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  2. 2. Alcoholic Beverages Non-Alcoholic Beverages Foods - Singha Lager beer - Singha Light beer - Leo beer - Singha Water - Singha Soda Water - B-Ing Berry functional drink - Purra Mineral Water - Pundee Rice - Masita Seaweed Product Skeleton
  3. 3. Singha Lager Beer Market information • Singha Lager Beer market share: 13% • Beer market growth: 4% • Beer market value: 125,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • Singha Lager Beer consider to be CASH COW. • High number of market share, but low in growth Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: Well known for the brand and the taste of the beer Alcohol Beverages
  4. 4. Recommendations • Enjoy wealth in generating cash and high profits. • Keeping low investments due to low growth. • Set as foundation of Singha Corporation. • Enjoying the great branded name in beer market. • Use generated cash flow that to help invest in other products. • Investing in supporting infrastructure to help in efficiency and increase the sales. Recommendation Singha Lager Beer
  5. 5. Singha Light Beer Market information • Singha Light Beer market share: 2% • Beer market growth: 4% • Beer market value: 125,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • Singha Light Beer is in DOG category. • The product has low market share and small growth Note: Singha light contain only 3% of alcohol, so it matches with particular drinkers who do not like alcohol, also the product captures only niche market of alcohol drinkers. Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Alcohol Beverages
  6. 6. Recommendation • Increase promotional campaigns to compete in niche market. • Building the trend in consumer to consume Singha light beer. • Creating and involve in the CSR programs to gain awareness and good image. • Investing more money in special marketing plan in boosting Singha to gain the largest market share in Light beer. • Do not leave the niche market due to the huge potential to become market leader. Recommendation Singha Light Beer
  7. 7. Leo Beer Market information • Leo Beer market share: 32% • Beer market growth: 4% • Beer market value: 125,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • Leo Beer is a CASH COW product. • The product captures high market share, but still has low growth rate. Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: The price is affordable and reasonable which come with the good taste of the beer. Alcohol Beverages
  8. 8. Recommendations • Maintaining the current high profit margin and high sales. • Maintain less promotion and little investment. • Enjoying the great business that everyone is craving. • Setting Leo as income foundation. • Upgrading the overall system to boost the efficiency from manufacturing to distribution. • Use the money generated to help boosting other products. Recommendation Leo Beer
  9. 9. Singha Water Market information • Singha Water market share: 24% • Water market growth: 15% • Water market value: 20,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • Singha Water consider to be STAR. • It holds the highest market share of 24% while runners-up(Nestle) hold 15% • The competitors getting stronger E.g. Namtip develop its new packaging Charng sponsor with Real Madrid/ Barcelona Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: Singha water should develop new strategy to compete with other brands in the market, there are still risk of other brand to takeover the 1st position in the market. Non Alcohol Beverages
  10. 10. Recommendations • Add advertising campaign and marketing activities • High competition in market needs high investment on activities • Maintaining and keep the highest market share Examples of activities: • Create a story or history of the product provided to the customers to establish the value of the product in customers’ mind • Maintain the strong brand awareness by keep reminding the customers (change packaging, create new slogan). Recommendation Singha Water
  11. 11. Singha Soda Water Market information • Singha Soda Water market share: 90% • Water market growth: 5% • Water market value: 5,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • Singha Soda Water consider to be CASH COW. • With extremely high market share but small growth. Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: Singha soda is a dominant player in this industry comparing to Chang soda and Crystal soda where both of them together only hold 10%. It has strong brand recognition and priced higher than competitors. Non Alcohol Beverages
  12. 12. • Recommendations • Exploiting new opportunities. • Find new use to achieve in new target market • Expanding the product line, Eg. Add new flavor of soda Recommendation Singha Soda Water 90% +
  13. 13. Non Alcohol Beverages B-ing Berry Functional Drink Market information • B-ing Berry Functional Drink market share: 12% • Berry Functional Drink market growth: No growth for 2011-2012 • Berry Functional Drink market value: 2,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • B-ing consider to be DOG. • The product holds very low market share compare to the leader. • The market has no growth Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: • From 2007-2012 functional drink growth rate drop from 335%to - 40% • Beauty drink brand dominate the market with 65% market share • B-ing used 100 million baht on TVC (50% of their annual revenue)
  14. 14. Recommendations • The trend of Berry Functional Drink is no longer attractive • Let other firms acquire • Use the money to spend on other potential products Recommendation B-ing Berry Functional Drink
  15. 15. Non Alcohol Beverages Purra Mineral Water Market information • Purra Mineral Water market share: 10% • Mineral Water market growth: 20% • Mineral Water market value: 1,800 million Baht BCG Analysis • Purra Mineral Water is a QUESTION MARK product. • It has small market share but the industry is growing Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: • Growing market but few competitors • Purra played in the market for only 2 years • The brand is not recognizable • Still have low distribution channel
  16. 16. Recommendations • Use heavy IMC tools to boost up the sale • Advertising and sponsorship • Sport event • Young generation • Public relation • Educational marketing • Influence people to live healthy • Open new channel • Tie in sales with Singha water • Use Singha distribution system Recommendation Purra Mineral Water
  17. 17. Food Products Masita Seaweed Market information • Masita Seaweed market share: 15% • Seaweed market growth: 36% • Seaweed market value: 2,813 million Baht BCG Analysis • Masita Seaweed can be consider as QUESTION MARK Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: Market continue growing cause by the trend of food snacks Small market share compare to market leader “Tao Gae Noi” who holds 60%.
  18. 18. Recommendations • Convert to star by investing on product and research • Add more flavors and packaging size • Add product into baked seaweed segment to increase share 1. Fried Seaweed 70% (1980 million) 2.Baked Seaweed 20% (558 million) 3. Grilled Seaweed 8% (232 million) 4. Tempura Seaweed 2% (43 million) • Increase manufacturing factories to serve high demands and be ready to export when AEC open in 2015. Recommendation Masita Seaweed S M L
  19. 19. Food Products Pundee Rice Market information • Pundee Rice market share: 2% • Rice market growth: 12% • Rice market value: 50,000 million Baht BCG Analysis • Pundee Rice is a QUESTION MARK • The product has low share with 2%,compare to the market leader “Chatr” which holds 16% of share. Star Question mark Cash cow Dog Note: The number of share of the market leader is small because there are many small players who share the market.
  20. 20. Recommendations • Lower the position of the brand and trade in the traditional market. • The cost to place product in the modern trade is too high • Pundee receive 3%-5% margin which is very low. • Lower down the price, the quality Eg. Tie in sales with Singha Water or Beer Recommendation Pundee Rice +
  21. 21. Masita  &id=172986:2013-03-08-10-19-27&catid=223:--marketing- zone&Itemid=456  95600000 27600&TabID=2&  id=172986:2013-03-08-10-19-27&catid=223:--marketing-zone&Itemid=456  09&catid=no Pundee Rice  91353  d=11&subcatid=1100   References
  22. 22. Singha Soda Water  d=4499 B-ing Berry Functional Drink  87480   95600000 02278 Purra Mineral Water  14484 References