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S pure

  1. 1. S-PURE We serve Premium products
  2. 2. BRAND AUDIT CONTENTS  Objective  Brand background  Industries  Consumer analysis  Brand Inventory  Brand Exploratory  Competitors  SWOT  Equity Evaluation  Recommendation
  3. 3.  Study the Brand and its elements  Brand awareness  Marketing  Positioning  Problem  Do survey in high-end supermarket  S-Pure target‟s market Audit Objective
  4. 4. Brand Background  Founded in 1967  One of the forefront firm in Thailand  Betagro‟s guiding principle  “Let‟s Make Life Better”  Sub-brand of Betagro  S-Pure
  5. 5. Brand Background S-Pure •Pure and delightful •Premium quality meat line •Meticulously manufactured and excellence quality control •Deliver only Hygienic Pork
  6. 6. Brand Background • The slogan means „the better life that you can choose‟. • Emphasizes it‟s strength • Non contaminate product
  7. 7. Brand Background • Consumers stated that • Logo is too plain • Not standing out to difference S-Pure from it‟s competitors. • Logo could be more creative then using plain texts.
  8. 8. Brand Background  member of a disco/funk band „Groove riders‟.  appeals to be a warm heart and a family man  very successful bands during the mid 90
  9. 9. Brand Background  those teenagers during the mid 90s now are starting to have their own families.  S-Pure is using Burin to attract the wife‟s of the modern families.
  10. 10. Brand Background
  11. 11. Brand Background  Website  Facebook Page
  12. 12. Brand Background  The outcome of the joint development between Central Food Retail Ltd and Sampran Farm Ltd.  „Delicious in a natural way‟.  pigs in the farm will be raise in a natural environment and not in a normal pork warehouse.  hopes to grow its market share 15 – 30%
  13. 13. Brand Background
  14. 14. Brand Background  Thailand biggest firm in agro-industry and food. The company was founded since 1921  „To meet the world‟s changing lifestyles need for affordable, nutritional, and high quality food products‟  CP uses animals that are grown in such surrounding are clean and free from diseases and drug residues.  Affordable and have high awareness among Thais.
  15. 15. Brand Background  Similar packing. all the packaging will have the ISO standard, firm’s slogans and the meat can be easily observe.  Similar objectives , which are to provide a hygiene meat.
  16. 16. Brand Background  S-Pure has Facebook fan page  Brand figures  Allows restaurant to use their products  S-Pure has its own special shelf at the point of purchase in each supermarket
  17. 17. Industries Data  Betagro, first company that sees the opportunity in introducing „Specific Pathogen Free‟ pork  Since 1993, use technology from Japan  Not many players in the industry, Charoen Pokphand Group and Fresh market Meat
  18. 18. Industries Data  Consumers are more health conscious  However, the awareness of S-Pure or others premium meat brands is still not high Because many consumers do not realize the different of premium meat and normal quality meat.
  19. 19. Family High Income Health Concern Taste Concern Consumer Analysis Target Market
  20. 20. Consumer Analysis Target Market •Health Conscious Trend •Antibiotic-free production •Tastier Meat Motivation •Corresponding with the brand communication Perception •Expensive, High Quality, Clean •Organic, Clean, Fresh Brand Association •Reduce Price Need
  21. 21. Consumer Analysis Target Market Time Consume per Week - times Males - times Female
  22. 22. Brand Inventory Portfolio Design  Maximize market coverage  Minimize cannibalization  Create brand equity  Plenty of cash cows to rise fund for further development (High profitable and stable inB2B)  Re-branding (Encourage B2C)
  23. 23. Brand Inventory Portfolio Design  Value-added (S-Pure)  Brand Role “Organic” brand  High quality and premium price  high-end prestige product  Improve brand image and increase brand association
  24. 24. Brand Inventory Hierarchy Betagro Group Feed & Livestock Feed Product Layer Feed Betagro Permpoon Farm Balance Broiler Feed Betagro Permpoon Balance Master Native Chicken Feed Betagro Balance Duck Feed Betagro Complete Pig Feed Betagro Permpoon Balance Master Belac Aqua Feed Betagro Omeg Bio Balance Master Gro-Frog Pet Feed Primo Okane Rambo Concentrate Feed Betagro Permpoon Balance Livestock Pig Betagro Chicken Betagro Animal Health Better Pharma Food Product Other
  25. 25. Brand Inventory Market Coverage Product Code Type Description Betagro 101 Crumble Age 1 day - 5 weeks Betagro 102 Crumble 5-12 weeks Betagro 103 Crumble/Mash 12 – to laying Betagro 123 Pellet/Mash Over 16 weeks Betagro 104 Pellet/Mash Over 16 weeks Betagro 106 Pellet/Mash Over 16 weeks Betagro 107 Pellet/Mash Over 60 weeks Betagro 108 Mash Quall laying period Betagro 199 Mash Quall starter period
  26. 26. Brand Inventory Brand Hierarchy Betagro Group Feed & Livestock Food Product Chicken S-Pure Hymeat Pork S-Pure Hymeat Egg S-Pure Sausage Better Food Hymeat Cooked & Frozen Product Export (partnership with Ajinomoto, etc) Better Food Other
  27. 27. Brand Inventory Brand Hierarchy Betagro Group Feed & Livestock Food Product Other Laboratory Service BSC Pet Business Dog'n Joy Cat'n Joy Pertfecta Bingo Rishy Better Diet Resort Pasak Hillside Resort Farming Equipment B-Inter Corn Cob Product B&C Polaski Corp Wholesale Business Betagro Outlet Restuarant Ootoya Acquired by Central
  28. 28. Brand Inventory Strength & Weakness Strength 100% Organic High Safety Low Defect First Mover in SPF Premium Position High Capital Investment Weakness High Competitive Expensive High production cost Limited Raw Material Low Exposure on Advertisement
  29. 29. Brand Exploratory Brand association and Analysis •Fresh Meat •Expensive •Organic, Clean, Fresh •Pork •Chicken •Egg
  30. 30. Brand Exploratory Positioning •High end Supermarkets •Five Stars Restaurants •Five Stars Hotels •Presenter in High-Class Society
  31. 31. Competitor Data  CPF  Brand Elements  Brand Name: Descriptive, Persuasive  Logos: Transferability, Protectability  URLs  Slogan: “Kitchen of the World”  Packaging  Current Marketing Programs  Product Strategy, Premium- Pricing, Value-added Pricing, Direct Channel Strategy  Strengths and Weakness
  32. 32. Competitor Data  Brand-Product Matrix
  33. 33. Competitor Data  Product Mix Width and Depth
  34. 34. Competitor Data  Cooking For Fun – “Natural Meat”  Brand Elements  Brand Name: Descriptive, Persuasive  Logos: Likeable, Transferability  URLs  Slogan: “A Complete Brand with High-Quality Pork”  Packaging  Current Marketing Programs  Product Strategy- “New-Brand Strategy”, Promotional strategy, Pricing Strategy  Strengths and Weakness
  35. 35. Competitor Data  Brand-Product Matrix
  36. 36. Competitor Data  Product Mix Width and Depth
  37. 37. CPF  Familiar to consumers  Reputation on variety of products and quality  Many product line  Cover low end to high end  Distribute product in high-end supermarkets Competitor Summary
  38. 38. Natural Meat  All-natural concept  Farming process is similar to S-Pure  Same distributions channel to S-Pure  Same target market as S-Pure  Not expose above the line marketing  Less awareness Competitor Summary
  39. 39.  High credibility  Selling Point  Organic meat  Premium meat  Premium distribution Equity Evaluation
  40. 40. Positive Perception  High quality  Fresh  Clean  Organic  High brand image Equity Evaluation
  41. 41. Negative Perception  Pricing  Does not realize the premium feeling  Unclear marketing communication Equity Evaluation
  42. 42. Recommendation
  43. 43. Recommendation
  44. 44. Recommendation