on the lips by the boy of her dreams, Randy London. Shed had a crush on him for awhile, but it had been a crush from afar as hed never spoken as much as two words to her.A little while later, Grace asked Randy how hed ended up flying out of the well towards her."Well," he said, squeezing her hand tenderly, "I was actually making a wish on my own wishing well ... and the next thing I knew I was here!"Before the end of the evening they were going steady, though they knew theyd have to break things off when Grace went to college.
  90. 90. It was a night of four birthdays amongst the legacy Buccaneer connections. First up was Rose, whose birthday picture I completely spaced on. Nextcame Pierce, about to enter teenagerhood.
  91. 91. He turned out really, really cute, as all the girls on Pirate Island can attest.
  92. 92. Rose grew up kind of ... interesting, but her features are a lot like Morgans, and Morgan definitely grew into hers when she hit teen.Pao was the only family member to attend all four birthdays.
  93. 93. The next morning, De spent some quality time with her youngest before sending her off to her first day of school."And you can find out from Gertie how her older brothers birthday party went, too!" De suggested.
  94. 94. But Rose had much more important things than socializing on her mind - like schoolwork. She was thrilled to bring home her very first A+ reportcard that same evening."Way to go, Rose!" Bart said, applauding as he scanned the paper. "Thats my girl!"
  95. 95. And later that night, the taxi came for Morgan. She was heading to Paris a bit ahead of Grace to get settled in their new dorm, though they wouldbe starting class at the same time."Have fun, dear, and dont forget to write!" De called as the taxi drove away."Wait!" Morgan cried out the taxi window. "Does anyone in our family get seasick?"
  96. 96. Dear Diary, day. Im really trying, now. I told Roche about the affairs and he forgave me, which I wasnt expecting. He said hed known all aboutSo many birthdays today! In a few minutes Ill be heading downstairs them and didnt want to say anything because he didnt want to loseto celebrate with the twins, and over at Bart and Des house theyre me. I dont deserve him.celebrating a birthday too! Why do children grow up so fast,anyway? I dont like it. I want them to stay cute, cuddly babies I still havent told him the truth about Gertie, though. I dont want toforever. wreck the happiness weve managed to rebuild.I just wanted to note that Roche and I are getting along really well Love,lately. We havent fought in ages, and I think Im finally over theworst of losing Susanna. Ive been seeing a counselor and Ive Mariestopped having affairs... especially since Anthony just vanished one
  97. 97. Dear Diary,Dont my boys look handsome! Their birthday party was a huge success. This is Willie, though hes informed all of us that hell only be answeringto "Will" from now on. The girls are going to go crazy for him.
  98. 98. And this is my sweet Nicky. He and Willie look so much alike, its uncanny - especially with their new haircut. At least they havent started dressingalike. Its bad enough when theyre in their school uniforms. They have different noses, and Nick has my colouring, but thats the only differencebetween them that I can see.Love,Marie
  99. 99. No, Gertie.You cant burp into the microphone."Aw, nuts."
  100. 100. Sensing that he didnt have a terribly long time left, Pao began dividing his energy between visiting with Bart and Des kids and home.Sometimes, he didnt exactly know when to leave.
  101. 101. "Its been great to see you, Pao," De said, "But the kids are all asleep and Bart and I have to work in the morning. Why dont you stop by againtomorrow after dinner?""Oops, is it that late?" Pao asked, grinning abashedly. "Guess Ill be running along then, but Ill stop by again tomorrow or the next day.""Sounds like a plan," De smiled, and ushered her father-in-law out.
  102. 102. Pao spent his mornings hanging out with his other grandkids, though sometimes he forgot to get dressed first. Fortunately, the boys thought thiswas hilarious."Grandpa, you forgot your clothes again," Will smirked."Oh, did I?" Pao looked down. "At least I remembered my underwear. Otherwise Id be pretty embarrassed.""You, embarrassed?" Nick laughed. "Grandpa, nothing phases you.""Well, thats true," Pao said. "All the same, though, I think Ill go and get some pants. Its a bit chilly in here."
  103. 103. Pao wasnt the only one having embarrassing moments. The kids quickly learned to knock before going into any room or risk having their eyesscalded by the sight of their parents making out."At least theyre not fighting anymore," Nick said, averting his eyes from one particularly passionate clinch."Yeah, but they really should get a room," Will complained loudly.Roche and Marie obligingly went upstairs to their room."Yknow, I think its even worse when we know theyve gone up to their bedroom," Will shuddered.
  104. 104. Now that the boys were old enough to cook, Marie insisted that they take their turn once a week to feed the family.This meant that, once a week, the family was guaranteed either macaroni and cheese or spaghetti."Cant you two learn to cook anything else?" Grace grimaced, eating a forkful."If you dont like it you can cook," they said in unison."STOP DOING THAT!""No."
  105. 105. Grace maintained her sanity when forced to spend long periods of time with her brothers by tub-pirating in the noble tradition of her family."Arr! Im going to be a space pirate, just wait and see! Just wait til I get my hands on some nice shiny booty!"
  106. 106. "Hey Will, come check this out," Nick called from the upstairslanding, where he was playing on the computer. "Well, I like it," Nick said."What is it?" Will asked, wandering over. "Thats cause youre a nerd," Will explained."Its this new game I got," Nick said. "You make these computer- Nick ignored him and continued choosing the perfect hairstyle for hiscontrolled people, dress them up, and then watch them and see how sim. "Do you think this one looks like me?"they interact with their world. Its totally simulated. The AI kindasucks, though." "Only if you were all cartoony and weird, and a girl," Will said."Sounds nerdy," Will sniffed. "You wouldnt catch me playing some "I do not look like a girl!"sort of sim game like that."
  107. 107. Despite his age, Pao was still pretty limber and in good shape."Its all those years of minioning for your Uncle Jack," he explained to the boys as the thwapped each other with pillows. "Minioning is goodexercise.""I wouldnt mind being a minion," Will said. "Could you talk to Uncle Jack for me?""Youll have to ask him yourself," Pao said sternly. "Jack doesnt believe in nepotism, for all he wants to protect the family.""Eh, maybe when I graduate, then," Will said dismissively.
  108. 108. "Only three more days and then I can leave," Grace said, looking up from her homework for a minute. "Why do they have to give me morehomework even though Im about to leave?"Teachers can be sadistic?"Very funny, Goddess. Ha ha ha. See? Im laughing. I just want to grab my scholarship money and go!"
  109. 109. Grace had been working for some time, too, and so she was pleasantly surprised when she got to work one day and was presented with anotherscholarship, this from the law firm shed been interning at."Woo! Money!"
  110. 110. "Dad, I want you to tell me about rum," Will said the next afternoon, cornering his father in the living room."Rum?"Yes, rum," Will insisted. "If I cant be a minion, Ill be a pirate. Do pirates throw lots of parties?""Err..." Roche looked for a way out of the conversation. "Why dont you go find that ratty old Commodore Bear and ask Great-Grandfather?""Cause Pearls been chewing on him and hes covered in dog slobber," Will explained."Then hell be extra glad to see you," Roche pointed out, and darted out of the living room.
  111. 111. "I wish you didnt have to go," Gertie said, hugging her sister."Its only Paris," Grace said. "Ill come home in the summers to visit, I promise. And it wont be long til youre there too!""I suppose," Gertie grumbled. "Im glad youre my sister, Grace. I wish you were the heiress too. Then you could come back here and live with meafter I graduate."Grace just smiled and went inside to phone for her taxi.
  112. 112. "Well, Im off to college," Grace said once shed called. "The taxi to theairport should be here in a few minutes." "--we have the same school uniforms," they grinned."Phone often," Marie said, giving Grace a fierce bearhug. "Aah!""Dont forget--" "Theres just one thing I want you to remember," Roche said, moving closer to his daughter to be heard over the boys. "Live your life for you and not for"--to email either," said the twins. anybody else, okay? And remember, love those dear to you as fiercely as you can. You never know when you might lose them.""Will you two stop doing that?" Grace said plaintively. "Its downrightcreepy. And stop dressing alike!" Sadness and old bitterness tinged his words, but Grace didnt hear it. Instead, she gave Gertie a quick kiss on the cheek, hugged everyone one last time,"We cant help that--" and stepped out to the waiting taxi.
  113. 113. Grace got into the taxi and headed to the airport... and thats the end of this chapter!Will anyone find out the truth of Gerties parentage? Will I develop Roses personality into something other than a carbon copy of Morgans? Willwe see Anna again? Will Grace ever talk to her high school boyfriend? Will we ever learn to tell the twins apart? Will I kill them if they insist ondressing alike in university? Where did Anthony go? Will Professor Butters ever be able to go more than thirty seconds without gagging at Rochesappearance?All this and less... in the next chapter of A Piratical Legacy!In the meantime... check out the newest Sim Spade adventure: Sim Spade in The Mascot Murder Mystery! Now playing on my Sim Page!------->
  114. 114. "This really sucks.""Arr! Now ye know how I felt, mate.""Shut up."