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Aage vestergaard larsen ( AVL)


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This presentation is basically for Aage vestergaard larsen's ( AVL) designing logo & picturing the business idea through vector illustration

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Aage vestergaard larsen ( AVL)

  1. 1. Purnendu Biswas PowerPoint & Graphics Expert
  2. 2. Test Job 1Designing Logo for Aage Vestergaard Larsen (AVL)
  3. 3. Aage Vestergaard Larsen (AVL) Denmark’s largest company in the field of processing plastic wastes to new reusable raw materials
  4. 4. Philosophy Behind the Logo
  5. 5. Vestergaard LarsenAage Simple Look Green : Good for the Environment
  6. 6. Test Job 2Visualizing Business of AVL through Graphical Illustration
  7. 7. AVL: Managing Waste for the Greener ( Better) Future
  8. 8. AVL: Managing Waste for the Greener ( Better) Future
  9. 9. Hope u like it