New Jersey Insurance Company                               Parth Vikrant Purohit ‘18                                   PGP...
In addition to the three attorneys, there was one who helped out in busy spots and tookover a group in case of sickness or...
employ some of the experts in this section so that the quality of the work is notcompromised.       3) There can be a bett...
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  1. 1. New Jersey Insurance Company Parth Vikrant Purohit ‘18 PGP IBM - 10/12 ----------Overview Of The Company:It is typical case of Management Control Mechanism where various responsibilities havebeen assigned at the respective units of the organisation so as to control the unit in anefficient manner. In order to do that managers are required to submit the budget to themanagement before the operations actually begin. After the budget get approved by themanagement the operations starts according to the set standards. After the budgetedperiod gets over the actual performance is compared with the budgeted standards andthen the causes of deviations are found out.The given case discusses about the two sections of the organisation. a) Individual Loan Section. b) Corporate Loan Section.Different responsibilities were assigned to the section according to the requirements ofthe section and a control mechanism has been set to look after the performance of theunit.Q 1) In what ways does Mr. Somersby control the operation of the sections of hisdivision? In what ways does top management control the operation of the Lawdivision?Ans 1) The task which was performed by the two sections was the legal processing of theloans but the operation and control mechanism was different.In case of Individual loan section independent companies would batch together a numberof loans and sell them to NJIC in a package. After the loan gets approved by theInvestment division of the company it would forward it to the Law division to look afterthe legal issues. Now to control the operation of this section the section was divided intothree groups, each headed by the attorney and each responsible for a geographical sectionof the country. A) Atlantic Coast B) Midwest C) Pacific Coast.
  2. 2. In addition to the three attorneys, there was one who helped out in busy spots and tookover a group in case of sickness or vacation and was in the training status. Apart fromfive attorneys and a secretarial staff, the section also comprised of 26 so called mortgageexaminers. All these attorneys and mortgage examiners were under the Supervisor or theHead of the Individual loan section, John Wallace. He controlled the operation in theIndividual Loan Section and reported to the Vice President of the Law Division, Mr.William Somersby.Since the Corporate loan, generally used to be of a much larger amount than an individualloan and was directly made by NJIC to a borrower, such as Industrial or commercialenterprise the operation and control was quite different. The corporate loan section usedto work closely with the investment division people because of the size and complexity ofthe corporate loans. The corporate loan section without exception also retained well-known outside counsel. The extent to which the company attorneys relied on outsidecounsel to perform parts of this work depended on the complexity of the transaction andhow busy company attorneys were. Even though the borrower paid the fee for the outsidecounsel, the head of the corporate loan section, Mr. Carlisle, checked closely in the feescharged by the outside counsel. A great degree of control was also exercised throughweekly staff conferences with Mr. Carlisle. He also tried to equalize the work load of thevarious attorneys and also held discussions on current negotiations which made it clearthat in case of illness another lawyer would be prepared to take over the work. Mr.Carlisle use to report to Mr. Somersby on the operation of the Corporate Loan Section.The Top Management at the NJIC controlled the operation of the law division by askingthe head to prepare a budget for the operation of the division during the following year.The Top Management through this budget checked the total expected cost and revenue toensure that the overall anticipated profits was satisfactory. When the actual results comethe management compares the actual result with the budgeted report and use to find thedeviation and the reasons for that deviation.Question 2Que 2) What possibilities for improving control, if any, do you think should beexplored?Ans 2) 1) As control over the entire section was seemed to be difficult a more stringentreview of the budget could be put in place. As the division heads prepare the budget forthe following year which is compared when the actual results come. So this can be doneon a more regular basis so as to exercise more control. So the budget can be reviewedevery month and any deviation can be handled more effectively. 2) In the corporate loan section the company attorney relied on the outsidecounsel to perform the tasks. The company was of the opinion that it would increase themarketability of the investment. The Law division can have a better control over thesetasks if these tasks are fully executed by company lawyers and attorneys and it wouldreduce the cost as well, as was the case of Individual Loan Section. The company can
  3. 3. employ some of the experts in this section so that the quality of the work is notcompromised. 3) There can be a better control over the current work which is been assigned tothe lawyers, as there was no time limit for them to complete the work. The lawyers wererequired to submit the report at any time as per their convenience. So there should be astandard norm as to when this report has to be submitted so that a check could beexercised over these lawyers.Que 3) As Mr. Montgomery, what comments would you make and what questionswould you ask Mr. Somersby about the performance of the two sections of the lawdivision for the first six months of 1987?Ans 3) The comments that could be made by Mr. Montgomery in relation to theIndividual loan section and Corporate Loan Section are as follows.There has been huge deviation in the actual performance from the budgeted reports inboth the sections.Even if all the sections are taken jointly there has been a deviation of $25,374, which isover budgeted.The questions that can be asked to Mr. Somersby are:Is there any substantial reason for the deviation?What measures would you take to minimize the deviation?Why has there been an extra cost incurred as borrowed labour?Why were only 24 full time employees employed when the budgeted was 26?On what basis are the resources allocated?What will be the impact on cost if we employ experts instead of outsourcing the tasks inthe corporate loan section? ******