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Jo enterprenuer

  1. 1. Entrepreneur By: Mint Charinrat Mint Taveechai M Phatthranan Prare Bhirakarn
  2. 2. Background • James Trevor or "Jamie" Oliver • 27 May 1975 • Clavering, Essex, England • Specializes in Italian cuisine • Parents own a pub, "The Cricketers", where he used to practice in the kitchen • He left school at age sixteen with two GCSE qualifications and went on to attend Westminster Kingsway College
  3. 3. • His first job was as a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio's Neal's Yard restaurant • Oliver then moved to The River Café, Fulham, as a sous chef • he was noticed by the BBC in 1997 after making an unscripted appearance in a documentary about the restaurant, "Christmas at the River Cafe“ • That year, his show The Naked Chef debuted and his cookbook became a number one best-seller in the UK • That same year, Oliver was invited to prepare lunch for then Prime Minister Tony Blair at No. 10 Downing Street • In 2000, Oliver became the face of the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's through an endorsement deal worth $2 million a year Background
  4. 4. Achievements • In 2002, Oliver created Fifteen • In 2003, he was awarded an MBE • In 2005, he initiated a campaign called "Feed Me Better" and voting him as the "Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005," • In 2009–2011, his emphasis on cooking healthily continued as he created Jamie's Ministry of Food, a television series • Another television series is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
  5. 5. • Company called Sweet As Candy • In June 2008, he launched Jamie's Italian • In October 2009, that Oliver is in the process of raising US$22 million to help fund 30 of his Italian restaurants in Asia • In December 2009, Oliver received the 2010 TED Prize Achievements
  6. 6. A Successful Entrepreneur • Innovative • “Inspire existing staff to be creative or bring in new staff that can be creative and shake things up a bit. Be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.”
  7. 7. A Successful Entrepreneur • Innovative • Understands his market • Knows how to sell himself
  8. 8. A Successful Entrepreneur • Aware of Social Issues and Trends • Obesity • Health related issues caused by food
  9. 9. A Successful Entrepreneur • Aware of Social Issues and Trends
  10. 10. A Successful Entrepreneur • Passionate Has always had passion for cooking
  11. 11. A Successful Entrepreneur • Passionate • " I am not doing this for the money as I could have retired five years ago. I'm here because I want to speak out about things that matter – about what people eat, about preventing obesity. It's a killer."
  12. 12. Inspiration • Working in his father's pub- restaurant – Passion and talent about food • Starting of his career • working with Rose Gray, a pioneer and good boss at The River Cafe
  13. 13. Inspiration • Fifteen restaurant • Giving opportunity to those who have a disadvantaged background, criminal record or history of drug abuse • School Dinner •Serving kids with healthy and nutritious food •No junk food
  14. 14. Our favorite entrepreneur • Social entrepreneur driven primarily by social ambition rather than financial gain • Focused on global eating trend issues • Food Revolution • Jamie's School Dinners (TV Series) • Fifteen Apprentices • Opportunity to unqualified teenagers
  15. 15. Thank You