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Imc present3 2

  1. 1. Lake Heaven Resort & Park Kanchanaburi Integrated Marketing Communication Progressive Presentation 3 5180026 Khanet Kijsereeborirak 5180149 Worakiti Rusmintratip 5180549 Kasama Prisanavanich 5280469 James Hammond 5280812 Apiwan Kaewkoon
  2. 2. -Travelers seek for both attributes/features and convenience. -Basic selling idea of Lake Heaven is the combination of activities and environment/surroundings in the resort area. -Travelers would not have to travel to different places one at a time to experience each feature at a time. -“All in One” is the main strength and key selling point of the resort which will be translate into theme. Creative Strategy Message Content
  3. 3. Campaign Theme: The theme promotes Lake Heaven as an “All in one stop destination” for travelers highlights numerous activities and atmospheres that could all be found at other tourist attractions. Pattaya Adventurous activities Khao yai Peaceful atmosphere Hua hin Aquatic sites Emphasizes how all can be found at Lake Heaven and also enhances Lake Heaven‟s versatility and varieties Creative Strategy Campaign Theme
  4. 4. Creative Strategy Campaign Theme Provoking relaxation, as well as Adventurous, exciting and exhilarating moods Uses inviting tones which parallels with consumers‟ past positive experiences of traveling The tone continuously points out consumers‟ benefits - Synchronizes with the „all in one stop‟ campaign theme - Over shadows others by offering a single optimal solution - Numerous trips combined in one - Underlines the ease and benefits of going to Lake Heaven Slogan: Lake Heaven, “Holiday as supposed to be”
  5. 5. - The message will cover both informational and emotional appeal. - Emphasize more on the EMOTIONAL APPEAL in order to serve the psychological needs -75% Emotional Appeal, 25% informational Appeal - Message deliver through images which explained itself. - Short direct description, consumers can decode. - Image express 1. Fun/Excitement 2.Water surroundings 3. Tranquility Environment Creative Strategy Message Appeal Informational Emotional
  6. 6. Creative Strategy Message Appeal Informational Appeal: Small portion of imformational appeal, only some words to give a brief explaination about the campaign. Consumers can contact the resort through websites or phonecall. Also there is a map given to show the way to travel to the resort. Emotional Appeal: Image is the key factors we use to communicate in this campaign. We use the images of the 3 popular destinations where travellers like to go. Consumers will recall what they had experienced at each of the destinations, and lastly the Lake Heaven is where each and every attributes from the 3 destinations combines together and form “ALL IN ONE” resort.
  7. 7. Creative Strategy Execution Style Feature appeal: Showing the dominant traits of the resort itself. -Fun activities - Such as ATV adventure in the forest, speedboat, Jet Ski, and other water activities such as kayak and banana boat. -Nature environment - Guests can enjoy remarkable and stunning nature view that surround by water. -Nearby the city - The location of the resort is close to the city (7km north of Srinakarin Dam) Comparison appeal: As Lake Heaven being the underdogs compare to these places, it gives the benefits to the resort. -Kao Yai - An ideal place where people think of beautiful sights seeing and enjoy peaceful nature. -Pattaya - One of the most popular tourist cities that are known for all kinds of fun activities and excitements. -Hua-Hin - A place surrounded by enjoyable ocean where people would escape from the city to go for relaxation. Lake heaven consist of these features, the peaceful, the activities and the water surroundings.
  8. 8. Creative Strategy Component of creative work Print ad Focus on Pictures rather than text and information, leave the viewer to try and find more information themselves. There are contact numbers and website provide in the ads. The headline is indirect Shows the selling idea, not a complete headline but rather the whole theme of the print ads. It aims to create curiosity and includes the benefits of the resort The body copy There is not much main text included in our print ad as we emphasize on the pictures in order to gain the attention of the target audience. We have included rhetorical questions to invite curiosity and get the attention of the audience. Keep it short and simple. Visual Elements The emphasis of our print ads is the visual elements, colorful pictures in order to gain attention, it will pull the reader in and link with the body copy to involve the target audience. They are variety of bright colors and will cover the whole size of the print ad between them.
  9. 9. Creative Strategy Layout Layout The layout is important for our design along with the size of the elements and the style in order for use to try and force the audience to read from top to bottom so that the overall message of the advertisement makes sense and have strongest effect on the reader. We are hoping they will read from top to bottom and remember the important details at the bottom such as the Name of the resort “gaze motion” is important. The ad is fairly symmetrical and the size of the elements are important, we have chosen to give Khao Yai, Pattaya and Hua Hin small sizes with smaller fonts as while they are part of our argument they are obviously not the most important part of our advertisements. The Emphasis obviously being on Lake Heaven Name and picture. We feel that the pictures all have a balance of colour and tone and the contrast is strong which will help pull the readers attention towards the advertisement. All of the components are in sync with each other which creates a sense of unity between them which will help communicate our message. Top To Bottom Kao yai Hua hin Pattaya Lake Heaven, Kanch anaburi