Purple Asia's Branding and Design Credentials


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Purple Asia's Branding and Design Credentials

  1. 1. Purple Asia CredentialsAugust 2011
  2. 2. Clear Thinking, Focused Strategy, Creative Execution,Outstanding Commercial Results...…We are famous for outstanding design but we are no ordinarydesign company.We think. And we think differently.We follow a disciplined, collaborative professional process but we focusall of our creative and strategic efforts on one person:Your customer.
  3. 3. We are a multinational team of professionals from many backgrounds and with many skillsets, but together wefocus on just one thing: we make brands betterFor over 10 years in Vietnam, we have been trusted by hundreds of multinational brands, independentbusinesses, start-ups, household names, manufacturers, retailers, investors and business people like you.They are all different but they all have one thing in common – the desire and commitment to improverelationships with their customer.
  4. 4. We’re passionate about branding and design and we’rehere to help.We live and breathe brands and we lead the field intaking them to the next level and beyond.We work with hotels, consumer goods, servicebusinesses, retailers, restaurateurs and anyone else whois passionate about their business. better brands for better business
  5. 5. We follow a disciplined process to deliver the right commercial results IDENTIFY UNDERSTAND FORMULATE CREATE EXECUTE Clarify the Translate theUnderstand the Gather Execute the brand opportunity strategy intoissue and information and across all touchpoints:challenge. identify key creative Develop the insights. - Packaging brand (e.g. develop theWhat specific - Advertising positioning brand identity)questions do we Explore and - Corporate collateral frameworkneed to answer? interrogate: - PR etc The product The category The consumer
  6. 6. Examples of Our Work
  7. 7. Hotel de lOperaAccor group needed a new brand for their Hanoi based 5-starhotel, targeting young, creative couples and business people. Thehotel celebrates indulgence in the good things life has to offer -great food, delicious wine, good times and good friends.Our logo delivers a proposition of ‘boutique sophistication’ withthe effervescent typeface of the word Hanoi, together with theclassic deco font of the Hotel’s name.We created all marketing and branding material for the hotel,including unique identities for each of the F&B outlets that truelydeliver the brand’s essence – classic, sophisticated, witty.
  8. 8. La VerandaLa Veranda needed to rebrand to bring the resort in line withAccor Groups new M Gallery hotel collection.Purple Asia overhauled the entire brand to ensure it matchedwith the boutique, premium positioning of M-Gallery. From themain corporate identity to the amenities and F&B outlets, wecreated a complete suite of collateral and marketing materials forthe resort. We also produced a video for the MGallery website.
  9. 9. VinaLivingVinaCapital Real Estate needed a solution to unify allof the properties in their residential portfolio. Wedeveloped a lifestyle umbrella brand for all theresidential developments - VinaLiving.Based on the insight that Vietnamese people want asense of place which reflects their own values andgives them a sense of security, we developed anidentity for the brand that invites consumers to ‘Livethe Dream’ with VinaLiving.The brand is being rolled out across the entireportfolio of residential properties and is adding valueto the sales and marketing of those properties,helping VinaCapital achieve higher price points in avery competitive market.We have developed a full suite of marketing materialsfor the VinaLiving brand, including brochures,corporate collateral, and a branded websitewww.vinaliving.com.vn
  10. 10. VinaLivingInviting consumers to realise their aspiration of owning ahome, the VinaLiving brand needed to bring that propositionto life for consumers.We designed the brands 5-star sales office and showroom inHCMC. One of the core touchpoints in the showroom is theVinaLiving interactive application delivered on largetouchscreens.A true branded experience that brings the proposition to life,the interactive display means users can explore all theVinaLiving properties and even start to design their ownapartment with the interactive floor plan tool.Suddenly that dream seems much more real!
  11. 11. Appletree GroupAppletree Group is diversified group of business across manysegments including property development, tourism, andretail operations.We designed a brochure for them which pulled their diverseportfolio together in a simple, professional and cohesiveway.
  12. 12. Blue Sapphire ResortBlue Sapphire Resort is new resort project on the beach inVung Tau.To help launch the project we developed a brand positioningthat celebrated the accessibility of the property both in termsof location (close to HCMC) and also affordability, whilst stilldelivering a premium look and feel.We developed the brand identity, as well as all marketingcollaterals, including collateral, brochure, print ad and website.The launch of the project has been a great success with 19villas sold on the evening of the launch alone.www.bluesapphire.vn
  13. 13. AsialinkWith a strong business already operating in Indonesia, Asialinksaw the opportunity to launch its destination marketing companyin Vietnam.We developed a brand that delivered a professional, experiencedand friendly personality to help Asialink develop trusted longlasting partnerships with the travel companies they targetedthroughout the world.Deliverables included brand identity, brochure and website.www.asialink-holidays.com
  14. 14. Vascos GroupA group of well known bars andrestaurants, Vascos were about toopen a new restaurant in Saigon. Thiscreated the opportunity to review andrefine the positioning for each of thecurrent outlets, as well as create a newbrand for the portfolio.We developed the brand strategy forthe entire group, bringing each of theoutlets under one umbrella brand -Vascos Mediterranean.We then went about designing newbrand identities, collateral and a groupwebsite for Camargue, Vascos andEvita, as well as for the new outlet,Vascos at the Crescent. The result is agroup of fresh, modern, cohesivebrands.http://www.vascosgroup.com/
  15. 15. MetropoleThe Metropole Hanoi is without a doubt one ofthe most premium hotels in Hanoi. Their Italianrestaurant, Angelina is the epitome of class.Wine is an important part of the Angelinaexperience but choosing a wine can also be avery intimidating experience.We delivered an innovative iPad application forAngelinas wine menu allowing consumers tobrowse through and engage with the menu ina highly interactive and visual way. The act ofchoosing a wine is now not only less scary butis also really fun.
  16. 16. Trails of IndochinaTrails of Indochina is a luxury travel operator in S.E. Asia. They neededa game-changing website and communication materials which wouldfirmly position them as the most creative and innovative luxury travelprovider in the region.We commissioned new photography of highly evocative imagerywhich dominated the design of the luxurious brochure and website.The new branded material is helping drive sales and reinforce theleadership position of the brand.www.trailsofdindochina.com
  17. 17. Jonathan CharlesFine FurnitureJonathan Charles Fine Furniture is a luxury brandof top quality reproduction English and Frenchantique furniture exported all around the world.Initially with a focus in the US, after just four yearsof operation, they were ready to expand globally.Jonathan Charles needed to make sure the brandwas ready to take the company to the next level.We helped re-position the brand and have beenresponsible for developing the brands globalcommunications - from branded collateral to avery sophisticated trade website. In 2010Jonathan Charles opened a flagship store inHarrods, London which demonstrates the brandsstatus and quality positioning.http://www.jonathancharlesfurniture.com/
  18. 18. AtlasLike many businesses, Atlas faced challenges as the global economiccrisis impacted on their architectural outsourcing business.We repositioned the company as a respected design partner ratherthan a functional outsourcing company. We designed new collateral,a corporate brochure and website based on the refined positioning.Atlas have been able to restructure and rebuild their businesseffectively as a result.http://www.atlasindustries.com/
  19. 19. Graces CookiesGrace’s Cookies is a charitable organisation raising money forneedy people in Vietnam through baking and selling qualityhomemade cookies. After an handful of successful school bakesales, we were enlisted to help really bring the vision of Gracesto reality.We developed a strategy for the brand that extended beyondthe cookies. Graces is a brand to mobilize middle to upperincome locals and expats to give back to the community - eitherthrough buying the cookies themselves or volunteering asbakers or sellers. To help spread the word, we developed thevisual identity, posters, collateral and brand website for Graces.Since launch Graces has raised enough money for 14 heartsaving operations for young Vietnamese children. They are wellon the way to their target of 60 by 2012. Purple Asia continuesto support Graces on this journey.www.gracescookies.org
  20. 20. Delta Capital Asia With solid experience working in the UK and Hong Kong financial markets the founders of Delta Capital Asia saw an opportunity to bring their expertise to the dynamic and high growth market of Vietnam. They wanted to help Vietnamese entities reach their growth aspirations by providing financial advice and connections to capital. We developed the Delta Capital Asia brand with a dynamic icon of the delta that symbolizes the growth and prosperity that Delta Capital Asia offer. The identity was translated across the corporate collateral and website for the launch of the company. http://www.deltacapitalasia.com/
  21. 21. VinaCapitalVinaCapital is Vietnam’s leading investment manager withwhich we have partnered with for many years.We have created a full suite of materials for the multi-billion dollar business including its corporate website, ahighly sophisticated intranet application, print ads andannual reports.We continue to work on key branded projects forVinaCapital and have completed project work for many ofits invested businesses.http://www.vinacapital.com/
  22. 22. NEXT STEPS Please get in touch if you would like to talk more about how we can take your brand to the next level: Matt Millard Jacqui Clement CEO Managing Director matt@purpleasia.com jacqui@purpleasia.com +84 (0) 903 029 898 +84 (0) 903 055 706 “PurpleAsia is an independent, creatively led communications company that helps to create strong, meaningful relationships between forward- thinking companies and their customers.”