A Piratical Legacy Chapter 11 - Family Values


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 11 - Family Values

  1. 1. Chapter 11 – Family ValuesWelcome back everyone to the long-anticipated 11th chapter of A Mary Buccaneer - The family matriarch, pictured above; a retiredPiratical Legacy. Its been a bit longer than usual since my last pirateupdate, mostly due to the fact that my husband was in a show and Alan Buccaneer - Marys husband and father of gen. 3, picturedweve been quite busy what with his rehearsals and the actual above; retired Captain Heroperformances and stuff. But now were back on track. Ivy Buccaneer - Generation three heiress; Galactic Overlord Queen of the Cosmos; Bad luck with concubinesThe Direct Family Tree thus far: Pao Buccaneer - Ivys third husband after the previous two diedJack Buccaneer, Sr. - The (dead) founder; possesses stuffed animals tragic and entirely avoidable deathsnow, and wanders amongst all his descendants Bartholomew Buccaneer - Son of Ivy and Cale KosmokosElise Buccaneer - Jacks wife, also deceased Roche Buccaneer - Son of Ivy and Pao
  2. 2. Ivy ushered in the first snowy day of winter by getting promoted to Professional Party Guest and thus perma-platness. She then moved into theAdventurer career path."We promised Grandpa Jack that we would do our part in carrying on the family Pirate tradition."Good for you. Now whats your new lifetime want?"We wish to audition 20 concubines."Good luck with that.
  3. 3. "Mommy, whos my real father?""Why do you ask, Bart, dear?""I have to do a family tree, mommy. For school!""Well, in that case you should put down that the Royal Harem is your father, dear.""Whos Royal Harem? Can I meet him?""Perhaps when you are older and we think you are ready, Bart. Besides, dont you think of Pao as your father?""Well, yeah, but I know hes not my real father."
  4. 4. Speaking of the Royal Harem... Anthony Greaves was still lingering about in the graveyard plotting his revenge. Hed thought that as ChiefConcubine hed be the sole recipient of Ivys affections, and once he was disabused of that notion he became dramatically unhinged."My snowminions and I will destroy this royal lineage! Destroy it!"
  5. 5. "Nice suit, Jack.""The only think it lacks, Pao my dear brother, is a man-purse.""It does have quite the nifty pocket chain, though.""You make a good point, Pao. So listen, I would like to make you a proposition of a business nature. And yet it must remain strictly confidential asmy father cannot find out about it.""Go ahead, Jack. Im all ears."
  6. 6. Its Roches birthday! The entire family is of course in attendance, including Captain Jack, who is scaring the living daylights out of Bart just offcamera. You can just see Jack if you look closely at Mary."Aaaaaah!""Arr... is me dad usin me as a springboard fer scarin Bart again, goddess?"It looks that way, Mary."Oy! Daddy! Stop doin that, aye? You dont want ta be scarin the potential future leader o the family, savvy?""Mary, sweets, hows the boy going to develop real guts if e never as to face down a ghostie or two, aye?"
  7. 7. Okay all you Pao detractors, now is the time to hush. Roche is themost adorable toddler ever and thus will have many gratuitous "Oooooh!"pictures in this chapter. And vocal for someone who hasnt learned to talk yet.And dont you think the random hair looks adorable on him? "Actually, we think he is trying to spell his name, goddess.""Arrrr!" "Seeeeeeeee!"A little pirate in the making!
  8. 8. Elise made her first visit from beyond the grave during the same party and had fun scaring the living daylights out of everyone. This is the bestpicture I got of her, though. Note the rotting bottle on the floor behind her?"Auntie Celeste, who is my father?""We are afraid that weKnow nothing, see,Of your paternity.Sorry."
  9. 9. "Awk! So what brings you ere, Snowy?""Oh, the usual. Destruction of the royal family on behalf of a scorned lover. You?""Awk! Just rounding up campaign contribution to support Jacks political candidate. Awk!""A life of crime. How... enthralling, Linus.""Pay isnt -awk!- half bad either, if you ask me!"
  10. 10. "Jack, me boy, ye know theres such a thing as birth control, aye?""Meadow wants a big family.""Just because ye were deprived o the woohoo during college doesnt mean you have to give in though, savvy?""Listen, grandfather, I have been running my own criminal empire since I was a toddler, and I do not think I need your unsolicited advice abouthow to run my family, see?""OOGA BOOGA!""I wish you would be kind enough to refrain from doing that, grandfather.""Not so tough now, are ye, Jack?"
  11. 11. Mary has taken on gardening as her primary occupation. She has a gold gardening badge, which means she finds the whole thing pretty easy.Although why she needs to talk to the plants about such all-encompassing topics as the world is somewhat beyond me.
  12. 12. ... are you okay, Anthony?"S-so cold."I can see that. Youre blue and shivering. And why are you in your underwear?""C-c-clothes fell apart."
  13. 13. Roches personality is a bit different from his older brothers. Hes neat (7), outgoing (10), active (7), serious (3), and nice (8). Looks like therewont be any tub pirates this generation unless Mary encourage some into him."Gonna be a nice piwate, gwampa!""Oh? Dont you want to take over the search for the Pearl Bandit from your grandfather, little one?""Nope! Piwate!""As long as you dont break any laws, okay?""Pwivateer!""Thats my grandson!"
  14. 14. Ahh... Pao must be at work."Mmph! Ted, we would like to audition you for a place in our Harem.""Wow! Its my greatest dream come true! Can I be Chief Concubine?""Until we figure out what has caused our recent spate of bad luck, we regret that the position of Chief Concubine must remain empty.""Well, thats okay, highness. Ill move in when youre ready for me.""IF we reinstate the position, you mean.""Yeah, that too."
  15. 15. "Brr. Sure is cold today, isnt it.""You got that right, Shannon. Seems like in our younger days it was never as cold as it is these days.""You have a very good point there, Alan. I reckon I cant remember a colder winter.""Fact is, this is the first winter I remember where the ponds frozen over, Shannon.""Its a mighty shame, Alan, and thats what I say. Theres nothin better than fishing in the winter."Ah, Sims. How quickly they adjust.
  16. 16. "C-curse you Ivy! Curse you for breaking my heart! And curse your family! Curse you all!!!!!...I cant move."
  17. 17. What are you staring at?Your great leader seems to be passed out in the snow, Mr. Snowy.Because Ivy has struck him down, he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.I get ghosts. Theyre not so bad.Worse than that, goddess. This family is pretty bad trouble...I fail to see how a Sim popsicle and a demented snowman can be any serious threat to my Legacy...
  19. 19. "Im kind of feeling a grave disturbance in the force, Highness.""The crypt is around back, and is perfectly secure, Ted. We dont like to rush things, but our husband will be home in two hours and we still haventauditioned you...""Oh, right."
  20. 20. By the time Pao got home, Ted was long gone and Ivy was enjoying the warm afterglow that comes after all successful auditions.Pao, did you know theres a plumbbob on your coat?"Im not exactly blind, goddess. Its my squadron identifier. Fifth Golden Plumbbob Division?"Right.
  21. 21. Nadine Fitzhugh, current matriarch of the Fitzhugh Legacy written by smoothiequeen87. What are brings you to Ivys clothing boutique on thisbrisk winter day?"Oh, nothing much. Just seeing if my brother Rhys or my daughter Allegra are about. Oh, and checking to see what Ivy has stocked in the way ofwinter clothing."That outfit looks rather fetching on you. It brings out the colour of your hair."Why thank you, goddess!"
  22. 22. Gage, no matter how long you stare at the changing booth, nobodys "Sorry."going to invite you in. Especially after all the grilled cheesesandwiches youve been eating lately. Mind telling the readers where youre from?"Its Dons cooking, honestly. Maybe I should just move in with *sigh* "Again? Geez, this is getting ridiculous. Anyway, Im GageMarina and the kid after all... how is the Gage-man supposed to Uglacy... famous creation of Candi... Uglacy... Prettacy... Bachelorcharm the ladies if he cant keep himself in top physical condition?" challenge... werewolf... yadda yadda yadda..."Gage... youre talking to yourself in the third person again. Yeah, thatll do.
  23. 23. "So listen, highness, Ive been reading this article about the finepearls Pirate Island is getting known for and Id like to invest." "Um, Ill pass on that.""We arent really connected with the counterfeit pearl trade, Kyle. Allegra Fitzhugh looks somewhat amused at the conversation shesWe think you should talk to our brother Jack." overhearing. "Well, its just that I cant believe everyone is making such a big fuss over counterfeit pearls.""Right, but you can get me an introduction, right?" "We think they are shiny.""We arent a networking service. You must make an appointment atthe Lord High Executioners Office." "...right."
  24. 24. Hrm... its after hours... Ivys locked in a clinch with a college friend of hers... must be audition time again!"We cant remember your name, but we have a convenient photo booth around the corner.""Wow... this is such an honour, Queen Ivy! Ive been looking forward to this since the day I met you.""We find that vaguely disturbing, though flattering as well. Enough talk. Audition!"
  25. 25. Well, it must have gone well if youre keeping a picture as a memento, Ivy."All of our harem members get to have a picture with us. Its how we let them know theyve been accepted. If they visit us in our palace and dontsee their picture on the wall then they know they need to audition again and dont yet hold all the rights and privileges of a full harem member."And those rights and privileges are...?"We only disclose that information to full harem members."Uh-huh. I bet you just havent thought of any yet."Why dont you join our harem and find out?"Ehh... Ill pass.
  26. 26. Despite the hair, this is NOT Other-Alan. I think his name is Toby something.
  27. 27. Another acceptance. Yawn.These arent nearly as interesting as Jack Sr.s serial dating sprees.
  28. 28. Geez, Ivy. Again? Your husbands going to wonder at the long hours youre putting in at the store... especially since you havent actually opened itin three days!
  29. 29. Moving on... nothing to see here.
  30. 30. What? You actually decided to open the store for once?"We opened at midnight. For some reason our vassals on this island really like late night shopping. Its a bit of a mystery to us. Anyway, could youleave us alone? Were trying to make a sale."It looks like youre discussing Jacks merchandise, not store goods."Zoey Legacina is quite interested in what we have to offer."
  31. 31. "Wow, mommy, youre finally home! I never see you anymore!" "Many members of the Royal Harem visit us at the store, Bart.""We have been very busy with our store. You know we use it as ourRoyal Court as well, right?" "Well yeah, but which one is my father?""Yeah. Hey, can I come with you sometime? Can I sit on your "In essence, dearling, they are all your father. We dont really thinkthrone?" of our harem as being made up of individuals.""Perhaps when youre older, Bart." "I dont know why you wont just tell me! Im going to find out eventually!""Why does everyone say that to me about everything, mom? Impretty big already. Hey, does my father ever come into your store?" "Yes dear."
  32. 32. "Daddy, why wont mommy tell me who my real father is?" Maybe you should get in touch with the goddess? Shell definitely know.""I dont know, Bart. Maybe she doesnt want you to be sad? I thinkyour father is one of your mothers first husbands, either Count Stuart Aww... Pao, whyd you have to bring me into this? Im trying toor Professor Blake. Ive never seen pictures of either of them so I maintain a policy of strict non-interference here.dont know who you look like the most." *sniff* "You mean you know and you wont tell me, goddess?""I dont know if youre right about that, daddy. But if you dont knowand mommy wont say, then how can I find out?" Aww... listen, kiddo, if you think you figure it out and ask me Ill tell you if youre right or wrong, okay?"Normally I wouldnt suggest going against your mothers wishes,Bart, but I think everyone deserves to know who their parents are. "I guess."
  33. 33. "Grandma, do you know if my real father is dead? Daddy thinks thatmy father was either Count Stuart or Professor Blake." "Well now, Bart, I didnt say that. Your mother, seeing as how she fancies herself a queen and all, has been rather prolific with her ..."Well, Bart, to be honest Ive always wondered about that myself. I romantic encounters, as it were."know it wasnt Professor Blake because your mother was pregnantlong before they got married, and he didnt move to the island from "Whats that mean, grandma?"Paris until right before the wedding. But... I think you were born alittle too early to be Count Stuarts son, too." "Ill... tell you when youre older, okay Bart?""So my father isnt dead?" "Geez! Everyone keeps saying that to me!"
  34. 34. "Well, at least we be certain of who yer father is, aye, Roche?""Daddy!""Nay, I be yer grandma, aye?""Gwamma!""And what do ye want te be when ye grow up then, Roche?""Piwate!""Thats me boy."
  35. 35. And here we see the little toddler pirate, glowing with radioactive ooze, about to play in the snow.Aww... so cute."Adowable piwate!"... and a bit vain, it seems."If ya cute like me, ya gotta know it, lady."Ahem. Thatd be goddess to you, little tyke.
  36. 36. "Yummy! White stuff yummy!"Hee!Seriously... toddler ... eat snow... cute! *dies of cuteness overload*
  37. 37. "Jack, Im so glad you could stop by." counterfeit necklaces. I know Ivy can sell the necklaces at considerable profit.""Any time, brother. Any time. The family is always willing to dropwhatever it happens to be doing to assist a family member who is in "That is very true, since you are essentially getting them for free.need." And the corporation can always use more basic military supplies. It is true that we mostly deal in more esoteric commodities, such as"Well, Im not in need exactly, Jack. Ive been thinking over that counterfeit pearls and Egyptian cotton, but we are willing to deal inproposition you made the other week, and well..." just about everything and the best part is, everybody has a share.""I am all ears, Pao. Do go on. Please." "Although the ironing board scheme kind of fell through, didnt it?""That price you quoted me was too good to pass up. Ill procure as "We shall say no more about that, brother dear."many of those MREs as you could possible want in exchange for the
  38. 38. Business concluded, Jack and Pao decided to spend the rest of the afternoon pelting each other with snowballs.In their raincoats.Ehh... whatever floats yer boats, guys, but those dont look particularly warm...
  39. 39. "Daddy, I got a C- on my paper because Professor Butters didnt "Ohhh... nothing."believe me that my father is the Royal Harem. But thats whatmommy told me to put!" "Anyway, Professor really liked the rest of my paper so thats why I didnt fail.""Well, Ill just call up your teacher and set things straight, okayBart?" "Thats good. You certainly do have quite the large family tree, anyway...""Thanks daddy. Youre the best!" "Bigger than anyone else on the island! Well, except for my"Im glad the harem isnt still around. At least your brother will grow cousins..."up fairly well-adjusted." Speaking of cousins and family and such... lets pay a visit to the rest"What was that, daddy?" of the family!
  40. 40. Across the street from the Legacy Manor, its a certain little somebodys birthday.Elisabeth, Marys sister, married Shannon right out of university and they settled across the street from Legacy Manor. As you already know,Shannon and Alan are the best of friends ever since they roamed the streets of the island fighting crime.Anyway, Elisabeth and Shannon had one child, Antoinette, though everyone just calls her Toni. Toni married Publius Numantius, a Roman chapfrom Blite27s Ten Caesars Legacy. And this is their firstborn child, Hadrian.
  41. 41. "Gwampa, a beah in da living woom?""Well, Hadrian, its become a bit of a family tradition among the Buccaneer family offshoots. Every household must have a Commodore Bear sothat Captain Jack can come visit them.""Who dat?""Captain Jack is your great-grandfather. He was the first member of your family to move to this island.""Pway wif Comdowe Beah?""You know, that might not be the best idea, Hadrian.""Wanna pway wif beah! Beah!"
  42. 42. Since the Toyonaga branch of the family tree only lived across the street, it wasnt unusual for the Buccaneers to stop by for dinner or, as in thiscase, dessert.Although... Toni... you better not be eating any of that cheesecake!"Hmm? Whas dib oo shay?"Gah! Both because youre eating the cheesecake and because youre talking with your mouth full! Gross!"Auntie Toni, do you know who my father is?""Sorry, kid. If I ever knew I probably forgot. Too much time with the bubble blower."
  43. 43. Shannon and Elisabeth are still like a couple of teenagers when they dont think anyone is looking. I heart them muchly."Gway, goddess. Im romancing my wife."Fine, Ill leave you two alone.
  44. 44. "Im having a baby! CAN SOMEBODY BRING ME SOME BUBBLES?!?"That bad, huh?"You have no idea. Eeeeeee!"
  45. 45. Aww...Meet baby boy Cestus Toyonaga.
  46. 46. And meet other baby boy, Benjamin Toyonaga."Cheesecake! Thats my girl! I hope I get a lot more grandbabies!""Well, I like to woohoo with Publius so you might, daddy.""Just give me the grandchildren, honey. I dont need the details.""Will you change the diapers?""Sometimes?"Heh. Family sims are cute. And thats what Shannon is. Not sure if I mentioned that before.
  47. 47. And before long its time for a birthday since my updates on the rest of the Buccaneer family are basically limited to births and birthdays (with theoccasional wedding thrown in for good measure). In attendance we have:AlanMaryThe Toyonagas (Shannon, Publius Numantius, Toni, Elisabeth, and baby Hadrian)and Aerdrene, my friends simselfThe twins are sleeping upstairs.
  48. 48. "Ow! My spleen!"Hooray for birthday cake glitches!"Gee, now that Hadrians growing up I wonder when hell get married..."I think youre a bit early on that thought, Shannon."Its never to early to think about ones familys welfare!"
  49. 49. And of course a second birthday follows close on the heels of the first. In attendance (L-R) we have: Tosha, Toni, Publius, Celeste, Elisabeth(behind Shannon), Shannon, Hadrian, Ivy, and Eddie.
  50. 50. First up: Cestus!"Come to grandpa! Nice clothes! They look a little familiar...""Dad, hes wearing Hadrians hand-me-downs.""Ah, that explains it.""Embrace singularity,Not conformity,In a large familyOut of necessity."
  51. 51. And next up is Benjamin!"Gee, hes cute Publius ... now all he needs is a few tiger stripes to complete the shaggy look. Im thinking orange tiger genetics, rather than white.""Tosha, hes a kid. Please leave him out of your mad scientist ponderings and experiments.""Sorry, Publius. Its just gotten to be a habit."
  52. 52. "Can you believe this is the first winter Ive ever just laid down in the snow and made snow angels, goddess?"Uhh... actually, I can, Shannon.
  53. 53. Not long after Hadrian grew up, Bart stopped by to visit. The secondcousins didnt really get along well at first but once they started "Well yes, but hes not my father. You know?"playing chess things got a little better. "Um, okay. Hey, wanna snowball fight?""Why do you like chess so much, Bart?" "I guess. I just wish I could figure out who my father is.""Well, my investigations havent turned up any sign of who my fathermight be, Hadrian. Im hoping that if I brush up on my logic and "Well, why dont you get Hercules to ask his mom?"strategererery I might have more luck." "Whos Hercules?""Isnt Uncle Pao your daddy?"
  54. 54. "Oh, hes just the goddesss son..."Aww... Ive always been fond of this interaction. Isnt it adorable when sim kids cuddle with their parents?
  55. 55. Speaking of Sim kids, I should mention that sim me had another one... in the greenhouse of all places. Meet Artemis. Im sure shell show up again,probably to steal little Legacy boy hearts. But thats obviously off in her future.
  56. 56. Of course, after giving birth I had to head out shopping to pick up some new duds. Red doesnt really match the purple/grey skintone very well.
  57. 57. Ah... much better. Thanks to my husband for colouring the purple pirate suit for me. Really. Its purple. Not pink. Honest!
  58. 58. Professor Butters stopped by for a visit not long after the first snowfall and we exchanged a few words."Listen, Purple, Ill stop failing your kid when you find Flavius for me!"Geez, PB, Im trying! You know youve been to practically every single community lot on the island looking for Flavius?"Well... yeah..."Well then?
  59. 59. Following his cousin Hadrians advice, Bart soon befriended Bart looked as though he didnt quite believe his friend.Hercules at school and came home on the schoolbus with him. "But your mom controls the whole Legacy and the destiny of my"Gee, Herc, Im glad your mom said you could come home with me entire family!"today." "I dont know much about that, Bart.""Me too! Ive always wanted to visit a deity. Whats it like? Do youget to hurl thunderbolts?" "Well anything you can tell me about what is going to happen to me in the future would be really cool, but I want to be your friend even if"Eh, being a deity isnt really anything special, Herc. I dont have any you dont do that. Want to play catch?"special powers or anything." "Sure!"
  60. 60. A little later, Alan stopped by to chat with me."Listen, goddess, the rest of the family and I arent really sure what to do about young Bart. Hes pretty driven by the whole finding out who hisfather is thing. Mary and I would just tell him but we dont even know."Im sorry, Alan. I wish I could tell you, but its something that Bart is going to have to discover on his own, you know?"Mary, Pao and I just dont want him to be consumed by this whole thing. Hes still just a little kid."*sigh* I know. Listen, I cant help him directly but maybe I can give him a few nudges in the right direction.
  61. 61. But that would have to wait because it was time for a birthday party! It was Artemis birthday but I told Hercules he could invite a friend or twoover as well. Of course, he invited over Elphaba. Gage insisted on tagging along as well."Hey, she slept over at my place last night and I dont get to see her as often as I like."Gage? Paternal feelings?"Nah... but hanging around with my kid makes the female Simselves think Im sensitive and stuff. Hey, is Toast going to be at the party?"Gage... Gage... some things never change...
  62. 62. "Hey Faba.""Hey Herc.""I like your shirt. Its pretty cool.""It has a rainbow on it! And I like pink.""I remember - your room is all pink and stuff. Hey, want to see my room?""Sure!"
  63. 63. While the terrific twosome were off inspecting Hercules toys, simHubby got ready to spin Artemis into terrible two-dom.
  64. 64. Aww... curly hair! Just like simMe and real me!Everyone must now coo at Artemis for a full minute.
  65. 65. The party wound down into a grand old time as Artemis proved to be Meanwhile, Ben (Blite27) got into a conversation with Kylefairly undemanding in her first few hours of toddlerhood. I found (PikaKyle).myself cornered by Gage. "Kyle, Ive got a great proposition for you. If you find a valuable"So, do you think Toast likes me, goddess?" commodity to trade for the three crates of counterfeit pearls I got from Jack last week, then not only will you make a handsome profitFor Marinas sake (and Elphabas, and Toasts), I endeavored to on the sales of the pearls, youll also become a valued member of thechange the subject by asking Gage what he thought of Seasons. corporation. And the corporation looks out for its own.""I cant wait til summer. Do you think Toast will look good in a "Are you sure Jack can be trusted?"bikini?" "Of course not, but I know a good deal when I see one!"
  66. 66. The party wound down and all the guests left. I put Artemis to bed and wandered out into the living room to read a bit before bed. I wasntsurprised to find Hercules painting, although I did point out it was almost time for bed."Just five more minutes, mom. Im almost done my painting of Elphaba!"Aww...
  67. 67. The next night, I was entertaining a few guests and happened to let slip to them that Id kind of enjoyed my recent mini-break from Legacy writing.Ivy just shrugged it off but I could almost see the lightbulb going on over Hercules head. He dashed for the phone right away."Hi Mrs. Buccaneer. Fine. Fine. Thank you. Yes maam. Could I please speak to Bart, maam?"Such a polite little man.
  68. 68. Then Bart snuck off to my computer when he thought I wasnt looking. Now, hes not allowed on the internet yet being a pretty young kid and all,but hes good with computers all the same. It only took him a couple of minutes to find my word file with all my Legacy notes. Well... a partial file,that is.Hercules dashed back to the phone."Hi Mr. Buccaneer. This is Hercules. Thank you. Fine. Ill be sure to mention that to her. Could I please speak to Bart again?"A few minutes of silence as Hercules presumably waited for Bart to come to the phone."Hi Bart! I found something! Im not allowed to use the internet but I saw this link in one of my moms files to a place called www.boolprop.com. Ithink thats where all the Simselves go. Maybe you can get more information from them? Great! Okay, Ill see you in school tomorrow. Bye!"
  69. 69. Meanwhile, I continued entertaining my guests. Ben had mentioned an interest in getting to know Ivy since shes so gorgeous and all, and I washappy to oblige. I invited them over for leftover birthday cake and introduced them."We are always happy to meet another denizen of our realm, Ben. We are curious, though... what rank is a Simself in relation to us?"I think theyre about equivalent to minor nobility."Yes, that makes sense to us since they always seem to have plenty of money are are much better dressed than the serfs and peasants."
  70. 70. Unfortunately, the rest of the meeting didnt go quite so well. Both Ivy and Ben alternated between hot and cold reactions to each other and I wasworried that they would walk away from the evening with a negative relationship score so I ended the impromptu party a bit early."It was nice meeting you, Ben, and we hope to run into you again.""Likewise," Ben echoed.And that was that.
  71. 71. A turkey, Tosha?"Tigers have big appetites. Especially Eddie."
  72. 72. Dont let the turkey burn!"Owwwww! Roooooooooar!"I guess you kind of have other things on your mind.
  73. 73. And its a boy! Simba, to be precise. Although I notice that he also is lacking the custom skintones."Yes, the tiger genes obviously need further manipulation before theyre properly encoded for human DNA. Eddie and I are eager for the kids to bea bit older so we can get to work. In the meantime were doing a LOT of reading."
  74. 74. Of course, time passed at Eddie and Toshas house as it must in all homes on the island (eventually) and it was time for a birthday - specifically, forfirstborn Nala.Guests in attendance (L-R): Eddie, Tosha (with Nala), Jack, Ivy, and ... Flavius Marius.
  75. 75. Nala turned out pretty sweet, but there are more important considerations at this party."Hey! Its my party!"
  76. 76. Eddie was happy to do the honours. Professor Butters, meet Flavius Marius. Flavius, meet PB.
  77. 77. Nala, meanwhile, was having a friendly chat with Allegra Fitzhugh."I guess were both kind of special, huh? I mean, youre Deaths daughter and my parents are tigers, right?""Thats right, kid.""But my cousins dad is an alien from another planet, and thats just weird, not special or anything."Such a winsome child.
  78. 78. Another birthday, this one for Simba. No party this time, though, since the only reason there was a party last time was because Eddie is friendswith both Flavius and PB.... onto the next house. I promise Ill get back to the Legacy family before the end of the chapter, though. I just feel its important to get to know allthe spares and their kids because I love playing them all."Look, if youre leaving then leave, okay? I need to run the standard battery of tests on Simba anyway to make sure he doesnt have the tiger DNAat all before I start trying to synthesize it for him..."
  79. 79. Arriving at the Thayer household just in time to find Meadow in labour. Is anybody really surprised? It seems shes perpetually pregnant, after all.*Huff**Huff* "Just shut up and give me a hand, will ya? Jacks sleeping."Gee, nice husband there."Hey! He was up all niiiiiiiiiiight! Ow! For work I mean!" *pant*
  80. 80. It looks like Jack was eventually persuaded to wake up, though. This is April, a girl obviously.
  81. 81. And this is baby boy Aspen.Yes, Meadow had natural twins."I love that my wife is so interested in being a mother, for it means that my children will always be well cared for. As well, I shall endeavor toinstill in them an aptitude for business ventures, whether legitimate or not, because the family and the corporation have dealings on both sides ofthe law, capisce?"Its nice to see that youre planning for the future, Jack.
  82. 82. Meadow, being family-minded, frequently had the rest of the family over for dinner. Just ... ignore the ten-day-old congealed plate like the guestsare. Raising babies doesnt leave a lot of time for cleaning especially when ones husband works full time."Visitors from spaceStole Other-Alan from our placeAnd so his kids have a faceThat looks squashed by a maceAnd is green, at the base,As theyre the alien race.""Kind of like that plate, huh? Yknow, it takes a long time for cheese to spoil..."And yes, Marla is still as obsessed with cheese as ever. As is Anne, who is just barely visible behind Meadow.
  83. 83. And of course the reason everyone is here is because its Autumns birthday."That is part of the reason, it is true, but the other reason is because I have just received a new shipment of Egyptian cotton and these friends andfamily are all here to bid on it."Did you pay duties on the cotton when you imported it?"Why would I do a strange thing like that, goddess? No, I simply agreed to do an unspecified favour for my sister and she had her Harem take careof it."
  84. 84. And Autumn looks like... cant tell in this picture, anyway."Im just happy that I actually got a close-up, goddess! This family is so big thats not exactly a sure thing these days."True.
  85. 85. And of course there are more birthdays.First April, with long, luscious, curly brown hair.
  86. 86. And then little blond charmer Aspen. Wow, that blond gene goes back to great-grandmother Elise. Awesome."So when can I get pregnant again anyway?"Uhh... I think you already are.
  87. 87. Aspen the charmer of course has to toddle outside and ask for hugs and attention from everyone who passes. Here hes endearing himself to Marina(smoothiequeen87), who came home from work with Jack."Plane wide, pwetty lady? Aihplane?""Shouldnt you be wearing a jacket, little man?""No jacket! Hugs!""Aww... how can I resist."
  88. 88. See? I told you that you were pregnant again."I know. Now get this thing out of me so I can get pregnant again!"Yknow, popping out babies this close together isnt really doing all that much to improve your reputation, Meadow."I am NOT barefoot! Therefore its an improoooo-ow-vement!"
  89. 89. Alder Thayer is a second boy, but I have a feeling that Meadow isnt done having babies yet."Just look at that LTW and weep, goddess. Yeah, thats right. Six kids married off."Youre so horrible to me.
  90. 90. Ahem. Moving on.In the house o cheese, its Wedges birthday, and this is only really significant because...
  91. 91. ... Ben and Ivy were both invited."Snowball fight?""Sure!"
  92. 92. However, the snowball fight was abruptly aborted when Ben decided that he just had to talk to Ivy about the counterfeit pearls she was sellingthrough her store."You know, we are starting to get tired of the whole counterfeit pearl thing."
  93. 93. Right. So onward we go to Marinas house, where Gage has moved in so he can finally lose the ten pounds of grilled cheese around his tummy andalso spend some time with Elphaba."This isnt spending time with my daughter. This is distracting her so she doesnt notice that the nanny has set the kitchen on fire twice in a row."Good old Karen Gast. Maybe shell burn with it!
  94. 94. Once the firefighter finally got the flames out and Marina got home from work, it was time for Elphabas burst into teenhood. Not surprisingly,Marina is friends with 3/4 of the simselves on the Island so they all showed up for Fabas party."Its not that we want to hang out with Marina so much as we want to see what kind of genetics have been inflicted on poor Elphaba."Hush, Candi. Be nice.
  95. 95. And now we can see the damage.Honestly, guys, this is the flattering pic. Click sideways if you really dare.
  96. 96. Yes, its Gage on estrogen.Oh, the cheekbones. The horrible, painful cheekbones!
  97. 97. Still, a makeover can do wonders, as can distance. Elphaba wanted nothing more than to emulate her Aunt Candi and copied her hairstyle exactly.I think it actually kind of works. In a Billie Piper-esque kind of way, with the frighteningly huge mouth and all.Well, from here, anyway.
  98. 98. A hugenormous row of easy-bake ovens? Must be the house cursed with two sets of twins in the same night. They somehow survived on muffinsand gelatin.
  99. 99. "Hey Celeste, now that the kids are getting bigger have you ever thought about having more?""Word of warning, husband mine.Repeating of that line,Dear Alan, one more time,Will have you out on your behind."
  100. 100. "But Celeste, theyre so sweet and good-natured.""This doesnt quite countAs a second offenceAs you didnt bring forthThe words of dissonanceIn their full form. But pleaseI love you, dear Alan.Dont make me castrate you."
  101. 101. "Celeste, Other-Alan? I was using the potty cause Im pregnant and have to pee every thirty seconds when I found this! Care to explainyourselves?""They were sold out of Commodore Bear.""Thats no excuse. Im going to have to tell the family. If youll excuse me...""Dont leave so soon, dear cousin,Our bubble-blower will soon have you buzzin.""Oooooh... wait, what was I saying?"
  102. 102. And finally, much to Other-Alan and Celestes relief, the four kids turned into four teenagers in a fantastic performance of Synchronised Grow Up.Just to refresh everyones memories, the kids are (L-R): Sadism (probably), Irony (I hope), William (most likely, behind Celeste), and Blake(indubitably).
  103. 103. And that brings us back to Legacy Manor, which has undergone extensive remodeling because the lag was atrocious. So I made it smaller anddecided to use the lot more.Doesnt it look terribly cosy and snug (and gingerbread) under that lovely blanket of snow?
  104. 104. "Alan, me love, dye think that the goddess will ever focus on our family again?""Well, as long as shes not looking too closely we can cuddle, right Mary?""Aye!"*cough*"Awww... do you think you could give us a few more minutes of privacy, goddess?"Sure. Theres an adorable toddler in the nursery anyway.
  105. 105. "Arrrr!"I dont care what anybody says, Pao makes the most adorable kids ever. See?I, ah, took five pictures of Roche just sitting in his crib. Hubby made me narrow it down to just this one. What can I say? My biological clock is inawwwwwww mode.
  106. 106. "Grandma, Herc says that maybe the Simselves will be able to help me find who my real father is. Do you know any Simselves?""Aye, I be good friends with Candi... ye want me to invite her over sometime, Bart?""Could you please?""Sure thing, Bart. In a few days, aye?""Hooray!"
  107. 107. Some things never change. Which one is that, Ivy?"Oh Ravi, you pass the kissing stage of the audition!"
  108. 108. *sigh* Another trophy for Ivys bedroom...What does Pao think of your collection, Ivy?"We dont think he really notices, goddess."
  109. 109. Ahh... I see things have finally improved between the two of you?"Well, its spring and love is in the air so we thought it couldnt hurt to audition Ben. Have you ever done a public woohoo, Ben?"
  110. 110. *ahem*"What?"
  111. 111. "Youre in our harem definitely, Ben!""Awesome!"Uhh... dont you need to take a picture, Ivy?"We already did when you werent looking."Oops. My bad.
  112. 112. Ivy then rolled up a want to invite over the Royal Placeholder so she did as soon as Blite had left, oblivious to the fact that he isnt the only one inthe harem (until he reads this, anyway!)."Angel, we have missed you!""Ive missed you too, Queen Ivy! Hey, have you thought about letting me be Chief Concubine again?""Uhh... ask us again when our children go to university.""Gee! Okay!"
  113. 113. And because public woohoo somehow counts as separate woohoo in the audition count, Ivy goes platinum a second time."It is not enough to be our subjects ruler and overlord. Now we wish to become their goddess."Hey!"Goddess of rock and roll, that is!"Oy... well, go for it.
  114. 114. "So what are you here for?""Oh, I had a harem audition yesterday. You?""This morning.""Howd it go?"
  115. 115. "Daddy, I think I see the general and hes looking for his MREs!""What? Where?""Hehehe... Ill just switch these few pieces while dad isnt looking..."Bart, cheating isnt very nice."Maybe Im not very nice. But it works!"
  116. 116. "For the last time, Bart, I do not think zhat I am your father!""Aww... you made me mess my pants!""Vhell, stop bothering me! Cant a ghost float around in peace anymore? Sheesh."
  117. 117. Birthday time! Will the cutest toddler in the world become the cutest kid in the world?
  118. 118. And the survey says... yes! And, how did I not notice this before? BLUE EYES! Squee!!!1111oneone"Im gonna be the pirate that all the girls love."Oh, theres no doubt about that, Roche. Now, why dont you run upstairs to bed before one of the ghosts scares you.
  119. 119. Oops. Too late."Listen, Roche, and listen vhell. Your family is under a terrible curse.""Wh-what do you mean?""Unless you act, your family tree ends vith you! That is vhat I mean! Muahahahahahaha!"And heres where I leave you, dear readers. Is what the Count just told Roche true? Is the family tree doomed to be a barren one? Will the Legacydie? Will Bart ever find out who is father is? Will Ivy ever get tired of auditioning new recruits? Will Pao ever find out about the Royal Harem?And finally, will PB and Flavius ever fall in love?
  120. 120. Well, heres the answer to one question, at least :) But for the rest Aaron Apocalypseyoull have to wait for next time. smoothiequeen87 - Fitzhugh Legacy : Nadine, Allegra, & Rhys FitzhughAs always, thanks for reading and happy Simming! Ephemeral Toast - Apocalypso-A-Go-Go! rachelgrey - Literary LegacyNone of the CC was made by me except the purple pirate recolour, ShiraBlank... - member of boolprop.comwhich I will probably upload one of these days. smartypants210 - Az Alphabet Legacy Blite27 - Ten Caesars Legacy : Publius Numantius, Flavius Marius,Simselves (who may or may not have appeared in this installment): Drusus NeroSimself - Legacy(ies) : Characters in my game Professor Butters - Squeaky Clean Legacy : Sunny GoodytwoshoesCandi - Uglacy, Prettacy, Gages Bachelor Challenge : Samara, Don, Orikes - Pseudo Legacy : Zoey & Brody Legacina& Gage Uglacy fireflower314 - from boolprop.comPikaKyle - Say Goodbye Sims (Apocalypse), several other legacies : Aerdrene - Godd Legacy