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SMX West 2013 YouTube Words CRO


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Seven tips for high-converting YouTube Ad Campaigns.

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SMX West 2013 YouTube Words CRO

  1. 1. Stroll’s Awards
  2. 2. Why YouTube Ads? • 2nd Most Visited Search Engine • #1 Video Destination on the Web • 2015 – 50% CPV Campaigns • Less Competition!
  3. 3. Biggest Myth: “YouTube is Only aBrand Building Tool.”
  4. 4. TrueView Ads
  5. 5. TRUEVIEW IN-SEARCH ADS• Viewer Experience Sees a video promoted among search results on YouTube or• Advertiser is Charged When viewer chooses to watch its ad
  6. 6. TRUEVIEW IN-DISPLAY ADS• Viewer Experience Sees video promoted against suggested videos on YouTube or related content across the Google Display Network• Advertiser is Charged When viewer chooses to watch its ad
  7. 7. 60 Second Case Study• Early on In-Search & In-Display were Winners• Further Optimizations = Massive ROAS• Spending Thousands of $$$ Each Week• Low Maintenance After Initial Ramp-up So, How Did We Do It?
  8. 8. Step 1:Picking the Right Video • Length Matters
  9. 9. Check YouTube InsightsCheck where maximum drop-off happens and see how long viewers are engaged. Views Engagement Mobile
  10. 10. Add Related VideosDon’t be a One-Hit Wonder!
  11. 11. Related Video Ideas: • 3-4 Additional Videos: - Testimonials - Product Details - HumorIdeas: • Use Your Blog Posts • See FAQs from Your Own Customers • Turn Infographics into Videos
  12. 12. Related Video Ideas:Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  13. 13. Step 2:Optimizing Your Channel Page Apply for a YouTube Brand Channel
  14. 14. Benefits: • Custom Images • Content Accessibility Filters • Enhanced Tracking CapabilitiesHow to Apply • Contact Google Reps • Upload Placeholder Videos • Fill in Content while Waiting
  15. 15. Alternatively: Use YouTube One Channel
  16. 16. Benefits:• Anyone can set-up• Features to encourage subscriptions• Flexible design options• Create a banner with CTAs• Cross-device usability• Incredibly easy to customize
  17. 17. Example:
  18. 18. Toot Your Own Horn! Customize! Share Info & Links Make it Compelling Shorter Attention Spans Push Visitors Down the Sales Funnel
  19. 19. The MVP for Conversion Rate Clear Calls to Action Free Banner Ad! Boosts Clicks & CR! Even if Video Doesn’t Engage - $0 CPC “Ad”
  20. 20. Specs
  21. 21. Banner Examples: Pimsleur Approach (w Brand Channel) Pet Collective (w One Channel)
  22. 22. Step 3: Selecting the Right KeywordsHigher up theSales Funnel
  23. 23. Step 3:Selecting the Right Keywords • Choose Broader Keywords and Shorter Phrases • CPV’s Cheaper than Average Search CPCs • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool
  24. 24. Step 4:Creating Effective Ads Think Like Paid Search:
  25. 25. Thumbnail Selection Helps with CTR:
  26. 26. Destination PagePlay the Ad on Your Channel Page
  27. 27. Step 5:Leveraging Annotations
  28. 28. How to Set Up Annotations1. Add Annotation Button:2. Choose Style:3. Perfect and You’re Done!
  29. 29. Showcase CTA within the Video YouTube Links Clickable Use Vanity URLs Apply for External Annotations
  30. 30. Drive Clicks to Related Videos
  31. 31. Step 6: Building TrustSet Aside 20 Minutes Each Day for YouTube Community Management
  32. 32. Step 7:Continued OptimizationThumbnail Ad Copy Channel Banner Annotations Video Landing Page Channel Page Design
  33. 33. • Follow me on Twitter @purnavirji• Add me on LinkedIn:• Recommended Reading:Any articles by Manny Rivas for great step-by-step advice & tips.