A Piratical Legacy Chapter 16 - Buccaneer Family Ties


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 16 - Buccaneer Family Ties

  1. 1. Chapter 16 – Buccaneer Family TiesHello dear readers and welcome back to A Piratical Legacy. This isnt a regular legacy chapter, per se. Consider it more of a combination of fillerand family tree. With Jacks help, maybe I can help you make some sense of how the family has changed and grown over four generations."Aye, th whole thing be confusin, love. Me kids, me grandkids, me great-grandkids! Tis enough to drive an honest pirate bonkers, savvy?"Since when are you an honest pirate?"If t drives an honest mate starkers, imagine ow far off o the deep end itd make a scurvy pirate such as meself, love."
  2. 2. A Piratical Legacy was founded by-- "Arr! Weel, I washed up on this hunk o rock after me crew mutinied against me and threw me off o the Pearl. Th natives were strange but"Excuse me, love, but this be me family and me tale. Ye can listen, friendly, mate, and made me their Chief. In return, I was expected toaye?" found a line o rulers for em. I accepted since me ship was gone and I was landlocked. Th women were beautiful and the rum flowedBe my guest, Jack. freely, mate, so twas no hardship. Savvy?""Captain Jack." The rum flowed especially freely when you forgot youd hidden it in the couch and then jumped on the cushions.Captain Jack. "Aye... those were sad days, love."
  3. 3. "Anyway, I met a beautiful wench an we got married, savvy? Elise be her name, and she was a washed up, shipwrecked citizen o the island likemeself. Her ome port was fair Paris, and she agreed to be me wife if we could send our children to Paris t get educated."
  4. 4. "Speakin o children, we had two soon after we were married, mate. Th one to port wasnt one o ours -- she be one o the tribespeople native to thisland. The middle child be me oldest girl, Elisabeth. A bonny lass was she, an she wanted to be a French lady like er mother was. But me secondgirlie, Mary, was a lass after me own eart. A pirates life was all she desired, savvy?"Yo ho.
  5. 5. "And ow can I be forgettin me youngest lass, Celeste. She was a surprise when I was old an grey, and grew up with me grandkids, mate."She also speaks in nothing but verse."Arr... she be a bonny lass, love, but weird be er middle name."
  6. 6. "Well, soon enough me life was over an th Grim Reaper imself showed up to escort me to Davy Jones locker. I went with im for th rum, but Ipromised Id be back, and back I came!"
  7. 7. "Before me corpse was cold in th ground, Id found meself a home in Marys old stuffed bear, sos I could watch over me family til the end otime."Thank you, Jack. Youve made things extremely... lively... for the family."Arr... it be me pleasure, love."Im sure it has been. Mind if I pick up the narrative here? You saw most of it from a bears eye view, and it gets a bit... convoluted."Aye, go right ahead, mate. But Ill be jumpin in if I thinks ye missed something, savvy?"Savvy.
  8. 8. Jacks oldest daughter, Elisabeth, was very excited to go to fair Paris for her university education. While she was there, she met Shannon Toyonaga.Something about his blue hair just caught her fancy and, while she dated a few other men briefly, it wasnt long until she decided Shannon was theone for her."Aye, an me lassie made a good choice, love."That she did, Jack. That she did.
  9. 9. Elisabeth and Shannon got married right out of university and moved to a modest home right across the street from the Buccaneer home. Elisabethtook Shannons last name of Toyonaga, being an old-fashioned kind of gal.
  10. 10. Elisabeth and Shannon had only one child, a daughter they named Antoinette. Everyone called her Toni, though.
  11. 11. Toni went to university with her cousins (well get to them in a few minutes), and that was where she met Publius Numantius Scipio, an immigrantSim from Blite27s Ten Caesars Legacy."Bleedin freeloaders. Whys he wearing a skirt?"
  12. 12. After graduating, Toni and Publius got married privately at home."Arr, this be boring. Get on with it!"Hush, Jack."Captain!"Captain Jack. Sorry, Im out of practice.
  13. 13. They would go on to have a very happy and fruitful marriage because Shannons lifetime want was to have six grandchildren. Toni and Publiuswere happy to oblige them.Toni and Publius children were: Hadrian, Cestus, Benjamin, Scipio, Septimus, and Octavia.With the exception of Benjamin (who we will discuss later), Toni and Publius children, -in-laws, and grandchildren follow.
  14. 14. Hadrian, the eldest child of Toni and Publius, married Ray, a simself and moderator at www.boolprop.com.
  15. 15. Seeing as how I dont like to boolprop pregnancies for the most part, I boolpropped an alternate form of pregnancy for the two of them. LuckyHadrian got to be the pregnant one.
  16. 16. Arent they a happy family? Ray and Hadrian have only one child so far, named Green."Thats green? That be more olive mixed with aquamarine, mate."Im sure that a tough, flea-bitten pirate shouldnt know those words, Captain Jack."Ye marries a Frenchwoman, ye learns a fair bit about the color wheel, love."For clarification, the lineage is:Jack --> Elisabeth --> Toni --> Hadrian --> Green
  17. 17. Cestus dated Tracy Carr, the cow mascot, throughout university. Once theyd both graduated, they moved into a two-bedroom apartment in a smalltownhouse complex. They got along with their neighbors (simselves, mostly) fairly well, but as they are both family sims they were eager to start afamily."I could really go for a steak right now."Thats disgusting, Captain."Pirate."
  18. 18. Cestus and Tracy have had two children so far: a girl named Jersey (the toddler) and a boy named Holstein (the infant)."Ye should be ashamed of yerself, goddess."For clarification, the lineage is:Jack --> Elisabeth --> Toni --> Cestus --> Jersey and Holstein
  19. 19. Skipping over Cestus twin brother Benjamin, we find ourselves at Scipio. Scipio moved back home after university and married his universitygirlfriend, Tara McAuley.
  20. 20. So far, Scipio and Tara have been very happy together. They havetwo children: Justina (the older) and Scipia (the younger). "Or t other three.""Arr! Where be all these Romans coming from? I dont want no Or them, yes. But theyre not installed in this neighborhood.peacock-egg-swilling imperialists polluting me island! I hears theyincrease the death rate by a factor oten!" For clarification, the lineage is:Only if theyre Julia Caesar, Captain. Jack --> Elisabeth --> Toni --> Scipio --> Justina and Scipia
  21. 21. Toni and Publius youngest two children are still in university, acting as placeholder at Lam Plaza dormitory. Here we see Septimus, who looks aLOT like his oldest brother Hadrian."Ye knows, in my day people had sensible hair."
  22. 22. And this is Septimus twin sister, Octavia. Seeing as how shes the only girl out of all of Publius and Tonis children, she has been very spoiled."Aye, that she as, love. But shes a pretty lass, methinks, and wont be spoiled for a bit o ... err ... spoilin."
  23. 23. Well skip over Jack and Elises middle child, Mary, for the moment, and focus instead on their youngest daughter, Celeste. Celeste was born afterJack became an elder, and only two days before Elise did. While she was a surprise (to them -- not to me. I thought it would be funny to foistanother child on them so late in life because Im sadistic like that), she was very much loved.Celeste met her boyfriend Alan Curtin on the internet and kept her relationship with him a secret until they were ready to meet face-to-face. Withthem, it truly was love at first sight.Alan soon picked up the nickname "Other-Alan" because Mary also married a man named Alan.
  24. 24. Celeste and Other-Alan got married the first time in a big, blow-out wedding that crashed my computer. This is the picture from the first wedding.The second time around, they were married privately at home.
  25. 25. Celeste and Other-Alan have proved to be fairly important players inthe Sim Spade adventures, which also take place on Pirate Island. I thought it would be funny and sadistic to have three toddlers at onceThus, they have both been granted immortality. so I had Alan eat cheesecake... Celeste didnt eat any, but she ended up having twins as well!Celeste and Other-Alan started a family right away. Actually, theyended up starting a double family right away. Thats because they Celeste and Other-Alan had two boys: William and Blake.didnt just have twins... they had two sets of twins within two hours!Right after Celeste got pregnant, Other-Alan decided it would be a Other-Alan had two alien girls: Sadism and Irony. Sadism and Ironygood idea to go stargazing and he got abducted. will be discussed later as they both married cousins.
  26. 26. William started dating his distantly related cousin Autumn Thayer when they lived in dorm together. While neither of them was terribly faithful tothe other thanks to autonomous romantic interactions, they did love each other first and foremost and got married in a small, private ceremony soonafter graduating.
  27. 27. So far William and Autumn have had only one child, a girl they named Emily.For clarification, the lineage is:Jack --> Celeste --> William --> EmilyEmilys matriarchal lineage is:Jack --> Mary --> Jack Jr. --> Autumn --> Emily
  28. 28. Williams twin, Blake, married dormie Aurora Taylor, again in a private ceremony."She reminds me o somewench..."She slapped you once."Oh, aye. Not sure I deserved that."
  29. 29. Blake and Aurora have had only one child, Borealis, and arent likely to have any more as Aurora is too focused on her career to be worried aboutchild-rearing. While Blake is a stay-at-home dad and enjoys it, I dont think hed want to have any more children either. However, only time willtell!For clarification, Borealis ancestry is:Jack --> Celeste --> Blake --> BorealisAnd thats it for Celestes branch of the family tree! (So far, at least!)"Good. Even Im havin trouble keepin track o them, savvy?"
  30. 30. And now we move on Jack and Elises middle child, Mary. Mary was the legacy heiress, which means she was the one who had to move back tothe Legacy estate and have lots of babies. Mary didnt mind this, though, as she was a family sim.Mary dated and proposed to the coolest dormie ever while at university in Paris. His name was Alan Goss, and he ended up being one of the best-loved characters in my Legacy.
  31. 31. Alan and Mary got married on the front lawn of the Buccaneer family estate. Alan, wonderful though dim sim that he was, even dressed as a piratefor the ceremony."Arr, I knew he was right for me little girl."Right after getting married, Mary and Alan had four children.
  32. 32. However, its important to note that Alan soon became very best friends with Shannon, his brother-in-law (Elisabeths husband). The two of themwere inseparable. Shannon literally came home with Alan about eighty percent of the time after work. As they got older, they spent even more timetogether, and spent their retirement fishing in the pond outside a remodeled legacy manor.I still miss both of them :("I doesnt. They keep goin on day after bleedin day. Right you are this and thats the truth that. Afterlifes supposed to be eternal rest, aint it, noteternal annoyance?"Quiet, you."Captain you."
  33. 33. Anyway, the oldest of Mary and Alans children was Edward, though everyone called him Eddie. He was a very, very strange sim as he stated thathis lifelong desire was to become a tiger."I gots strange grandchildren."You gots pretty strange children too. They come by it honestly."Ye dares imply that any of me family be honest? Avast!"
  34. 34. Next came Jack Jr. Jack is probably everyones favorite Legacy character out of all the ones Ive bred. He was adorable as a toddler... and scary.From before he could talk, he was running a very successful crime ring on Pirate Island."Arr, a lad after me own heart!"
  35. 35. Jacks twin sister, Anne, was very different from Jack. She had no head for convoluted problems of supply, demand, and extortion. No, she wasconsumed with the idea of being a cheerleader and would follow that philosophy for much of her young life.
  36. 36. Lastly, the baby of the family: Ivy Buccaneer. Sweet and innocent as a child, she would grow up to become one of the greatest romancers in Simhistory. She ended up as the third generation legacy heiress and thus will be visited last.
  37. 37. Lets start with Eddie, shall we?Eddie turned out to be one of the most gorgeous sims Ive ever seen, with finely chiseled features. He was quite the nerd so he wasnt very heavilypursued by girls in high school... with the exception of Tosha Ajjanagadde.
  38. 38. Their relationship continued through university and they got engaged fairly soon. Eddie was still dedicated to his dream of becoming a tiger, andTosha was more than happy to help him with his research."That suit be disturbing... and yet, I cant take me eyes off it, mate."Be glad its still missing the tail."Yarr!"
  39. 39. They got married right out of university and soon discovered the key to manipulating their genome and merging in feline DNA. First Tosha..."Ooh, savvy!"Dont interrupt!
  40. 40. ... and then Eddie transformed, much to my delight. They may have had to do the research, but Im the one who had to put it into practice inSimPE.
  41. 41. Anyway, Eddie and Tosha have been very happy together. They had two children: Nala (a girl) and Simba (a boy).Nala inherited the tiger genes (with a little help from me) but only expressed them when she became a teenager. Simba, however, has shown nosign of tiger genes at all.
  42. 42. Nala started dating her distantly related cousin Benjamin Toyonaga (son of Toni and Publius, as mentioned earlier) back when they were inuniversity. They got married after graduation and invited their closest family and friends to the wedding: that is, their fellow Arravast Housemembers and significant others, their parents, and the legacy matriarch and patriarch.Since Nala and Benjamin are Arravast members, lets examine their life together in a little more detail, shall we?
  43. 43. But first, lets talk about Simba. Nalas younger brother, Simba was a very eager member of the wedding party. Hes still at university, acting asplaceholder for Arr!avast! House, so it will be a while before we see whether hes got some recessive tiger genes or not."Ye sure Im related to that? He dont look like hes got much personality."Give the boy time, Captain Jack.
  44. 44. "Wow, this is some spread," April said appreciatively as the bridalparty dug into the wedding cake. "So do I!" April grinned. "My wedding is coming up pretty soon too, dont forget!""scuse me, you done with me for now?" "Geez, guys, doesnt all this make you feel old?" BenjaminYes, Captain. complained. "Next thing youll be talking about having kids!" He shuddered a bit."Ill go have a chat with Commodore Bear then. Later, mate." "Ill laugh if you get Nala knocked up tonight," Roche snickered."No kidding," Roche nodded, his dreads swinging. "Marie will wantthe name of your baker, Im sure." Benjamin gulped.
  45. 45. And what do you know? It seems that he did.Truthfully, both Nala and Benjamin were very excited.
  46. 46. Tosha was having a bit of trouble adjusting to the fact that she was soon to be a grandmother, so she decided to relive her youth by doing a bit ofspying on some of her neighbors. Perhaps she considered it payback, considering everyone in town seems to spy on her.Anyway, her choice of targets wasnt very good.ZOTZ!
  47. 47. "That wasnt very nice, goddess."Who says Im nice?
  48. 48. The day after Toshas ill-advised espionage, it was time for a double birthday. First Eddie grew up. Really, theres not much difference betweenyoung Eddie and old Eddie except for the hair color - and I think the white looks rather dashing with the tiger skin.And, because Eddie is clueless about fashion... he kept the outfit.
  49. 49. Tosha celebrated her birthday a few hours later and exhibited slightly better taste in clothing. For that, I may even forgive the spying. She lookspretty good too, but face one usually elderifies nicely.
  50. 50. The thought of her parents growing old made Nala rather introspective and I constantly caught her rubbing her belly with that soft expression onher face. It was strange, because Nalas one of the meanest sims on Pirate Island (shes an aggressive tiger!) yet shes very gentle and reserved whenpregnant.Oh, and something makes me think that the outfit shes wearing, which is a Maxian outfit, was originally meant to be maternity wear. Im justsayin.
  51. 51. It wasnt long, however, before the day arrived. Nala and Benjamin were pretty excited - they were the first among their group to become parentsand everyone else from Arravast waited with anticipation.Eddie and Tosha were also extremely curious to see whether or not the tiger genetics would be passed on to their grandchild.
  52. 52. And they most definitely were! Little Rani had her grandfathers skintone and her fathers eyes and hair."Aww, shes cute for a freak."I thought you were going off to possess the bear."Came back for me hat."
  53. 53. Eddie especially doted on her, though I think he spent as much time checking on her DNA profile as he did feeding and cuddling her."With as much trouble as Simba had with the tiger genetics, goddess, we cant be too careful!"You make a very good point, Eddie.
  54. 54. Time passed quickly and little Rani grew up into a toddler shortly after the household moved into a new, bigger home.
  55. 55. "Im so glad weve got a bigger place, dad... Im pregnant again!""Wow, thats fantastic, Nala! Do you think this next one will be a white tiger like you and your mother?" Eddie was ever the scientist."Well just have to wait and see," Nala said fondly.
  56. 56. And thats where well leave this happy family - with a picture of a second trimester Nala, and Benjamin holding little Rani.For clarification, Ranis ancestry is:Jack --> Mary --> Eddie --> Nala --> Rani
  57. 57. Jack Jr. was the second of Mary and Alans children. By the time he was a teenager his criminal career was going strong and he was looking forsome romance in his spare time. One day, he brought cheerleader Meadow Thayer home from school with him... and the rest is history.
  58. 58. Meadow went to university with Jack and co., and the two of them dated through university. Jack finally proposed in their senior year.
  59. 59. Jack and Meadow were eager to start married life together, especially since theyd been keeping things Squeaky Clean throughout their dating andengaged relationship. So they bought a house together and got married as soon as it was ready for them. I dont know that I would have chosen toget married in the bathroom, myself, but they certainly didnt seem to mind."Arr! Seems silly t me to be gettin married in yer finest finery in th head, love. Me grandson needed t work on his sense o style for a wee bit,savvy?"Are you dissing the man-purse, Captain?"Me, love? Me lips be sealed."
  60. 60. In the years since, Jack and Meadow have led a very happy life together. Theyve had a total of six children: Autumn (who married William Curtin,as we saw earlier), April & Aspen (twins), Alder, Aster & Ash (also twins). Well get to the kids in a minute, but first lets see how the two of themare enjoying the start of their years of childfree immortality.
  61. 61. "Yes, I would like to procure the services of a maid, please.""Your request has been approved. We will see you tomorrow at ten oclock, Mr. Thayer.""What a strange conversation. Still, my dear wife need not clean the house any longer now that we are able to afford maid service. I am sure shewill be thankful for the respite."Youve been able to afford anything you like for years. Youre a Don, for my sake!
  62. 62. Uhh... Jack? Thats not the maid.
  63. 63. "Um, my dearest puddingpuff?" Jacks voice was tentative, whichmade Meadow a bit uneasy. "Ah, yes," Jack swallowed. "About that. It appears that instead of calling the maid service I accidentally called... the adoption service.""Yes, dear?" "WHAT?!?""I was going to hire a maid to take care of the house so you can enjoyyour retirement and freedom from the rearing of our wonderful "His name is Andrew."children," Jack began. And on that lovely note, lets visit Jacks other children, starting with"Oh, Jack!" Meadow cried. "How thoughtful of you!" April since Autumn has already been visited.
  64. 64. April dated her bodyguard, Ben (aka Blite27, writer of the Ten Caesars Legacy) all through university. After she graduated, Jack built them anenormous house and they threw a huge wedding party.Jack very much had a hand in arranging their relationship surreptitiously. "Mr. B" was one of his crime organizations most trusted lieutenants(minions), and Jack wanted him to become an official member of the family.
  65. 65. April is one of the Arravast members, so well be spending a bit of time with her and Ben as they start their family. As I mentioned earlier, they hada HUGE wedding ceremony, with something like twenty guests. Amazingly, the lot didnt even lag. Why did they end up with so many guests?Well, the Arravast members and their SOs had to be invited. Then the Spade cast had to be invited. And finally the Simselves had to be invitedbecause Ben is one.Notice how nobody was really paying attention to the cake cutting. April is actually the nicest sim I have in my game with 10 nice points, but shesalso got 8 or 9 playful and is extremely outgoing. I think thats where the cake-mashing comes from.
  66. 66. I took close to a hundred shots of the wedding and obviously had to pare them down quite a bit. So why did I keep this one?Well, Jack is obviously gleeful and giddy with excitement at the thought of his baby getting married to one of his closest confidantes. Meadow, onthe other hand... looks less than thrilled at another reminder of just how old she is, despite the fact that she also loves family member weddings.Oh, and Aaroc (Elfin Legacy, Aarocs Space Oddity, both on hold) trying to hug Orikes (Pseudo Legacy) just makes me laugh. No, thats not ACRdoing icky things with simselves. Its just simselves being funny.
  67. 67. "So tell me, Pao, how do you like married life?" "That is true. Still... it feels kind of like the end of an era, my friend.""When youve got the right one, its fantastic. But I expect you wontbe up for much minion-ing for the next little while. Too busy with "Once youre a minion, Mr. P., youre a minion for life."your family, I expect." "Right you are, Mr. B. Right you are.""Hey, youll have grandkids to play with too, Pao. You wont havetime for minioning either!" "Aright, mate. Dont go there. Once be quite enough, savvy?"
  68. 68. Some simselves are better behaved than others in public settings.Professor Butters-Marius (guilty of the Squeaky Clean legacy) and They all bring in money.her Roman husband, Flavius Marius (a Ten Caesars creation) areconstantly stalking each other whenever theyre on the lot together. "Arr, well in that case. Say, that wench in purple be a looker."De (fireflower314, Pierce Legacy and Morgan Legacy) is content to Stop ogling the living, Captain.approve of their PDAs and eat her wedding cake. "Pirate.""More immigrants! Arr! Me island be overrun, mate!"
  69. 69. Time passed and the newlyweds settled into life together. After considerable trying, April was finally pregnant (seriously, it took about three daysvia ACR). Ben, meanwhile, had taken a break from minion-ing just as Pao had predicted and was trying to get into the Athletic career to fulfill hislifetime want.
  70. 70. Despite what this picture says, he actually made a pretty good father. I tend to let my sims run on free will most of the time (especially sinceinstalling ACR) and Ben was constantly holding (and overfeeding) his and Aprils daughter, Moll -- even when what she most wanted was a diaperchange.
  71. 71. Jack and Meadow were over often, but I think the fact that they were grandparents kind of freaked the Godfather out a bit. He spent most of histime at the bar whenever they were over."Aye, Jack be a lad after me own heart, mate. Always lookin for th rum! Arr!"He wont find it there. Its still in the couch.
  72. 72. Meadow, on the other hand, would head straight for Molls crib the instant they arrived and wouldnt put her down until they left. I guess she really,really likes being a grandmother.
  73. 73. The entire family was present for Molls birthday, along with Arravast. Her features are a definite mix of both her parents."Why do me girl descendents always be growin up in the same hair?"Dunno. Omniscience doesnt extend to core game programming.
  74. 74. Once Moll was able to talk, Jack suddenly developed an interest in It isnt.her. Or it might have been because Ben and April sold the bar. "But whys the rum gone?""Arr! The beer! The gin! The rum!" Are you done quoting yourself?The rums in the couch, Jack. "... s.""Whys the rum gone?" In any case, Jack and Moll were friends before the end of her party.
  75. 75. A few days later, after several unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy, April finally felt the effects of morning sickness once again.She was thrilled! Another baby on the way!
  76. 76. And thats where well leave this happy family for the time being. Well definitely see them again, though.Just for edification purposes:Jack --> Mary --> Jack Jr. --> April --> Moll"All them arrows be making me nervous."Theyre all pointed away from you."They could be boomerang arrows odoom, goddess."... youre weird.
  77. 77. Aprils twin, Aspen, was also dating a simself. He and Denise (avidreader2466, Puritanical Green Thumb) got married on the front walk ofDenises townhouse. Her neighbors, rubbersushi and thepiepers5, were the only witnesses.
  78. 78. Denise and Aspen wanted to start a family right away. Unfortunately, they were plagued by a bout of infertility, and it was several days before theymanaged to conceive.
  79. 79. Once Denise did get pregnant, though, she was absolutely miserable. She had the hardest pregnancy of any sims of this generation. Aspen wasunderstandably concerned.
  80. 80. And, of course, he had to be away for his first day of work as a Deep Sea Diver on the day when Denise went into labor.
  81. 81. Still, she was speaking to him again by the time the photographer (me) came by to take their family portrait later that night! They had a baby boy,and Denise gave him a properly puritanical old-fashioned name: Peregrin. They would like to have another child, but theyre getting on in yearsand will likely have even more trouble getting pregnant with another child than they did with their first.Because I know you want to be edified..."I dont."Shush. Anyway, the lineage is:Jack --> Mary --> Jack Jr. --> Aspen --> Peregrin
  82. 82. Jack and Meadows fourth child, Alder, moved in with his college booty call, Sadism Curtin. Sadism, as you may or may not remember, is one ofOther-Alans alien twins.While both Alder and Sadism are pretty committed to each other, neither is showing much inclination to get married.
  83. 83. That hasnt stopped them from starting a family, though. They currently have a little boy named One, and Sadism is pregnant again.Ones patriarchal ancestry:Jack --> Mary --> Jack Jr. --> Alder --> OneOnes matriarchal ancestry:Other-Alan --> Sadism --> One
  84. 84. Aster, Jack and Meadows youngest daughter, is currently placeholding at Casteroff Dormitory. Shes one of the prettiest girls of generation four.
  85. 85. Her twin brother, Ash (the one who, you may remember, formed an attachment to Sim Spades hat), is also placeholding at Casteroff. Together, thetwo of them are getting up to all kinds of trouble as theyre both Pleasure sims.
  86. 86. Mary and Alans third child, Anne, didnt really find true love until college, and she didnt recognize it at first when she did find it. Anne was aromance sim who swung in both directions and certainly wasnt ready to settle for just one person. However, she was tricked into drinking a lovepotion by Meadow Thayer and Marla Biggs. Marla was Meadows best friend when they were in school and was head-over-heels in love withAnne. Meadow was mortal enemies with Anne and thought it would be funny.
  87. 87. Whatever the cause of their relationship, Anne and Marla both converted to the Way of Cheese and were married. They have been extremelyhappy, if surrounded by the miasma of fermented milk curd, ever since."Possessing their bear be a real hardship, savvy? Ive never been keen on gorgonzola."
  88. 88. Neither of them much fancied the idea of getting pregnant, so they adopted a little boy named Wedge.Named for cheese, not for Star Wars. Just making that clear.
  89. 89. Wedge dated Irony Curtin (the second of Other-Alans alien twins) in college. While they both played the field a bit despite being engaged, theystill only really loved each other and happily married once they were finished school."She has no nose, mate."Shes an alien. What do you expect?"More immigrants! Avast!"Its not quite the same."Arr."
  90. 90. Not long after getting married, they had twin boys: Gavin and Tycho. Irony is holding Gavin and Wedge is holding Tycho.Currently, Wedge is working in Jacks organization as junior lieutenant and is hoping to work his way up to number two man in the organization.The twins patriarchal lineage:Jack --> Mary --> Anne --> Wedge --> Gavin & TychoTheir matriarchal line:Other-Alan --> Irony --> Gavin & Tycho
  91. 91. And now ... we come to Ivy. Or rather, Queen Ivy. Queen being short for "Galactic Overlord Queen of the Cosmos". Ivy had delusions ofmonarchial grandeur, and an insatiable appetite for woohoo. As Queen, she took it upon herself to build a harem. Most of the members arentimportant, for they are many. Professor Blake Sartor, however, has the distinction of being the very first of Ivys initiates.
  92. 92. Count Stuart Hanby and Ivy were engaged shortly after meeting."Bleedin bloodsucker. He keeps dripping blood on the carpet in the astral waiting room."
  93. 93. Ivy met Cale Kosmokos the same night she met Count Stuart, and pocketed his phone number in addition to the Counts.
  94. 94. And Ivy also romanced Pao, the mailman, while she was at university.There was one other significant concubine of Ivys, Anthony Greaves, but she never actually woohooed with him.
  95. 95. The day Ivy moved back to Pirate Island, she invited Cale Kosmokos to visit her. She wound up pregnant from that brief encounter.
  96. 96. After night fell that same day, Count Stuart arrived on Pirate Island for their marriage ceremony.
  97. 97. However, his life on Pirate Island was short. Ivy, extremely tired due to being in the first trimester of pregnancy, decided that the best place tosleep was in Count Stuarts coffin and, well, you can guess what happened from there.
  98. 98. A very pregnant Ivy was determined to be married before her child was born, though, so she proposed to Professor Blake by mail. He accepted andarrived on the island just in time for a small wedding ceremony.
  99. 99. Unfortunately, he ate too much at the wedding banquet and got a cramp when he went swimming. Twice widowed Ivy was beginning to despair.Her child was born later that day."And this be before the Curse? Oy."Stuff happens."Methinks ye enjoys it, mate."Who, me? *stifles laughter* No, never. Its really very sad. *snicker* Yep. Tragic.
  100. 100. A few days later, Ivy was on her way to work when she realized that Pao, her old mailman in Paris, had apparently moved to Pirate Island. He hadappreciated his induction into her harem and accepted when Ivy proposed to him. They got married in their underwear later that night in anintimate ceremony of just the two of them.
  101. 101. Ivy and Pao have led a very happy life together since that time and have since grown old and grey. They have two children, as Pao raised Ivys firstchild as his own. Bartholomew (Bart), on the right, is the older of the children. His father is Cale Kosmokos, and he did actually grow into a bit ofa hunk in spite of the early threat of his nose. Roche is Pao and Ivys son.Again, just to clarify:Jack --> Mary --> Ivy (Cale) --> BartJack --> Mary --> Ivy (Pao) --> RocheRoche is the generation four heir to the legacy and well be joining both boys stories again in the next chapter. Until then, lets take a little sidewaysjaunt to...
  102. 102. My sim-family! "Augh, me eyes! They burn with ugly!"Those of you who have been reading my Legacy for a while will know thatHercules (the blue one) is the son of my simself and simHubby. He and Oh, come on, Captain. I sometimes think shes kind of cute, even though sheElphaba Uglacy (love child of Gage Uglacy and Marina, aka does look disconcertingly like Billie Piper at times.smoothiequeen87, writer of the Fitzhugh Legacy) have been best friendssince they were children, dated throughout their teen years, and got engaged "I werent referring to the wench."practically as soon as they moved to Paris for school. Neither of them wereparticularly faithful to each other while at university, and I took them to task Hey!for the matter several times. I even had to Zotz! Elphaba when I caught herand Roche woohooing in the hot tub. "A ha, cant zotz me! Already dead, savvy?"Still, they do love each other and ended up together after all. Grr. Oh, well, youve got a point. Herc does look strange.
  103. 103. The wedding was well attended by their friends and family, although most of us spent the occasion whacking each other with pillows in thekitchen.Deities can do what they like. Hmmph.
  104. 104. Herc proved to be much too nice, delicately spooning the cake into Elphabas chasm of a mouth. If shed been the one to cut the cake, hed haveworn it! (Which is probably why he did the cutting, come to think of it...)
  105. 105. I did show up to the wedding wearing a white wedding dress because Im extremely passive-aggressive like that.Elphaba tried to smooth over our relationship by offering me her bouquet as a peace offering, but I was having none of it. Hussy cheated on myboy.
  106. 106. "Well, I tried giving it to her, mom. She just shook her head, though. Do you want it?"Marina was glad to have the keepsake of her oldest childs wedding, in any case.
  107. 107. Even Gage showed up for the wedding. Hes not exactly a commitment kind of guy, but he loves his daughter and they have a great relationship.
  108. 108. Elphaba and I tried again to get some sort of positive relationship going, but it just wasnt happening. Somehow I ended up lecturing her again. Idont remember the precise words of my little speech, but I do know that something was said about future Zotz!ing if any of her children werentblue.She didnt take the implication kindly and we left on bad terms. Still, she and Herc had a roofraiser of a party despite the hissy fit I threw.
  109. 109. And some time later, Elphaba did indeed give birth to a blue-skinned child. Baby Hera was so obviously my sons daughter that Faba and I beganto patch things up from then on. I doubt well ever be best friends, but we can be civil to each other--at least as long as she never cheats on my sonagain!To be fair, Ill kill Herc if he ever cheats on Faba again, too.
  110. 110. Anyway, relationships had been patched enough for me to be invited to Heras birthday party.
  111. 111. And Ill leave you here with this lovely picture of Hera as a toddler. She definitely has features from both of her parents. Well see how she looks asshe gets older!"Arr! Weel, she has no inherited er mothers mouth, love. Ye ought t be thankful for that, methinks!"No kidding.I hope you enjoyed the family tree/update! Tune in soon as Bart marries De and Roche marries his Marie -- theres a lot of things happening onPirate Island and a lot of turmoil remaining from Roches defeat of the family curse. I promise the aftermath will be interesting!